Freak Show

"Freak Show" is an online yarn (story-based role-play) originally set in and around New York's Coney Island in 1928, in a vaguely alternate universe similar to that of "Fox Tales" (only about 70 years earlier). Currently it's 1932 and our characters have migrated to Kitar Island, a guarded place off the coast of California, and home to countless freaks.

The game will be played via AOL Instant Messenger. We used to meet Saturday at 9:30 AM - 11:30 PM Arizona it's much more like 12:00 PM Arizona time through about 7 PM Arizona time? (Sometimes we start later and once DST starts we'll be an hour later, everyone except me in Arizona. :D)

Right, anyway, that means we generally start at about 2:00 PM EST or 7:00 PM GMT.

Group play began February 23, 2002. It is finally complete!  (Except the archives...)

If you're a player or just curious, please check out the following pages.

Freak Show (the yarn)
*Character creation (please read!)
*Guidelines (please read! updated 3.7.03)
*Character pages (last updated 8.7.05)
*Minor character pages (updated 8.7.05)
*Useful terms
*Archive of Events (last updated 8.22.08)
*Venura messageboards (out-of-commission; please try the Yarniverse messageboards instead)
*Miscellany (updated 8.7.03)


*The 1928 of "Freak Show" (please read!) (updated 2.16.03)
Coney Island (please read!)
Map of 1928 Coney Island (quite inaccurate and incomplete, but probably useful nonetheless)
*Does it exist? (trying to avoid anachronisms) (updated 2.16.03)
*The money of "Freak Show" (how much items cost)
*Currency Converter (if you can't find what you're looking for on the money page)
*Calendar for 1928 (added 9.16.02)
*Kitar Island (added 11.21.04)