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This installment dated 8/6/01.

Random Monday thought: ... I did get Pokémon Crystal...stupid addictive video game... I'm not through it, but as of yet I can't reccomend it unless you either don't have Pokémon Gold or Silver, or if you're a girl who would pay $25 to play a Pokémon game where you can play as a female trainer. (Well, or if you're Mark and would pay $25 for a Pokémon game where you can play as a female trainer...^_-) It's a LITTLE different, but nothing dramatic at all...although if you just want to have two Pokémon games so you can trade to yourself, maybe it's good. ^_^; (I DID make a Chansey egg in Pokémon Gold and trade it over to Crystal as soon as I could, so I caould have a Chansey in my party from even before I beat the first gym leader.... It still can't fight well, but it's a CHANSEY! ^_^;)

This is strip 14 of Arc 13-Reunion. (22 strips cumulative.)