~Monday, October 31, 1932~

YarnKittymon: : ::the mayor, of course, has organized a rather large party for the townspeople at the lake outside of Marquis, complete with a bonfire, costumes, and lots of candy. Most of the town (excepting some of the older people and some of the more pious) are in attendance, and most the children and some of the adults are in costume, playing for games and having a good time as soon as the sun's gone down::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::is quite excited about the party since she's always found these kinds of things fun. She's dressed in the costume she wore for that movie, having lifted it the first chance she got in her own private revenge::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she's dressed up as a pretty flapper girl with her hair all done up and void of the ribbon she usually wears. She's trying to hide how much she's enjoying playing dress up::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::is wearing a flight jacket and goggles, pretending to be Charles Lindbergh, and enjoying himself, though he doesn't care too much for the candy; he does like bobbing for apples::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::is dressed vaguely like one of the thieves from the movie that never was - his costume was a bit last minute as he was convinced by Maeve and Josh to wear one in the first place::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::is with them but didn't bother to wear a costume - he's been quite quiet but in all has been rather friendly compared to his behviour the day before the wedding::
YarnKittymon: : ::one of the boys about Eli's age nudges him in greeting:: Hey, how come you aren't dressed up?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::smiling at Isaac; softly:: It isn't too bad is it? Being someone different for a night?
Quantum Catz: EK: I can be any animal i want in seconds - what d'i need a costume for?
YarnKittymon: : ::the boy grins:: You should turn into a big black cat. Scare that old Mrs. Caradason.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles:: I guess i'll live
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she smiles a bit saldy at Isaac:: I'm sorry. If you weren't comfortable with it you didn't have to wear it. Even if you do look rather... appealing... in it. ::she grins::
YarnKittymon: : ::the boy whispers conspiratorily to Eli:: Dad said if I egged her house he wouldn't mind.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs:: I don't think Isaac'd say that t'me
YarnKittymon: : Well, you can turn into a cat and sneak away--he wouldn't know, would he?
Quantum Catz: IS: ::laughs:: I'm not that uncomfortable - i'm used to Josh blinking his big brown eyes and getting his way ::grins:: Not that i'm any better with you
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she just grins::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::looks thoughtful:: I guess not
YarnKittymon: : ::the boy grins:: Come on; we'll sneak off.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::turns to Isaac:: I'm going off with Jamie - cya later ::grabs the boy's arm and heads off before Isaac can say any different::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::follows them with his eyes, not meaning to tattle:: I'll bet they're gonna play a prank on someone.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::mutters:: If it's Mrs. Caradason I'm going with them.
Quantum Catz: IS: As long as he doesn't cause too much trouble
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she raises her eyebrows at him and is actually tempted to take off::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::shrugs:: Maybe he's just gonna change into something to scare everyone. ::looks back at Maeve and Isaac:: I'm gonna go bob for another apple. ::he's hardly three feet away from them when a couple of his friends from
YarnKittymon: school start talking with him and he goes off with them::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she's seen two friends of hers from school and she's wandered over to talk to them::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::smirks at Maeve:: Guess you're stuck with me - unless you want to go off and play a prank on Mrs Caradson as well
Maeve Owens: MV: ::smirks:: Are you trying to get rid of me? Cause if not.... dont tempt me.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::chuckles:: Well i think i'd rather you stayed, really
YarnKittymon: : ::they hear a slight growling noise, and then Maeve and Isaac see a wicked-looking creature, about the size of Eli on all fours, scaly like a dragon or winged lizard, with huge yellow eyes, peeking through the trees at them::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she blinks, scared for about a split second before she realizes that it has to be Eli. She laughs, glancing around at everyone else waiting to hear the shrill screams:: Would this be causing too much trouble? You got to admit he is good at scarying people.
Quantum Catz: IS: I've never seen him try to be a dragon before ::looks over towards the other people as well::
Maeve Owens: MV: Should we intervene before he causes mass panic and people get hurt?
YarnKittymon: : ::at first, no one else notices the creature, but then someone does; that person turns faint and edges away, and then a few other people follow his lead--no one seems to outright panic, but a few people move to put the fire between the supposed dragon and themselves, as if that could do some good::
YarnKittymon: : ::the creature comes closer, its blue and green scales shining in the firelight; it looks straight at Maeve::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she swallows hard:: Okay, last time it was a bird... I think this is just a bit over the top...
Quantum Catz: IS: You think? ::takes a step forward:: Eli, cut it out already
YarnKittymon: : ::the creature growls, and the sound isn't too far removed from a bird of prey's cry, and it looks Maeve right in the eye--suddenly, her feet feel heavy and cold, and she can't move them; the feeling rapidly travels up her legs, even making the folds of her dress weigh down on her::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she gasps, trying to move her legs, and as she looks up at the creature with round scared eyes; quietly:: Isaac... thats not Eli...
Quantum Catz: IS: ::turns to look at Maeve, confused::
YarnKittymon: : ::the feeling travels upwards, and when it hits her eyes Maeve can't even see--she has just a moment when she's completely numb and blind before she loses consciousness entirely, her whole body and even her clothes turned to stone::
YarnKittymon: : ::the creature growls, turning its attention to Isaac::
Quantum Catz: IS: Maeve? ::reaches out to touch her; looking over at the other people and then glancing back again at the creature::
YarnKittymon: : ::the creature locks eyes with Isaac, aiming to turn him to stone as well::
YarnKittymon: : ::one of the people does panic now, and fully half of them flee the site in terror::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::tries to turn and look away::
YarnKittymon: : ::Isaac moves too late, and he feels his own feet turn cold::
Quantum Catz: IS: Maeve ::tries to move his arm to reach over and touch Maeve, hoping he can heal her before he's frozen himself::
YarnKittymon: : ::Isaac has time to touch Maeve, and even try to heal her, but his power doesn't work on the stone, and in a few moments he's overcome too::
YarnKittymon: : ::the monster growls, looking back at the crowd--a father finds himself turning to stone, but he manages to yell out:: Run! ::and the stragglers do so::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::makes it halfway back to Marquis--crying the whole time--before he's out of breath and can't run any farther; he keeps walking, looking back fearfully, sure he'll be next, and almost wishing he'd stayed back so he could at least die next to Isaac and Maeve::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she's heard bits and pieces of there being a monster and people turning to stone but she was too far away to really see anything before she was pushed along with the panicking crowd. When she sees Josh she runs over to him, reaching out to hug him; out of breath and concerned:: Are you okay?
YarnKittymon: JH: ::hugs her back, too tired and dejected to even keep walking; sobbing:: Dolly, they're dead...
Maeve Owens: DK: ::Her eyes widen as she tightens her grip on him. She's scared of who he might mean; in a strained whisper:: Whose dead Josh?
YarnKittymon: JH: ::whimpers:: Isaac and Maeve...::he's shaking, but he pulls back from Dolly; softly:: C'mon, or it'll...get us too.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she pales, shaking her head as tears spring to her eyes.:: Where's Eli? ::she glances around, trying to find something else to focus on so she doesn't have to believe Isaac is dead::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::has been looking for his brother and sister as a dog but hasn't found them yet::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::wipes his eyes; quietly:: I don't know. ::instantly looks around for him, thoughts of his own danger fading::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::after a moment, quietly:: He might have gone to town; he went off with Jamie.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she glances back the way they came, thinking about Isaac but she pushes back the sorrow. She had to focus on Eli first.:: Then I guess thats where we should look first. Come on. ::she grabs his hand and starts off::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::walks with Dolly, wiping his eyes almost continually with his free hand::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::finally spots his brother and sister and runs up to them, changing back to himself as soon as he's next to them::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::just starts crying harder when he sees Eli::
Maeve Owens: DK: Eli! ::she reaches out to draw him into a hug, relieved beyong words to see him::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::almost uncharacteristically, he hugs her back just as tightly::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::sniffles:: Isaac wouldn't want us to...to get killed too. ::tears are still rolling down his face, but he walks towards Marquis again::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she keeps a hold of both Eli and Josh, like she's afraid if she lets go she'll lose them as well; quietly:: They can't be gone... there has to be a way to bring him back. ::her voice breaks and she bites down on her lip::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::mutters:: I flew up...saw...they were standing there, like they were frozen... ::drifts off, walking with Josh::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::nods:: I heard a woman yell that we'd all be turned to stone, so...they must be. At least...we'll have a place to go visit them...
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she chokes back a sob but stays silent as she continues to walk::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::clenches his fists, not saying anything::
YarnKittymon: : ::nothing attacks them on the way to Marquis, and they make it back--the whole town is almost silent, and the few people about speak with muted voices--almost everyone's locked into his or her house, usually with the shutters closed::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::quietly:: We should go to Libby's... ::she swallows hard, not wanting to be in the house alone without Isaac there::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::is actually outside, not too far from her house, and ready to sprint inside should anyone shout an alarm; she tries to smile at the kids when she sees them, but she can't quite bring herself to; softly:: Come on; you three should stay with me and Jack.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::mutters:: We can manage on our own ::but his heart isn't really in it::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::shakes his head; quietly:: I don't wanna go back home. ::wipes his eyes yet again, walking towards Libby's house::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she nods, agreeing with Josh and follows him towards Libby's only stopping to look at her other brother; murmurs:: Come on Eli...
Quantum Catz: EK: ::follows them, looking back the way they came in a half-hearted hope that Isaac'll turn up and be okay::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks at the kids rather blankly; quietly:: We didn't go to the party so I'd just finished making supper. You're welcome to it.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she shakes her head; her voice flat:: Thank you but I'm not hungry.
Quantum Catz: EK: Me either
YarnKittymon: JH: ::just shakes his head::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::nods; softly:: I know. I'm not...not sure there's anything that can be done for them, but if there is *anything* in the world anyone can do to bring them back, they'll do it.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::mutters:: I'll kill that thing
YarnKittymon: LB: ::carefully shuts the door; the curtains are already drawn; doesn't reply to that::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::softly:: Eli, you can't die too.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she shakes her head; brokenly:: No! You can't...
Quantum Catz: EK: I won't die - i'll just make sure it does - there must be something i can turn into that can get it
Maeve Owens: DK: ::truly scared her brother is going to run off and do something rash:: *You* don't know that and you can't take the chance! I wont risk losing you as well! ::she's terribly close to her breaking point::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::shakes her head:: Eli, someone will take care of it. Some people are together now figuring out how. ::though her eyebrows are knit together in concern as she worries about *who* might try to take care of it::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::doesn't respond but doesn't look like he's about to run off just yet::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::sighs; softly:: Josh, Eli, you can take the guest room when you're ready for bed, or if you just want to be alone. Dolly, we'll share my room. Jack won't mind having the couch if he comes home tonight.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::nods::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::suddenly hugs Dolly, not wanting to be alone at any rate::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs, looking at his brother and sister::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::softly:: Maybe...maybe they can change them back somehow.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she sniffs, hugging Josh tightly:: Maybe. ::she looks over to Eli, silently inviting him over with her eyes if he should want to::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::doesn't move towards them:: Maybe if i turned into one of those things, i could do what it does...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::cringes, looking back at Eli; quietly:: I guess if it comes through that door, go ahead and try.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she frowns::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::quickly:: But there's no reason it would do *that*. And even if it comes to town, I'm sure Jack and the others have already figured out how to stop it.
Quantum Catz: EK: Like how? He'll stand in front of everyone and tell it to stop?
YarnKittymon: LB: Maybe they'll find a weasel to kill it; I don't know. ::looks at Eli, almost pleadingly:: But they'll think of something.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::doesn't look like he believes her but he doesn't say anything else::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she doesn't know what to say so she just clings to Josh for as long as he'll let her::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::stays pressed next to Dolly, trying hard not to cry, without much success::

YarnKittymon: : ::it's only a few minutes later when there's a knock on the door--Libby cautiously checks the window and when she sees who it is, honestly, she'd almost rather have the monster; still, she opens the door and smiles politely::
YarnKittymon: LB: Mayor Wagner; what can we do for you?
YarnKittymon: : ::the mayor frowns, looking past Libby:: I wanted to speak to the children.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she turns to look at him but remains silent::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::looks at the mayor as well, sadness in his eyes::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::folds his arms, a bit of a frown on his face::
YarnKittymon: : ::the mayor nods to each of them:: Dolly, Josh, Eli, I just wanted you to know that I'm doing everything in my power to get Isaac returned to you safely. But if we can't do anything, you'll still be taken care of, so don't worry about that. OK?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::frowns at the mayor:: They already knew Jack and Becky and Toby and I would take care of them, sir.
YarnKittymon: JH: ::looks like he's about to cry; softly:: We don't want your money...
Quantum Catz: EK: We don't need anyone's help anyway - we can look after ourselves
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she looks rather upset as well; sadly:: We'll be fine.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::frowns:: What exactly are you doing to try and get Isaac and Maeve back?
YarnKittymon: : I've sent a guard out, with Harry Chalmers, to find the sorcerers Mrs. Richards ::he nods at Libby:: and her husband and Miss Owens were acquainted with. They may know a way to bring back those who were made into statues.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::quietly:: Where's the monster?
Quantum Catz: EK: What are you going to do about the monster?
YarnKittymon: : The sorcerers must know a way to kill it. As it is, I doubt a crossbow would do any good, so to send anyone directly after it would be a suicide mission.
YarnKittymon: : ::turns back to Dolly:: It's probably still out in the forest, but we'll stop it. We're telling all the women and children to stay safe inside 'til then.
Quantum Catz: EK: Who's going to look for the sorcerers? How are they going to find them?
YarnKittymon: : I told you, Mr. Chalmers and one of the town guards, Mr. Randy Lange. They'll go out towards the sorcerers' last-known whereabouts, and I'm sure they'll help us.
Quantum Catz: EK: What if they aren't there? How will they find them then? Do they have anyone to track them?
YarnKittymon: : They'll be there, Eli. I told you; we're doing everything we possibly can.
Quantum Catz: EK: Yeah, but what if they're not?
YarnKittymon: : They're experienced men, Eli. They'll find them.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::doesn't look much like he believes that::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she only nods, not feeling anymore at ease::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::puts his hands in his pockets, looking away::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::tersely:: Well, thank you for stopping by, Mayor Wagner, but I think the kids would like some time alone.
YarnKittymon: : ::the mayor nods to the children:: If there's anything I can do for you, have Mrs. Richards bring you by, and I'll do whatever I can.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she nods slowly, just wanting him to leave more than anything::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::opens the door for the mayor, sounding just slightly sarcastic:: Thanks for coming by. We'll see you later. ::and she rather quickly shuts the door behind him when he leaves::
Quantum Catz: EK: I'm gonna go catch up with Mr Chalmers ::moves towards the window to open it::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks back at Eli in alarm:: Eli, you can't go out there!
Maeve Owens: DK: ::her eyes widen and she quickly shakes her head:: You heard what he said. They're experienced. Surely they'll be able to find those people...
Quantum Catz: EK: Yeah, but if they're not where they were before then i'll be able to find them faster as an animal
YarnKittymon: LB: ::sharply:: That *monster* is still out there, and if it gets you too, I know Isaac would never forgive me.
Quantum Catz: EK: I can get away from a monster - it won't be going over to visit the sorcerers right now, will it?
Maeve Owens: DK: ::worriedly:: You have to go through the forest right? Isn't that where the monster is?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::crosses the room and pushes herself between Eli and the window:: I can't let you go, Eli, simple as that.
Maeve Owens: DK: And neither can i! And definitely not alone! Isaac would never forgive me either.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::glares at Libby:: You're not my mother and even Isaac couldn't stop me right now - i'll fly until i get to Mr Chalmers - they're probably not going anywhere near the monster
YarnKittymon: LB: What if the monster's roaming around? It might catch them off-guard, and what good would it do for you to be there then?
Quantum Catz: EK: I can fly away from it - it didn't look that fast to me
YarnKittymon: LB: I heard it looked like a *dragon.* ::shakes her head:: This isn't up for argument, Eli. If Isaac were here I'm sure he'd forbid you from going too.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::smirks:: D'you think that would stop me?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smirks at Eli:: We'll stay up all night and guard the doors and windows if we have to.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she glances down at the floor, not wanting him to go but not wanting him to stay either just in case the others cant find those sorcerers::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::turns into a cat and races away into another of the rooms, aiming to get out of a window in there vefore he can be caught::
YarnKittymon: LB: Eli! ::chases after him::
YarnKittymon: YarnKittymon rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 4
YarnKittymon: : ::Libby happened to leave the kitchen window open several inches, to cool it off a bit after making supper::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she immediately follows Libby, looking rather petrified for her brother::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::runs after Dolly:: Eli, come back!
Quantum Catz: EK: ::jumps onto the counter and out of the window::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::curses, and unlocks the kitchen door, trying to run after Eli::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she stares at the open window in shock for what feels like eternity before she starts to shake a little. She watches Libby numbly for a few seconds; quietly.:: He's gone Libby... you wont catch up to him. ::her eyes well up with tears::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::hugs Dolly silently::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::changes into a bird and circles up into the air, looking for Mr Chalmers::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::stops when she sees she can't catch up and there's no one out in the streets to ask to stop Eli, and slowly comes back to the house, putting on a false look of cheerfulness:: I've half a mind to give him a spanking when he gets back.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::returning her brother's hug, she glances up at Libby then forces a sad smile for her benefit::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::is heading with the guard roughly northwest, to the area near the dam where, at last check, the sorcerers were living; the two are keeping to the main road as long as they can, so it's likely no great challenge for Eli to spot them::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::softly:: Eli won't die too, will he?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::firmly:: Of course not, Josh.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::just keeps flying above them, figuring he won't be needed unless the sorcerers aren't there::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she quickly shakes her head, holding him tighter;quietly:: We'll get them both back.
YarnKittymon: HR: ::down on the ground, he's looking around in all directions, looking a bit tired and pale; he's changed from his own thief costume into the neutral-colored stuff he wears when he's *really* being a thief::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::nods; softly, though she sounds near tears herself:: We'll get everyone back.
Maeve Owens: ::theres a guard walking along beside him that is attempting to mask his fear behind a cocky grin, and he does feel rather important to have been chosen for this quest::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::quietly:: I don't know that anyone's actually been to their house, Randy, but they should be somewhere in the ballpark of the dam. Keep your eyes out for any paths or buildings or people dressed oddly. *Or* any monsters, of course.
Maeve Owens: RD:: ::he nods, smirking:: That's pretty much common sense there Harry but thanks for the tip.
YarnKittymon: HR: ::sees a break in the trees that may be a path, or may just be a false path like forests are apt to have; he follows it anyway, growing even more anxious as they retreat into the darkness of the forest::
Maeve Owens: RD: ::clutching his crossbow tightly with both hands, he follows Harry down the path while his eyes search their surroundings for possible attacks or the people they are looking for::
YarnKittymon: : ::they suddenly come upon a clearing with a rough cabin, maybe three rooms, with a couple shirts and a pair of pants hanging out to dry on the line, though it's well past sundown; there's a light on in the cabin::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::flies down with them, following to the cabin::
Maeve Owens: RD: ::walks up to the door and knocks::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::turns back as he thinks he sees something move; he relaxes when he sees it's just a bird, and turns his attention back to the door::
Maeve Owens: CI: ::she was sitting by the lamp reading when the knock comes. Puzzled, she sets her book down and walks over to the door, leaning slightly against it to hear whats being said outside:: Whose there?
YarnKittymon: HR: Two men from Marquis asking for help. Are you the sorcerers who helped the town out earlier?
Maeve Owens: CI: ::frowning, she pulls the door open:: Yes. What's happening in Marquis?
YarnKittymon: HR: ::bows slightly to the pretty young woman:: There's a monster nearby, that seems to have the ability to turn people to stone. Our mayor thought you and your siblings might have some ideas of how to kill it, and bring back the people we've lost to it.
YarnKittymon: BN: ::calls out from the main room, getting up off the bench he was sitting on: What, like a basilisk?
Quantum Catz: ED: ::comes out of her room, to listen, though she doesn't say anything::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::shrugs:: I don't know; I'm not an expert on monsters.
Maeve Owens: RD: ::looking rather confused:: Is that a fancy word for a dragon that turns people to stone?
YarnKittymon: BN: ::tugs at his collar; quietly:: Traditionally it's more like a snake or maybe a lizard. But it sounds like that could be it.
Quantum Catz: ED: Who was turned to stone?
Maeve Owens: RD: ::looking to Banrak:: Can you do anything about it?
YarnKittymon: HR: Maeve, and then a couple fellas--Isaac, Maeve's beau, and another man named Rick.
YarnKittymon: BN: ::looks rather grave:: I don't know. I have this feeling there's some kind of spell for it, but I don't know it.
Maeve Owens: CI: ::her eyes widen then she looks to her brother:: I *think* I might have heard dad talking about it...
Quantum Catz: ED: Would he tell us it, though?
YarnKittymon: BN: ::frowns:: I guess not. Ciama, do you *remember* what he said?
Maeve Owens: CI: ::she pauses, thinking over her words before replying:: You have to kill the monster then mix its blood with the earth from under the feet of the one afflicted. You then have to place it on their heads and wait for the full moon
YarnKittymon: HR: ::a bit sarcastically:: Is *that* all.
Maeve Owens: RD: How do we kill it?
YarnKittymon: BN: ::shrugs:: If it looks like a dragon, maybe the same way you'd kill a dragon. Arrow in the mouth or whatever. Though I guess you couldn't really get in a fair fight with it and win; it'd turn you to stone first, wouldn't it?
Maeve Owens: RD: ::sounding a bit full of himself:: But I might be able to get it with my crossbow before it can spot me.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::drops to the ground and turns to a human, moving forward:: Can they turn each other to stone? Like could a...a basilisk kill another basilisk?
YarnKittymon: BN: ::stares at Eli, shaking his head in bewilderment:: Who are you? Where'd you come up from?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::shakes his head as if that's not important:: Could it?
YarnKittymon: BN: ::quietly:: I don't know. They probably can't turn each other to stone; that'd make it hard for them to have baby basilisks, and dragons can't be burned by fire. But where would you find a second basilisk? And even if you did, what if they got along? Then things'd be twice as bad.
Quantum Catz: EK: Because i can be one
Maeve Owens: CI: ::frowns:: How do you mean? Would you take on their powers as well?
Quantum Catz: EK: Why not? I mean i can fly as a winged horse, it's probably not any different
YarnKittymon: HR: ::looks back at Eli, a bit rattled himself:: Look, you don't *know* that you'd have its powers. And we can handle it ourselves, kid. ::motions to his own breast pocket::
Maeve Owens: RD: ::he nods:: Its much too dangerous for a young boy.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::looks more than a little annoyed:: Why don't we test it? ::changes into a basilisk, taking on its form from what he remembers of the other one::
Maeve Owens: CI: ::quickly:: If you test it then we'd have to kill you in order to undo it!
YarnKittymon: HR: ::goes pale upon seeing the monster up close, and takes a couple steps back involuntarily; shakily:: You'd best not test any of *us* or I *will* try to reverse the spell, whatever it takes.
Maeve Owens: CI: ::glares at Harry::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::turns away from the humans, looking for a small animal in the area::
YarnKittymon: : ::it's night-time, so most the wildlife has probably retreated::
Maeve Owens: CI: ::she sighs:: Just turn back and let me try something.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::changes back into human form, not turning around:: Try what?
Maeve Owens: CI: ::without answering, since she doesn't really like to advertise what she can do, she walks over and puts her hand on his shoulder then closes her eyes. She attempts to make herself have a vision, hoping the contact will spark something even though she can rarely ever force one out::
YarnKittymon: : ::Ciama suddenly sees two basilisks fighting; she's hard-pressed to tell who is who, but one has a massive chest wound from the other's claws, and the other is bleeding heavily from the neck::
Maeve Owens: CI: ::she gasps, jerking away and when she looks back at Eli she looks a bit scared for him::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::frowns at Ciama:: What?
Maeve Owens: CI: ::sadly:: I don't think you can turn him to stone. ::she starts to say more but she stops herself, not sure if she should reveal it or not::
Quantum Catz: EK: That doesn't matter as long as he can't do it to me
Maeve Owens: CI: ::she shakes her head, looking rather fearful:: You should be absolutely sure you want to risk it before you go after the basilisk.
Quantum Catz: EK: My brother's trapped unless that thing dies - my family need him
YarnKittymon: BN: ::had been watching from the doorway, but he walks forward, looking seriously at Eli:: It sounds like you might get hurt, the way she's talking. And it *might* work to just poke you and get some blood; maybe you're close enough to a basilisk.
Quantum Catz: EK: Doesn't it have to be the blood of the basilisk that did it though?
Maeve Owens: CI: ::she frowns:: Most likely but I don't remember father saying that for sure. It might be wise to try it first.
YarnKittymon: BN: ::shakes his head; quietly:: To be safe, we should get the real basilisk's blood. I know there's a couple spells where you have to perform them on or by the *first* full moon after the incident. And someone needs to kill it sometime, right? We can't leave it alive in the forest.
Quantum Catz: EK: Then i guess i'm fighting it
Maeve Owens: CI: ::she looks scared for Eli but doesn't say anything else::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::looks worried, too; softly, to Edusa:: Do you have a bottle or something? I guess we'll need it.
Quantum Catz: ED: ::blinks for a moment and then nods:: I'll go get one ::looks over at Eli, looking worried herself and then goes into the house::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::turns to Eli; quietly:: Can you at least wear a ribbon or something, so we can tell you apart from the one that wants to kill us?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::smirks slightly at Harry:: You wanna put it on me? it'd only break if i did i before i changed
Maeve Owens: CI: And is there anyone around that might be able to offer you any kind of protection? Or heal you in someway? You might want to bring them along.
Quantum Catz: EK: Mr Richards could protect me but he'd have to be too close, he'd get in the way - and Isaac's the healer in the town, part from Toby but Toby isn't here
YarnKittymon: HR: ::nods:: But the mayor will want us to do what we can now, before tourists stop visiting for fear of being turned to stone. ::shakes his head:: I don't like it, but I guess if Eli wants to we can give him the chance.
YarnKittymon: BN: I'm not comfortable with it. But I guess Edusa can keep an eye on things; if you get hurt too bad, Eli, we might be able to work together and sort of heal you from afar.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::hesitates:: I should take some time to get used to the body, though - the better i know it, the better i can work with it
Quantum Catz: ED: ::appears in the doorway holding a plain looking empty bottle; hands it to Harry:: Here you go...
YarnKittymon: HR: ::smiles warmly to Edusa:: Thanks. You don't happen to have a ribbon too?
Quantum Catz: ED: ::smiles weakly:: I'll go get one
YarnKittymon: BN: ::looks back at Eli; quietly:: You're stubborn, but what you're doing takes guts.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::looks up at Banrack:: It's my brother - he'd do the same for me if he could
YarnKittymon: BN: ::looks back at Ciama, then at the doorway Edusa retreated into; softly:: I'm sure he would.
Maeve Owens: CI: ::smiles weakly:: Good luck Eli. Be careful.
Quantum Catz: ED: ::comes back out with a pale blue ribbon for Harry:: I hope everything works out
YarnKittymon: HR: ::takes the ribbon:: Thanks. You three had best stay inside 'til you get the all-clear. You have a radio, right? They should announce when the threat's passed.
Maeve Owens: CI: ::she shakes her head:: We'll know when you defeat him.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::looks at Ciama:: And we will ::turns back into the basilisk, flexing his front legs to get used to the movement::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::nods at Ciama and Edusa, smiling his most charming smile, only marred slightly by his own unease:: Thanks again, all of you, for your help. ::goes over to Eli and reaches out to tie the ribbon around his neck, trying his
YarnKittymon: best to keep from looking into Eli's eyes::
Maeve Owens: CI: ::she turns away, wishing more than anything she'd be able to see the outcome, and walks back towards the cabin.::
Maeve Owens: RD: ::he doesnt look too happy about Eli's part in this; quietly:: How long do you think it will take before you're ready?
YarnKittymon: BN: ::nods; quietly:: Good luck. ::turns to go into the cabin again::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::turns his head away from Harry as he puts the ribbon on::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::ties the ribbon securely, then stands up, still looking away from Eli:: I don't think he can talk, Randy. Let's just hope we don't run into any trouble on the way back. ::pats his breast pocket again, as though checking something::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::finds the animal a very slow creature, physically, and not too agile::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::still feels rather uncomfortable walking alongside such a beast; he knows he should feel safer than when they were walking with nothing to protect them, but he doesn't::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::suddenly freezes, looking out into the trees::
YarnKittymon: : ::they hear a high-pitched growl, and then the real basilisk has come forward; it's momentarily ignoring the humans in favor of assaulting the strange basilisk, which doesn't smell quite right; it growls again, and then comes forward with probably more grace and agility than Eli could muster in his new body::
Maeve Owens: RD: ::he looks a bit pale but he brings up his crossbow anyway, and moves to a position where he wont hit Eli::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::holds fast, letting the basilisk come forward so he can guage how it moves and fights itself::
Maeve Owens: RD: Think maybe we could run? Its probably not wise to fight this thing until Eli's moving better in that new body of his... ::he casts an uneasy look in Eli's direction::
YarnKittymon: : ::the creature snarls at Eli, and then steps forward with heavy steps, snapping its jaws; it reaches forward with its fairly long neck and tries to bite Eli's front leg with its extremely sharp teeth::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::very quietly:: If we move we'll draw its attention to us, and then we won't be doing any running at all.
Maeve Owens: RD: ::he smirks but doesn't say anything more::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::snaps his leg back, his head going down to bite at the creature's neck::
YarnKittymon: : ::the monster roars in pain, pulling up one of its thick forelegs to claw at Eli's throat, or his chest, or anything it can reach; its claws aren't quite as sharp as its teeth, but more rugged, and can probably do just as much damage once they peel through Eli's thick dragon-skin::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::raises his forelegs to swipe back at the creature and stop it reaching him::
YarnKittymon: : ::the creature roars again, and then catches one of Eli's back legs with its apparently prehensile tail, and drops to the ground, kicking and clawing at Eli's stomach or side with all its paws, like a cat might::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::is caught off balance by the creature's tail and just basically switches to try to defend his body::
YarnKittymon: : ::the basilisk is bleeding heavily from its neck, but it keeps fighting; all it needs to do is get one of its limbs or its teeth past Eli's defenses to injure him, and that's all it's trying to do::
Maeve Owens: RD: ::sarcastically:: Think we might try drawing his attention now?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::tries to go for the creature's neck again, though he leaves some of his chest open for attack in doing so::
YarnKittymon: : ::the basilisk cries out, sounding a bit weaker, as Eli's sharp teeth penetrate its neck again, but it pulls up its paw and presses its claws deeply into Eli's chest, pulling downwards, penetrating the scales::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::softly:: If we could get him off of Eli I'd try to take care of him.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::cries out in pain, trying to pull back from the creature::
YarnKittymon: : ::the other basilisk is more than happy to get away from Eli, and it retreats several steps, sideways, as it can't walk backwards; it seems impossible that it won't see Harry or Randy at this point::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::pulls a gun out of his breast pocket--a weapon he hadn't told Randy about--and wordlessly fires at the creature::
YarnKittymon: YarnKittymon rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 3
YarnKittymon: : ::the gun jams up uselessly, though the creature's attention is drawn by the motion and the click::
Maeve Owens: RD: ::the gun startles him but once the shock wears off he fires his crossbow at the creature::
YarnKittymon: YarnKittymon rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 5
YarnKittymon: : ::the crossbow hits the basilisk in its left eye, and it roars, in terrible and unmistakable pain, dropping to the ground::
Maeve Owens: RD: ::looks pretty satisfied that he hit and loads up another arrow::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::is still in pain, but he moves forward anyway, attacking the creature again::
YarnKittymon: : ::the basilisk tries weakly to fight Eli, but its strength is waning, and it can do little more than try to pull him off with its tail::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::grits his teeth, dropping the gun; quietly:: Eli, if you hold that thing down, I can get some blood out of it while its heart's still beating.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::nods his head as much as he can and tries to pin the creature to the ground::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::his hands are shaking as he comes forward, and he comes face-to-face with the creature; its good eye glows, and Harry's sure he's as good as stone...but for whatever reason, nothing happens, and the creature turns to try to snap at Eli again, though weakly. Harry puts the bottle to the creature's neck, and it's not long at all before it's half-full::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::snaps back at the creature, remembering what it did to his brother::
YarnKittymon: : ::the basilisk suddenly knocks Harry backwards with its tail, though Harry keeps the bottle upright, and then it tries its best to claw at Eli's wounded chest again, though it appears to have trouble lifting its fore-arm::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::tries to bite at the injured forearm, wanting to protect his chest::
YarnKittymon: : ::the creature's forearm is caught in Eli's jaws; it tries to pull away, which just increases the damage; its tail stops moving::
Maeve Owens: RD: ::he moves to Harry:: Did you get enough?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::claws at the creature's body as he fights::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::looks at the bottle; quietly:: I think so. There's sure enough to put on a dozen people, if we needed to.
YarnKittymon: : ::Eli's claws finally penetrate the basilisk's stomach; the creature makes a strange noise not all that dissimilar to a cough, and then its good eye falls shut, its limbs trembling slightly::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::when the basilisk stops fighting, all of the determination in Eli fades and he stumbles back, falling to the ground::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::curses softly, running forward to Eli, and unbuttoning his own shirt, wadding it up and pressing it against Eli's chest:: Randy, go back and get help, quick!
Quantum Catz: EK: ::raises his head but keeps his eyes closed. He's too afraid to change back into a human in case the wound's too bad for a human to cope with::
Maeve Owens: RD: ::he nods and takes off without another word::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::presses the shirt more closely to Eli's wound; softly:: Good job, kid. I'm sure we can bring your brother back now. You just hang on.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::groans and lowers his head back down, wishing he had waited till Toby was home after all::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::just keeps talking to Eli, nothing particularly enthralling or brilliant, just hoping to keep him awake::

Quantum Catz: BM: ::has just teleported herself and Toby back to their house::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::is still holding Becky's hand; looks around with a smile:: Funny to say, but it really is good to be home.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::grins:: Though the time away wasn't so bad either
YarnKittymon: TY: ::laughs:: Any time with you is great, you know.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::chuckles and puts her arms around him:: Well you'll have plenty of that now
YarnKittymon: TY: That's what I signed up for, isn't it? ::kisses her briefly, then:: I guess we'd better go check on old Daniel. You don't think it's too late, do you? Libby'll probably be up.
Quantum Catz: BM: We kinda crossed time zones to get back though, so it might be a bit late
YarnKittymon: TY: Well, we can stop by anyway, see if her lights are still on. ::peeks out the window:: Looks like a lot of people are still awake, though there's no one at all on the street. ::opens the door and looks outside, a little
YarnKittymon: puzzled; the streets and sidewalks are deserted, with even the horses safely stabled::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::frowns:: Wow, it really is deserted - d'you think something's happened?
YarnKittymon: TY: ::quietly:: Maybe. Come on; Libby would know. ::walks towards her house rather quickly; her lights are on::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::follows him quickly::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::knocks on Libby's door::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::excused herself about twenty minutes ago and locked herself in her bedroom; she doesn't hear the knock on her main door::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::didn't get back that long ago and he's in the kitchen; goes through and opens the front door::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::smiles weakly at Jack; quietly:: I hope we didn't wake anyone...we came to get Daniel back and see if everything's OK.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::smiles weakly:: Okay's definitely not the right word, mate
YarnKittymon: TY: ::his own smile instantly disappears; looks at Jack steadily:: What's wrong?
Quantum Catz: JK: This monster turned up at the Halloween party; turned Maeve, Isaac, Rick to stone - Harry insisted on going off with one of the guards to find the sorcerers we know, we're hopin' they can help
YarnKittymon: TY: ::stares at Jack, and runs a hand over his hair, and shakes his head, turning away:: There *has* to be something they can do.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::steps back to let them in the house:: Well Libby said Eli ran off to help Harry, so they'll definitely at least find them
YarnKittymon: TY: ::walks inside, rather numbly; softly:: We should've been here. If there's nothing they can do...maybe I can at least turn them to flesh again...
Quantum Catz: BM: I wish we hadn't just got back, or i'd go try to find them, see if they have got to the sorcerers
YarnKittymon: DN: ::pokes his head into the room; the whole back of his neck shines wet in the lamplight, but he's only interested in Becky right now; he mrrs happily to see her:: Becky!
Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiles:: Hey, Dan - you been behaving while i was gone?
YarnKittymon: DN: ::rubs his head up against Becky's knee, purring:: I was good.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::leans down to rub his head::
YarnKittymon: DN: ::purrs more loudly::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::quietly, to Jack, still looking worried:: I hope he wasn't too much trouble.
Quantum Catz: JK: Nah, he was alright - he'll probably be glad to head home though
YarnKittymon: TY: ::softly:: Any chance the monster's gonna come back to town and get anyone else?
Quantum Catz: JK: Everyone's staying in their houses - there won't be anyone for it to get if it did
YarnKittymon: TY: ::nods, looking down:: Is Libby holding up OK?
Quantum Catz: JK: She seems alright but she's been in the bedroom a while - i was just going to check on her
DN: ::shakes his head vigorously:: She cried all over me. ::grimaces, then licks his paw to clean the back of his neck::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::sighs, looking worried:: Guess i had better check on her then ::heads through to Libby::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::is sitting on the bed, wiping her eyes with a Kleenex; she looks up at Jack when he comes in; softly:: Welcome home.
JK: Hey, how you doing? Dan said you'd been upset ::goes to sit on the bed next to her::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::tries to smile at him:: You know I worry too much...::takes Jack's hand::
Quantum Catz: JK: There's bound t'be some way to fix it
YarnKittymon: LB: ::nods; quietly:: I know. ::smiles weakly at him:: Do I look all right for the kids? I don't want to upset them.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::reaches up to stroke the side of Libby's face:: Yeah, you look fine
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks up at Jack; softly:: Not that there's much sense in trying to cheer them up. ::stands up, managing a little smile:: Time to be putting the kids to bed anyway.
Quantum Catz: JK: Not that i guess they'll be able to sleep much though
YarnKittymon: LB: I volunteered you for the couch, so Dolly can be in here with me and Josh can have the other bed. ::frowning:: Josh and Eli, if he were here. ::smiling:: I hope you don't mind.
Quantum Catz: JK: Nah, i think i can cope
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks up at Jack lovingly, though there's still a bit of worry in her face as she remembers that even if Maeve makes it through this, the woman's half-convinced she'll find another way to be killed presently--still, she puts on a good face for the kids as she leaves the bedroom::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiles at Libby when she comes out:: Hey
YarnKittymon: LB: ::is a little surprised to see Becky and Toby there; smiles out of habit:: Hi. Did you have a good trip?
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she comes running to into the room, half crying and looking rather panicked; frantically:: It just came on the radio. Eli killed that monster but he's hurt. *Bad*.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::looks at Dolly anxiously:: Where is he? Did they say?
Maeve Owens: DK: They asked for a doctor or anyone who could help to meet the guard by the radio station. ::she looks pleadingly at both Toby and Becky::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::looks through the doorway wide-eyed::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::looks to Becky:: You're too tired, right? I'll get my bike; it'll be almost as quick. ::is already heading out the door::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks at Dolly:: I'm sorry, i only just brought us back - but i'm sure Toby'll get there okay
YarnKittymon: TY: ::nods; he sprints back home and pulls his bike out from the hallway, and doesn't even bother to lock the door, pedaling to the radio station at full speed::
Maeve Owens: RD: ::is pacing in front of the radio station::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::looks at Randy levelly:: Where is he?
Maeve Owens: RD: ::looks very relieved to see Toby and he quickly relays the directions to him::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::nods, and goes off more quickly than he's ever ridden before::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::yells out when he hears someone coming before he even sees them; by now he's taken off his undershirt as well, since his first shirt was soaked through with blood::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::has fallen unconscious::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::skids his bike to a stop, kneeling next to Eli; murmurs:: Please be alive. ::touches the wound, hoping it's warm::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::looks at Toby anxiously::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::nods:: He's out. ::frowns:: You might stay back. He might be upset when he wakes up. ::isn't sure that Eli will have enough self-control when he wakes to keep from turning Toby to stone, but he moves Harry's shirts
YarnKittymon: aside and starts to work anyway::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::cries out in pain when Toby starts working, his eyes snap open but his head's turned away from Toby just now::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::cringes, but he doesn't stop working, hoping the blood he makes is close enough to monster blood to keep Eli from dying::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::snarls in pain and one of his forelegs stretches forward, claws digging into the ground::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::is rattled by this, and pauses in his work for just a moment before continuing; he tries talking:: Eli, it's me, Toby. I know it hurts but we're more than halfway done, OK?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::snarls again but he doesn't try to fight toby off::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::keeps his eyes on Eli's wound, and finally finishes; he instantly steps back::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::stays lying on the ground for a moment, claws still digging in to the ground, and then slowly changes back to his human form, though he still doesn't move
Quantum Catz: ::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::is pretty tired, but after a while he forms a shirt for Harry, tossing it to him, though he's still watching Eli:: Hey, Eli, you OK?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::murmurs:: Tired ::closes his eyes::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::buttons his shirt; quietly:: Well, you're a hero, Eli. C'mon, Toby, let's carry him back.
YarnKittymon: TY: Or do you want to just wait here, Eli? I'll stay with you. Those of us who change the forms of things have to stick together, you know.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::smiles weakly but it soon fades:: Don't want Josh and Dolly to see...
YarnKittymon: TY: ::nods:: All right. Harry, go back and tell them Eli's OK. You can take my bike if you want.
YarnKittymon: HR: ::nods; he rode bike occasionally on the mainland, and hasn't forgotten, and he rides off, though not nearly as confidently as Toby::

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