~Tuesday, August 20, 1935~

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::wakes up early that morning after having a strange dream he can't remember; he looks around his room, then warily goes to a bookshelf, opening a dictionary he hasn't opened in years; he comes across several letters tucked inside, one opened.  He reads it, and his eyes widen as all sorts of memories wash over him::

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::it takes him a few minutes to get control of himself; he gets up and gets dressed, though it's just a bit past dawn, and he tucks the letters into a small satchel, then goes off towards Stephanie's::

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::knocks on Stephanie's door, quietly calling her name::

MaeveOwens: SV: ::she's already dressed for the day in a plain blue dress that falls to just above her knees. She's playing tourist today since she's on vacation. She looks rather nervous when she opens the door:: Hello Harry.

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::smiles, still finding Stephanie beautiful even in plain clothes, though the two of them aren't dating currently; his smile fades as he remembers his business; he pulls out the open letter::  Good morning...hate to cut to the chase so quick, but does this look familiar to you?

MaeveOwens: SV: ::she takes the letters, frowning:: No... ::she pulls out the opened letter, reading it. Her eyes widen.:: I don't understand. How did we simply not remember this? I mean, it's not completely clear but it's coming back. ::she shakes her head::

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::smiles::  You might want to change into less tourist-y clothes.  We have to get to Gate Town.

MaeveOwens: SV: ::she nods, and backs into her room. She pauses, frowning.:: Are we going to tell Maeve?

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::frowns::  I hate to do it...she'll probably tell Isaac, and we don't need *him* endangering us.  But, she'll fry me if I don't tell her.

MaeveOwens: SV: ::can't help but smile:: And none of us would want a well cooked Harry. I'll be right back. ::she closes the door and it's only a few minutes before she comes back out in travel worthy apparel.::

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::smirks::  The dress was more flattering.

MaeveOwens: SV: ::she smirks, and reaches out to swat his arm:: Just get moving, slick.

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::smiles, turning to go to Gate Town::

MaeveOwens: SV: Uh, Harry? I though you said you were afraid of Maeve's wrath? ::she stops at where they should have turned to go to Isaac's house, pointing down the street looking confused::

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::frowns::  I don't want her getting hurt, though.

MaeveOwens: SV: ::she frowns, looking confused.:: Never stopped you from asking before.

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::softly::  She's been with Isaac a while ago...she might...::stops, shaking his head, and he starts walking towards Maeve's house::

MaeveOwens: SV: ::she looks at him weird before she finally follows him::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::as they near the house, a bird flies down in front of them and changes into Eli, his arms folded:: What do you want this time?

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::steps back, a bit startled, and shakes his head; quickly::  Just trying not to get barbequed.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::shakes his head:: Maeve's done enough running around putting her life at risk

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::frowns::  Well, she was in this from the start, and she can protect herself.

Quantum Catz: EK: You wouldn't guess that from the number of times Isaac's had to heal her

MaeveOwens: SV: We're wasting time. The point is she has a right to know.

Quantum Catz: EK: I'm saying she doesn't - i'll go with you instead

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::glances back at Stephanie::  Maeve will fry the *both* of us.

MaeveOwens: SV: ::she smirks:: So would I if two *males* were attempting to hold me back. Don't look at me for sympathy.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::smirks:: Think i'm afraid of Maeve? Sadly for her, you can't burn dragons

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::looks at Eli::  What were you doing out here, anyway?

Quantum Catz: EK: ::hesitates:: I was out seeing someone

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::quietly::  You don't want Isaac to find out, do you?

Quantum Catz: EK: No, she... ::pauses and then says:: Not really any of your business. Are we going or what?

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::hesitates, then nods::  Sorry, Steph.  ::motions towards Gate Town, starting walking::

MaeveOwens: SV: ::she sighs:: I can't believe you two.

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::softly::  Better safe than sorry.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::smirks:: I'm a better fighter than Maeve anyway

MaeveOwens: MV: ::at about that time, the front door opens and Maeve comes out, luckily just missing Eli's comment. She catches sight of the trio, frowning:: Well, there's an unlikely group. ::she narrows her eyes at them; sounding suspicious:: What's going on?

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::smirks::  Just having a meeting; get back to bed.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::turns to frown at Maeve:: what are you doing up anyway? Isaac isn't awake too is he?

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she smirks, and points down to her pale green dress that she usually goes to work in:: I would but I talked the radio station into giving me another job. I'm heading there now. Unless there's something I should know?

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::quickly shakes his head::  Congratulations on the job, Maeve.

Quantum Catz: EK: Have fun

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she puts her hands on her hips; sarcastically:: Thanks. But I'm not going anywhere until you three tell me what's going on.

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::smirks, figuring they're already sunk::  Surprise birthday party.

Quantum Catz: EK: It's funny how you seem to assume you have a right to know everything about us

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she glares at Eli.:: I could always go wake up your brother. Or we do this the hard way, and I just follow you. ::she steps off the porch, and heads closer to them::

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::frowns, trying one last tactic::  Maeve, normally I'd bring you along...I'm just worried...you might have someone *else* to protect?

MaeveOwens: MV: ::stares at Harry like he's grown a second head:: I'm pretty sure no one here is in danger of anything... however, since the three of you do not normally hang out together, I know there's something going on.

MaeveOwens: SV: :::groans, snatches the papers, and hands them to Maeve:: We will never leave at this rate!

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::rolls his eyes, and opens his mouth, but when Stephanie speaks, he falls silent::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs::

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she frowns at the papers that have been thrust into her hands before she picks out the one the others have read. They can see it the moment she remembers:: Why those little devils.

yarnkittymon: HR:  We'll take care of it, Maeve.

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she glares at Harry:: If you think I'm staying behind you're crazy. I'm as much a part of this as you are. ::she glances at Eli then back at Harry:: Though I don't know why he's suddenly interested in going.

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::frowns, cringing::  We need to get going, at any rate...could be our enemies remembered just now, too

Quantum Catz: EK: ::mutters under his breath:: You didn't see Josh after you took Isaac off, last time

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she stops, frowning:: I tried to get Isaac not to go. And you don't see me dragging him this time. And I'm going now, so you might as well stay behind before Josh gets upset over another one of his brothers leaving.

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::smirks at Stephanie; quietly::  Told you we shouldn't have come here.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::laughs:: You think he won't try to look for you? He and Josh both know i can take care of myself

MaeveOwens: SV: ::she shrugs, looking just a little sorry for making him::

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she glares at Eli:: I'm going. I started this, and I'm finishing it. And when it's all over, just maybe you'll see I'm capable of taking care of myself! ::she tucks the papers against her:: Besides, I've got the evidence. ::she heads for Gatetown::

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::softly::  You want to take your horse?

MaeveOwens: MV: Sure.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::doesn't say anything, but doens't look like he plans on leaving them::

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::smiles weakly at Eli::  If you help us, we won't need a cart, and we'll be home sooner.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs:: How fast d'you wanna get there?

yarnkittymon: HR:  Soon as possible, as far as I'm concerned.

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she doesn't look happy either about Eli tagging along but she isn't about to waste her breath arguing::

Quantum Catz: EK: Dragon will get there fastest, but we might get noticed

MaeveOwens: SV: ::she frowns:: I'm not sure that's the kind of attention we want to draw. Would we still make it in a day though?

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::nods, frowning::  Can you fly high enough that we might not be seen?

Quantum Catz: EK: Yeah, it's the landing that people might see though

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::nods; quietly::  Then horseback it is...come on; let's get going.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs and follows Harry::

yarnkittymon: :  ::soon, they're on Isaac's horse, and Eli, on their way to Gate Town::

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