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This installment dated 4/22/98.

Julie's thought of the week: OK. My lines are still really crooked. I'm still sorry. I ran off a bunch of templates and all the lines were crooked but I just drew on 'em anyway, so when you're using a crooked template, of course your final work will be crooked! Let's just all pretend it's my own unique style to have crooked lines for the panels! OK? ^_- I'll try to get some cleaner templates done when I get the time, but next week's is already drawn, and, well, it's crooked. Sorry!

A second apology: I'm VERY VERY sorry that this was put up about 10 hours late. I really try to get everything put up when I say it'll be up, but my Internet network went down last night and I just NOW got it working again. Please accept my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience I may have caused you.

Next time: Uh...more of the same! See you next Wednesday!

This is page 2 of Arc 1-A Simple Crime. (3 pages cumulative.)