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This installment dated 2/3/99.

Julie's thought of the week: "Knives are quiet." --Conan O' Brien

By the way: Apologies again. I'm becoming rather disillusioned with the world in general, realizing that the people in charge of my University don't have my best interests at heart (OK, so I was naive), etc. To top that off, I've been getting lots of homework, so it's literally all I can do to just get a page planned and drawn the Tuesday before I upload it...which, of course, takes away a little thing I like to call continuity. Plus I think my general bad mood has been showing through my comic. Sorry. I'll really try to steal some time and at least get a few pages planned before next Wednesday, and hopefully get back in the swing of this...

On the up side, I've actually received PRAISE from people for several aspects of my web page, so I'm happy about that. ^_^

Next time: Dunno. See you next Wednesday!

This is page 14 of Arc 5-Catastrophe. (44 pages cumulative.)