~Tuesday, August 8, 1933~

YarnKittymon: : ::Harry is driving a rather rickety carriage, with Stephanie and Maeve on either side of him, going towards the castle of Yarnia. Although Yarnia has never really modernized, the butlers dress like someone out of the 1800s, and that's what Harry's wearing. He has a mole and some new wrinkles, and a scar, courtesy of Stephanie's skills of disguise. The girls are in simple black dresses with full skirts and large white aprons to cover most of their fronts::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::whispering:: Wow. Just like old times. Are you sure you're not secretly hoping to be sent to the treasury?
YarnKittymon: HR: ::smirks:: I wouldn't blow our cover; you know that...Marina.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she grins:: Whatever you say.. *Raul*.
YarnKittymon: HR: ::stays quiet as they approach the town nearest the castle; he helps the ladies out of the cart and pays a man to keep the cart and horse stabled until their return, then goes to the market to buy a few spices, as way of an alibi::
Maeve Owens: SV: ::she smooths down the tight curls of her raven black wig, and adjusts the glasses perched on her nose. She glances around her casually enough that one would think her mind was in another world.::
YarnKittymon: : ::Stephanie does see a pair of rather flighty young maids she recognizes from the castle; luckily, they pay no mind to her...though their gaze lingers on Harry for a moment, and they giggle::
Maeve Owens: SV: ::she watches them out of the corner of her eye but she makes no outward signs that they bother her in the least. She isn't worried about them recognizing her. She's confident that she looks, and acts different enough.::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::is only fair at pretending to be a different person--though when he sees the girls, he turns away, pretending to be offended by their attentions, which is definitely an act::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::mutters quietly:: Don't act too aloof. ::she glares at the girls as if she was protecting something, then saunters off to look at some more goods while Harry pays::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::has to make an effort to keep from glaring at Maeve, and pays for their wares, handing one bundle to Stephanie::
Maeve Owens: SV: ::her expression doesn't change as she takes the box from him, and continues to stare out ahead of them.::
YarnKittymon: : ::the girls whisper to each other, then come over to Stephanie and Harry, still laughing to each other; one asks:: Are you the queen's servants, then? ::one of them looks rather closely at Stephanie::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::nods:: We haven't been in the castle long. ::looks around for Maeve::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she appears beside Harry, smiling sweetly:: Hello. My name is Marina. ::she holds out her hand to them::
Maeve Owens: SV: ::she smiles shyly at them::
YarnKittymon: : ::the girls introduce themselves as Annie and Betty, shaking first "Marina's" hand, and then "Raul's"; they then draw close to Stephanie, examining her like she's broken; one asks:: Well, *she's* awful rude.
Maeve Owens: SV: ::she smiles at them as she did before, and nods her head::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she giggles:: Well, I don't think you should hold it against her. She doesn't speak english.
YarnKittymon: HR: ::smiles in a restrained fashion, putting a hand on Stephanie's shoulder:: This is Agnese. She's good at cleaning rooms, if you show her what needs done.
YarnKittymon: : ::the girls both crinkle their noses; one murmurs:: They're letting *them* in now?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she frowns:: Well, *they* need work too.
YarnKittymon: HR: ::quietly:: If you don't like it, I suggest you take it up with the queen. Come on, girls. ::glances at Maeve and Stephanie, heading towards the castle::
Maeve Owens: SV: ::she keeps smiling, and waves goodbye to the girls::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::taps his fingers against his bundle as he walks; Maeve and Stephanie can both probably see that he's nervous::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she's looking forward to this little adventure and has yet to dwell on the consequences of getting caught. There's a light bounce in her step as she walks. She's working on being less sarcastic, and more like a smiling, friendly made up blonde that she looks like. Stephanie has somehow managed to get her long red curls underneath a short blonde wig. She has a mole on her upper lip, and the make up she's wearing makes her cheek bones stand out. She just hopes that it's enough. Maybe the queen hadn't paid her that much attention. Or the other guards::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::appears to be leading the way, though he's really looking at Stephanie for clues, since he doesn't know where the postern gate is::
Maeve Owens: SV: ::she takes a small, almost unnoticeable step to the right::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::stays close alongside Stephanie, and his keen eyes can barely make out a rather hidden door in the back of the castle; he walks up to it and boldly knocks::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::stands there with a smile plastered on her face::
Maeve Owens: SV: ::she keeps her eyes intently focussed on the ground::
YarnKittymon: : ::a gruff voice yells:: What's the password?
YarnKittymon: HR: ::crosses his fingers:: Marmalade.
YarnKittymon: : ::after a moment, what almost looks like part of the wall swings inward, and a creepy-looking guard motions them inside::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she smiles cheerfully at him as she enters::
Maeve Owens: SV: ::just the opposite of Maeve, she keeps her head down, only offering him a tiny smile as she passes::
YarnKittymon: HR: ::nods to the guard as he follows the girls inside:: I'm Raul Costa, the new butler for Queen Eloise.
YarnKittymon: : ::the guard nods gruffly:: About time. What about the girls?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she quickly extends her hand:: My name is Marina. And I understand that you are lacking help with the cleaning? ::she smilies::
YarnKittymon: : ::the guard nods slowly, eyeing up the other girl too:: We could...who's your friend?
Maeve Owens: SV: ::she smiles shyly, and nods her head; then in a heavily accented italian dialect:: Hello
Maeve Owens: MV: She doesn't speak much english. Just the basics, but she does know how to clean as long as you point her in the right direction.
YarnKittymon: : ::the guard nods, with a bit of a smile in his eyes:: I see. Yes, you should all do nicely. Costa, I'll show you to your quarters. Girls, you can get started in the scullery for now.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she nods:: Thank you very much. ::casting one last look at Harry, she takes Stephanie's arm, and walks away::
Maeve Owens: SV: ::she discretely tugs on Maeve's arm to get her to go in the right direction::
YarnKittymon: : ::Yarnia has embraced the modern habit of washing plates with hot, soapy water, so the scullery is certainly the most miserable place in the castle, with steaming hot, soapy water pouring into long sinks; right now there's two women there, with their sleeves rolled up--one is older than Libby, and offers them a motherly smile, and the other not much more than a girl, who seems about ready to fall asleep in the suds::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she approaches the tired the girl; smiling:: Why don't you let us take over? You won't be of any help anyway if you're too tired to move.
YarnKittymon: : ::the girl looks up at Maeve in complete awe, sliding aside to make way, but she shakes her head:: Cook will hit me if the dishes aren't done so he can make supper.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::forces herself to keep her smile in place:: Well, we'll see if we cant get those done in record time then. ::she turns to Stephanie, and makes a show of pointing to the towel for her to dry:: My name is Marina, and this is Agnese. ::she leans a little closer to the girl as if she's about to divulge a secret:: She doesn't speak English.
Maeve Owens: SV: ::she reaches out for the towel, and waits patiently for Maeve to hand her a dish::
YarnKittymon: : ::the girl looks at Agnese in awe:: She doesn't *look* slow. ::takes the towel::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she laughs:: No! She isn't slow. She's Italian. Whole other language, but I get the impression that some aren't too fond of foriegners.
YarnKittymon: : ::the other woman in the room smiles:: My grandmother came from Italy.
Maeve Owens: MV; Well, then that makes one more on Agnese's side then, I suppose?
YarnKittymon: : ::the girl quietly says:: If she washes dishes quick I'm on her side too. ::takes one from Maeve to dry::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she laughs, and picks up another dish. When she's done, she hands it to Stephanie::
YarnKittymon: : ::the other woman washes her dishes, and then sets them on the waiting tray, though they're bone dry when she sets them down::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she smiles at the woman:: And here I was about to offer you help next. You don't even need someone to dry them for you. That's pretty nifty in this line of work.
YarnKittymon: : ::the woman laughs slightly:: I'd always dreamed of being more, but my family's here.
Maeve Owens: MV: And where did you dream of being?
YarnKittymon: : Not where, but what. I guess I'd dreamed of being a hero...someone important...but that wasn't meant to be.
Maeve Owens: MV: I reckon that if you were to help this poor girl over here you'd be a hero in her eyes at least. ::she turns to look at the kid:: I'm sorry, I didn't get your name?
YarnKittymon: : ::the girl looks down; shyly:: Ewyn.
Maeve Owens: MV: That's a pretty name.
Maeve Owens: SV: ::she keeps on dryiing dishes. Her gaze keeps going to the door, wondering when someone will come down to give them more orders. She hadn't planned on spending the entire time in the kitchen::
YarnKittymon: : ::finally, a couple men come down to haul the dishes upstairs for the cook to use::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she flexes her aching fingers, and silently thinks to herself that she might never wash another dish again::
Maeve Owens: SV: ::she folds her towel up, and places it gently on the counter::
YarnKittymon: : ::Ewyn leans against the wall, smiling sadly; whispers:: I guess you two could probably sneak out, since you're new.
YarnKittymon: : ::the woman sighs:: If you don't, they'll have more dishes for us in half an hour.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she smiles weakly:: If I don't get use to their load now then in a week when they would notice my disappearance I won't be up to par.
Maeve Owens: SV: ::she coughs, then smiles slightly at Maeve::
YarnKittymon: : ::a fairly well-dressed man comes into the scullery, clearing his throat:: Girls, the rooms need made up. ::looks pointedly at Maeve and Stephanie::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she looks a little relieved. Now they won't have to sneak out:: Certainly. ::she takes Stephanie by the elbow, and leads her out, calling over her shoulder:: See you gals later!
YarnKittymon: : ::the two scullery-maids smile tiredly, and Ewyn waves::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::with Stephanie's help, they make it to the upper floors. They work quickly to make up the rooms for appearance sake before they try to venture into another one that could hold the key to any evidence::


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