~Tuesday, July 18, 1933~

Maeve Owens: MV: ::opens the shop door and breezes on in, a smile plastered on her face:: Hey Kizzie, help has arrived!
Quantum Catz: : ::there's no response and one of the racks of clothing has been knocked over::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she frowns:: Kizzie? ::cautiously approaches the rack::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::is lying on the floor, underneath the fallen clothes::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she gasps, and quickly pulls the rack off the girl. Once it's standing again, she reaches down to touch her shoulder, trying to figure out if she's alive or not::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::her body's hot with a fever but she's unconscious just now::
Maeve Owens: ((how much better is isaac doing with healing people? ))
Quantum Catz: ((and um, headaches and exahustion afterwards and even then his powers aren't really working as well as they used to))
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she hesitantly stands up, and walks towards the door, trying to figure out who to go for::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::stirs slightly and groans:: No...go...'way....
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she swallows, not sure whether to panic or not. She edges back closer to the woman; quietly:: Kizzie? What happened?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::doesn't seem to hear her:: So hot...
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she winces, then reaches down to try and move her:: Come on, we have to get you... somewhere....
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::curls up into a ball:: He's watching me...watching... ::there's no one else in the shop though::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::her eyes widen, and she shakes her head; muttering to herself:: This can't be happening again... how could it? ::she sits back, looking rather stunned, and lost::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::lapses back into unconsciousness::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::feeling miserably about it, she gets up to fetch Isaac::
Quantum Catz: : ::where ever Guy happens to be at the moment, all of the plantlife within reach of his feet suddenly begins to grow at an exceptional rate, attempting to reach through his clothes to his skin::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::was just headed towards Marquis from a case, and his horse shies and rears as the grass beneath them seems to attack; he nudges his horse to keep on and calls:: Kizzie?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she's walking slowly towards Isaac, trying to come up with another plan to help the woman without getting him involved::
Quantum Catz: : ::some of the tendrils manage to reach beneath his clothes, but instead of just wrapping themselves around his legs, they almost merge with his skin - it probably hurts quite a bit, but it only lasts for a moment, where Guy suddenly feels like Kizzie's crying and the tendrils all wither and die::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::tries to pull away from the plants, and when they drop away, he has to pause a few moments to get ahold of himself. He gingerly touches one of his legs, a bit surprised at the cuts there, and then wipes his fingers clean on his handkerchief and closes his eyes, trying to find Kizzie::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::is still lying unconscious in the shop::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::knocks on Isaac's door, looking both miserable and worried::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::pats his skittish horse and takes off at a gallop towards the shop, not stopping to stable the horse, but loosely tying it outside the shop; hurries inside, calling:: Kizzie?
Quantum Catz: IS: ::answers the door; probably the first time Maeve's seen him do so since he lost his memory::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::groans but doesn't say anything::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::kneels next to Kizzie; softly:: Kizzie, Kizzie, wake up...
Maeve Owens: MV: ::her eyes widen, but she quickly shakes off the surprise; quietly:: Kizzie, the girl who helps me at the shop, has fallen ill... actually, she reminds me of you.. ::she winces:: I didn;t know where else to go?
Quantum Catz: IS: You want me to try and heal her?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::weakly:: Help...
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she winces again:: Not really since it'll probably hurt you but I don't know what else to do...
Quantum Catz: IS: ::looking a bit worried himself:: Well i could at least try and heal her a bit - where is she?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::still looking uncertain; quietly:: At the store.
Quantum Catz: IS: Okay ::heads out of the house, moving to the store::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::looking rather pale:: What can I do? Isaac's ill....I'll fetch a doctor.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she follows him::
Quantum Catz: KZ: Won't...can't... ::groans again, clutching at her head::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::a note of desperation in his voice that perhaps seems a bit out of place, considering their relationship hasn't been very formal:: Kizzie, hang on! You can't die, do you hear me?
Quantum Catz: IS: ::reaches the shop, hesitating in the doorway when he sees Guy with Kizzie::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::looks over when Isaac comes in; softly:: I know you're ill, but I fear she's in danger...
Quantum Catz: IS: I...I can try - my powers aren't what they used to be ::moves forward::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::pats Kizzie's shoulder, then backs off, in case his cuts might drain Isaac if he's touching Kizzie::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she comes in quietly and stands next to Guy, biting her lip while she watches Isaac::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::when she sees Isaac, panicks and tries to back away; looking terrified:: No! No - he'll get you...he'll get you!
YarnKittymon: GU: ::urgently:: Kizzie, who's 'he'?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she winces, then glances around, almost expecting to see that flash of light again::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::looking upset, curls up; slips back into her fever:: So hot...can't take it... ::looks like she's about to fall unconscious again::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::grabs Kizzie's hand and concentrates, trying his hardest to find the location of whoever Kizzie's talking about::
Quantum Catz: : ::for a moment, it seems like there's someone else in the room but the feeling disappears and he can't find this person after that::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::suddenly worried it just might take Isaac again, she tries reaching for him, intending to snuggle into his embrace.... her mind not completely picking up on the thought that he no longer remembers her::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::cringes, looking back at Maeve and Isaac; softly:: We should probably all get out of here, and Mr. Kindall, you should best stay away from Kizzie for now.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::is a bit surprised when Maeve reaches out for him but he puts his arm round her, though his attention's focussed on Guy and Kizzie:: I guess so
YarnKittymon: GU: ::gently picks up Kizzie, getting to his feet::

YarnKittymon: GU: ::heads to Kizzie's house, carefully rummaging through her purse when he gets to her doorway; he draws out her keys and opens the door; he pauses to consider for a moment, then takes her to her bedroom, gently laying her on the bed::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::groans as he lays her down; she doesn't keep any plants in her room but the branches on a tree outside bang against the window a couple of times::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::instinctively goes over and closes the curtains, as though that could help, then touches Kizzie's forehead, to feel if she's warm and to smooth her hair; softly:: Do you want a blanket?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::is still hot with fever; murmurs:: Too warm...
YarnKittymon: GU: ::frowns, rather troubled:: I'll fetch you a drink in a moment. But you must tell me anything you know about the man who hurt you.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::weakly:: I can't get away...i can't... ::curls up in the bed, as if trying to get away from something::
YarnKittymon: GU: Kizzie, please! I want to help you! If we leave town will you get better?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::for a moment, seems to stop being upset and just looks up at him sadly:: No...
YarnKittymon: GU: ::softly:: It's all right, Kizzie. I'll send for a doctor. ::tries to smile, though Kizzie can probably sense something akin to terror underlying his gaze:: You just rest.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::Closes her eyes, trying to hide from the look in Guy's eyes:: Can't help...don't know how to get away...hurts so bad... ::clutches her head::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::takes Kizzie's hand, sitting on the bed next to her:: Be strong, Kizzie...tell me about the man, and perhaps I can find him.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::upset:: I can feel him in my head
YarnKittymon: GU: ::closes his eyes and concentrates again, trying to sense anything at all of the man's location::
Quantum Catz: : ::he can't sense anyone and of course kizzie could just be imagining him, since she is so feverish::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::opens his eyes after a long pause, then, softly:: I'm going to send for the doctor, Kizzie, and I'll bring you back some water. ::squeezes her hand, then turns to go do so::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::doesn't respond, although the tree outside bangs against the window again::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::is a bit worried the tree might break inside, so he walks quickly outside and bribes the nearest child a gold to fetch the doctor; he then goes back to the kitchen and gets a cup of water and wets a washcloth, making his way back to the bedroom in a couple minutes::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::is still curled up in the bed, shivering with her fever; when she sees Guy:: They hurt you...i'm sorry they hurt you...
YarnKittymon: GU: ::tries to help Kizzie sit up:: I'm fine, Kizzie; don't you worry about me at all. Can you drink this?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::drinks a sip of the water; murmurs:: I was just trying to reach you
YarnKittymon: GU: ::puts his arm around her; softly:: Well, it's a good thing you did, or else I might have never come for you.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::softly:: Maeve was there...I'd've...been okay...
YarnKittymon: GU: She has enough worries on her mind, Kizzie. And I *want* to be here for you.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::softly:: I'm...glad you're here
YarnKittymon: GU: ::softly:: Can you drink a bit more?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::nods weakly and takes another sip::
YarnKittymon: : ::there's a knock on the door; Guy calls out:: It's unlocked!
YarnKittymon: : ::a portly man walks in, the full-time doctor the mayor had brought in soon after Isaac fell ill; he has a bit of a smile and the hair and beard to play Santa Claus in the winter (which he does), though he's holding a medicine bag now, and his smile fades slightly when he sees Kizzie, though he just says:: We're going to have you right as rain soon enough. What's your name, young lady?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::rubbing at her forehead:: Kizzie...
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor gently nudges Guy aside and starts examining her, first feeling her for fever; turns to Guy:: This just happened?
YarnKittymon: GU: ::nods:: She...said she was attacked, and I sensed *something* a while back, so I'm sure she's right...
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::mumbles:: It hurts... ::rubs at her eyes::
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor softly asks:: What hurts, dear?
Quantum Catz: KZ: My head...my chest...draining away...
YarnKittymon: GU: ::his eyes widen::
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor softly says:: That's probably just the fever, dear. ::rummages through his bag::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::groans and curls up again; the tree bangs on the window once more::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::softly:: Kizzie, are you controlling that tree?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::murmurs:: 'S trying to reach me...
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor frowns::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::softly:: Should we take you away from the window, then?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::nods, thinking of her sister and not really wanting to let anything near her while she's ill::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::quietly:: We could take her to her living room; the trees outside its windows are a lot smaller.
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor shakes his head:: Stop this nonsense. ::finally finds the pills he was looking for:: Just take this, Kizzie, and you'll get better in no time.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::shakes her head:: They won't help...
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor frowns:: I know what I'm doing, here. Come on. Doctor's orders.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::rubs her eyes, trying hard to think clearly:: What are they?
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor shakes his head:: It'll help with the fever, and help you rest.
Quantum Catz: KZ: I need to...my head needs to be...clear...
YarnKittymon: GU: ::softly, to Kizzie:: Would asprin be all right?
Quantum Catz: KZ: Yeah...
YarnKittymon: GU: ::looks back at the doctor:: Is there anything you can do to *help* her, not just put her out?
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor frowns:: I'm trying to help, but that's difficult when the patient won't comply.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::weakly:: You don't understand...
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor shakes his head, patting Kizzie's shoulder:: You're not yourself, dear.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::groans:: That's the problem... ::shivers::
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor looks at Guy, then back at Kizzie:: Sit up and take your medicine, or I'll have to force it on you.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::looks agitated and the branches rattle against the window:: I can't...need to be...need to think...
YarnKittymon: GU: ::looks back at the doctor; softly:: I'm sorry, but I think your medicine might make things worse.
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor raises his eyebrows:: Then why did you call me here?
YarnKittymon: GU: ::quietly:: I believe something's attacking her, but it may be a bit of time before we can stop it...anything we do is just a stopgap measure until her attacker is dealt with.
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor frowns:: If it's something magical, I can't help her. Maybe Isaac could, if he's well enough.
Quantum Catz: KZ:: ::eyes wide, looking panicked:: No, he can't!
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor shakes his head:: Well, if she won't take anything stronger than aspirin, I'm afraid there's not much I can do for her, except advise you make sure she drinks plenty of water and stays in bed.
YarnKittymon: GU: ::sits down next to Kizzie again, taking her hand, looking at the floor; softly:: There has to be *something* you can do.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::suddenly cries out, her back arching in pain; they can hear every branch on the tree outside now shaking violently::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::squeezes Kizzie's hand, and then takes her into his arms:: We'll get you on the couch. It's all right.
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor frowns, looking through his bag again, with a sense of urgency::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::starts to cry:: I won't do it - i won't...i can't...
YarnKittymon: GU: ::looks rather sad himself; softly:: Won't do what, Kizzie?
Quantum Catz: KZ: Won't let him...can't get away...
YarnKittymon: GU: ::in a low voice:: I'll find him, Kizzie, and I'll stop whatever he's doing to you.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::just cries:
YarnKittymon: GU: ::holds Kizzie close; softly:: I'm going to take care of you, Kizzie, I promise...just focus on making it through...
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor frowns, standing, holding a bottle and a spoon:: Put her *down* somewhere!
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::stops crying and closes her eyes, looking tired::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::takes Kizzie into the living room and sets her on the couch, taking her hand again, and smoothing her hair with his other hand; softly:: Kizzie? Are you awake?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::softly:: Yeah ::though she doesn't open her eyes::
YarnKittymon: GU: Would you like some aspirin to help with the pain?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::nods, although she winces when she moves her head::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::helps Kizzie sit again, though the doctor pushes by him; quietly:: Kizzie, I have some better medicine for you.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::opens her eyes, wearily:: What will it do?
YarnKittymon: : It should ease your body's pain and perhaps help with your chest pain.
Quantum Catz: KZ: Like aspirin?
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor nods:: Only stronger.
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::hesitates and then shakes her head:: Don't want to hurt anyone...
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor reluctantly goes back to his bag and gets out a couple familiar white pills:: All right; we can start with aspirin, at any rate. ::helps Kizzie take them::
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::swallows the pills, though she coughs a bit when she drinks the water to wash them down; lies back down, looking worn out::
YarnKittymon: GU: ::softly:: Would you like me to read to you, Kizzie, or turn on the radio?
Quantum Catz: KZ: ::closing her eyes again:: Need to sleep for a bit...so tired....
YarnKittymon: GU: ::looks back at the doctor, frowning::
YarnKittymon: : ::the doctor softly says:: That's probably for the best...I have other patients, but send for me if there's any changes.
YarnKittymon: GU: ::nods; softly:: Thank you. ::hands the doctor his pay, and the man quickly leaves::

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