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This installment dated 9/26/01.

Sorry it took so long to start updating again, but hopefully I'm back 'til December, at least. I finally got my webpage moved...

Random Wednesday link: I'm pretty sure I linked to the Arthur webpage before, and it can be accessed from The new season of Arthur just started Monday (10 new episodes, one each Monday, at least, in Arizona), and I was very happy indeed--not only was the new episode one of the funniest episodes I'd seen in a while, but they seemed to have spent a lot more time on the voices this season (last season they changed D.W.'s voice actor (!) and Arthur's voice changed as well, so they sounded really off, but this season, they worked hard enough so D.W. didn't sound exceptionally whiny, and Arthur sounded like Arthur again!). AND, they even have a Virtual Goose game on the website (the game was on the show and everyone got hooked on it--it was really funny). At any rate, Arthur is seriously one of the best shows on TV right now, and certainly (IMO) the best children's cartoon--almost educational, and a lot of fun. Watch it! And if you like the show, I'm sure you'll enjoy the website as well.

The link is there because that page also links to "Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat." I've never seen the series (I don't think it's aired yet), but it's a CAT! It looks mildly cute, though it's no Arthur, and the page's load time is awful slow... The "story" page is pretty cool if you let it load, though. You can make a giant cat take over China if you figure out how to work it...

This is strip 18 of Arc 13-Reunion. (26 strips cumulative.)