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Notice: I will no longer be submitting "Courtly Love" to the M.O.M. I truly enjoyed participating with this series for the last 15 months, but the general lack of feedback, current lack of voting, and difficulty relating the topics to my story, has led to this decision.

COURTLY LOVE WILL CONTINUE, however, until the story is done! I will continue to add 11 pages around the first of every month until I've completed the series (which should be several months more). It will just no longer be submitted to the M.O.M. So if you are interested in the story, please bookmark and check back every month. Or if you want to receive e-mail when I update my comics page in general (including, but not limited to, Courtly Love), please go to my main page and join my mailing list.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you'll stay with this series.