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This installment dated 1/27/99.

Julie's thought of the week: Is it strange to be eating candy canes at the end of January? Just curious.

By the way: Sorry this is getting crooked again; I'm starting to run out of the good templates I made photocopies of, and am getting into the mediocre ones... I'm also sorry my art is so bad; I'm trying to get used to drawing/inking with a brush, and Mark and Jenny is my guinea pig... (Well, that and my lineart's not that great to begin with, especially lately, when I think I've been in a manga-drawing slump...)

Next time: I actually drew PLANS out for next week's part. Really. And the plot WILL start, I promise! Heck, by next Wednesday...well, you'll still be lost. But the one after THAT, maybe it will all start to make sense? (No, really, I'm sorry for the story, too; usually I have it planned out well in advance and improvise as I go along, but lately, I've been rushing to get the stories written, with no time to revise... ::sigh::) OK, that was more than likely the longest 'next time' section I've written. ^_^;;; See you next Wednesday!

This is page 13 of Arc 5-Catastrophe. (43 pages cumulative.)