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This installment dated 11/19/99.

Yes, all is right with the world. Well, okay, not all, but I got my comics back at Burger King--they weren't stolen or thrown away. ^_^ I apologize that this installment was late--see, I accidentally left my folder containing ALL of JIXO and also this week's "Mark and Jenny" (inked save the brush work) at Burger King on Wednesday. So Thursday night I realized this. ^^; Amazingly, when I asked for it on Friday, they had it. ^_^

Random link of the week:

The NewsRadio Station Not a bad site. NewsRadio's one of my favorite sitcoms--too bad I just started liking it last summer. ^^;

Next time: I have the next plan drawn but it's really boring so I'm going to write it. See you, Wednesday, I hope...

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