~Saturday, March 11, 1933~

YarnKittymon: : ::there's a one-day showing of "Cyclone Girl," a film Libby was very excited to see, because it takes place all around Coney Island, going into Steeplechase and Luna Parks both;
YarnKittymon: she suspects even her old Freak Show building might be shown briefly. She's starting to show, and right now is wearing one of her old flapper dresses; its lack of a waist makes it a perfect double for a maternity dress::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::sits down in an aisle seat, next to Maeve; softly:: I helped bring this film in, you know.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::her eyes widen:: What?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::grins:: I asked the owner to bring it in, that is.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::is just sitting down near the back with a couple of his friends::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::laughs:: Did you not learn anything from the last mishap that involved someone in the movie business? ::smirks:: We're not about to get brainwashed in some weird way are we? ::makes a show of looking back to where the exit is:
YarnKittymon: LB: ::laughs:: We didn't get *brainwashed* last time. ::shakes her head:: No...even if we went back to Coney I couldn't *ride* anything, now...but watching might be good enough.
YarnKittymon: : ::it's a pretty full house as the lights go down and the shorts begin; the owner offers a newsreel too, but most of the audience isn't interested in world affairs so they vote it down::
YarnKittymon: : ::the film itself is black-and-white, about a pickpocket on Coney Island; there's quite a bit of slapstick and whole families seem to enjoy it; Libby is completely riveted, though she can't help but point out spots that were shot off of Coney Island as errors, to Maeve::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::even though she can relate to the film she rather enjoys the humor to it. Although at one point when the comedy gets a little too absurd and there's no way even the best pickpocket could pull off a stunt like that, without thinking she leans over to tell point out the errors to Libby... only realizing a few minutes later that Libby probably doesn't even know.::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smiles at her friend, rather bemused, although the more she thinks about it, the more it makes the pieces fit together, really::
YarnKittymon: : ::suddenly, they can hear a bit of an argument behind the back wall of the theater::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she turns to look but since she cant see anything she turns back to the screen again::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::turns with his friends to look, surprised that there's someone other than them interrupting a film for once::
YarnKittymon: : ::there's suddenly a shout, and then the film stops playing, the projector only projecting white light onto the screen::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::mumbles:: And thats what you get for dealing with movie people.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks back, rather worried, too, as a guard dressed in the uniform of Gate Town walks into the room:: You're all under arrest, for watching an illegal film. ::there's a couple guards behind, to prove he means business::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she's rather stunned for several seconds before she quickly stands up:: What? You cant be serious!
YarnKittymon: : ::the guard smiles:: Even the poster clearly said, copyright 1933. That's illegal, little lady.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::stands up and instinctively steps back a bit, looking panicked::
Maeve Owens: ((was it because all movies are illegal on the island or because they are trying to say they dont have permision to show it here?))
YarnKittymon: ((Movies copyright I believe after 1931 (could be 1930...probably is, actually) are illegal. Pointless compromise law :) ))
Quantum Catz: EK: ::is considering making a distraction so he and his friends can run out::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she puts a hand on Libby's arm; quietly:: Don't panic yet Libby. ::she turns to smile sweetly at the guard:: Oh did it? I'm sure there isn't a one of us in here that actually paid attention to the fine print. Perhaps if we had been told up front that it was illegal we wouldn't be here... its not our fault this establishment is showing illegal films...
YarnKittymon: : ::the guard smirks back:: That's for the courts to decide, you know.
YarnKittymon: : ::very suddenly, almost everyone in the theater--guards notwithstanding--just plain vanishes. Libby falls to the ground in a faint, but neither Maeve nor Eli see this...the two of them instead find themselves right in the middle of Coney Island, across the streets from Nathan's, which is one of the few places open, since there's nearly a foot of snow on the ground::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::looks around and just about goes into a panic, both because Libby isn't beside her anymore and she's back where she could just very well still end up in jail; shouts.:: Libby!
Quantum Catz: EK: ::looks around, sniffing the air, and then goes over to Maeve:: Don't suppose you knowwhere we are?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::looking rather pale and sounding panicked:: We're on Coney Island and I've lost Libby... have you seen her?
Quantum Catz: EK: I don't think she came with us ::rubs at his arms, feeling cold::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::finally notices the cold air on her skin and she wraps her arms around herself; frowns:: Great. Just great. ::she takes a deep breath:: Well, I hope she gets Becky to come and get us because this is definitely not good. ::she nervously takes a look around her::
YarnKittymon: : ::they're on the corner not at all far from the old Freak Show building; they can see both the Thunderbolt and the Tornado coasters from their spot, though there's no one riding them...in fact, there's not much of anyone around, and if Libby *were* there, it would be a dismal enough sight for her to be a bit glad she didn't decide to winter on Coney after all::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::wrinkles his nose, not much liking the cold:: Why're you so nervous? We'll probably get back somehow
Maeve Owens: MV: ::laughs nervously:: If my luck sticks to its usual routine... you'll be finding out shortly. ::she sighs, not sure whether or not the lack of people is a good thing or not::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::just makes a bit of a face at maeve and crouches down to make asnowball in his hands::
YarnKittymon: : ::finally, a large man in a heavy trenchcoat comes down a nearby street, his eyes fixed on Nathan's, so that he hardly even notices the two people...he stops still, doing a double-take...Maeve probably recognizes him even though his rainbow suspenders are safely hidden under his coat:: Maeve Owens?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::smiles weakly:: Hello Raymond.
YarnKittymon: : ::the man smiles, holding out his hand:: I never thought I'd see you here...and not dressed for the weather, either. Who's this little fella?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::raises his lip a bit almost in a snarl, but stops himself and mutters:: Name's Eli
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she takes his hand; mutters:: Didn't think I'd ever be back here. Its a sudden visit which is why we aren't exactly dressed for the visit.
YarnKittymon: : ::the man nods, holding out his hand to Eli:: Sudden visit, eh? What happened?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she shrugs:: Nothing. Just decided to drop in on a whim I guess. ::she shivers, starting to feel the cold even more now::
YarnKittymon: RY: ::nods, frowning:: I haven't seen her. I don't suppose Erin came with you? ::smiles::
Maeve Owens: MV: No, sorry. I haven't seen Erin since.... well, its been a while. Anyway, it was nice seeing you again... but I think we'd better be moving on. ::she glances down at Eli::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::doesn't take Raymond's hand though he stands up when Maeve speaks::
YarnKittymon: RY: I have a couple spare coats, if you want them.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::smiles weakly:: Thanks for the offer but we'll pick up something later. ::she looks down at Eli again:: You ready? ::she starts to walk off, making sure Eli is going to follow her::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::glances at Raymond and then follows Maeve::
YarnKittymon: RY: ::watches them go, and then snaps his fingers, running after Maeve; he leans close to her and whispers:: I don't mind hiding you.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she swallows hard:: I hope to not be here long enough to need hiding... ::she looks around her again; then mutters:: Although if you know of a place it might help... since I didn't think to bring extra money with me this
Maeve Owens: morning.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::frowns up at them when Raymond talks about hiding Maeve::
YarnKittymon: RY: ::instantly reaches into his pocket, handing a full handful of change to Maeve:: Times are tough here; I don't have much to spare. But you're welcome to this.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she shakes her head:: I cant take that, especially if you dont have much to spare. Thanks though. I'll figure something out if it comes to that. ::she sighs::
YarnKittymon: RY: ::shakes his head:: This is at least enough to get you a little ways. I was just going to buy hot dogs with it anyway. Go ahead. ::smiles::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::reluctantly she takes the money:: Um, thanks. You know I probably wont be able to pay you back?
YarnKittymon: RY: ::smirks:: You can send a check, can't you?
Maeve Owens: MV: That would require an address wouldn't it?
YarnKittymon: RY: ::sounding hurt, though there's a smile in his eyes:: You were how close to my arcade for most the season, and you don't remember?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::gives a faint laugh:: Oh yeah, thats right. Sorry. I'll um, send something once I get home. ::she starts to back away again:: Thank you for the help.
YarnKittymon: RY: Are you sure you don't want the coats? Well, they're just jackets, really, but I don't want a kid catching cold on my watch.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she cringes:: That would be something else I'd have to bill you for... ::she looks down at Eli:: What do you think? We really shouldn't spend anymore time here than we have to...
Quantum Catz: EK: I don't need a jacket
YarnKittymon: RY: ::shrugs:: Well, all right. ::shakes his head:: Be careful, you two.
Maeve Owens: MV: :::nods:: Yeah... thanks. ::as they walk away she whispers to Eli:: And whatever you do, avoid using your powers if you can. Drawing attention to us right now wouldn't be a good thing.
Quantum Catz: EK: Why? ::frowns:: What are you on the run from?
Maeve Owens: MV: :::she bites her lip, trying to decide if she should tell him or not; quietly:: Don't freak out or anything but... ::she glances around her just to make sure no one is listening::
YarnKittymon: : ::there's a couple of people walking on the opposite side of the street--one a man with tattoos all over his face--but no one else is around::
Maeve Owens: MV: I'm kind of wanted for murder. It wasn't murder of course but try telling that to a bunch of trigger happy guards who dont like variants. And for that reason we are taking the quickest route out of here.
Quantum Catz: EK: Does Isaac know that? ::looks rather incredulous::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she nods:: And if anything should happen you should probably take off real quick like. Think if I gave you directions to Raymond's arcade you could find it? He's the only person I know in this town and he's not *that* bad I guess...
Quantum Catz: EK: ::mutters:: Yeah, right ::softly, as it's probably the first time he's really admitted it:: If i can fight a basilisk...there's nothing out here could stop me...
Maeve Owens: MV: ::sternly:: Yeah there is, *guns*. And believe me, you don't want to find out what its like to be shot.
Quantum Catz: EK: You don't- ::stops and doesn't say anything else, though he doesn't much look like he plans on running anywhere::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she shakes her head:: Anyways, if we happen to get split up between now and the subway, it would be a good idea to make the arcade a meeting place. ::she gives him the directions, regardless if he wants them or not::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::mutters:: I could track you if i needed to
Maeve Owens: MV: ::quietly:: I'm just not sure thats a good idea. I don't want you getting hurt because of this. ::she shivers again:: Maybe we should have taken those coats. Isaac's gonna kill me if you catch pneumonia.
Quantum Catz: EK: I don't need looked after, i'm fine
Maeve Owens: MV: ::smirks:: We both may agree that you're old enough but that doesn't mean Isaac will be any less mad.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs, not saying anything::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::quickly:: Of course this all happened years ago so there's probably nothing to worry about. ::she nods:: Yeah, nothing to worry about. ::smiles weakly as she turns them down another street::
Quantum Catz: EK: Where are we going anyway? Wouldn't we be better staying near where we started?
YarnKittymon: : ::the subway station is in sight, now; not too many trains run to and from Coney Island in the off-season, so it's a Saturday so at least a few do::
Maeve Owens: MV: We're going to New Jersey. And It would be if it was safe for me to stay here. As it is, we're safer getting as far away from New York City as possible. ::mumbles:: Didn't think I'd have to be making this
Maeve Owens: gettaway twice in my lifetime.
Quantum Catz: EK: What's in New Jersey?
Maeve Owens: MV: Nothing other than the fact that its not New York. ::she frowns:: We might want to head for Kitar... cause who knows what really happened to us and if its going to undo itself.
Quantum Catz: EK: 'S weird it was only the two of us ended up here
Maeve Owens: MV: ::weakly:: Yeah, and why *here* of *all* places? ::mutters:: If Libby is on a tropical Island somewhere I'm gonna wring her neck. ::rubs her arms for warmth::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::smirks:: Was nice getting to see snow though
Maeve Owens: MV: If its snowing in New Jersey we'll build a snowman.
Quantum Catz: EK: Unless we get whisked off somewhere else
Maeve Owens: MV: ::smirks:: I hope that we do. ::she leads them down into the subway, still watching her surroundings::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::is a bit on edge in these new surroundings, and would probably feel happier as an animal with stronger senses, though he doesn't think that would go down well with Maeve::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she uses a good amount of the money Raymond gave them to purchase two tickets for NYC and as soon as their sitting on the subway she relaxes some. She turns to smile at Eli; joking:: So, what do you think of the city?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs:: It seems kinda deserted here
Maeve Owens: MV: Yeah, its the time of year... people tend to go away when it snows.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs:: Doesn't seem that bad to me
YarnKittymon: : ::the subway car is pretty deserted, too, and it jolts forward, giving a ride much faster, and much smoother, than any cart could do--they can look out at the ocean and the deserted Coney Island; in rather short order, they're miles away, at Grand Central Station in New York City; it's a vast, grand underground space, nearly as busy as Coney was deserted::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::is rather wary of all the people, half looking like he wants to snarl at them sometimes::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she becomes nervous again once they step off the subway, and resurface to the crowded streets above. Already knowing where the train station is, she immediately heads in that direction; softly.:: You okay there Eli?
YarnKittymon: : ::there's thousands of cars driving down the road--generally slowly, as the streets are clogged with traffic--and even the shortest building is bigger and taller than anything Eli's seen. There's little greenery; almost every square foot of the ground is covered in concrete or asphalt or buildings::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::softly:: Not much like home is it? ::flexes his hands::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::smirks:: More like the complete opposite.
YarnKittymon: : ::as they cross the street, a traffic cop stares at Maeve, so much that it distracts him from the road::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she ignores him the best she can and continues to act like theres nothing wrong::
YarnKittymon: : ::the cop suddenly walks into the crosswalk with Maeve and Eli:: Would you mind if I asked you a couple questions?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she pales, but takes a calming breath before she turns to face the guard. She smiles first, buying her time till she can think of something, and when she does finally speak, she has her old Irish accent back:: Why certainly.
Maeve Owens: What can I do for you officer?
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer walks to the side of the road, smiling charmingly as he leans down next to Maeve:: You're Maeve Owens, correct?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::looks at the officer for a moment and then, in a whiny teenager kind of voice to Maeve:: Dolly, we're going to be late for Isaac *again* at this rate
Maeve Owens: MV: ::her smile faulters a bit but she doesn't miss a beat:: Yes, unfortunately he's right. I'm sorry we couldn't help you find your lass. Goodday to you sir. ::she lays a gentle hand on Eli's shoulder as she attempts to walk away::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer walks alongside them, still smiling:: Really, you bear a startling resemblance to her. I just have a couple questions; it won't take any time at all.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::smiles a little more to cover her nervousness; still in the accent:: Well, you must be mistaken. I know of no one by that name.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::mutters:: What sort of name's Maeve anyway?
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer nods:: Pretty stupid one, I guess. Where are you headed?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::if the comments bother her she masks it well; she smiles:: We're headed home of course.
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer smiles:: Mind if I come along?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she frowns; looking weary of him now:: Yes I do infact. You're total stranger.
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer nods:: Very well. Good day, ma'am. ::tips his hat to her::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she nods politely then quickly moves away, keeping her hand on Eli to move him along with her.::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::moves with her::
OnlineHost: YarnKittymon rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 4
YarnKittymon: : ::at least one of them notices the officer's tagging along in the crowd::
OnlineHost: YarnKittymon rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 4
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she looks back every so often and when she spots the officer out of the corner of her eye she pales even more; whispers:: Great. He's following us.
Quantum Catz: EK: Shame you don't have a power that's good at making you *not* stand out - i can change and cause a distraction long enough for you to run away
Maeve Owens: MV: ::sharply:: *No*. That might put you in danger. Just act like nothings wrong. Theres no reason to panic... yet.
Quantum Catz: EK: Why? I'd just fly away
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer doesn't come any closer, nor does he retreat, keeping at a distance of about twenty feet away::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::quietly:: Its not that simple here Eli. I don't know if seeing you with me is going to make you a target or not. But guns are easier to fire than crossbows.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::softly, not looking at her:: You think a gun could hurt more than having my chest ripped out by a basilisk? Or being stuck in some half-human shape? Cos i'm betting it won't
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she winces, squeezing his shoulder:: Hurt more? No... Toby healing you hurts worse than getting shot. But just so you know how dangerous guns are... one bullet, *one shot*, is enough to kill you instantly. Got it?
Quantum Catz: EK: If you're human, maybe
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer keeps up behind them, no matter how quickly Maeve and Eli walk::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she sighs; then quietly:: They hunt deer with shotguns. Human, bird... heck you're probably at more of a risk as a bird. I'm just saying Eli, that if it comes down to it... I don't want you causing a distraction. Just promise
Maeve Owens: me you wont do anything that will get yourself hurt? Okay?
Quantum Catz: EK: I know better animals than deer - besides, it's not the same being a human in an animal's body - i can react faster than normal animals cos i know what's going on ::shakes his head:: It would be nice for people to have a bit of
Quantum Catz: faith occasionally
Maeve Owens: MV: ::sadly:: Oh I have faith in you Eli. After all, you took out a Basilisk right? ::she sighs:: I'm just worried thats all. And I still don't think you quite understand what we're up against.
Maeve Owens: :she chances another glance over her shoulder::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer is still there, pretending not to see Maeve; he's come about five feet closer, and the crowd generally makes way for him, so if he wanted to he could probably catch up to them in about five seconds::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she chews on the inside of her lip as she thinks about her options::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::looking at Maeve, questioningly:: Well what then? You gonna burn something down?
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer suddenly walks forward, taking aside the person behind Eli and Maeve::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she groans, looking over her shoulder to see if he heard that and when he moves forward she pales even more. She looks around for a distraction and catches sight of a man who looks similar to a famous actor, she points with
Maeve Owens: her free hand as she pulls Eli closer to the street; shouting:: Look! Its Spencer Tracy! ::whether or not people believe her and fill in the gap between them is another thing. She doesn't wait to see if it works, she just runs, pul
Maeve Owens: ling Eli along with her::
YarnKittymon: : ::while New Yorkers are generally a sophisticated bunch, a few of them still fall for it, mobbing the stranger; this slows the officer's progress somewhat, but not enough to keep him from running after Maeve and Eli::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::lets Maeve pull him along, looking back as he runs::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer runs faster, unbuttoning his trenchcoat to reveal a pistol in a holster under his coat::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she does her best at pulling every trick she knows, trying to lose him in the crowd:: Okay Eli, I think this would be a good time for you to *disappear*. Not distract. But *disappear*.
Quantum Catz: EK: What are you going to do?
Maeve Owens: MV: Keep running... I can lose him better by myself. I'll meet you at the trainstation.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::mutters:: Fine ::changes his form into something so small that anyone not really watching might well think he'd disappeared, though Maeve hears a buzzing in her ears as he passes::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer stops briefly, stunned, but then hurries on after Maeve:: Stop, Miss Owens! You're under arrest!
Maeve Owens: MV: ::mutters:: Not if I can help it. ::softly:: Please be safe Eli. ::picking up her pace, she checks the street before she quite suddenly darts across it::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer doesn't draw his gun in the crowd, but runs after--all the cars brake for Maeve, so he doesn't worry about being hit, just chasing after:: Stop or I'll shoot!
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she keeps going, making sure she's at least in a crowd so he wont try it::
YarnKittymon: : ::most of the people on the sidewalk stand aside to give the officer a clear path, and so he gains on Maeve::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::starting to panic, she looks around for any means of escape::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::the officer notices a bug buzzing around in front of his face::
YarnKittymon: : ::there's a dark alley to the right and ahead of Maeve, and an office building farther ahead on the sidewalk, but no other buildings she could even enter::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer swats at the bug, annoyed::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::the bug just flies back in front of his face::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::since theres no one in the alleys, she heads for the office building::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer tries to ignore Eli, running after Maeve::
YarnKittymon: : ::the building has an easily-opened front door, and there's a receptionist waiting in the lobby before the elevator; she politely says:: May I help you?
Maeve Owens: MV: I've got it thanks ::she runs to the elevator and presses a button, nervously watching the door::
YarnKittymon: : ::the receptionist comes out from behind her desk, and then is almost run down by the officer::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::changes into a larger bird and tries to distract the officer more::
Maeve Owens: MV: Eli dont! ::frantically hits the button::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer pushes the receptionist aside:: Pardon me, miss. ::pulls out his gun, and he and the receptionist are both shocked at the bird that as much as appears out of nowhere:: What?
YarnKittymon: : ::the elevator doesn't come yet::
YarnKittymon: : ::the receptionist steps back, running to her desk::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she looks behind her, then back to Eli, waiting to see if she's going to have to give up in order to rescue him::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::flies towards the gun, aiming to grab it in his talons and pull it away from the officer::
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Maeve Owens: MV: ::she comes forward, scared to death he's gonna be hit:: No!! Just don't shoot him!
YarnKittymon: : ::Eli scratches the officer's hand, and the officer accidentally fires, an almost deafening sound in the marble hallway--the officer gets control of himself and tries to grab Eli's legs to restrain him::
YarnKittymon: : ::the bullet sinks into the wall, and there's no screams afterwards, so hopefully no one was hurt::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she comes all the way forward then, trying to pull the officer away from Eli::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::changes into a large dog in mid-air, aiming for his falling weight to knock the officer down::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer falls, struggling against the dog, but his arm is pinned so all he can do is try to kick and knee at Eli::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::turns and snaps at Maeve, growling under his breath, trying to make her get the hint that she's meant to be running away::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::sharply:: A dog is just as vulnerable to bulletts as a human and you're not getting killed over me so you can just *stop* it!
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer tries to kick Eli again; yelling:: Miss Owens, call him off!
Quantum Catz: EK: ::looks at Maeve for a moment and then steps back from the man, looking at Maeve as if to say 'fine, deal with it yourself then'::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::angrily:: What do you think I'm doing? He's a teenager... they never listen!
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer gets up, raising his gun at Maeve:: Are you going to surrender now?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she looks rather uneasy, taking a small step back:: I guess you wouldn't consider letting me go?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::makes a snuffling noise, looking like he's laughing at her, as much as a dog can::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer shakes his head:: Multiple murders, Miss Owens. It ends here, one way or the other.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::smiles weakly:: Whatever happened to innocent till proven guilty. ::she glares at Eli:: Aren't you suppose to be on your way home?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::just tilts his head at her::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer glares at Maeve:: You're a magician or *something.* I should kill you now, but I'll at least give you a chance to a trial. What do you say?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::mumbles:: You might as well do it now. Once inside prison they'll do away with me anyway...*before* the trial. You'll just be saving them the trouble.
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer shakes his head:: I hate to kill a woman. ::he uses his free hand to take the handcuffs off his belt, walking closer to Maeve::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::snarls under his breath; a part of him knows he should help, if not for maeve then for isaac, but if maeve isn't going to ask him, why should he?::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::softly:: And I'd really hate to go back to solitary confinement to die. ::once he's close enough she aims punch to his jaw, hoping to hit him hard enough to knock him out::
OnlineHost: YarnKittymon rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 1
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer falls like a ton of bricks::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::changes back to his human form:: That was a lucky punch
Maeve Owens: MV: ::looking pretty proud of herself, she smirks at Eli:: Luck had nothing to do with it. Now come on, its back to running. ::takes his arm and leads him out:: See? Told you I could handle it myself.
YarnKittymon: : ::as they get out into the street, they can already hear sirens::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she groans, looking to the sky:: This would be a *really* good time for us to be sent back to where we're suppose to be.
Quantum Catz: EK: Yeah, and if you'd just left when i had him pinned - you'd be out of sight right now and i'd be in the air
Maeve Owens: MV: Or he'd have shot you. ::still holding onto him, she takes off running again, ducking down an alley that the cops cars hopefully cant fit down::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::snarls:: I had his arm pinned
YarnKittymon: : ::the sirens stop in front of the office building, blocking the road in front::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she shrugs:: I was scared he was going to hurt you okay?
Quantum Catz: EK: Well you shouldn't've bothered
Maeve Owens: MV: And neither should you. I would have lost him in the building. I'm an old pro at losing people. *Trust* me.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she stops to think about what she just said and winces::
YarnKittymon: : ::they hear shouts outside the building, and Eli can hear the officers coming towards the alley::
Quantum Catz: EK: They're coming this way
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she groans again:: Okay, seriously, this time get *far* away? Or at least to the sky and *stay* there. Dont come down for anything? Even if they arrest me I might have time... until we get sent back or Becky comes for us. ::sh
Maeve Owens: e winces again at that last thought::
Quantum Catz: EK: Don't worry - i don't plan to ::changes to a bird and flies up into the air::
YarnKittymon: : ::two officers stand in the alley, spying Maeve; each has a gun drawn:: Freeze!
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she quickly glances their way, her eyes widening in surprise, momentarily frozen. A second later she turns and runs::
YarnKittymon: : ::one of the officers hesitates, but the other shoots::
YarnKittymon: ((Moving target; 1-2 = hit))
OnlineHost: YarnKittymon rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 3
YarnKittymon: : ::the bullet misses Maeve::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she keeps running, only looking back to throw a fireball in the empty space between her and the officers, hoping that something is on the ground to where it'll light::
OnlineHost: YarnKittymon rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 2
YarnKittymon: : ::nothing catches, and when the officers see the fire, they both shoot, though they can't see so well through the flames::
YarnKittymon: ((Two rolls; a 1 will hit))
OnlineHost: YarnKittymon rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 2
OnlineHost: YarnKittymon rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 3
OnlineHost: YarnKittymon rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 3
Maeve Owens: MV: ::the bullet hits her leg, tripping her up and she lands on the hard concrete with soft cry. She looks down at her bleeding leg and attempts to get up, but the pains too much and she stays still::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::the guards probably notice a shadow above them, as Eli flies down as a dragon::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officers scream, and neither knows how to react::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::lands in front of Maeve::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she looks startled, but tries to roll over onto her side so she can at least use her good leg to get up on. She cries out in pain, then bites down on her tongue to keep the noise down as she struggles to stand.:: Nice...
YarnKittymon: : ::one of the officers raises his gun and fires::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer hits the dragon's horn; it drives itself in but Eli doesn't feel it at all, any more than he'd feel if someone trimmed his fingernail::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::roars at the officers and then reaches out to help Maeve climb onto him::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officers suddenly fear their weapons won't do any good at all; one of them looks back and sees an astonished crowd behind them, and the officers suddenly run back, under the pretense of crowd control
YarnKittymon: ::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she grabs a hold of him and attempts to climb on, crying out when she jars her leg; mutters:: I hate guns... I hate guns... mainland is evil....
Quantum Catz: EK: ::as soon is maeve is on, he flies up into the air again::
YarnKittymon: : ::thousands of people down in the streets of New York see the dragon taking to the air, and if either of them look to either side, Maeve and Eli can see just as many astonished faces pressed to the glass of the skyscraper windows::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::flies as high as some of the clouds, to provide some cover, and then heads out of the city, away from the ocean::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::shouts:: Go west.... find the countryside or a forest... anywhere out of the city thats a safe place to land... ::she closes her eyes against the pain, and the dizzy feeling::
YarnKittymon: : ::the air is bitingly cold up in the air::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::does as she says. He'd be happier as a horse than a dragon but he doesn't want to change with Maeve on him; heads for a forest when he sees one::
YarnKittymon: : ::it's not that far at all from the city when Eli finds wild lands to land in::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::tries to land as slowly as possibly, so as not to jar Maeve's leg::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she feels like she's half frozen, and she makes a small noise when he lands. She attempts to climb off on her own, ending up landing in a crumpled ball of pain::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::quickly changes back to his human form and goes to help Maeve; mutters:: Where's isaac when you need him?
YarnKittymon: : ::the bullet falls out from in front of Eli's head as he changes::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::mumbles:: Safely back on Kitar? ::she slowly pushes herself into a sitting position then reaches for the hem of her skirt and begins to tear it off for bandages::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::kneels down next to Maeve:: Shouldn't we...try to get the bullet out or something?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she stops to look at him like he's crazy; she winces:: With what?
Quantum Catz: EK: I don't know - do i? It's just...Isaac'd have to do that before he could heal you anyway...i could maybe make my hand into something...but maybe i should just try to get you back to Kitar...
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she takes a deep breath in a vain attempt to control the pain, then nods at Eli:: Back to Kitar sounds like a good plan.... but I at least need to stop the bleeding... :::she goes back to trying to tear off a long piece of her skirt::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::grumbles:: It's your own fault anyway - you were just being stupid, yet again
Maeve Owens: MV: ::mumbles:: I know it's my fault! But better me than you. ::she glances at him quickly but looks away again. She manages to tear off a long piece but she hesitates to lift her skirt up to reveal the wound with Eli sitting right there. She smirks, looking rather uneasy:: Um, would mind... turning a around?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::glares at her and then turns around:: In case you hadn't noticed, i did get shot - and i'm not the one on the ground bleeding
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she lifts her skirt up enough to get the makeshift bandage around her upper leg, also revealing a long, jagged, scar while she's at it. She quickly ties it around her throbbing leg, moaning when the painful throbbing turns to stabbing pains. She yanks her skirt back into place then lays down on the grass, fighting to control her breathing while keeping the tears at bay; weakly:: Well, I'm glad you're not hurt... ::she lifts her head up:: it didn't hurt did it?
Quantum Catz: EK: It was a horn, what do you think? You know what you're problem is? You like to act like your all strong and you can do anything you want but you never can. All you ever do is get yourself in worse trouble - i don't know what Isaac sees in you - you probably cause more trouble than me, Dolly and Josh put together
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she winces, then lays back down, closing her eyes. She at least agrees with him about Isaac; sharply:: I wouldn't say *never*. And you've only known me for about year.
Quantum Catz: EK: Doesn't look like you were any different from before what with the police chasing you and all ::turns around, folding his arms::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::smirks:: Well at least I didn't start the trouble that led to that. :::she takes another deep breath and this time a tear does fall; quietly:: Are we going to spend the rest of the time arguing about my past or are we going to go home?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::either doesn't notice the tear or just doesn't say anything about it:: We're going - i'll change into a horse to make it easier for you to ride
Maeve Owens: MV: ::mumbles:: okay. ::she grimaces again, biting down on her tongue::
Quantum Catz: EK: Can you do it? It's not like it'd be any better for me to go get help really - it'd still take just as long
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she takes another deep breath before she looks up at him, the pain in her eyes revealing just how bad it really hurts. She struggles to get to her feet, breathing heavily and crying out in pain a she does.::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs:: You're just being stubborn again - maybe you should wait here and i'll get Becky to bring Isaac or something
Maeve Owens: MV: ::pale, and shaking, she reaches out for a nearby tree, using it to support her. She ducks her head; quietly:: I don't think I'll be able to ride... at least not the normal way... ::she slowly shakes her head::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs:: I take it you could fireball any animals that might come after you out here, right?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::weakly, she nods. She feels her way back to the ground where she curls up on her good side, no longer bothering with holding back the pain::
Quantum Catz: EK: It might take me a few days to get there - even if i was a dragon all the way - you sure you're going to be okay?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she frowns, taking a while to process what he's saying to her, then she finally shakes her head:: bleed to death...before then...
Quantum Catz: EK: Well what else are we meant to do? There aren't any animals that can teleport and nothing i can think of'll get me there in less than a couple of days
Maeve Owens: MV: ::murmurs:: guess you'll have to the chance...
Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs:: I could just take you to a doctor or something on the mainland...in another state or something so we won't get chased...it's better than you bleeding out hre
Maeve Owens: MV: ::looking like she's in a great deal of pain, she coughs, shaking her head:: they'd ask what happened...
Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs:: But at least you wouldn't bleed to death
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she's in too much pain to argue at the moment so she doesn't answer him::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::moves over to her:: Could you ride me if i change, just for a while, till we get to somewhere? You can just pretend to be out of it if they ask questions or something
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she shakes her head:: no hospital
Quantum Catz: EK: ::grits his teeth:: You just said yourself that you might bleed to death here
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she groans, not able to really think clearly::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::refrains from getting annoyed at her and instead changes back into his dragon form, reaching out to pick her up in his paw, to help her on to him::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she presses her hand to her mouth to suppress the scream that tears from her throat. She weakly grabs on to him, her grip not very strong::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::once he's sure that Maeve's as safe as she can be, he flies up into the air and heads off. He's not sure how he's going to know what state he's in from high in the air but he figures the best thing to do is just fly a while and then look for a place with a hospital::
YarnKittymon: : ::Eli passes over several highways before he sees a rather small-ish town, for America; it's not all that much bigger than Gate Town, but appears to have a big white hospital on its north side::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::notices the hospital and circles down to land far enough outside the town not to be noticed. He starts to try and help Maeve get down, since it's not like he can stroll into a town as a dragon::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::to weak to resist, she lets him help her down, but she can barely manage to stand on her own::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs:: Your friends are right - you should be locked up in your house - wait here, i'll go get someone to come out for you - it's easier than me trying on my own ::changes into a dog and races away towards the hospital::
YarnKittymon: : ::there's a paramedic just coming out of the front of the hospital; he sits down on a bench and pulls out a cigarette, looking at it for a few moments before reaching for his lighter::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::decides that just playing a dog would be easier than trying to explain what happened and hopes that Maeve doesn't deliriously start talking about things when they find her; barks at the paramedic, standing back from him and trying to indicate with his head that he's looking back at something::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man frowns, standing up; he edges away:: Good doggie...I don't mean any trouble...
Quantum Catz: EK: ::doesn't bark again, just looks back the way he came, rather desperately::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man stops his retreat, frowning:: Just go away; it's all right. I'm not here to hurt you.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::is tempted to growl at the man, since he's still frustrated with Maeve, but instead he tries to look his friendliest and move towards the man::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man shakes his head and desperately pulls out his pack of cigarettes, tossing it past Eli:: Go fetch, boy!
YarnKittymon: : ::a child comes out of the front door of the hospital, laughing to see the dog; she runs up towards it, wanting to pet it::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::lets the child pet him for a moment and then moves behind her and uses his head to try and push her towards Maeve, hoping the paramedic might get the hint::
YarnKittymon: : ::the paramedic finally walks closer:: You leave that poor kid alone!
YarnKittymon: : ::the child looks back at the paramedic, shaking her head:: You're scarying him, Mister. The doggy's scared.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::makes a whiny noise and puts his ears back, detesting every moment of it and rather regretting this decision; he backs away from the child and goes back to trying to signal towards Maeve with his head::
YarnKittymon: : ::the girl instantly follows, looking back at the paramedic:: Come on!
YarnKittymon: : ::the paramedic follows, crouching to pick up his cigarettes as he does so...after a moment he lights one and starts smoking after all, to calm his nerves::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::trots quickly towards Maeve, not wanting to go so fast as to stop them from keeping up::
YarnKittymon: : ::the girl's attention is just on the dog, but the paramedic gasps when he sees Maeve lying on the ground; he looks back at the little girl, suddenly not worried about the dog:: Sweetie, run back just as quick as you can and go in front. Tell them to have Ed come; a girl's bleeding, probably out hunting. It's very important, OK?
YarnKittymon: : ::the girl nods solemnly and races back towards the hospital::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::goes to stand next to Maeve, watching her worriedly::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::her face is contorted in pain and she doesn't seem to notice the people the approaching::
YarnKittymon: : ::the paramedic waits, taking Maeve's hand and yelling down at her:: Hello! Young lady! We're going to get you help real soon, all right?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she cringes, shying away from the loud voice but only manages to aggrivate her leg. She ends up squeezing the life out of the hand thats holding hers.::
YarnKittymon: : ::the paramedic cringes, though he's helped to deliver several babies so he knows the vice-grip feeling quite well:: Just hold tight, there. Can you tell me your name?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she almost responds but at the last second she thinks better of it and only frowns at the man before her. When she finally realizes she's holding his hand she tries to pull back::
YarnKittymon: : ::softly, still lightly holding Maeve's hand:: It's okay, sweetie. Hang in there.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::lies down next to Maeve, planning to wait till Maeve's taken in before sneaking off to get home to Isaac::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she groans, trying to pull away again.::
YarnKittymon: : ::a couple nurses, one male, come running out towards Maeve, carrying a stretcher between the two of them; one asks:: Do you think she has a few minutes left in her?
YarnKittymon: : ::the paramedic replies:: She should.
YarnKittymon: : Then we'll take her in and get her somewhere clean. ::the three of them grab Maeve as carefully as they can to haul her onto the stretcher::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she's in too much pain to fight them, and she whimpers a bit at the jostling::
YarnKittymon: : ::they grab the stretcher and hurry back to the hospital, probably jostling poor Maeve a bit more before she's inside::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::sneaks off into the woods while they're not watching and changes into a bird, flying up to watch them take her into the hospital::
YarnKittymon: : ::they take Maeve inside and quickly get her to the operating theater, so a surgeon can take the bullet out::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::murmurs:: Isaac? ::her hands search for something to grasp, and she becomes a little upset at being somewhere strange all alone::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::once she's in, he rises into the air and changes into a dragon, heading west towards the island::
YarnKittymon: : ::they finally inject Maeve with something that eases Maeve's pain and likely puts her out::

YarnKittymon: ~still Saturday, March 11, 1933~
Quantum Catz: JK: ::has gone to Rellins for a couple of days to sort out some details for a shipment heading for the island::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man he's been dealing with quite a bit--a tough-looking, tall man with a jagged scar on his face, dressed in a suit and tie--always meets with Jack in a small office in the third-floor of a non-descript office building, to hammer out the details; this time there's a few men up with him when Jack arrives; the man is sitting at his desk and cracks his knuckles when the door opens:: Jack, come in, have a seat. Good to see you again.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::raises an eyebrow at the extra men and moves to sit down:: Yeah, how's things going?
YarnKittymon: : ::frowns:: Not so good, Jack. Heard a shipment of rum got held up just past Gate Town.
Quantum Catz: ((as in the cart or whatever was stopped by guards?))
YarnKittymon: ((Probably. Whether or not such a thing actually happened under Jack's watch is up to you ;) ))
Quantum Catz: JK: ::is more than a little surprised, thinking that even if it did happen, he would've heard about it first:: I'm sorry, mate - i ain't heard anything about that - i can look into it for you though, find out what's happening
YarnKittymon: : ::the man just smirks:: I don't care about that so much. That rum was worth over $200, and I want the money back. ::glances at his men:: And we'll get it from you, however we have to.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::looks up at the men again, jaw clenching:: Who says you've lost the rum, mate? 'S not like the policing service on the island's up to much
Maeve Owens: ((cut to scene of gate town guards boozing it up on the beach ))
YarnKittymon: ((LOL))
YarnKittymon: : ::the man shakes his head:: I'm sorry, Jack. It's a shame we have to do this. ::stands up, and the men in the office all draw their guns::
Quantum Catz: ((lol))
Quantum Catz: JK: ::stands up:: That ain't exactly playing fair now, is it?
YarnKittymon: : ::the man laughs:: Didn't your wife ever tell you not to get mixed up with gangsters? ::he steps back, and his men all fire at Jack::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::suddenly appears next to Jack just as the guns go off. She doesn't even have time to look around her before she's covering her head in her hands and screaming,::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::grabs for Dolly when she appears, hoping to protect her before the bullets hit; when the bullets strike his shield, they lose all momentum and drop to the ground::
YarnKittymon: : ::the gangsters all stare at Jack in alarm, and then fire again, as though that'll help::
Maeve Owens: DY: :::she opens her eyes, gazing around the theater then down at her transparent body. She sits up, gasping::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::is lying unconscious in the theater, obviously paying no attention to what looks like Dolly's ghost::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::the Dolly next to Jack trembles against him, screaming even louder.::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::ignores the bullets, pulling Dolly towards the door - they just drop down on contact with his shield again::
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she slowly gets to her feet, looking around her nervoulsy, before she approaches Libby's body. She kneels down next to her, shaking her shoulder:: Libby?
YarnKittymon: : ::two of the gangsters are terrified, but the other blocks Jack's way to the door, drawing a knife, and jumping at Jack, trying to slash his arm::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she clings to him, letting him pull her along. She getsa picture of Libby laying on the floor and her eyes immediately fly open to look around her:: Libby?
YarnKittymon: : ::the ghost-Dolly's hands go right through Libby's shoulder--just then the guards come in, looking astonished at the sight in front of them. There's a few kids left behind in the corner, Libby and Dolly's ghost, and no one else left at all::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::the shield holds up agains the knife and Jack aims a punch at the guy's face::
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she frowns when she cant touch Libby, forgetting for a moment that she isn't quite solid. When the guards come in, she quickly stands up, backing away; a little louder:: Libby! ::she doesn't see the kids in the corner::
YarnKittymon: YarnKittymon rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 2
YarnKittymon: : ::the man's nose is bloodied, but he still fights, grabbing Jack and pressing his knife to the man's arm, just holding it there this time instead of stabbing::
YarnKittymon: : ::in the theater, one of the guards tries to wake Libby, frowning; another says:: I'll bet she sent everyone away. That's her talent, you know.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she looks around her in dismay, edging closer to Jack::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::mutters:: Hold onto me, Dolly ::the knife is cutting into his skin since it's past the shield but he aims a kick at the man's kneecap::
YarnKittymon: YarnKittymon rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 4
YarnKittymon: : ::the man falls to the ground, hard, yelling::
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she edges away some more, thinking about running to get Jack. When she does, she gasps, her eyes slipping closed as she sees her other self somewhere with Jack.::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she's grown quite pale, and she jumps when the man yells::
YarnKittymon: : ::the guards look around in the theater; quietly:: The rest are just kids. Witnesses, maybe, but no use otherwise. ::looks at Dolly's ghost:: Did Mrs. Richards do this to you?
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she quickly shakes her head::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::grabs Dolly's arm and pulls her out of the room, just wanting to get out of there now that Dolly's with him::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she doesn't resist, being just as anxious to leave as he is.::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man looks back at his underlings:: After him!
YarnKittymon: : ::the other gangsters just shake their heads in shock::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::just runs away as fast as he can - mostly because he wants an explanation from Dolly about what she's doing there::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she pushes herself as hard as she can to keep up with him but after a while she starts to slow down::
Quantum Catz: JK: Come on, Dolly - this isn't a good place to be - the faster you're out of here the better
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she looks like she might be going into shock, she's trembling hard enough. She only nods, pushing herself to speed up some more:::
YarnKittymon: : ::the guards back in Marquis shake their heads, frowning at each other; one says:: Poor girl's probably lying. Nate, go fetch a stretcher. We don't want to hurt her baby but we need to take Mrs. Richards to jail.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::when they've gotten down the stairs, Jack leads Dolly to a car and opens the door:: In you get, honey - we should be alright now - don't think they wanted to follow me much anyway after those bullets
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she looks around her nervously, then settles her gaze on the guard; quietly:: Shouldn't you take her to Isaac first? She looks like she's hurt.... and if she did send everyone away she didn't mean to...
Maeve Owens: DK: ::numbly, she gets in the car::
YarnKittymon: : ::the guard looks at Dolly, shaking his head:: If she didn't mean to, that's nearly as bad. Maybe worse.
Maeve Owens: DY: But they'll be back in a few minutes probably. She can only send them ahead in time...and what about Isaac? She's *hurt*. ::she frowns at the man::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::gets into the driver's seat and starts the car, not really thinking about where he's going yet; hesitates and then asks:: You called Libby's name back there - were you with her before you...appeared here?
YarnKittymon: : ::the guard shakes his head as Nate comes back with a stretcher:: We'll deal with that once we have her safely isolated. Don't worry; you'll have your body back soon, I'm sure. ::they haul Libby up onto the stretcher::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she finally realizes she's in a car and she turns to look around her, even startling a little when it he starts the car.:: Not really... I didn't know she was at the movie until... ::she frowns, getting a glimpse of them hauling Libby out::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::notices Dolly's frown:: Until what?
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she looks down:: It isn't her fault I lost it. ::before they can reply she starts to head out of the room, intending to get Isaac on her own.::
YarnKittymon: : ::the guards let Dolly's ghost go, hauling Libby off towards the jail::
Maeve Owens: DK: :::she looks up at him worriedly:: I keep seeing the theater... ::she hesitates to go on, biting her lip::
Quantum Catz: JK: The theater? Is that where you were? Did Libby disappear somewhere too?
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she watches the guards taking Libby off before she runs home::
Maeve Owens: DK: Yes and no... she's still there but she isn't awake. ::her eyes squeeze shut again and she shakes her head:: And now they're taking her to jail. ::she glances down like its her fault its happening::
Quantum Catz: JK: Jail...? ::almost forgets to watch the road for a minute, turning to look at Dolly and then quickly back:: What the hell for?
Maeve Owens: DK: I don't know... I guess because we were watching an illegal film but they didn't make the kids go... ::her head remains bent::
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she passes through the walls of her home, shouting Isaac's name::
Quantum Catz: JK: What kids? And what the hell are they doing taking her anywhere but to your brother if she isn't awake?
Maeve Owens: DK: ::quietly:: I don't know... I'm sorry....
Quantum Catz: IS: ::doesn't have any patients at the moment, so he's just sitting in the living room reading a book; stands up when he hears Dolly:: Dolly?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::tightens his grip on the steering wheel:: Right - well i need to talk to someone first and then we're going straight back to Marquis. It's a shame Becky isn't psychic - i could do with her right about now
Maeve Owens: DY: ::still very transparent and looking panicked, she doesn't even stop for a breath before she quickly shouts:: They've taken Libby to the jail and she's unconscious.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she sinks a bit lower in the seat, wishing her first car ride was under better circumstances::
Quantum Catz: IS: Jail? What for? ::but he's already heading for the door to go check on her::
Maeve Owens: DY: Because she made everyone disappear out of the movie theater I guess... or because we were watching an illegal film... ::she follows right behind him::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::makes a quick stop to talk to a friend about what happened at the meeting and warn him to steer clear of trouble with that lot. The car's his friends so they leave it there and head off to get the boat back, Jack striding ahead of Dolly, looking quite stressed out and annoyed::
Quantum Catz: IS: What d'you mean they disappeared? ::is heading for the jail::
Maeve Owens: DY: ::quietly:: Everyone just disappeared. The guards said Libby did it.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::is already in a jail cell, laying on the hard bed there, though the warden's put a blanket on her at least; he looks worried, and smiles slightly when Isaac comes in:: Can you try to help her?
Quantum Catz: IS: ::Smiles weakly:: 'S what i'm here for - though it should've one of you lot fetching me - not my sister
YarnKittymon: : ::the warden unlocks the jail cell; quietly:: They don't want her awake, Isaac.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she hurries to keep up with Jack, still looking worried, and she pauses when another vision hits her, gasping quietly::
Quantum Catz: IS: Why not? Do they even know for sure it was her?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::turns to look back at Dolly:: What is it?
Maeve Owens: DY: ::stands next to her brother, looking rather anxious since she has no idea where her other half is::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she looks up at him worriedly and she shakes her head, afraid to tell him::
YarnKittymon: : ::the warden shakes his head; quietly:: It's probable, though, ain't it?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::softly:: I can't help if i don't know what's going on, Dolly
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she looks down:: I'm only seeing pieces and the pieces I see aren't going to help you... only make it worse...
Quantum Catz: IS: ::looks down at Libby, reaching out to touch her forehead:: People always come back when she does it though ::uses his powers to try and make sure everything's okay, without willing her awake - even if he doesn't like the idea of keeping her unconscious - he doesn't want her to get too stressed out, especially with the baby::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::mutters:: I'm sure i can imagine worse'n you'll ever see ::turns away:: Come one - we need to get goin'
YarnKittymon: LB: ::stirs slightly, but doesn't wake; her hand moves and rests on her stomach::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she grimaces, then follows after him::
Maeve Owens: DY: ::softly:: Does that mean she's okay?
YarnKittymon: : ::the warden steps back, frowning deeply:: Out of the cell, you two.
Maeve Owens: DY: Thats cruel to leave her like that when you have no proof! ::once she realizes she's spoken out, she ducks behind Isaac, and then freaks out when she practically falls through him::
YarnKittymon: : ::the warden shakes his head; quietly:: I'm sure they'll wake her when they're ready...give her a choice.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::looks back at Dolly and then frowns at the warden:: What d'you mean a choice?
YarnKittymon: : ::the warden shakes his head; softly:: If her power's this dangerous, they may ask her to let that little girl take it from her, or banish her from the island.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::can't believe what the man's saying:: You don't even know for sure it was her - she's never made this many people disappear before
YarnKittymon: : ::the warden shrugs:: It's not up to me; it's up to the council, and maybe the mayor.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: Well she seems okay - let me know if anything changes, whatever happens, i don't want her being left if she needs treatment
YarnKittymon: : ::the warden nods:: I will. ::frowns, glancing at Libby with a look of concern, though it might just be worry for his own safety::
YarnKittymon: : ::outside the jail, there's already dozens of upset people around, clamoring around the mayor for answers as to what happened to their loved ones and what he's going to do about it; the mayor has his secretary take down a list of the missing::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::notices that there's a couple waiting outside of his house, probably needing healed; he doesn't want to just leave them so he says to Dolly:: Can you go find Becky? She might not know about this yet...she can look for Eli and Maeve and then we might at least know where they've gone
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she frowns, but after a moment nods her head anyway:: Okay... ::she starts to head towards Becky's house::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::is just walking out to see what's happening when he sees Dolly's ghost; stares:: Hey, kid, you all right?
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she frowns, then just shrugs since she really doens't know the answer to that:: They think Libby made everyone in the theater disappear. Me and Isaac were wondering if Becky could go find Eli. Oh, and Maeve.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::cringes, running a hand over his hair:: That's not good. When she makes people disappear, they go forward in time...although I guess that wouldn't stop Becky from meeting up with them, wherever they landed. ::turns to go back inside, heading back to wherever Becky is::
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she stays where she is, trying to decide if she should follow or not::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::is in the living room with Daniel::
YarnKittymon: DN: ::is talking without reserve about his day at school when Toby comes in::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::clears his throat lightly, frowning:: Becky, there's a problem...
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she finally rushes off to find Isaac::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks up at Toby:: What is it?
YarnKittymon: TY: ::quietly:: I guess everyone in the theater Libby was in disappeared. I forgot to ask if Libby was gone, too.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::is back helping the couple who were waiting for him before::
Maeve Owens: DY: ::passes through a wall at the back of the house, staying put in one of the unused room until the couple goes away::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::stands up quickly:: Disappeared? Like Libby made them disappear?
YarnKittymon: TY: ::shrugs:: That's what they think.
YarnKittymon: DN: ::mrrs:: She must be tired then.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::frowns:: Maeve was with Libby, wasn't she? ::teleports to try and find Maeve::
YarnKittymon: : ::Becky finds herself at the Gate, unable to teleport through::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::is rather surprised since she didn't expect Maeve to be outside of the island::
YarnKittymon: : ::the guards let Becky through without a bit of fuss::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::teleports to whereever maeve is, hoping she's not in some hugely populated area::
YarnKittymon: : ::when Becky finally makes it to Maeve, she appears in a rather small, very dark room. A figure is on a bed, completely covered in a sheet, and the whole room seems damp. It's so dark, Becky might not even notice the rather startled candystriper standing in the corner::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::stares in shock at the figure, taking a step forward; whispers:: Maeve...?
YarnKittymon: : ::Becky can see water dripping off the sheet into a puddle on the floor::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::still doesn't notice the candystriper; reaches out to pull down the sheet::
YarnKittymon: : ::Maeve is underneath, soaking wet from head to toe, dressed in just a hospital gown::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::can't believe it's really Maeve underneath:: Oh God, Maeve, wake up. Come on ::hurriedly checks for a pulse::
YarnKittymon: : ::Maeve's wrist is very clammy, but there's a pulse::
YarnKittymon: : ::the candy striper finally says:: Please, miss, stay back...she could be dangerous
YarnKittymon: .
Quantum Catz: BM: ::nearly jumps when the woman speaks; turns to look at her:: What d'you mean, dangerous?
YarnKittymon: : ::the candy striper nods:: She...she was spontaneously combusting...Dr. Skelly says he can keep it from happening if we're very careful with her.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::hesitates, looking back at Maeve:: You just meanher hands, right?
YarnKittymon: : ::the woman nods anxiously:: Yeah.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::sighs:: How did she get here?
YarnKittymon: : ::the woman shakes her head:: Strangest thing. ::suddenly laughs:: Not stranger than how *you* got here. But a dog came and led us to her. She'd been shot; we figure maybe a hunting accident?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks up, surprised:: Eli? Is he here?
YarnKittymon: : ::shakes her head:: Is that the dog's name? No...he's gone.
Quantum Catz: BM: How badly shot is she?
YarnKittymon: : In the leg...she'll pull through, if she doesn't explode first.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::rolls her eyes:: I'm sure she'll be fine - don't suppose you want to help me move her to the floor, do you?
YarnKittymon: : ::the candy striper shakes her head:: Pardon me?
Quantum Catz: BM: I'm taking her home - but i'd rather she didn't reappear in midair
YarnKittymon: : ::the woman shakes her head in bewilderment:: You can't take her; Dr. Skelly will be very upset, and she could die.
Quantum Catz: BM: Dr Skelly can be as upset as he wants - she'll be better off at home than here ::gives up on the woman helping her and puts her arms under maeve to lift her off and lower her to the ground::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she frowns in her sleep when she feels Becky start to move her, and when she feels herself leaving the bed she becomes even more distressed. Still fully asleep, she reaches up to defend herself, using flames::
YarnKittymon: : ::the candy striper cries out, hoisting a bucket of water and throwing it at the both of them::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::Maeve's flames burn becky's arm as she lifts it to protect her face::
YarnKittymon: : ::the nurse cries out:: Get back from her!
Maeve Owens: MV: ::the water extinguished the flames, and the coldness of it brings a small whimper out of Maeve::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::grits her teeth at the pain in her arm, not backing away; mutters:: Do you want to get back to Isaac or not, Maeve?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she's shivering, but otherwise unresponsive::
YarnKittymon: : ::the candy striper insists:: Please get back from her! I need to fetch the doctor.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::clenches the hand of her injured arm and this time just reaches out to touch Maeve's shoulder:: I guess we'll just have to do it the hard way ::glances back at the candy striper:: You sure her wound isn't that bad?
YarnKittymon: : She's not out of the woods yet, but I think she'll hang in there. Please, leave her be!
Quantum Catz: BM: ::sighs:: Don't worry about it - she really is better off at home ::teleports to gate town with maeve::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she appears in midair, falling hard to the ground, and the impact jars her a little more out of her current state. She groans, trying to curl up, but the moment she pull the stitches on her leg she stops moving::
YarnKittymon: : ::one of the men standing guard rushes to their side, looking upset:: Is she all right?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::winces, trying not to move her injured arm:: Not really...i need to get her past the gate to get her to a healer though...
YarnKittymon: : ::the guard instantly scoops up Maeve into his arms, getting his uniform rather wet, and walks through the gate without a word, setting the woman down afterwards:: Good enough?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::follows and smiles at the guard:: Yeah, thanks ::she's looking a bit pale now but she kneels down and teleports Maeve the rest of the way to isaac's house::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::had been pestering Isaac and Dolly a bit about what's happening; he gasps when Becky and Maeve appear, staring in horror at them; softly:: Is she all right?
Maeve Owens: DY: ::is getting rather worried she hasn't joined her body yet so she's been even more quiet than normal. She stands up when they appear, showing just a bit of concern for Maeve's current state::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::softly:: Think so ::sits down on the nearest chair, wincing::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she's a little disoriented but makes no attempt to move::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::softly:: Did she fall in a lake?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she's still shivering::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::quickly runs over to Maeve:: Maeve, can you hear me? ::uses his powers to try and help her before even hearing what happened to her::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::sighs:: No...that was to stop her burning the people at the hospital...
YarnKittymon: : ::Maeve's wound heals up quickly, although the stitches remain, holding the healed flesh together::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she opens her eyes, only to squeeze them shut a second later, crying out in obvious pain::
Quantum Catz: IS: Maeve? Maeve, tell me where it hurts...
Quantum Catz: BM: ::sounding a bit tired:: She had stitches in, i think...you might need Toby to get rid of them....
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she doesn't answer right away, instead, taking a few deep breaths to calm down, the pain quickly eases:: I'm fine...
Quantum Catz: IS: Are you sure?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::smiles weakly:: Yeah. Definitely. ::slowly starts to sit up::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::opens the front door and comes inside, smiling to see Becky, and then looking down at Maeve:: Everyone OK?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::is holding her arm against her, rather protectively:: I don't know where Eli is...i think he was with Maeve before...right? ::looks at Maeve::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::hurries forward when he sees how bright the skin on Becky's arm is; kneels next to her to look at it::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she frowns:: Um yeah... oh shoot. I think he came here to get you. But you didnt see him? ::she wraps her arms around herself, feeling rather funny just sitting there in a hospital gown::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::her arm's pretty badly burned since it got the full force of one of Maeve's fireballs but she mumbles:: It's fine - Isaac can heal it in a minute
Quantum Catz: BM: ::softly, to Maeve:: It'd take him longer than this to get back from where you were
YarnKittymon: TY: ::cringes:: I'd help you, but...that'd be as bad as the burn. ::looks back at Maeve, worried::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::looks over to Becky's arm, turning a bit pale; almost afraid to ask:: I did that... didn't I? ::she ducks her head:: Sorry...
Quantum Catz: IS: ::leans down, kissing maeve's head and giving her a quick hug before standing up to heal becky's arm; ecky jerks her hand back involuntarily when he reaches out to touch it but moves it back and it's soon back to normal::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::quietly:: You must've been really out of it, Maeve. Did they drug you?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiles at Isaac:: Thanks
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she frowns:: I guess they must have. ::still wet, and still shivering just a bit:: Why am I wet?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::softly:: They thought you were spontaneously combusting...it was the only way they had to keep you from burning everything
YarnKittymon: TY: ::almost instantly forms a towel and a bathrobe, tossing both to Maeve::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she catches it, smiling thankfully at Toby, and quickly slips the bathrobe on. She uses the towel to dry off her hair; she winches:: Spontaneously combusting? ::she smirks:: Too bad they didn't think that happened to Madison
Quantum Catz: IS: ::goes back to kneel next to Maeve:: Is there anything else you want? I could make you something to eat if you're hungry
YarnKittymon: TY: ::puts an arm around Becky; softly:: You all right?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::smiles:: I'm fine. Although, while this robe is nice, dry clothes would be good. ::she bites her lip, then attempts to get up::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::rubs at her eyes, feeling tired:: Yeah. At least this means that it wasn't Libby who made them disappear...
Quantum Catz: IS: You want me to go round to your house and get you some?
YarnKittymon: TY: ::sighs:: I'm not sure anyone will believe it, though. Everyone who has someone missing right now's awful upset.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::looks down at herself again:: Um, I.. guess. I can't really go out there like this can I? ::smiles a little uneasily::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::chuckles:: Well knowing you, you probably would if you had to - although Toby could probably make you new stuff if you preferred
YarnKittymon: TY: ::nods:: Yeah; what do you want? Something bright pink and lacy, no doubt?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she smirks:: On second thought maybe I'll take a chance and just walk home.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::chuckles::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::forms a simple burgundy dress for Maeve:: Not sure what the neighbors will think to see you coming out of Isaac's wearing new clothes.
YarnKittymon: JH: Why not?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she winces, about to say something, but Josh suddenly speaking surprises her. She quickly thanks Toby then quietly excuses herself to go change::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiles:: The neighbours'll probably think she was off getting herself in trouble again
YarnKittymon: JH: Well, she was, wasn't she?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiles at Josh:: Yep, she's well known for it
YarnKittymon: TY: ::quietly, glancing at Dolly for a moment, then back at the others:: Guess Eli will be back in a few days?
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she shifts uncomfortably, looking a bit restless::
Quantum Catz: BM: If he's trying to get back here then he's probably flying so there's not much i can do - and i've just travelled to the east coast and back, i'm not going anywhere for a while
YarnKittymon: TY: ::puts his hand on Becky's knee; softly:: We might have to sneak you home.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::trying to hide a guilty expression, she comes back in, dressed, and just a bit worried about the stitches, hoping they can just stay there.::
Quantum Catz: BM: :::sighs:: Hopefully everyone won't decide i should be off collecting their friends
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she winces::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::softly:: They were upset when I came out...it'd take a better man than the mayor to keep things from blowing up.
Quantum Catz: BM: What about Libby? What's happening to her? Did she disappear too or is she here?
YarnKittymon: TY: ::softly:: Might've been better if she'd disappeared, the way they're talking.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she frowns:: What do you mean?
Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: They want her power to be removed...or her to leave the island...I had to go see her earlier
Maeve Owens: MV: Is she okay?
Quantum Catz: IS: ::hesitates:: She's unconscious...but there's nothing wrong with her
YarnKittymon: TY: ::softly:: A couple fellas out there...it might be better that Libby's locked up safe.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::her eyes widen:: Locked up?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::groans:: But it can't've been her who did it
YarnKittymon: TY: ::smirks:: That's what the mayor's trying to say, believe it or not, that she *didn't* do it...but I don't know. I guess we could sneak her away if we had to.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::starts to head for the door:: Well, we now have a witness who knows it wasn't her.
Quantum Catz: BM: All that might get is everyone annoyed because i've helped you and no one else...
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she stops, turning to face them:: I don't have to tell them where I've been. I could lie you know.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::frowns:: Do you think that'll help?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she shrugs:: Have any better plans? If we dont try something they're going to keep the wrong person locked up. Have they even interviewed any of the remaining people in the theater? Maybe one of them did it?
YarnKittymon: TY: ::shrugs:: I didn't stay out there for long.
YarnKittymon: JH: ::heads towards the door:: I'll ask them if you want.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::remembers her hair is wet, and she sighs, folding her arms:: I can't go anywhere till my hair is dry. That'll be a tough thing to explain away without someone panicking. ::she just smiles at Josh::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::turns to Dolly:: Was there anyone else left in the theatre?
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she nods; quietly:: A few kids but they didn't seem to think they caused it.
YarnKittymon: JH: ::slips outside::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::looks at the others:: Isn't a kid more likely to lose control of their powers like this?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::winces:: Uh, yeah... ::her eyes widen:: uh oh
YarnKittymon: TY: ::looks at Maeve:: What?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she grimaces, shaking her head::: Um, no... It's probably not even possible. Forget it.
Quantum Catz: BM: Just because it's not possible doesn't mean it can't happen round here
Maeve Owens: MV: That's true... and what happened was very similar to Libby's power... ::she trails off.. hoping they'll catch on::
Quantum Catz: BM: Well not really...just cos... ::stops then laughs weakly:: Time and space
YarnKittymon: TY: ::frowns; softly:: If that's the case I hope it has some of Jack's powers too.
Quantum Catz: BM: They won't try to hurt the baby, will they?
Maeve Owens: MV: They aren't hurting Libby... just threatening to send her away.... which still isn't good. And they are bound to figure it out sooner or later.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::nods, still frowning:: I don't think they want to hurt anyone...but they'd do anything to try to bring people back.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::sighs:: And Jack isn't even here, is he?
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she ducks her head; quietly:: He's on his way.

YarnKittymon: : ::Jack and Dolly land in Gate Town about then; it's Saturday so the town is busier than usual, and it's a bit hard for them to even make their way through::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::just pushes his way through, pully Dolly along with him, not particularly bothered about annoying people::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::has remained somber and even more quiet than usual. She struggles to keep up with him::
YarnKittymon: : ::in the crowd, Dolly is suddenly pulled away by arms nearly as strong as Jack's; there's a hand over her mouth almost instantly, and a voice whispers into her ear:: I don't want to hurt you, I swear.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she stiffens, too panicked to even scream at first, and the words don't do anything to calm her breathing either. She starts kicking and trying to scream through the hand over her mouth::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::turns to look for Dolly when he loses her grip::
YarnKittymon: : ::it's hard to see through the crowd, but after a few moments Jack spies her being pulled away::
YarnKittymon: : ::the captor puts a knife at Dolly's throat and says very softly:: I swear I'm not going to hurt you; just calm down.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she stops struggling, although she whimpers when she feels the knife::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::starts to push through the crowd, trying to get to her::
Maeve Owens: DY: ::back at the house, Dolly's ghost gasps, backing up towards the wall in a blind panic. She goes to lean up against it for support but she falls right through::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man looks up and locks eyes with Jack, silently telling him to follow as he walks backwards, the knife still at Dolly's throat::
Quantum Catz: IS: Dolly? ::started to move towards her, though stops when she falls through the wall::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::glares at the man but follows him::
Maeve Owens: DY: Isaac! ::she cries from in the other room, sounding really scared::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::runs through to find her::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man gets out of the crowd and makes his way towards a small house; he does his best to hold Dolly with one hand and open the door with the other::
YarnKittymon: : ::never turning his back to Jack::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she whimpers, locking eyes with Jack. She reaches up to hold onto the man's arm::
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she's sitting in the other room, unsure of what to do but looking all that more scared because of it::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::looking a bit bewildered, she moves to follow Isaac a second later, although she does stop just outside the room, just making sure that she's okay but not wanting to intrude... as usual::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man slips inside, leaving the door open and walking quickly to a corner, where he puts his back to the wall and whispers:: Don't be scared; it's not about you.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she tries hard not to cry but she's still scared::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::kneels next to Dolly:: What's wrong?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::walks into the house, prepared for a fight:: Alright, what d'you want?
YarnKittymon: : ::the man looks steadily at Jack and softly says:: I need you, Jack.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::tries to move away from the knife::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man holds Dolly more tightly::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::folds his arms:: Threatening a little girl isn't the best way t'get myhelp
Maeve Owens: DY: ::murmurs quietly:: Someone grabbed me...
YarnKittymon: : ::the man shakes his head:: Not your help, Jack. He wants your life.
Quantum Catz: IS: Who?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::Frowns:: Who does?
Maeve Owens: DY: I don't know...
YarnKittymon: : ::the man shakes his head; softly:: My boss. They all know I'm no good at this, but he's gonna kill Fanny and Ruby if I don't kill you.
Quantum Catz: JK: Who exactly is yer boss, then? I like t'know the names'f the blokes who want me dead
YarnKittymon: : ::shakes his head:: Once they know you know, I'm done for too. I don't care for me, but it's my family I'm scared for.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she frowns, turning to look at the others but she doesn't say anything yet::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::is frowning deeply, looking rather like he wants to go out and fight something; quietly:: Where is she?
Quantum Catz: JK: I have my own family to worry about
Quantum Catz: IS: She's with Jack, i think
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she nods, still looking upset::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man looks down, and his hold on Dolly loosens a bit; softly:: I got in over my head. They were hungry and I couldn't find anything, then this fella offers me some work smuggling liquor. Ruby was sick, and it was that or watch her starve.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she trembles again, not paying much attention to what the man is saying, her mind centered too much on the knife at her throat. She struggles to get away again; quietly:: please let me go...
Quantum Catz: JK: So how come he wants me dead now?
YarnKittymon: : ::shakes his head:: Blackmail, I guess. ::to Dolly, quickly, and under his breath:: Just don't move and I ain't gonna touch you.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::raises an eyebrow:: So how you gonna kill me while yer holdin' her?
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she still doesn't believe him, and she looks back at Jack again, looking for some kind of reassurance::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::is pretty good at not looking phased by things, if that reassures her in any way::
YarnKittymon: : ::quietly:: Bullets don't work against you, they say. I thought if I kept her as a hostage I could...I could make you...::cringes, not able to finish::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::almost laughs:: What? Kill myself?
YarnKittymon: : ::the man very nearly lets go of Dolly, then suddenly holds her tighter, just barely pressing the blade of the knife into her flesh; if she struggles it'll draw blood:: You can go after the gang, then. Get them before they get
YarnKittymon: my family!
Quantum Catz: JK: What gang? Who are they?
YarnKittymon: : ::softly:: The Salingers. This Hollywood fella got some dirt on Alken--the boss's favorite kid--and here we are.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::his sudden movementment frightens her a little and she shifts restlessly in his arms, trying to get away from the knife again::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man instinctively presses the knife into Dolly's neck a bit, cutting a thin line into the flesh, not enough to be dangerous, just enough to draw blood::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she flinches, crying out a little louder than necessary, more out of surprise than anything else::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::notices and glares at the man:: Hurt her and you'll die anyway - i'm not in any mood to be messed about right now
Maeve Owens: DY: ::the other dolly flinches as well, and if Isaac is watching, a small scar where she was cut appears on her flesh::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man pulls the knife back from Dolly's neck, not far, but a few inches; softly:: I'm so sorry...
Quantum Catz: IS: ::notices and reaches out towards her neck:: Dolly? Are you okay?
Maeve Owens: DK: ::a few tears trail down her cheek as she takes in a shaky breath:::
Maeve Owens: DY: ::she reaches for him at the same time, but her hands go right through him and she cries even more, curling her arms around her middle::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::sighs:: I have a friend who could maybe help you
YarnKittymon: : ::the man looks up, loosening his hold on Dolly further:: How?
Quantum Catz: JK: I've made a coupla enemies before - this guy's helped me get rid of them
YarnKittymon: : ::the man nods; quietly:: I only have $30. I can't go into debt over this, or I'll be worse than when I started.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she's too afraid to even breath now so she doesn't move::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::feels completely helpless:: I'm sorry Dolly - i don't know what to do...
Maeve Owens: DY: ::cries even harder at that::
YarnKittymon: TY: ::is half-considering making Dolly a body like he did Becky, but he gets the feeling her spirit couldn't inhabit it::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::shakes his head; wryly:: I'll consider us even as long as me and Dolly both get home without our throats slit
YarnKittymon: : ::the man instantly lets go of Dolly; he pulls a wad of Kleenex out from his pocket, handing it to the poor girl::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::just wants to hold his sister::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she stumbles away from him. She looks at the kleenex then back up to the man but she makes no move to get close to him again::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man looks up at Jack:: Who's your friend gonna kill?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::smirks:: He ain't gonna kill anyone
YarnKittymon: : ::shakes his head:: Then how's he going to stop them?
Maeve Owens: DK: :afraid he's going to start doubting Jack, she edges away from him and closer to Jack::
Quantum Catz: JK: It's somethin' t'keep quiet about but he'll get the job done, don't worry about that
YarnKittymon: : ::after a moment, very quietly:: Is this wacko island...*safe*?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::looks at the man:: Y'not from here?
YarnKittymon: : ::shakes his head:: I just want my little girl to grow up safe.
Maeve Owens: DY: ::suddenly disappears::
Quantum Catz: JK: She got a power then?
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she gasps a little when she feels, for lack of a better word, complete again. A second later she slips over to hide behind Jack::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man shakes his head:: I don't know yet. It's not your business anyway.
YarnKittymon: TY: ::looks rather alarmed:: Is she...she just went back to her body I guess?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::shrugs:: Guess it ain't - i'm not really from around here either - though i wouldn't reccomend getting mixed up with the likes of us if you don't know what yer doin'. I'll go get my friend - know where the Salingers are right now by any chance?
Quantum Catz: IS: I think so ::still looks worried though::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::looks rather worried since they weren't even sure her other self was okay or not::
Quantum Catz: BM: I'm sorry - i wish i could go find her for you
YarnKittymon: : ::softly:: The one's in his office; I think you just saw him. Dunno where the rest are; probably around and about in Rellins.
YarnKittymon: TY: I'm sure she's all right, Isaac. She didn't yell or anything before she disappeared.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::stands up and heads back into the other room, reaching for Maeve's hand; hesitates a second:: Where did Josh go?
Quantum Catz: JK: Where's yer family?
YarnKittymon: : ::softly:: Just north of Rellins. ::looks at Dolly:: You all right, girl?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she squeezes his hand, smiling sadly at him, before she takes a look around the room:: I don't know... I dont see him. You don't think he went to ask the guards anyway do you?
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she doesn't look as pale as she did, although theres still fear in her eyes. She nods, then quietly:: We're not going home then?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::sighs:: What's happenin' with Libby?
Maeve Owens: DK: ::hating to be tell him the bad news, she murmurs:: They still have her locked up but Maeve, Toby and Becky think it's the baby that caused this.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::clenches his fists, looking annoyed; mutters:: I'll just have to finish this as quick as i can and then get back to her - i'm not much use to either of them with people poppin' up tryin' to kill me
YarnKittymon: : ::suddenly:: You'll probably be safe if you stay on the island and out of Gate Town. For now, anyway.
Quantum Catz: JK: What about yer family?
YarnKittymon: : ::softly:: I'll try to smuggle them in somehow. Don't expect I'll make it through, but maybe once I'm dead they'll leave them alone.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::shakes his head:: Oh, shut up - i'll get it sorted - Libby has friends who'll get her out of there if she's in any real danger
Maeve Owens: DK: ::is wondering what Jack plans to do with her but is afraid to even ask::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man suddenly uses one of the un-taken Kleenexes to wipe his knife blade, then he folds it and puts it back in his pocket:: Okay. What now, then?
Quantum Catz: JK: I need to talk to my mate ::looks at Dolly:: I'm not sure if it's a good idea for you to come too, though i'm not sure what else t'do with you
YarnKittymon: : :softly:: I guess you want to keep an eye on me too.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::her eyes widen and she shakes her head; quickly:: I can just go home... I'm old enough. i can get there by myself.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::sighs:: I guess Isaac'd be happier with that than me takin' you with me to get rid of a gang - i can get someone to go with you
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she shakes her head:: Who would you get? I... I think I'd rather take my chances alone. ::she casts a quick glance at the man then quickly looks away.:: Besides, once Becky isn't so tired she'll probably come for me.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::smirks:: What, don't trust my mates? Wonder why? But i'd rather y'were with someone, specially after this
Maeve Owens: DK: ::doesn't look like she wants to travel with a stranger but since she isn't about to argue with him either, she just nods::
Quantum Catz: JK: We'll go see Sig first - he should know someone who's about just now can head that way
YarnKittymon: : ::the man puts his hands in his pockets, wondering what he's gotten into::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::just nods again::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::looks over at the man:: You got a name, by the way?
YarnKittymon: : ::the man nods:: Hiram.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::nods and then says:: Let's go then ::takes Dolly's hand again, in case anyone else tries to snatch her and heads for the door::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::tries to stay even closer to Jack this time, looking around her once in a while just to make sure no one else is approaching::
YarnKittymon: : ::they get out into the streets without incident, and make it to a modest but well-built brick building near the southern edge of town; a man in his early 30s is on the porch, whittling a long staff, but he stands when he sees his friend approach:: Jack; what kind of trouble are you in now? ::smiles::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::smirks:: One of these days i'm just gonna be coming round to ask you out for a drink you know
Maeve Owens: DK: ::stands quietly behind Jack::
YarnKittymon: : ::laughs:: With that pretty wife of yours waiting for you at home? Not likely. ::the man has lavender eyes and blue hair, slicked back, though when he steps out into the sun it looks like it has golden highlights:: How is she?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::looks about ready to punch something for a second but he quickly hides it:: Don't ask - i've got other things t'get out of the way first
YarnKittymon: SG: ::steps back, frowning:: I'm sorry. What's the problem, then?
Quantum Catz: JK: The Salingers want me dead apparently and i need to get this sorted quickly
YarnKittymon: SG: ::frowns, cursing softly, though he sees Dolly and excuses himself for it:: Jack, there's four brothers wrapped up in that gang, and their pop. I love a challenge, but be reasonable!
Maeve Owens: DK: ::blushes a little, ducking her head::
Quantum Catz: JK: If they're split up around Rellins we can take them one at a time and i can deal with any lackeys
YarnKittymon: SG: ::shakes his head; softly:: What did you do to get yourself into this one, Jack?
Quantum Catz: JK: If i knew that i wouldn't've done it. Though i did get some story about some rum that i ain't had a chance to check up on
YarnKittymon: : ::Hiram softly says:: That was just a cover, wasn't it? He ain't gonna admit there's photos of him he don't want to get out, is he?
Quantum Catz: JK: I knew it was a cover - didn't know what it was a cover for ::looks at Hiram:: What've i got to do with these photos?
YarnKittymon: : ::Hiram shrugs:: Mr. Hollywood didn't explain himself, did he? Or if he did, I didn't hear it.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::llistens to all this in silent wonder, almost like she cant believe everything that Jack is involved in::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::notices Dolly's expression and says:: Yeah, Sig, 'n d'you know someone trustworthy can take Dolly here back to Marquis for me?
YarnKittymon: SG: ::thinks for a moment, then nods:: Little Sue and her beau can do it if you like.
Maeve Owens: DK: ::looks a little relieved that another woman might be coming along but still not completely comfortable::
Quantum Catz: JK: That'll do me - her brother might well take a good stab a trying to kill me if something happened to her
YarnKittymon: SG: ::nods:: I'll take care of her, Jack. Go ahead and take your mole and get our tickets to Rellins; I'll meet you there in twenty.
Quantum Catz: JK: K ::smiles:: Thanks Sig, you're a legend
Maeve Owens: ((although if you play out this smuggler thing..i have no smuggler :( ))
YarnKittymon: ((What, going to the mainland? You can be a gangster :D ))
Maeve Owens: DK: ::smiles weakly, since she *still* isn't happy about being dumped on a stranger::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::smiles at Dolly:: Don't worry - i wouldn't leave you if i didn't think you were safe
YarnKittymon: SG: ::smiles at Dolly, making small-talk as he leads her off to "Little Sue," a short, baby-faced, chain-smoking smuggler, whose beau is almost twice her size, but looks (figuratively) like a big teddy bear; they both smile warmly at Dolly and are happy to take her for Jack's sake::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::smiles shyly at them, talking when she's spoken to but otherwise quiet.::
YarnKittymon: SG: ::after he's made his brief introductions, goes back towards the docks, looking around for Jack and the stranger::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::is waiting for him, impatient to get things done::
YarnKittymon: SG: ::very nearly jokes about Jack's impatience, but he's never seen the man look this agitated before, so he keeps his mouth shut:: Your friend knows to keep his mouth shut on the mainland, right?
Quantum Catz: JK: He ain't my friend, he just needs some help and i told him while we were waiting
YarnKittymon: SG: ::nods, silently, as the ship casts off; it's still a while before they're back in Rellins...as they near the dock, Sig's eyes suddenly seem to turn a light blue color, and his hair all blonde::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::isn't surprised by it as he's seen his friend do it before::
YarnKittymon: : ::Hiram is much more surprised, but he doesn't comment; once they set foot on solid ground again he looks around like a scared animal::
YarnKittymon: SG: ::starts walking instantly:: Haven't been out in a couple months; Jim still at the garage?
Quantum Catz: JK: Yep, just saw him on my way out of here before
YarnKittymon: : ::in just a couple minutes they reach a mechanic's garage...at least, that's what most people think it is...::
Maeve Owens: JR: ::a good looking man who looks to be around Jack's age with soft brown hair, and rich brown eyes, is standing outside. He's just finished washing the car Jack borrowed. When he turns around, he looks rather surprised to see him again; he smirks:: Hey, what brings you back so soon?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::smiles weakly:: Things got more complicated
Quantum Catz: 2x zsb
Quantum Catz: ((oops - sorry - mesage from my rat sophie ;)))
Maeve Owens: JR: Eh? How's that?
YarnKittymon: ((Awwwww...))
Maeve Owens: (( :D ))
Quantum Catz: JK: Need to get the salingers off my back or they go after this guy's family
YarnKittymon: : ::the man nods::
Maeve Owens: JR: ::grins:: Need the car again eh? Or am I to accompany you on this little expedition?
Quantum Catz: JK: The help's always appreciated, mate
YarnKittymon: SG: ::smirks:: C'mon; time to catch up; it'll be fun.
Maeve Owens: JR: ::smirks:: Like I'd turn down a chance to take out a few bothersome thugs. ::he eyes the stranger:: Who is he anyway? Why you helpin him?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::shrugs:: He was pathetic enough to need it - besides - i want to find out what his boss's got against me
Maeve Owens: JR: ::nods:: Fair enough. ::opens the door to the drivers side:: Shall we be off then?
YarnKittymon: : ::Hiram scowls slightly at being called pathetic, and slinks into the back seat::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::gets into the car as well::
YarnKittymon: SG: ::follows them in::
Maeve Owens: JR: ::closes his door then starts the car up:: Where we headed then mate?
Quantum Catz: JK: Guess we'l start with the guy who went after me in the first place, provided he's where i left him
Maeve Owens: JR: All right then. Where'd ya leave em?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::gives him directions back to the building::
YarnKittymon: : ::Hiram starts tapping his fingers on the car door, looking more and more nervous as they draw nearer::
Maeve Owens: ((and in my head he sounds cockney (sp? english but kind of australian... dont know how to spell it?) i dont know why other then i've seen too many rehearsals of my play im doing :P ))
Quantum Catz: JK: ::to Hiram:: Don't suppose you feel like telling me anymore about this Hollywood bloke?
Maeve Owens: JR: ::smirks:: Hey mate, would you mind? It's startin to get my nerves all in a knot.
YarnKittymon: : ::softly:: I've told you all I know. He has photos or something of the boss, or one of his kids.
YarnKittymon: SG: ::his face loses his smile as they reach the building; he doesn't speak::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::sighs:: Guess i'll just make someone else talk later
Maeve Owens: JR: ::stops the car, getting out:: Do we have a plan or are we just goin in with fists swingin and all?
Quantum Catz: JK: That was pretty much my plan unless i happened to come up with a better one
YarnKittymon: : ::Hiram cringes:: They have guns, you know. I guess that don't bother Jack, but the rest of you...
YarnKittymon: SG: ::quietly:: Maybe I'd best just slip in by myself, eh?
Maeve Owens: JR: What? I just drove you this whole way and I don't get to see any of the action? Not that theres ever much action ::he motions to Sig:: but you never know. ::shrugs::
Quantum Catz: ((what exactly is sig's power? can he like tell if the guy's in the building before going in? or can he just do stuff once he's actually with a person?))
YarnKittymon: ((I figured it was gonna be not too far removed from Siren's and Bree's, convincing people of things, etc.))
Quantum Catz: JK: I'll go with you Sig ::shrugs at JR:: I'm sure there'll be some action along the way
Maeve Owens: JR: Well, I'm definitely not gonna be left on the curb. ::nods to the new guy:: He looks a bit nervous though. He could stay in the car.
YarnKittymon: SG: ::smirks:: Sure, if you trust him to leave it there. ::looks Hiram up and down:: Though I'm not sure he could steal it without the keys, right enough.
Maeve Owens: JR: ::Grins:: Oh, I'm definitely hangin on to me keys. And he ought to know I'd just track him down. ::smirks at Hiram::
YarnKittymon: : ::Hiram slinks back into the car without a word::
YarnKittymon: SG: ::nods to the others and heads inside with an air of confidence, though one of the men who shot Jack earlier stops them:: Hey, don't I know you?
Maeve Owens: JR: ::walks in with Sig, every bit as confident as he is::
Quantum Catz: JK: Don't think so, mate
YarnKittymon: : ::the man looks a bit puzzled:: Then what are you three doing here?
Maeve Owens: JR: ::feels like he's basically just there for back up so he lets Jack lead the way::
Quantum Catz: JK: We're just here to see the boss
YarnKittymon: : ::the man nods:: Right. ::motions up the stairs:: You know where to find him.
YarnKittymon: SG: ::heads up the stairs without a word::
Maeve Owens: JR: ::smiling a bit smugly, he gives the guy a short wave before following Sig up the stairs::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::just walks up silently::
YarnKittymon: : ::they're stopped again at the door, but the men don't seem to recognize Jack, and in a few moments they're in with the boss, who has a panicked look on his face, suddenly thinking he's lost his gun:: Jack...nice to...see you here...
Quantum Catz: JK: ::smiles humourlessly, stepping forward:: Good to see you too, mate
Maeve Owens: JR: ::steps inside, with his hands on his hips, ready to reach for his gun if need be. He just smirks::
YarnKittymon: : ::still nervous:: What can I do for you?
Quantum Catz: JK: Well, see, i've kinda got this problem - there's people want me dead so i plan to take them all out of the picture
YarnKittymon: : ::the man smiles coldly:: They'll all be after you if anything happens to me.
Quantum Catz: JK: And why would that be?
YarnKittymon: : Someone saw you come in, didn't they?
Quantum Catz: JK: Did you notice anyone *stopping* me?
Maeve Owens: JR: ::grins::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man cringes; softly:: All right, Jack, what do you want?
Quantum Catz: JK: To get everyone off my back - and, you know, maybe find out what i did to piss them off in the first place
YarnKittymon: : ::the man shakes his head:: Do what you want...I can't say.
Quantum Catz: JK: Why not?
YarnKittymon: : If I told you, that'd be saying, wouldn't it?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::glances over at Sig, raising an eyebrow::
YarnKittymon: SG: ::looks at the man, and his eyes clearly flash a dark color::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man looks back at Jack, a little confused:: He has footage of my sister. She's married to a senator; they'd both be ruined.
Maeve Owens: JR: ::frowns:: I'm a little out of the loop here... what does that got to do with Jack?
YarnKittymon: : He said if we kill Jack he'll hand over all the film and the photos.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::frowns:: Who did?
YarnKittymon: : Fella named Bridges. Hollywood-type.
Maeve Owens: JR: ::joking:: What happened then Jack? Steal his movie script and sell it someone else?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::laughs humourlessly:: Guess i should've got it from the name 'Hollywood' ::his eyes go dark:: That guy is gonna suffer if anything happens to Libby while i'm hunting him out
YarnKittymon: SG: ::softly:: Wanna track him down, then, Jack? It beats trying to bump off a bunch of gangsters.
Maeve Owens: JR: ::looking at the bossman:: And of course if we return the pictures to you, all is well with Jack then right?
YarnKittymon: : ::the man nods:: Sure.
Quantum Catz: JK: Don't suppose you know where he is?
YarnKittymon: : ::quietly tells Jack the name of the studio; it's one that Libby and Jack visited on their honeymoon::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::turns to go without another word::
Maeve Owens: JR: ::silently follows after Jack::
YarnKittymon: SG: ::convinces the man they never met as he follows Jack out::
YarnKittymon: : ::Hiram is waiting in the car, and looks downright shocked to see the three men come out of the building safely::
Maeve Owens: JR: ::hops back into the car, grinning at Hiram:: Didn't expect to see us eh? If you know what your doin it makes things a bit easier to survive ya know.
YarnKittymon: : ::Hiram shakes his head:: Helps when you *like* this sort of life, doesn't it?
YarnKittymon: SG: ::gets back in the car:: Come on; if we hurry we can make it before dark.
Maeve Owens: JR: Oh, is that the problem then? Well, I suggest you find yourself a better night job. ::he starts the car:: I'm goin, I'm goin. ::waits for Jack to get in before taking off::
YarnKittymon: : ::Hiram laughs bitterly:: You try finding one, huh? Quarter of the country can't find a job.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::sits back in the car, not saying anything::
Maeve Owens: JR: All I'm sayin is you'd best look a bit harder. If you dont get your head in the game your gonna loose it. ::drives off::
YarnKittymon: : ::softly:: Believe me, I'm through with the game.
Maeve Owens: JR: ::just shrugs, turning his attention to the rode.::
YarnKittymon: : ::traffic is light since it's Saturday, and they make it to Hollywood in good time, with no car trouble::
Maeve Owens: JR: ::pulls into the studio:: All right, here we go.
YarnKittymon: : ::it's too late in the evening to get onto the lot as a guest, so Sigmund has to convince the guard they're famous stars...he does too good a job, because a couple young extras come after them::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::doesn't say anything as he isn't particularly happy to go all this way when he should be in Marquis::
Maeve Owens: JR: ::mutters:: Bloody fantastic. Going to get our pictures taken as well?
YarnKittymon: : ::one of the extras squeaks in joy at the idea::
YarnKittymon: SG: ::shakes his head; softly:: We're not worth it, kids.
YarnKittymon: : ::the girls suddenly realize Sigmund's right, and leave them::
YarnKittymon: : ::Hiram whistles, shaking his head::
Maeve Owens: JR: ::sighs in relief:: Don't get me wrong, I love having girls worship me, but I'd rather not go to that extreme.
YarnKittymon: SG: ::asks a few people where Bridges the director is, and eventually they're refered to a soundstage; Hiram stays at the back of the group as they reach the building::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::walks at the front, still not exactly sure what he's going to say to this guy::
YarnKittymon: SG: ::waits until the red light over the door of the soundstage goes out, and then walks inside, explaining his way through until they reach the director, who's working on a low-budget comedy short::
YarnKittymon: IC: ::looks up when Jack approaches, all the color draining from his face, his only comfort being that at least there will be witnesses; he's too scared to speak::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::smiles humourlessly at the man:: Long time, no see
Maeve Owens: JR: ::chuckles at the man's nervousness::
YarnKittymon: IC: ::cringes, still not speaking, and unable to take his eyes off Jack::
Maeve Owens: JR: Your problem isn't going to go away pal if you just stand there and stare at it. ::he grins::
Quantum Catz: JK: Trying to get me killed and making me go out of my way to find you when i have other, more pressing business isn't really helping your case either
YarnKittymon: IC: ::quietly:: You ruined my career, Jack.
Maeve Owens: JR: Well, they never said it was healthy to hold a grudge.
Quantum Catz: JK: Like i said at the time, mate - no proof. And not enough friends to keep you safe if you tried anything - guess you didn't quite believe that part
YarnKittymon: IC: ::shakes his head; quietly:: You wouldn't dare try anything here.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::smiles darkly:: How confident are you of that?
YarnKittymon: IC: ::shakes his head, cursing softly, and looking around, wondering why the security guards haven't come to his aid yet::
Maeve Owens: JR: ::chuckles: If you're lookin for someone to help you... you might as well forget about it. We've made it this far so I don't think you have a prayer then mate.
Quantum Catz: JK: I heard there are some photos that you've got of a certain family's sister - feel like sharing where they are?
YarnKittymon: IC: ::shakes his head:: Even if I told you, I know what you're gonna do to me.
Maeve Owens: JR: Then multiply that times ten, and thats what we're gonna do to you if you dont. ::grins::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::rolls his eyes and glances over at Sig::
YarnKittymon: SG: ::he's getting a bit tired, but he works at Ichabod::
YarnKittymon: IC: ::all the fear slips away from his expression and he softly says:: A set at my apartment, and one with my cousin.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::notices that Sig looks a bit tired and says:: Come on, let's go and get them
Maeve Owens: JR: Cousins name first? eh?
YarnKittymon: IC: ::softly:: Mick. ::gives directions to where she lives:: Go easy on her, will you?
Maeve Owens: JR: ::waves his hand:: heh, dont worry pal, she wont be harmed. Probably wont even know we were there. ::grins::
YarnKittymon: IC: ::sinks down into his chair, his eyes losing focus::
Quantum Catz: ((is that sig doing something to him?))
Quantum Catz: ((the eyes losing focus part...))
YarnKittymon: ((I didn't think so...unless it's on accident on Sig's part ^^; ))
Quantum Catz: ((lol, okay))
Maeve Owens: JR: ::just shrugs:: Well, shall we be on our way then?
YarnKittymon: SG: You know where Bridges lives?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::looks at the director:: Well?
YarnKittymon: IC: ::softly gives directions to his apartment as well; after a moment, hands them the key::
Quantum Catz: JK: I hear from you again, Bridges, and you don't get the nice routine.
YarnKittymon: IC: ::suddenly whimpers, imagining the potential consequences as the men leave::

YarnKittymon: : ::little Sue brings Dolly back to Marquis safe and sound that night--though with the smell of smoke in her hair--and has her beau stable the horse; when she sees the crowds gather, she insists on delivering the girl to Isaac herself, still smoking as she walks, and chatting amiably about hairstyles::
Maeve Owens:DK: ::smiles politely when she should, nodding occasionally, but looks more anxious to see her brother::
YarnKittymon:: ::Sue pauses, cursing softly:: Forgot to touch up my make-up. Ah well. ::and continues on her way::
Maeve Owens: DK: ::smiles uneasily::
YarnKittymon: : ::Sue comes to the house that Dolly indicated was hers and knocks on the door, smiling widely::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::answers the door, noticing Sue first and blinking:: Uh, hi...
Maeve Owens: DK: ::throws her arms around her brother the moment he comes into view:: Isaac!
YarnKittymon: : ::laughs at the scene::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::laughs when he notices Dolly, hugging her back:: Thank God, i was worried sick when you disappeared
Maeve Owens: DK: ::she nods, sniffing a little. She stays in her brother's arms, just happy to feel safe again::
YarnKittymon: : ::Sue smiles at them all:: Well, I guess I should be getting back home; it's already awful late.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles at Sue:: Thank you for bringing her back - are you a friend of Jack's?
YarnKittymon: : ::Sue nods:: I've seen him around Gate Town a few times; sometimes I help him out a bit. ::holds out her hand:: Everyone calls me Little Sue.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::shakes her hand:: I'm Isaac, but i guess you know that already. Is Jack back now too?
Maeve Owens: DK: ::shakes her head; softly:: He had other things he had to take care of.
YarnKittymon: : ::Sue nods again, putting her hands on her hips:: Should be back late tomorrow, I'd wager. *Do* you care to wager on it? ::grins::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::shakes his head, smiling weakly:: No thanks. If he isn't, Becky'll probably go fetch him - things aren't looking too good for his wife right now, be worse when she wakes up probably...
YarnKittymon: : ::Sue's eyes widen, and she shakes her head, looking rather worried:: Oh, no. What's the matter?
Maeve Owens: DK: ::stays quiet, still clinging to her brother::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::belatedly comes to the door, and hugs Dolly when he sees she's OK::
Quantum Catz: IS: Some people disappeared and they're blaming her and her powers ::sighs:: But the mayor's trying to defend her so i guess that helps her
Maeve Owens: DK: ::moves from one brother to the next, her eyes tearing up::
YarnKittymon: : ::Sue frowns, shaking her head, and cursing softly:: That ain't right. ::shakes her head again:: Well, I don't think there's anything I could do for her anyway, 'cept hope Jack gets back right quick. ::takes a last puff on
YarnKittymon: her cigarette and turns to go, half-waving:: Take care, Dolly!
Maeve Owens: DK: ::waves back, smiling weakly::
Quantum Catz: IS: Thanks again
YarnKittymon: : ::looks back, laughing:: He'd do the same for me, you know? ::and heads back to the stables::


On to Sunday, March 12, 1933

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