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This installment dated 4/29/98.

Julie's thought of the week: Well, I hope you guys got your tax returns filed today because-- What? I thought taxes were due on April 30th! The 15th, you say? Aw, shoot...uh...forget I said anything.

On a completely unrelated topic, if you like this comic (or would like me to improve it), PLEASE e-mail me! Come on! I've brought you countless seconds of entertainment; the least you could do is tell me you've been reading! Okay? Thanks!

(And if you're looking for a CD to buy, I recommend the new Dave Matthews Band one, "Before These Crowded Streets." But that's probably because they're my favorite band and all... My accountant says that you can write off CDs on your taxes...but then, he's the one who told me they weren't due 'til the 30th! I've GOTTA get a new accountant!)

Next time: That violence I promised you! (Well, OK, not really...) Well, hopefully the lines'll be a little straighter, anyway! (I realized it was the fault of the photocopier I was using to print up the templates...I don't know if I've solved this problem or not...) See you next Wednesday!

This is page 3 of Arc 1-A Simple Crime. (4 pages cumulative.)