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Please read the stuff below, okay?

This installment dated 6/15/01. Check back every Friday(?) for a new installment!

Here is a quandary, a dilemma, etc. I'm thinking about making "Mark and Jenny" a strip.

Pluses are, (as I see them), I might actually update *more* than once a week (I was actually thinking Monday/Wednesday/Friday, but this is me, so don't hold your breath), I'd learn to *write* a strip (which is probably a good idea, since my best skills are drawing heads and torsos ^^;), and I'd be much more likely to focus on the comedy.

Minuses are, I might fail at focusing on the comedy (thereby making an annoying "Judge Parker" or "Mary Worth" type comic), I'll be experimenting on you nice people (I still don't know quite how strips work, while I might have a better idea of how to do pages), the size of strips will probably be about 40K (pages tend to be around 100K, though color takes a little more) and there's the potential of me updating three panels a week instead of a page a week.

On the other hand, there's the potential of me updating three panels a week instead of nothing a week...^_-

So anyway, I'm sure there's other pros and cons I didn't think of. If you read this comic, though, please let me know what you think.

Anyway, I'm actually going to try to update on Monday, but I make nothing resembling a promise.

Random link of the week: My BBS: re: Mark and Jenny Strips (now rather defunct) (C'mon!)

Next time: I hope to see you whenever I update next, which will likely be next Friday or earlier.

This is strip 1 of Arc 12-???. (1 strip cumulative.)