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This installment dated 6/20/99.

I know I'm messing around with the dates an awful lot; I apologize. I've been kind of depressed lately (or something) and still EXTREMELY tired/burnt-out/BORED with, sorry about complaining so much; it's just, I haven't been very HAPPY, nor have I been eager to get on the computer, so I'm trying to figure out something to fix it (you know, when you're not happy, you want to make it better?). Only playing Pokémon eases the pain.....

So I'll try to put up new installments to "Mark and Jenny" sometime over each weekend, okay? (That way if I feel like putting it up on Friday night, I can...) And I'll put a few pages of a new comic ("A World Without Shoelaces") online before Friday, really! (They look pretty nice...except they're too big to scan, so I'll have to make shrunk-down copies before I put them up!)

Next time: Hey, I actually planned out the next two installments! See you next weekend?

This is page 33 of Arc 5-Catastrophe. (63 pages cumulative.)