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This installment dated 10/1/99.

Stunning lack of response on my plea for e-mails. Oh well; I'm not surprised. ^^; (Maybe if I get some time I'll make a character profile page--although I'll probably be lazy and just crop pictures I've already drawn...)

Random links of the week:

Liska's EncycVulpedia
Pretty cool if you've ever had any interest in anything about real-life foxes.

The Cosplay/Anime Costuming and Masquerade Links Page (down/moved right now 3.7.02; try here instead)
In honor of Halloween...well, coming this month, anyway. ^_-;;; Not only does it have links to dozens of sites filled with people dressed up like Anime characters, but the maintainer asked to link to MY cosplay site! MINE!!! (Can you believe it?) If you like very many Anime series at all (or just costumes!), it's a lot of fun. ^_^

Next time: What do you know--maybe money DOES buy happiness? ^_- See you next Friday!

This is page 6 of Arc 6-Psychoatry. (71 pages cumulative.)