~Saturday, August 24, 1935~

yarnkittymon: :  ::it's almost nightfall when the group makes it back to Marquis, tired but relatively unharmed::

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she takes as long as she can at the stables to secure their horse, not wanting to face whatever is waiting for her at home.::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::once he's changed back to a human, says:: Tell the others I'm alright and i'll see them in the morning

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::is already gone, having offered to take Stephanie out to dinner, not hinting whether he means it as a gesture of friendship or a date::

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she gapes at Eli:: Are you out of your mind! Isaac won't be happy if you don't go in there and show yourself and he'll be even angrier if you stay out late doing who knows what!

Quantum Catz: EK: No more angry than he already is - there's somewhere else i need to go

MaeveOwens: MV: ::raises an eyebrow at him:: Where?

MaeveOwens: SV: ::she accepted, though she tries not to get her hopes up::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs:: Like you'd tell me if you had somewhere to run off to

MaeveOwens: MV: ::smirks:: Fine. Leave me to suffer the wrath alone. ::she shakes her head and walks towards home, knowing she won't get much more out of him anyway.::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::watches maeve for a moment and then changes into a bird and flies off towards the forest::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::is sitting on the couch asleep when Maeve gets home::

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she walks by the couch and hesitates, not sure if she wants to wake him::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::wakes at the noise and looks at Maeve for a moment before jumping up and hugging her:: Maeve! ::pulls back quickly though:: Where the hell have you been? Where's Eli?

MaeveOwens: MV: ::it happens so fast she's left standing there rather stiff; she smirks:: I don't know where Eli is. He said he'd be back by morning but you know him... you'd have better luck drawing information out of a porcupine.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::looks rather annoyed at that answer:: So the two of you just sneak off for days on end without telling a soul where you're going and he doesn't have the decency to come home when he gets back?
MaeveOwens: MV: ::she winces:: I told him as much. Eli claims I'm stubborn but I swear he has me beat.

Quantum Catz: IS: You're both as bad as each other, if i didn't know any better i'd swear he was your brother

MaeveOwens: MV: ::smirks:: Or self appointed watch dog/bird.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs and runs a hand across his eyes:: So where *have* you been? Why didn't you at least leave a note? I've been worried sick

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she looks away; quietly:: If I had left a note they would have left without me.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::snaps:: And what's wrong with that? You don't always have to go running off like this!

MaeveOwens: MV: ::her eyes widen:: Well, I did! We started something three years ago. Someone, probably Sig, wiped every memory of that away. With his power gone it must have come back. I was angry enough just over that to *need* to see it through! And if Eli was going, I was going.

Quantum Catz: IS: Why was *Eli* going?

MaeveOwens: MV: ::smirks:: To try to keep me from going.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::groans:: You are both as bad as each other - and i be neither of you stopped to think how worried i'd be

MaeveOwens: MV: ::quietly:: I'm sorry. I did but if I had told you- well I was worried you'd insist on coming which would just lead to Josh being even angrier at me no doubt for taking you away-again.

Quantum Catz: IS: You didn't think about me being angry with you?|

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she winces:: Uh, I well... ::everything excuse she thinks of she knows is just going to make him angrier::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::mutters:: I'm too tired for this, i'm going to bed ::turns towards the stairs::

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she stands there awkwardly, not sure if she should follow him or not; after a moment, softly:: Isaac? ::she follows him, reaching for his arm.:: I'm sorry. I'll leave a note next time...

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::finally jogs back to the house, fairly dripping with sweat; he stops still several feet away when he sees Maeve and Isaac::

Quantum Catz: IS: Yeah, because a note will make me worry less ::pulls away from her::

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she frowns:: Well if everyone would stop acting like I'm a frail helpless woman no one would have to be doing any worrying!

Quantum Catz: IS: ::snaps:: I'm not acting like that! I just don't like people i care about putting themselves in danger!

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::cringes, stepping back::

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she shrugs helplessly, still not having noticed Josh:: You know that's what I'm best for! ::she takes a moment to take a deep breath, turning a little pale::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::notices Josh and opens his mouth to say something but hesitates when Maeve goes pale:: Are you okay?

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out; she nods::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::frowns:: Are you sure?

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she nods and manages a weak smile:: Yeah, I'm fine.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::bites back his worry, since he's still annoyed at her, and, to avoid any more arguing:: Are you coming in or not, Josh?

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::walks to the doorway, glancing at Maeve::  Is Eli all right?

MaeveOwens: MV: ::surprised, she turns around to look at Josh. She takes another deep breath before answering:: Yeah, he's fine. ::she heads for the bathroom:: It's been a long day. I'm just gonna... ::rushes away::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::frowns after her when she runs away, not sure whether to be worried or annoyed::

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she isn't feeling well but heck if she's gonna tell him that and make him even more angry with her::

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::looks rather dissatisfied as well; softly::  Did she tell you anything?

Quantum Catz: IS: ::shrugs:: Not anything much really

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::thrusts his hands in his pockets, grimacing, though he keeps his mouth shut::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::Turns to head up the stairs:: She said Eli'll be back in the morning, apparently he had something better to do than come home
yarnkittymon: JH:  ::nods; quietly::  I think I have another mile or two in me...I'll be back.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::hesitates:: Don't stay out too late, okay?

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::smiles::  I'll be back before ten, I promise.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::once Josh leaves, he goes up to his room and sits down on the bed, sighing::

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she comes up the stairs a few minutes later and quietly enters the room. She stands there, watching him for a few moments before she approaches him; softly:: I don't want you to be mad at me...

Quantum Catz: IS: ::Sighs:: I even tried to get Becky to find you but she wasn't feeling well enough to teleport. I felt so helpless, all i could do was just sit and wait for you two to bother coming home

MaeveOwens: MV: ::hoping her nausea will stay quiet for a while, she kneels down beside him near the bed and reaches for his hand; gently:: I'm sorry I worried you. But I'm okay...

Quantum Catz: IS: That's not the point - you should have told me. I bet you wouldn't be happy if i disappeared for a few days with no warning

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she looks down to where she's still clutching his hand:: No, I wouldn't... but we didn't have time to argue over it and I needed to go...

Quantum Catz: IS:  you didn't *need* to go anywhre

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she shrugs:: I was a part of what they uncovered. I wanted to be there. ::she frowns, and looks away::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::Sighs:: Yeah, i know

MaeveOwens: MV: ::Starts to say something more but she has to get to her feet again; weakly:: I'll be right back. ::she has to disappear again, and is rather annoyed since she figures she was at least getting somewhere::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::this time he does follow her to the bathroom:: Maeve, what's wrong?  Are you sick?

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she makes a small noise of frustration and hesitates. If he follows her, he's going to know anyway. She ends up nodding but refuses to look at him. She bolts for the bathroom anyway, unable to wait::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::follows and waits outside of the bathroom for her::

MaeveOwens: MV: ::the water runs, she brushes her teeth again and opens the for two minutes later. She keeps her eyes on the floor::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::reaches for her forehead to see if she has a fever:: How long have you been feeling ill for? D'you want me to heal you?

MaeveOwens: MV: ::her forehead is a little warm but not enough to suggest a fever; softly:: You're just going to get mad again.

Quantum Catz: IS: Why would i get mad at you being ill?

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she shrugs:: They didn't seem all to happy with me. ::she bites her lip, looking a little pale again::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::Sighs:: Well it's not exactly a surprise that you would still go of somewhere when you were ill

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she nods then inches back towards the door again; softly:: Uuh... ::she bites her lip, wishing this would stop::

Quantum Catz: IS: Don't you want me to try and heal you?

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she takes a deep breath and nods her head::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::takes her hand and tries to heal her::

MaeveOwens: MV: ::smiles weakly when the queasiness passes:: Thanks.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: You should get some rest

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she nods; hesitantly:: Okay. ::she looks at him, trying to determine if he is still upset or not.::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::still doesn't look happy but doesn't seem as angry as before; turns to head back to their room::

MaeveOwens: MV: ::takes that as good sign and starts to follow until the queasiness unexpectedly returns. She turns back; groaning:: It didn't help...

Quantum Catz: IS: ::looks a bit confused, and worried now:: It should have...

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she stays in there a little longer this time before she comes out. Her gaze meets his and she at least looks terrified::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::surprised at Maeve's expression:: What? What's wrong?

MaeveOwens: MV: I don't know! You tell me! ::she refuses to utter the "p" word::

Quantum Catz: IS: Well that should've healed you unless it wasn't a normal disease

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she swallows hard:: What do you mean not a normal disease? ::she silently begs *him* not to use the "p" word::

Quantum Catz: IS: Well... ::hesitates:: The only thing i can... ::frowns:: But that's...

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she quickly shakes her head, the whole idea rather scaring her. She isn't even sure if *he* wants more kids to raise..::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly, still trying to get his head around the idea in his mind:: I couldn't heal becky when she first got ill

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she shakes her head again, trying to deny it.::

Quantum Catz: IS: Shaking your head won't make it go away. ::still a bit annoyed with her:: The other option is a variant with the power to *make* you ill, you'd get to run off again that way

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she cringes:: You don't have to make it sound like I'm looking for excuses to run off, you know. Because I'm not.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: Sorry, I've not slept much

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she nods and chews on her lip, not sure what to do now::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::isn't really sure what to do either:: So...could you be...pregnant?

MaeveOwens: MV: ::softly:: It's not possible Isaac. ::her voice is suspiciously wobbly, like tears are threatening. She must be tired:: It would mean that I was... you know.. when... ::she bites her lip, looking down at her feet::

Quantum Catz: IS: But it...it *is* possible...

MaeveOwens: MV: ::her gaze quickly returns to Isaac; she shrugs helplessly:: Then what does that mean? For us? ::she still looks scared to death::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::can't take the scared expression on her face anymore and hugs her, tightly::

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she sniffs, and practically buries herself in his embrace::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::Softly:: You know it's not the end of the world. It's not even meant to be a bad thing

MaeveOwens: MV: ::smirks:: It's not a bad thing when it happens to Libby or Becky... but what sane person would trust *me* with an infant!
Quantum Catz: IS: ::can't help but laugh:: Well i guess you'd have 9 months to train yourself to be responsible

MaeveOwens: MV: ::mutters:: I've already lost a few months if I'm already getting sick... ::she frowns at him:: And it's not funny!

Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles:: Well it is a *bit* funny

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she makes a face at him.::

Quantum Catz: IS: How're you feeling? Do you still feel ill?

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she turns serious again, the nervousness coming back; softly:: A little but I think it's passing for the night...

Quantum Catz: IS: You should get some rest then. We'll go to the doctor tomorrow

MaeveOwens: MV: ::her eyes widen and she looks like he just suggested they hop onto a tiny boat and take a joy ride on the choppy seas:: What?!
Quantum Catz: IS: I know you don't like doctors but wouldn't you like to know for sure that you are pregnant? You never know, it could still be that evil variant out to make you sick

MaeveOwens: MV: ::murmurs:: For the sake of unborn babies everywhere I hope it's the latter.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::chuckles:: I'm sure you'll be better than you think

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she smiles but it quickly fades to a nervous frown; quietly:: But you want to raise another child?

Quantum Catz: IS: Well, for one thing...if you're already pregnant then it's a bit late for me to worry about that and for another...yeah, it's a pretty scary thought but why wouldn't i want to have a child with you? ::hesitates:: Don't you want to?

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she bites her lip, thinking about it; softly:: I never thought of myself as a mother, Isaac. I don't know...

Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs and smiles weakly:: Come on, we both need some sleep

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she winces; quietly:: I'm scared but I don't want you to think that I'm appalled by... carrying your child... ::she didn't take his sigh as a good sign:: Because I'm not....

Quantum Catz: IS: ::reaches out and strokes her cheek:: I know. And i know you're scared. It's just...you're supposed to be happy too

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she smiles weakly:: Maybe once we know for sure that I'm not being hunted by someone wanting me to literally part company with my insides.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles and puts his arm around her, kissing the top of her head:: Well i guess we'll find out soon enough

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she smiles, closing her eyes and sighing contentedly. A moment later she stiffens and pulls back just far enough to look up at him:: I don't want to go look at a dead rabbit.

Quantum Catz: IS: You don't have to see a rabbit at all, as far as i know

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she frowns:: What more would a midwife know though? Her guess is as good as ours isn't it? ::she does not want to see a doctor and as far as she is concerned, with Isaac there, she doesn't need one.::

Quantum Catz: IS: From what i know, the doctor would do a test on a rabbit and that'll tell him if your pregnant or not. It's a bit better than a guess

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she looks worried again::

Quantum Catz: IS: You can worry about it all you like, but you're going to the doctor

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she glares at him:: I don't see why I have to. You're here. What could go wrong?

Quantum Catz: IS: If i can't stop you throwing up, then who knows what else i can't heal. I'd just be happier if you went to a doctor

MaeveOwens: MV: ::just gives him a look as if to say "we'll see about that"::

Quantum Catz: IS: Well, i would. And you owe me for making me worry so much anyway

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she glares at him; teasing:: Oh that was low.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::grins:: But worth it if it works

MaeveOwens: MV: ::she smiles at him and shakes her head:: We'll see I guess.


yarnkittymon: JH:  ::takes off at a jog into the forest, his eyes and ears open for any sign of Eli, though of course it will be very hard to find him if he's in an animal form::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::was pretty tired after he got back, so though he's a dog, he hasn't bothered to hide his tracks very well, though it might take Josh a while to find said tracks::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::reaches a small cave and changes back to a human; softly:: Hey, Kitten, you there?

MaeveOwens: LA: ::tiredly calls out to him from inside the cave:: No, I ran away.

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::remembers playing with his brother when they were kids, so even though it's pretty dark out, he finds the tracks after about twenty minutes, and starts following them::

Quantum Catz: EK: Haha ::heads into the cave:: How're you feeling?

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she's sitting up, looking a tad better than he last saw her. She hasn't bothered to pull her straight mass of tortoise shell colored hair back, too tired to mess with it after fighting to wash it in the stream. Her one amber and one green slanted eyes are smiling up at him, happy to have him back:: Where have you been? I thought you had forgotten me.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs:: Trying to keep Maeve out of trouble. You look a bit better than you did before ::sits down across from her::

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she laughs slightly at that but nods her head to his last statement:: Well, you know, a few days have gone by. I would hope I was looking better and not worse. ::she moves her still bandaged arm and bites back a wince. She's getting restless just sitting around all day and night::

Quantum Catz: EK: You know I could still take you to Isaac... ::though he doesn't look much like he expects her to agree::

yarnkittymon: :  ::Josh finally makes his way to the cave, looking rather surprised to hear a woman's voice::
MaeveOwens: LA: ::she wrinkles her nose and is about to tell him off again when her cat-like ears pick up on movement outside the cave. Her pupils grow large; whispers:: Someone's out there.

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::cringes, shying back as though he can hide::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::changes back into a dog and pads out of the cave, rather surprised when he sees Josh there::

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::once he's been spotted, stands up straight again::  Who are you talking to, Eli?

Quantum Catz: EK: ::returns to his normal form and glares at his brother, ignoring the question:: What're you doing here?

yarnkittymon: JH:  Am I the only one who can't run off and get into trouble, then?  At least *I* told Isaac where I was going.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::folds his arms:: You told Isaac you were gonna come hunting for me?

yarnkittymon: JH:  Well, I told him I was going out jogging in the forest.  I know he knew what I was doing.

Quantum Catz: EK: Hey, Maeve was the one who didn't tell anyone where she was going, i was just making sure she didn't get herself killed

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::frowns::  Who were you talking to?

Quantum Catz: EK: That's none of your business - you shouldn't have followed me

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::tries to shove his way past Eli::  Who's there?  Are you hurt?

Quantum Catz: EK: ::holds Josh back:: Leave her alone, Josh

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she gasps when she hears Josh come closer and looks around in a panic. She attempts to scoot herself into a darker corner, and cries out when she bumps her injured leg::

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::cringes, pulling away from Eli::  I'm bringing Isaac!  Even if she's a criminal or something, he won't tell on her!

Quantum Catz: EK: ::snaps:: No! You're not telling Isaac anything!

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::makes a face at Eli::  Then let me see her.  If she's not hurt too bad...maybe not.

Quantum Catz: EK: She won't want to see you, and she doesn't want to see Isaac either ::he can't hide a look of annoyance about the last part::

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she finally pulls herself into a corner to hide::

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::folds his arms::  Then I'll just bring Isaac back here.

Quantum Catz: EK: No, she'll make me help her move somewhere else and that'll only make her worse

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::tries to get into the cave::

Quantum Catz: EK: Josh, stop it, please

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::looks back at Eli, rather hurt::  How many secrets do you *have*?

Quantum Catz: EK: ::is a bit surprised by Josh's expression:: I...there aren't any other secrets. She just doesn't want people to know she's here

MaeveOwens: LA: ::If she had enough nerve she'd tell Eli it was too late. The kid already knew she was there::

yarnkittymon: JH:  Then maybe I can help too?  What's she scared of?

Quantum Catz: EK: ::hesitates and then sighs:: Let me talk to her for a minute, okay?

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::nods silently, thrusting his hands into his pockets::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::turns and goes back into the cave, crouching down beside Leyla:: I'm sorry, i didn't expect anyone to come looking for me

MaeveOwens: LA: ::quietly:: I know it's not your fault. ::she looks away::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::hesitates:: He isn't going to just give up and go away...

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she winces; whispers:: Are you going to help me move? What if he tells your brother?

Quantum Catz: EK: He might not if you talk to him

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she bites her lip, looking shy again and worried.:: I don't know...

Quantum Catz: EK: Look, there's nothing i would love more than to drag you to Isaac but i haven't. I can convince him not to as well but not if you just hide in here, he'll want to see you

MaeveOwens: LA: ::it takes her a few moment but she finally nods her head::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::looks rather relieved that he's not going to have to argue with his brother any more:: Do you want him to come in here, or d'you want me to help you outside?

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she perks up a little:: Outside...

Quantum Catz: EK: ::smiles a bit:: Alright, come on then ::tries as best he can to help her move without aggravating her injuries::

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::is waiting, glancing between the forest and the mouth of the cave, impatiently::

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she bites down on her lip to keep from whimpering but the thought of being outside a little longer has her pushing forward. She smiles shyly at Josh then quickly looks away::
LA: ::She's just a few inches shorter than Eli, and right now is smoothing down the wrinkles in her plain green dress while she waits for Josh to say something. The dress doesn't hide the large bandage wrapped around her lower right leg::

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::looks a bit surprised at the young woman's appearance, but then he smiles, holding out a hand to her::  My name's Josh.

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she hesitates, just staring at his hand for a few seconds before she reaches out a dainty hand to shake Josh's; softly:: Leyla

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::softly::  Are you all right?  I can try to find some medicine if you need it.

MaeveOwens: LA: ::her pupils grow big again and she quickly shakes her head:: No! They'll wonder why you're getting it. ::she shakes her head again:: Please, just forget you saw me?

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::frowns::  I won't tell anyone.

Quantum Catz: EK: Not even Isaac ::though he's not as emphatic about that as before after watching her bite back the pain::

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she looks at Eli, silently asking if it was indeed going to be okay::

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::nods; softly::  I promised not to tell.  But Isaac really should know.  He won't do anything...if you think he's going to, you can just run away once he's healed you.

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she bites her lip and eventually just shakes her head no::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::mutters:: You think i haven't tried to convince her?yarnkittymon: JH:  ::shakes his head, still looking worried::  She might get sick.

MaeveOwens: LA: ::stubbornly:: No I won't.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::mutters:: She also can't hunt properly or really defend herself but she's sure she'll be fine ::sighs::

yarnkittymon: JH:  Maybe we can take turns visiting, at least.

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she looks back at Josh, surprised.:: What? ::she quickly shakes her head:: What if your brother found out? ::she shakes her head again::

yarnkittymon: JH:  You can't be happy in a cave all day...

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she glances towards the lake:: I manage to pull myself out on my own at least once...

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::quietly::  I go out jogging every day; I can at least see you for a few minutes, bring you some food.  With me and Eli both coming at different times, it'll be *less* suspicious.

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she looks back at him skeptically:: How so when two of you would be disappearing a lot instead of just one?

yarnkittymon: JH:  Well, we won't be buying as much food, at least...

Quantum Catz: EK: ::softly:: Most of the time, nobody really notices when i come here, and it would make me feel better at least if you had someone with you more often...at least until you're better...

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she shrugs, looking worried:: I don't know. I don't want anyone to find me. He found us easy enough...

yarnkittymon: JH:  I can step light...

Quantum Catz: EK: It was night time and i was tired, i didn't expect someone to come looking

MaeveOwens: LA: ::softly:: I don't want to be a bother.

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::makes a face::  It's either that or I can stay awake night worrying if you're all right.  I'd rather visit.

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she looks surprised again:: Why would you worry about me?

yarnkittymon: JH:  Well, you're Eli's friend, so you're not a bad person.  And you're hurt and alone.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::smirks a bit:: Don't you just love his faith in my judgement of strange girls who hide in forests?

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she smiles shyly, chuckling just a bit.::

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::grins::  So you promise not to run away?  I don't know if there's any nicer caves nearby

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she bites her lip and after a moment reluctantly nods her head::

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::still smiling; nods::  Good.  We'll look out for you, Leyla.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::hugs her, grateful that there's someone else to help look after her now::

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she flushes, a little embarrassed about Eli hugging her in front of his brother::

yarnkittymon: JH:  Maybe sometime you'll tell me why you're hiding?

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she frowns:: I guess...

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::pauses::  Guess it's not my business, though.  Even if I bet you told Eli.  ::smirks::

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she looks away guiltily:: I'm sorry. I don't mean to offend you. And if I'm trusting you to bring me food I guess there's no reason for you not knowing why I'm here... ::she looks up at Eli::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::smiles at her:: You don't have to talk about it tonight, i'm sure he'll be back again soon enough

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she nods her head. She's starting to look tired anyway::

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::looks out at the sky, frowning::  I promised Isaac I'd be back by ten.  But I'll come back tomorrow night, and I'll bring you some food.

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she nods; quietly:: Thank you.

yarnkittymon: JH:  ::just nods, then smirks at Eli::  I'll let you think of your own alibi, though...I think Isaac's already really mad.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::rolls his eyes:: He never stays angry for long ::smirks:: and he'll have vented on Maeve by the time he sees me

yarnkittymon: JH:  Yeah, all right.  I'll see you later, Leyla.  ::smiles at the both of them before turning to run off::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::looks at Leyla:: You sure you're alright with him coming round here? He can be pretty determined about things when he wants to

MaeveOwens: LA: ::her eyes grow large:: Do you think he'll bring Isaac then?

Quantum Catz: EK: No, he promised he wouldn't ::smiles slightly:: You'll just have to hurry up and get better so he doesn't have a reason to tell Isaac then you can stop worrying

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she smiles again::

Quantum Catz: EK: So, you want to go back inside yet, or are you still happy out here?

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she sighs:: I guess back inside. If I wait too much longer you're gonna be doing all the work to get me back in.

Quantum Catz: EK: I'm sure i'll cope, i know you don't like being stuck in there

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she shakes her head; quietly:: I don't want to cause you more trouble.

Quantum Catz: EK: Nah, come on - we're gonna sit by the water and if you're not walking then i'm carrying you, so no arguing

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she smiles at him:: I can walk

Quantum Catz: EK: Good ::though he helps her to walk as much as he can::

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she has to lean on him more than before as they walk down to the lake::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::helps her to sit down by the water and then sits beside her, lying back and looking up at the sky::

MaeveOwens: LA: ::leans her good arm one a rock for support as she too glances up. She sighs, missing being able to play in the trees or take naps up there where it's safe::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::softly:: You'll be better soon enough

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she looks back at him, tiredly:: I know. ::she smiles a little more:: So tell me about your trip.

Quantum Catz: EK: It wasn't very interesting. Maeve and her friends had information about the queen that they wanted to take to Gate Town. I spent most of my time playing the horse

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she bites her lip to keep from laughing:: I'm sorry. That probably wasn't any fun.

Quantum Catz: EK: Not really no, but i'd rather have been there than not. I think Maeve might be pregnant, not that being ill's ever stopped her doing what she wants

MaeveOwens: LA: ::surprised:: Oh.

Quantum Catz: EK: It's kinda funny...if she is, then i'll be an *uncle*...

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she smiles at that:: Then I guess I should be saying congratulations... that is if she's pregnant.

Quantum Catz: EK: Ah, she probably is, Maeve's nothing if not full of surprises

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she laughs:: So, Uncle Eli, are you going to be as big of a watch dog for your poor little niece of nephew like you are with your sister-in-law?

Quantum Catz: EK: I'm kinda hoping they'll be the kind of kid who likes to stay indoors and read, it'll be a nice change

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she laughs again:: Well, be sure to pamper it with books and such.

Quantum Catz: EK: Sounds like a plan to me. It's about time we had a bookworm in the family

MaeveOwens: LA: ::quietly:: I thought Dolly was? She is teaching at that orphanage now... ::she shudders. There's another one she has to avoid and another good reason for not going to Eli's house::

Quantum Catz: EK: Yeah, i guess she is, sorta ::hesitates:: And you know, just cos she works there...doesn't mean she'd tell anyone about you

MaeveOwens: LA: ::smiles sheepishly:: Sorry.

Quantum Catz: EK: As fun as it might be to be sneaking off at night to see a pretty girl, it would be nice to one day not have to. You can't really live alone like this forever

MaeveOwens: LA: ::her smile vanishes:: I don't know... people don't like me. ::she turns away to hide the flush caused by him calling her pretty. She doesn't understand that either::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::sits up:: Well i do and i'm sure Josh will too once he gets to know you. So that's you got two friends before you've even set foot in town

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she frowns:: I don't know why the two of you like me when no one else does. But I can't go in to town. I just can't.

Quantum Catz: EK: People can be idiots, Kitten ::picks up a stone and tries to skip it across the water, though it only skips once::

MaeveOwens: LA: ::whispers:: And I'm scared of them. There's too many of them.

Quantum Catz: EK: It's not like they're all gonna go after you ::smirks a bit:: And even if someone thought about it, i make a pretty good guard dog

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she winces:: You can't guard me against what they'll say.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs:: You don't have to listen

MaeveOwens: LA: ::whispers:: What about you? You'll just end up hating me. ::she looks away::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::softly:: I can't imagine what they'd say that would make me hate you

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she shakes her head, not wishing to tell him:: It's better if I stay here.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::smiles weakly:: Maybe one day I'll wear you down

MaeveOwens: LA: ::from the scared look on her face it isn't likely::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs:: Sorry, i shouldn't've brought it up

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she shrugs and leans against the rock:: It's okay.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::smirks a bit:: Might as well apologise now, i'll probably bring it up again soon enough

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she looks back at him, sadly:: And I'm sorry in advance for saying no.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::stifles a yawn and stretches his hands above his head:: Yeah, i know but you can't blame me for trying

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she yawns too; quietly:: I guess not. ::she lays her head down on her arm. She's fading fast.::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::stands up:: Come on, I'll take you back to the cave before we both fall asleep

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she yawns again and struggles to get to her feet. It's not an easy thing to do on her own::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::moves forward to help her::

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she accepts his help, blushing just a little as she stumbles along awkwardly::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::hates seeing her like this but doesn't say anything as he helps her into the cave::

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she settles down onto her worn blankets; softly:: Thank you.

Quantum Catz: EK: Want me to stay with you? Nobody'll be looking for me until the morning now

MaeveOwens: LA: I'm sure you'll want your bed. I'll be fine...

Quantum Catz: EK: I wouldn't be offering if i was bothered about missing my bed

MaeveOwens: LA: ::whispers:: Just checking.

Quantum Catz: EK: I'll stay here then, just wake me up if you need anything

MaeveOwens: LA: ::she smiles shyly at him:: Okay.

Quantum Catz: EK: G'night then ::smiles at her for a moment and then turns into a small dog and curls up against the wall of the cave::

MaeveOwens: LA: ::the pain keeps her up most nights so it's a while before she falls asleep and even then it's not a restful one. At least with Eli there she feels safe enough to relax a little more::

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