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This installment dated 2/24/99.

Thoughts: Sorry I didn't ink with a paintbrush this week (and that the inking and art are so bad...). I was trying to get this done in a hurry so I could go to bed (two of my friends and I are giving a presentation on manga this Wednesday...I was hoping to get a good deal of sleep before that presentation, especially since I'll be doing most of the talking...oops). So anyway, sorry; I thought if I inked with a dip pen, it'd go quicker...I think I was mistaken (and the artwork didn't even come out well!)...oh well...

Next time: I shouldn't be as hurried to finish the installment, and hopefully will get to practice with the paintbrush some more. ^_^ (Wait, that's a good thing???) See you next Wednesday!

This is page 17 of Arc 5-Catastrophe. (47 pages cumulative.)