~Saturday, June 25, 1932~

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::moved out of and into an inn in Marquis yesterday, partially because she just wanted to get away from her memories and partially because she wanted to check on Toby and Becky which she did as soon as she got in. Now she's sitting at a table in the inn, quietly eating her lunch::
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::a strange party comes into Marquis as Kizzie's having lunch--a light-skinned Negro, with magenta colored hair, dressed nicely, is driving his horse, Midnight, with a brown horse he's borrowed from someone in Everettburg, where he's currently living, dragging a wagon he acquired before he got married, to have something to drive besides his hearse. Next to him is his wife, a pretty blonde woman who is covered in green splotches; she's carefully holding a baby. In the seat behind the two of them are two girls, one with skin like the blonde woman's, who's about 7, and the other a dark-skinned girl, around 9. The man in the front looks around the town cautiously as he drives, hoping to see a familiar face, but he has to stable the horses without finding her; he helps his wife out of the wagon, smiling encouragingly at her:: This town was hardly a village when I left Kenston, you know.
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she smiles warmly at her husband even as her eyes dart nervously about her, expecting to see people gawking at her. She holds the baby close to her as Ezra helps her down:: It seems like a nice place...
Quantum Catz: GR: ::quite cheerful to be getting off of the wagon. She climbs out:: What's your friend like, Daddy? Will she like us?
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::opens his mouth, then pauses, looking back at the girl he thinks of as his own daughter:: She's a sweet, kind, good person. I hope she likes all of you...but it'll probably be a bit of a shock to see me with a family all of a sudden. So if she's a bit surprised, don't take it personally, OK?
Quantum Catz: GR: ::sobers a bit, rubbing at her nose where she knows people can see her green freckles; she still smiles though:: Okay
YarnKittymon: BL: ::the darker-skinned girl gets out of the wagon too; having already been warned not to point out any lies for the next few hours, she's planning to stay quiet::
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::smiling as he puts an arm around his wife:: We'll start at the inn; maybe we'll get lucky. ::asks a guard for directions and heads off that way; if he's nervous at all, he's not showing it::
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she is nervous about meeting this woman, afraid to see what she looks like. She rubs at the pots on her skin as well and keeps her eyes to the ground.::
YarnKittymon: BL: ::looking around the town on the way to the inn, wide-eyed:: The flowers here are prettier than in Everettburg.
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::smiles softly:: She's probably around, then. ::goes into the inn without hesitation::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::has her head in one hand, poking at her food with her fork, looking thoughtful. She looks just as pretty as she did four years before though her hair's been cut shorter. She doesn't notice them when they come in::
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::his eyes instantly fall on Kizzie, though he waits for his family to at least get a look at her before he goes over::
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she takes in Kizzie's appearance and her heart rate accelerates. She knows the woman was only a friend to her husband but that knowledge doesn't help her insecurity.::
Quantum Catz: GR: Is that her, daddy? ::says it loud enough that Kizzie hears and looks up, noticing Ezra and staring at him, rather surprised::
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::looks a little startled that Kizzie noticed them; he was expecting at least a few more seconds to compose himself, but he smiles down at Gerdie:: It is. ::looks back at Kizzie:: How have you been?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::was most surprised by the word 'daddy' and for a moment she doesn't say anything. Then she stands up, looking a bit nervous and glancing at the childen and Zori:: I...I've been fine ::smiles weakly::
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::takes a couple steps closer to Kizzie, his hand still on his wife, trying to force her to come along:: A little girl named April wrote me a letter about you. I was hoping you might be here.
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she moves along a bit reluctantly, avoiding Kizzie's eyes, and holds the baby closer to her::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::looks at Zori a bit uncertainly:: You didn't have to come all this way...i was going to write to you myself...i just didn't...know what to say ::sighs:: It feels like it's been such a long time
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::his smile fades a little bit; quietly:: I guess it has been. ::pauses for a couple moments, then, smiling encouragingly and warmly at his family:: This is my wife, Zori, our son Reid...::looks back at the two girls:: And our two girls, Gerdie and Blanche.
YarnKittymon: BL: ::curtsies politely::
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she gives Kizzie a friendly smile then returns her eyes to the floor; softly:: Its very nice to finally meet you.
Quantum Catz: GR: ::curtsies too and smiles, though she stays close to Ezra::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::looks at the girls and smiles and then turns to Zori:: It's...nice to meet you too ::though she's still rather shocked: she didn't come back with any intention of getting back together with Ezra but she's still rather surprised to find him married and with 3 children::
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::after a pause:: I would've tried to invite you to the wedding, but Zori wanted something small, and I didn't imagine you'd want to come back here anyway...
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::smiles weakly:: Well i'm moving back now - i don't think i belong on the mainland after all
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::a bit taken aback:: Oh...I'm...I mean, I'm glad you'll be around, but I'm sorry...it didn't work out back there.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::shrugs:: I don't think love can really conquer much at all - everywhere i went in town i wondered if people were talking about me, thinking i was strange, i don't know ::sighs and looks at her hands:: It just...wasn't worth it
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she nods her head in sympathy, fully understanding the uneasiness of thinking everyone is talking about you.::
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::squeezes Zori's hand, a rather sympathetic look on his face; softly:: No one should ever be ashamed of who they are.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::smiles:: Well, i just didn't feel like i fitted in there really - at least here i can be who i am without people thinking i'm a complete freak - not that i'm ever allowed to forget it - i guess April told you what happened with the tree?
YarnKittymon: EZ: She said you helped save her. And the flowers around here look happy too.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::chuckles weakly:: Two other people got merged to the tree, partly because of her powers though it probably wouldn't have happened if i wasn't there like a walking power source ::sighs:: They could have lost themselves if we hadn't got them out in time
YarnKittymon: EZ: Well, she saw it as, you saved them, too. They're fine now, right?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::nods:: Yeah, i went to see them yesterday - apparently the whole thing fixed their relationship problems and neither of them have been happier in months ::chuckles slightly::
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she smiles a little at that::
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::smiles, thinking how glad he is to hear Kizzie laugh:: They say all things work out for good, right?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::smiles back at him:: I guess so - you seem to have done pretty well since you left Kenston. Katherine warned me you might have left
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::smiles, looking at his family again with an expression of obvious pride:: Getting out of Kenston was the best thing I've ever done, turns out.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::smiles:: I'm glad. Oh, do you want to sit down? I'm sorry, i was caught a bit off guard at first - i didn't expect to just run into you like this
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::looks back at his wife:: I'm a bit hungry...
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::forces a smile and nods her head:: We could all probably use something to eat. ::she looks back to the kids to get their opinion:: Are you guys hungry?
YarnKittymon: BL: ::nods instantly::
Quantum Catz: GR: Yes, please ::Grins::
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::pulls back a chair for his wife before sitting down himself:: Have you done anything else on the island since you got back?
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::sits down::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::sits back down where she was:: Not really - i've been here less than a week and i didn't really have any plans ::smiles weakly:: Not very much different from the first time i came here really
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::smiling:: I guess not. You should come visit Everettburg sometime...we moved there because Zori missed the trees in the city.
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she nods::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::smiles:: It's probably part of why i came back to the island. My powers may not be easy to deal with...but sometimes the voices really are comforting
YarnKittymon: EZ: But there's trees back on the mainland, too, if I remember right.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::shrugs:: There's more of them here though...more than at home anyway
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::hesitantly:: Whats that like? Being able to connect to trees and flowers like that? I'm sorry, if you dont want to answer you dont have to. I was just curious...
Quantum Catz: KZ: Depends really...when i'm not in control it can be terrifying ::smiles slightly at Ezra:: Though Ezra helped me a lot with learning to cope with it again - they frightened me once as a child and...when i first came here i almost saw them as monsters or something, always trying to catch me
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::blushes slightly, looking down at the table::
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she looks a little surprised because she hadn't been expecting that as an answer:: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I've always enjoyed being out in nature and I just assumed... ::feeling uneasy now she looks away again::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::smiles:: It's okay. Sometimes i love it - i love knowing that i can help them when they need it
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::nods:: Your power's a lot better than mine.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::chuckles:: If mine wasn't such a big part of my life i'd offer to swap with you but i doubt you'd enjoy it
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::smiles:: You're probably right.
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::after a moment, looking at Kizzie:: This fella who got caught in the tree...his name's Toby, right? Alice said he could...well, change the looks of things if he wants to.
Quantum Catz: KZ: I suppose so...he can...manipulate things i guess, change them
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::looking surprised and a tad hopeful:: You mean, like, he could fix me? ::she looks down at her spots, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment::
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::takes his wife's hand again, looking rather defensive, but saying nothing::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::looks up at Zori, confused:: What's wrong with you?
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::hesitantly, she points to the spots on her face:: Isn't it obvious? I've had them since I was born. ::she looks down worriedly at her daughter::
YarnKittymon: EZ: And they're beautiful, Zori. Don't change them on my account.
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she wrinkles her nose, shaking her head slightly:: Theres nothing beautiful about them. ::she glances down at her daughter again and winces, her voice lowers a bit more:: People have told me so all my life. And I'm tired of people looking at them. They see the spots, not me.
Quantum Catz: KZ: Oh, I...but they're just different coloured skin aren't they? ::glances at Ezra quickly before turning back to Zori:: There are other people on the island with things like that...
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::drops Zori's hand, looking down, and self-consciously adjusting his hat over his magenta-colored hair::
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::theres sorrow in her eyes, she hadn't meant anything by what she said, and she reaches for his hand again; softly:: Theres nothing wrong with your hair.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::looks down, flushing slightly:: I'm sorry - i've never really understood these things - i could identify every type of tree on this island but if you're a person...you're just a person to me
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::smiles slightly at Kizzie's words, though he's still looking at his wife; quietly:: I don't know how long it'll take, but we'll be here at least a couple days, I'm sure. We should get together and do something.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::nods:: That would be good


YarnKittymon: EZ: ::still seems a bit upset to be going to Toby's house, though he doesn't say anything as he walks his wife in that direction; quietly:: I guess...I'll take the kids while you're...busy...
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::smiles nervously at him:: All right. ::pauses:: You don't think I should, do you? ::she looks a little torn, wanting to be rid of the thing people have made her ashamed of but not wanting to upset her family::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::softly:: I know it's not my place...but i still don't understand what's so wrong with them...i think what Toby does might hurt a person...it does a tree anyway...
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::sighs; truthfully:: It's all up to you, Zori; you know that. ::looks down at Gerdie, a new worry entering his mind::
Maeve Owens: ZO: :: She smiles at Kizzie, letting her know she heard her but didn't want to respond in front of Gerdie. She glances down at their daughter also, just to make sure she's all right with this; softly:: You okay Gerdie?
Quantum Catz: GR: If this man can help you with your spots then do you think he'll take mine away, mummy?
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::frowns, looking at Kizzie:: I don't know...it sounds like it might hurt, honey.
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she nods::
Quantum Catz: GR: ::rubs at her nose:: The boys all make fun of me...and if Mummy was fixed then i'd be the only one... ::looks down::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::feels a bit uncomfortable but doesn't say anything::
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she swallows hard, looking miserable:: Well, they shouldn't make fun of you. Theres nothing wrong with your spots.... ::she tries really hard to sound encouraging::
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::smiles weakly, and though Blanche knows he's not being entirely truthful, she doesn't say anything:: It's all right, Gerdie...I'll still be the funniest-looking person in town. ::completely honestly:: And you and Blanche are definitely the prettiest girls.
Quantum Catz: GR: ::looks at her mother, frowning in honest confusion:: If there's nothing wrong with them then why do you want to get rid of them?
Maeve Owens: ZO: Because... ::searches frantically for a solution:: I've outgrown them? ::looks helplessly at Ezra. She doens't want to lie to her daughter but she doesn't want her to feel bad either::
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::frowning deeply; softly:: Well, your mother's spots are a lot bigger than yours.
Quantum Catz: GR: ::wide eyed:: Will mine grow when i'm older?
Maeve Owens: ZO: I... dont know.. maybe they'll stay small and cute.
YarnKittymon: EZ: I don't think they'll get any bigger...and if they do, maybe you can go see this gentleman then.
Quantum Catz: GR: ::wrinkles her nose when her mother describes her spots as cute:: Why can't i just go now then?
Maeve Owens: ZO: Well, it might hurt too much.
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::stops in front of Toby's door, still frowning, and not ready to knock the door himself::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::softly; almost to herself and blushing slightly:: You know some people think of certain plants as weeds...while others think they're beautiful and unique...but what people think doesn't change what the plant is ::looks down;:
Quantum Catz: GR: ::is still frowning and rubbing at her nose::
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::softly:: Thanks and I think Gerdie needs to know that too. But even so, it doesn't erase the hurt. ::looks hesitant to knock on the door as well until she's sure Gerdie isn't going to be emotionally scarred by all this::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::opens the door before anyone knocks, looking a little puzzled:: Can I help you?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::softly:: Toby, this's Ezra and Zori...they wanted to...see you about something...I should...probably go now though...
YarnKittymon: TY: ::nods, frowning:: Okay. Thanks, Kizzie. ::steps back from the door so the family can come in::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::smiles at Ezra:: I'll see you later, i guess
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::nods, smiling at Kizzie, though he's still a bit upset:: Looking forward to it. ::turns his attention back to his wife::
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::gives Kizzie a friendly smile:: Thanks for your help. ::her gaze returns to the ground again, not wanting to see Toby's reaction to them.::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::smiles at Zori looking uncertain, but she decides she'd better not say anything else:: That's okay - Good-bye ::smiles down at the girls for a moment and then begins to walk back to the inn::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::looks just mildly surprised to see Zori's spots--he doesn't even notice Gerdie's in the dim light--but he cheerfully says:: Come in; come in. What do you need?
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::softly:: I wanted to talk to you about removing these spots?
YarnKittymon: TY: ::frowns:: Can you sit down? I'd need to look at them. Are they the...uh...result of an accident?
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she whispers in an attempt to keep her daughter from hearing:: If you want to call being born with them an accident. Yes.
Quantum Catz: GR: ::is still rubbing at her nose::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::quietly:: I see. ::turns on the light, and if he notices Gerdie's freckles, he doesn't react; slowly:: It...I guess it'd be possible...but you have to understand, it'd hurt more than anything you'd imagine.
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she reaches down to still Gerdie's hand, smiling down with what she hopes is an ecouraging smile full of love. When she turns back to Toby she looks a little more apprehensive and she doesn't answer, appearing to be thinking
Maeve Owens: about what he said::
Quantum Catz: GR: ::stops, looking down:: i don't want something that hurts that much...people teasing isn't so bad...
YarnKittymon: TY: ::looks a little surprised; it hadn't crossed his mind that the little girl might want what comes down to plastic surgery:: People tease you?
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she puts her arms around Gerdie:: You don't have to sweetheart. ::she looks at Toby, nodding her head::
Quantum Catz: GR: ::starts to mumble:: Boys do...'s not so bad...i just don't want to be the only one
YarnKittymon: TY: ::looking rather concerned:: I'm sorry to hear that. ::looks back at Zori, still worried::
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::her heart clenches painfully and she holds her daughter closer:: Maybe this was a bad idea. ::she looks at Toby sadly:: I'm sorry to have bothered you. ::turns to look at Ezra:: Perhaps we should just go?
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::rather surprised, puts a hand on Zori's shoulder; softly:: Are you *sure*?
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::she doesn't look very sure but one glance at her daughter and thinking about how this would effect her gives her enough courage to walk away. She nods:: I think its best for... ::she closes her eyes::
YarnKittymon: EZ: ::puts his arms around Zori, drawing her near; whispers:: I'm so proud of you, Zori...
Quantum Catz: GR: ::has tears in her eyes:: I'm sorry mummy....
Maeve Owens: ZO: ::returns Ezra's hug with her free arm, the other one still wrapped around Gerdie:: It's okay, its not your fault. You're right. Its not so bad. ::forces a smile::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::smiles a little, touched by the scene::


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