~Thursday, November 7, 1935~
(Colors completely switched for half with Julie's in pink and Caroline's in orange; sorry)

Quantum Catz:
: ::it's early in the afternoon when Dominick appears in Becky and Toby's living room, Becky's curled up on the couch with a book, though drifting to sleep a bit::

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::is busy working fixing a broken shipment of china plates and figurines, and when he sees Dominick, he's more worried than glad::  Dominick!  Is everything all right?

Quantum Catz: DK: ::hesitates:: I'm not sure. Your sister turned up at my house. She said she needed to talk to you

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::looks rather worried; glances over at Becky::

Quantum Catz: BM: ::sits up, rubbing her eyes to wake up a bit::

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::quietly::  If she needs me, I should go...::but still looks worried, watching Becky::

Quantum Catz: BM: ::softly:: I'll come too - Dominick can babysit me and Peanut ::though the tone of her voice suggests that she doesn't really think she needs babysat::

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::smiles slightly::  All right, then.  ::nods to Dominick::  How's the family?  I haven't heard from Christa so much lately.

Quantum Catz: DK: ::nods:: Everyone's fine. Lexie seems to be as well, just a bit upset about something

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::nods::  Where is she?

Quantum Catz: DK: I have a place on the island just now. I left her there. She said she'd rather you came to our time

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::nods, frowning::  Any reason?

Quantum Catz: DK: ::shrugs:: She wouldn't tell me

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::nods::  Well...we'd better get to your place, then.  ::smiles::  Is it a house today, or just a spot of land?  Or a lake?

Quantum Catz: ((does he mean what's dominick's place like in 1935?))

yarnkittymon: ((Yeah))

Quantum Catz: ((is gate town smaller in 1935 than it is now?))

yarnkittymon: ((Probably about the same))

Quantum Catz: ((and what's marquis like in present day?))

yarnkittymon: ((Completely gone, or possibly a very few people there.  It got half-leveled, remember?  :) ))

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::smiles::  Well, ready when you are.  ::holds out his arm to Becky::

Quantum Catz: DK: It's in Gate Town, it exists, but it doesn't look much the same

Quantum Catz: BM: Well let's get going then, before the pregnant woman needs her nap

Quantum Catz: BM: ::stands up and takes Toby's arm::

Quantum Catz: : ::Dominick decides it'll be easier to travel in 1935 to Gate Town, not saying that it's because he doesn't think they'd like to see how deserted their home town is in present day.  Once they find a place for the horse and cart, he takes them to 2006, near his house but not at it::

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::looks around; the place actually looks less modern in the present than it was in 1935, and he doesn't like that sign at all--even if he knew it was true when he left his home time::

Quantum Catz: DK: ::leads the way to his house, a small but nice enough looking building; opening the door:: Lexie?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::appears from the living room and grins when she sees her brother:: Toby!

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::grins widely; he'd missed her ever since they went their separate ways, of course, but seeing her again makes him remember anew, just how much; he goes over and hugs her tight::  Lexie!

Quantum Catz: LX: ::chuckles:: Hug me any tighter and i'm not gonna be able to breathe

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::lets go apologetically::  Sorry...how have you been?

Quantum Catz: LX: I'm...you know...doing okay ::though she looks a bit thinner than she did last time he saw her::

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::frowns::  You haven't got in any trouble, have you?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::hesitates, glancing at Becky and Dominick:: There is...something....I didn't know who else to talk about it with

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::nods seriously::  What's wrong?

Quantum Catz: BM: ::pushes her brother forward:: Come on, point me in the direction of a bed so i can lie down. We'll leave these two alone

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::heads towards the sofa, motioning for Lexie to follow::

Quantum Catz: LX: ::isn't using her crutch but does limp as she walks; sits down and doesn't say anything for a while::

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::waits silently, looking at Lexie first, then examining the house as though it's pretty interesting::

Quantum Catz: LX: ::finally, softly:: The reason i hurt my knee...i think someone's after me again for the same reason

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::his eyes widen; quietly::  What was the reason the first time, Lexie?

Quantum Catz: LX: I broke apart a family, i said things i shouldn't have

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::his eyes widen::  Lexie?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::covers her face in her hands:: I should have backed away, i shouldn't've said anything...but she had a little sister...i couldn't just keep quiet

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::puts a hand on Lexie's shoulder::  What happened?  What did you tell them about?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::takes a deep breath, shaking a bit:: I was friends with this girl and i told her about my power...so she asked me to read her past and prove it. She was abused by her father.  She'd managed to bury it, or justify the things she couldn't forget, but it happened. I *saw* it... i felt it

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::cringes, a dark expression on his face, cursing softly::  I'll take care of him if you want.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::softly:: It was her brother and his friends who chased me the day i hurt my knee... I'm not sure who it is now but...they've been making my knee hurt ::laughs weakly:: More than normal anyway. So i think maybe they've got someone helping them

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::looking rather pale::  You mean...like someone with a power?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::nods, not saying anything, looking pale::

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::frowns; then, softly::  Why don't you come back with me, then?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::sharply:: He's a monster. I can't let him win

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::nods, still looking worried; quietly::  Then...I'll help you.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::rubs at her knee, not looking at him:: I'm not even sure what i want you to do, i just... ::tears spring to her eyes:: I didn't want to face this alone and i didn't know who else to talk to

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::reaches out and hugs his sister::  We'll figure something out, Lexie.  I promise.

Quantum Catz: LX: It's not fair - i was only trying to help!  They all hated me, even my friend!  ::tries to stop herself from crying:: She threatened to say i'd hurt her and have me arrested

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::cringes::  I'm sorry, Lexie.  But...some people would rather be happy, then know the truth.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::covers her face with her hands and takes a deep breath to calm herself down:: I know. I know that now. Was a steep learning curve though

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::softly::  It had to come to light someday.  A shame they blame *you* for what *he* did.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::rather bitterly:: Well I am a variant - why not blame me?

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::glares, shaking his head::  Things will have to change someday, Lexie...but I don't know how you can wait around for it.  I...I think I'm happier where I am, really.

Quantum Catz: LX: I can't be a psychologist where you are, not really

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::laughs slightly::  Everyone I know has problems.

Quantum Catz: LX: There are a lot of things people didn't know back then, there are things we don't know now - i want to be here and help find out about them

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::nods, more thoughtfully::  You have a point.  ::nods::  So you can't just go to the police, right?  What should we do?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::sighs:: I've no idea. I was sure someone was following me at uni.  I don't think they're here...my knee hasn't hurt anyway.  But i can't hide here forever...and they could still work out where i am, i guess

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::nods slowly::  Maybe we need to get back and lure them out.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::smiles weakly:: Oooh, i get to be live bait

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::nods, smiling weakly::

Quantum Catz: ((i don't remember if i ever said what university lexie went to?))

yarnkittymon: ((Um, good question.  Were they in Boston, or they moved after that...))

Quantum Catz: ((ah, she went to new york))

Quantum Catz: ((NYU is what she said when she talked to toby ))

Quantum Catz: LX: ::leans back against the couch and sighs:: So how's your life?  Better than mine, i guess?

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::smiles warmly, nodding::  A lot better.  Becky's...she's going to have a baby.  ::his eyes shine at the thought::

Quantum Catz: LX: ::smiles:: Yeah, i figured that bump wasn't from overeating

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::still smiling::  I've been with her so long...I don't even know when she was showing.

Quantum Catz: LX: Aww, i remember when you were just a troublemaking teenager - now look at you, all grown up

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::grins, though he looks a little embarrassed too::  I can still get into trouble, though.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::smiles:: I've no doubt about that  ::suddenly laughs:: Hey, that means i'm gonna be an auntie, guess i'll have to get over here and visit more often

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::laughs::  Think Mom and Dad can make it out too?

Quantum Catz: ((just occured to me that it's actually been 3 years since they married, so lexie could be at a closer uni doing a phD))

Quantum Catz: LX: For their first grandchild? You won't be able to get rid of them

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::laughs softly::  How's Feeb?  He found a girl yet?

Quantum Catz: LX: He was going out with someone, last I heard - dunno if it's serious or not

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::smirks::  If history is any indication, I'd have to say 'no.'

Quantum Catz: LX: I'm sure there must be somone out there for him, lord knows what she'd be like though

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::laughs::  Hard to imagine.  Probably brilliant *and* stunningly beautiful, never mind that she'd have to put up with *him*.  No offense to him, but it's a little hard to imagine a woman like that.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::laughs and lifts her gloved hands:: Well anyone who goes out with me has to deal with my aversion to touching them, i guess we all have our flaws

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::smiles::  You'll find someone.  Maybe you should look for someone here, and bring him back to the mainland.

Quantum Catz: LX: Yeah, except most people who live here these days wouldn't really wanna give it up for all the risks out there ::sighs:: There is a guy who likes me, he's been emailing to see how i am since i came here, but i doubt it would work out

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::raises his eyebrows::  They have e-mail here now?  Maybe we *should* skip forward.

Quantum Catz: LX: I got bored and went back to the mainland to check them while Dominick was gone. Besides, I'm meant to be studying for my phD - i feel disconnected from the world without my laptop

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::laughs softly::  I'm glad I never got into that; from the way Christa talks, I think I'd be going mad too.  ::shakes his head::  So what, you don't like this fella?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::shrugs:: It's the same as with any other guy - i either spend my life touching him through gloves or i give in and face his past and risk seeing something that i don't want to. Either way it tends to end in a break up ::she says it calmly, but doesn't look too happy about it::

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::quietly::  There's some guys without dark pasts, Lexie.  ::smirks a little::  Although those men usually aren't the most dashing.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::chuckles:: Some people hide their dark pasts pretty well.

yarnkittymon: TY:  Just put out a personal ad..."Single woman seeks man with happy past..."  Afraid that might end up being a man with no personality, though.

Quantum Catz: LX: I dunno - i'd be happy with someone who had well-adjusted parents and hasn't had any bad experiences with variants or the police. I'm sure they exist

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::nods::  I'm sure there is.  And there's lots of men who would be happy to share every bit of their lives with you.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::smiles:: Ah, maybe one day, i guess

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::laughs::  You're still my little sister; I guess you're not quite ready, anyway.  ::grins::

Quantum Catz: LX: I'm older than you were when you met Becky, big brother

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::grins::  And I wasn't thinking of Becky as anything more than a girlfriend back then.

Quantum Catz: LX: And now here you are getting ready to be a daddy

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::smiles wider::  Well, at least I don't have the *really* scary part to do; that's Becky's job.

Quantum Catz: LX: Ah the unfairness of it all, men just get it easy

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::grins::  And back in the '30s men weren't even allowed in the delivery room.  Today at least the men get their hands half-squeezed off or half-deafened from the screams.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::Smirks:: Well, it is only fair

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::still smiling; more subdued::  Well...if she wants me there, I'll be right by her side.

Quantum Catz: LX: As yes, hospital rules are of course there to be broken

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::quietly::  She hates doctors...I don't see that she'll be going to the hospital.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::winces; thinking of the memories she has from Becky:: Oh...yeah...

yarnkittymon: TY:  It'll be okay.  There's a midwife in town, and if there's any problems, between me and Isaac, we'll take care of them.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::nods::

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::smiles::  Well, *that* was a nice distraction...but what are we going to do about *your* problem?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::shrugs:: Face it, i guess

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::quietly::  Anything I can do?  I'll come with you.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::hesitates:: You don't have to, I'll understand if you have too much else on your plate...i'll work out something

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::quickly shakes his head::  You're my sister.  I'd do anything for you.  ::smirks::  I'm just in a bit of a hurry to get it all sorted...I *do* have a wife I'll need to be getting back to.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::smiles:: Thanks

yarnkittymon: TY:  So let's come up with a plan, so I can let Becky know.  ::quietly, half-smiling::  She'll likely be glad to be rid of me for a while.

Quantum Catz: LX:  ::softly:: I guess the only thing we can do is try to draw the guy out.  But then what? ::winces:: We kill him?

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::gets rather pale::  There's no way we can just take him in?  Maybe not the police on the mainland, but on the island or something?

Quantum Catz: LX: I dunno - you know more about the island than i do

yarnkittymon: TY:  Not in the present.  ::shakes his head::  Doubt they'd want him to be their problem.  ::very quietly::  You think he'll kill you if he gets the chance.  Right?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::starting to look rather pale herself, hesitates:: I don't know. He's been making my knee hurt, so much i can't stand up.  He hasn't done anything else, except hanging around my apartment

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::slowly, and very quietly::  There *is* a girl here...well, and her brother...who can take away powers.  Although then he just might get madder.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::softly:: I don't know

yarnkittymon: TY:  Well, if Dominick will let us, there *has* to be someone who can take care of him.  ::quietly::  He probably *deserves* to die, right enough, but I'm not sure I want the blood on my hands, and I know it wouldn't reflect well on you.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::shakes her head:: I don't want to have to kill someone and i can't ask you to either... but it doesn't leave us with many option

Quantum Catz: *options

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::smirks::  Kidnapping?  Or blackmail?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::smiles a bit:: I guess those are maginally better crimes

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::grins::  We could probalby start with the really small ones...you know, key his car, TP his house...and work our way up.

Quantum Catz: LX: I'm sure that'll scare him right off

yarnkittymon: TY:  Hey, it costs a lot of money to fix the paint.  ::smirks::  Although I suppose I could do it easy enough, if he promised to leave you alone.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::smiles:: Well if it's as easy as all that then this'll all be sorted before you know it

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::smiles, then sighs, shaking his head::  We need someone to get into his mind, and convince him to change.  You can't do anything like that, right?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::shrugs:: Most likely not, i've never tried to test my abilities much

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::nods thoughtfully; quietly::  Jack might know someone.  We can try to pay him; he could use the money.

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Quantum Catz: LX: You mean someone in the 30s? Would Dominick bring someone here to this time?

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::shrugs::  Probably not, but we could ask.

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::smirks::  Or maybe we just need Dominick to bring the fella time traveling.  Wouldn't hurt to throw him 20 years in the future, would it?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::Smiles:: Well i wouldn't have a problem with that

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::nods::  We should probably start talking to him, then.  Even if I'm sure he'll be mad at me.  ::smiles::  Not that *that's* anything new.

Quantum Catz: LX: And what if he says no?

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::smirks::  Then we run like mad and take care of it ourselves.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::laughs weakly:: I guess so

yarnkittymon: TY:  Let's talk to him outside, at least.  Improve our chances.  ::smirks::

Quantum Catz:  LX: ::laughs:

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::goes over to find Dominick::

Quantum Catz:  LX: ::laughs:

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::goes over to find Dominick::

Quantum Catz: DK: ::is just coming out of a bedroom, closing the door; softly:: Becky's asleep

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::nods slowly::  We need to talk...me and Lexie and you.

Quantum Catz: DK: What about?

yarnkittymon: TY:  We need to see if you have any ideas.  There's this fella who's attacking her.

Quantum Catz: DK: Attacking her? On the mainland?

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::nods::  I'm not sure what he wants from her, but...we're pretty sure it'll get worse.

Quantum Catz: DK: ::frowns:: Fiona's better at these things than me, she's helped people in trouble before

yarnkittymon: TY:  She doesn't want to run away...

Quantum Catz: DK: No, i mean, she's stopped people going after some of her kids

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::his eyes get wider::  Oh.  ::nods::  That just might work.

Quantum Catz: DK: ::shrugs:: I could call her from the mainland

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::nods::  Or we could just go to meet her; I have some *real* gold I can get changed.  Or can in a second.  ::smirks::

Quantum Catz: DK: Yeah, I guess so. She'd probably love to see Becky if Becky's feeling up to it

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::grins, then frowns::  I *think* she's safe to fly?  I'm not a medical expert.

Quantum Catz: DK: I think she can until nearer the end

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::nods::  You're probably right.  I might as well get started making our gold...just in case she wants to come.

Quantum Catz: DK: ::nods:: Okay. We can leave it till morning though, Becky looked pretty tired ::raises an eyebrow at Toby:: You were planning on asking *me* to do something, weren't you?

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::smirks sheepishly::  Why would you think *that*?

Quantum Catz: DK: ::shakes his head:: I won't hold it against you - i'd do as much for Becky. Come on, i'll make us something to eat

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::smiles, calling into the room his sister's in to invite her too::

Quantum Catz: LX: ::comes out of the living room, this time using her crutch::

yarnkittymon: TY:  We're going to try to meet up with Fiona.  She might have some ideas.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::nods:: Okay

yarnkittymon: :  ::it's a couple days later when they arrive at Fiona's ranch; the young woman is running out to meet the whole group before they get anywhere near the front door::

Quantum Catz: DK: ::grins when he sees his best friend:: Hey, Fi

Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiles when she sees Fiona; though the woman might well sense that she's tense, like she's trying to hide something that she thinks the telepath might notice::

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::greets everyone in turn, smiling widely::  It's so good to see all of you!  ::pauses when she turns to Becky; she looks at the young woman and then quietly says::  I can see the baby, without using my powers.  Do you want to talk about anything else?

Quantum Catz: BM: ::blinks but smiles and ignores the question:: I'd like to think you could see the baby, it's pretty obvious now

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::smiles again::  Well, I didn't know if that's what you were hiding.

Quantum Catz: BM: I'm not hiding anything ::runs a hand through her hair:: We're not here to talk about me, it's Lexie who needs you

yarnkittymon: FI:  Oh?  ::looks at the girl, instantly recognizing a fellow telepath; smiles::  Well, come in; I was just working on supper, but I can get a couple people to cover for me.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::smiles weakly:: We just came to ask, you don't have to help if you don't want to obviously

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::nods, sensing how troubled they are--Toby, at least, broadcasts his thoughts as loud as a megaphone::  Well, come in and we'll get it sorted.  ::smiles warmly::

yarnkittymon: :  ::the house has an extension that's been added on since Becky last visited, and doesn't look quite as neat and clean, since there's more people to clean up after::

Quantum Catz: LX: ::follows after fiona, not saying anything::

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::gets a couple of the adults to cover for her in the kitchen, and then goes to the small parlor, motioning for everyone to sit down::  So what's wrong?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::hesitates, glancing at her brother:: There's someone after me, he's been threatening me...sort of, Dominick said you might be able to help me

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::smiles at his sister, though he still looks rather worried::

Quantum Catz: DK: ::has grabbed himself an apple to eat, sitting near fiona as he bites down::

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::frowns; quietly::  What exactly did you have in mind?

Quantum Catz: DK: You've stopped people from chasing after your kids before

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::nods slowly::  Is he the only one after you?  He hasn't told anyone else?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::hesitates, not really wanting to tell the whole story to everyone:: I think he was hired...or something, by someone else. It's the only reason he'd make my knee hurt the way he does

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::nods again; quietly::  Then we have to find the source.  I'm happy to help you, Lexie, but I don't like to work with more people than I have to.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::nods, looking rather uncertain::

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::gently::  You know who the man is, don't you, Lexie?

Quantum Catz: LX: Either the man who hurt my knee or his father. It's been so long now, I'd hoped that they were gone for good

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::nods; quietly::  I might be able to find out who, if we get closer to them.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::sighs:: I don't know where they live anymore

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::coldly::  We can get it out of the fella hurting Lexie, can't we?

Quantum Catz: BM: ::has curled up on the couch with her head resting on the arm; softly:: If he can cause her pain then he can probably do it to you too, might not be easy to catch him

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::shakes his head::  I'd be fine, Becky.

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::frowns, trying to think of someone who might help them::

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::after a long silence::  If there's no way, we'll just have to find the guy who's hurting Lexie's knee and get him to talk.

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::sighs; quietly::  But Lexie could get the information out of him, right?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::looks at her, wide-eyed:: I'd rather not unless it was the only option

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::nods::  Do you even have a name?  Something we can try to look up?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::softly, not liking to even think of the man:: The man's name was Richard Greenfield, his son was Greg

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::nods; quietly::  Please...tell me what you know of him. Unless you'd rather I find out from you myself.

Quantum Catz: LX: He used to live in Boston, I went to school with his daughter - but he and his wife are divorced now

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::nods again::  What did he look like?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::hesitates:: He was going bald, overweight, had this big mole on his cheek... ::winces, closing her eyes:: Horrible sweaty hands

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::looks rather disturbed, but nods::  That might be enough, Lexie.  ::reaches out to touch the girl's gloved arm::  And I'm sorry to have bothered you...but that name's common enough.

yarnkittymon: (( http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%22richard+greenfield%22&btnG=Google+Search if you don't believe me ;) ))

Quantum Catz: LX: ::nods::

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::sighs; quietly::  Once we find out where they are....  Did you want to stay here until then, Lexie?

Quantum Catz: LX: ::her eyes suddenly blaze:: He's not going to make me run and hide

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::calmly::  I wasn't saying that.  I meant, it might be easier if you stayed around, if you had any questions.  They can wiretap the phones and read e-mails, but we're safe here.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::sighs, running a hand through her hair:: I hate this, i really hate this

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::quietly::  When's your flight back?

Quantum Catz: DK: Didn't book any out of here, didn't know how long we were gonna stay here or what we were gonna decide to do

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::smiles weakly::  And money's no object.  ::nods::  Well, I'll get a couple of the kids on this right away, Lexie.  Could be we have some leads before tomorrow.

Quantum Catz: LX: ::nods and smiles:: Thanks

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::stands up::  If you don't need anything else right now...supper should be on soon.  I'd better make sure everything's all right, and maybe see if I can get a room or two set up for you.

Quantum Catz: DK: ::stands up:: I'll help you

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::smiles::  Thanks.  ::looks down at the others::  Do you need anything?

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::looks at Becky, still a bit worried::

Quantum Catz: BM: ::has closed her eyes but opens them and smiles:: Chocolate icecream with sprinkles on top would be good.  Peanut's hungry for sugar

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::laughs::

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::grins::  As long as you don't let the kids know I'm letting you have sweets before supper, I think that can be arranged.

Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiles:: Thanks. I'm sure baby will appreciate it

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::laughs, though there's a bit of sadness in her eyes; she heads to the kitchen to fulfill Becky's wish::

Quantum Catz: BM: ::closes her eyes, still feeling probably more tired than she should, though she's hoping noone questions it::

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::puts an arm around Becky's waist, silently::

Quantum Catz: DK: ::follows Fiona:: You okay? You looked a bit unhappy there

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::softly::  She's probably the first pregnant girl in here who wanted the baby.

Quantum Catz: DK: ::sighs and puts his arm around her:: It works out alright sometimes

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::nods; quietly::  And there's orphanages on the island.  It's just sad.

Quantum Catz: DK: ::softly:: Yeah. But at least they have someone like you to help them when they need it

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::nods; quietly::  Not like you'd tell me if you knew...but I wonder if things ever get any better.

Quantum Catz: DK: All things improve with time, it's just not all that easy to have to sit and wait for it

yarnkittymon: FI:  Well, they're just getting worse here, now.

Quantum Catz: DK: Maybe you should take a break from all this, get away for a couple of days

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::laughs softly::  If the kids find anything on this Richard Greenfield, I'll have to, won't I?

Quantum Catz: DK: I meant after the thing with Lexie, a break from everything

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::quietly::  You said it yourself, Dominick.  They need me here.

Quantum Catz: DK: You can't do this 24/7, it'll wear you down

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::repeats::  They need me.  I won't be able to sleep if I know they're suffering.

Quantum Catz: DK: ::sighs, it's an argument they've had quite a few times before:: There are other people who can help here for a few days

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::exhales very slowly, finally admitting::  Maybe I'll take a day sometime.

Quantum Catz: DK: ::reaches into the freezer for the ice cream:: One day i'm just going to pick you up and carry you out of here

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::laughs softly::  You don't quite have to pick me up, do you?  Just grab my hand and throw us back or forward a few years.

Quantum Catz: DK: ::smiles a bit:: But that's not as dramatic

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::gets out the ice cream scoop--battery-powered--and the sprinkles::  And if you took me backwards, we'd startle the old tenants, I suppose.

Quantum Catz: DK: Could take you back to before there's a house here

yarnkittymon: FI:  Then we'd probably get eaten by bears.  ::laughs softly, getting a bowl and spoon::

Quantum Catz: DK: See? Going caveman on you's by far the better option

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::smiles, dishing out the ice cream::

Quantum Catz: DK: Better hurry with the ice cream or Becky'll be sleeping before she gets it. She's been pretty tired

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::nods, looking a little worried::  There's something wrong, but she won't tell me.  ::finishes her work quickly, putting quite a few sprinkles on, and starts back towards the parlor::

Quantum Catz: DK: ::follows after her::

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::leans down next to Becky when she gets back, holding out the ice cream::  Sorry...Dominick and I got into one of our fights.  ::smiles::

Quantum Catz: DK: ::rolls his eyes:: It was hardly a fight, i gave in quickly this time

yarnkittymon: FI:  ::smiles::

Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiles:: Thanks ::starts to eat the ice cream, closing her eyes and grinning::

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::grins to see Becky looking so much like the young woman he first met so many years ago::

Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks at Toby and holds out a spoonful:: Peanut and I can spare some if you want a bite

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::leans over and eats it off the spoon, laughing::  And I thought I'd be giving this stuff up on the island.

Quantum Catz: BM: Give up ice-cream? But it's so good

yarnkittymon: TY:  ::grins::  Well, I thought there would be no TV or radio; I'd think ice cream would be hard to get, is all.

Quantum Catz: BM: Well it is when i can't teleport anywhere

yarnkittymon: TY:  It's not hard to get in Marquis or Gate Town.  ::he frowns slightly, but falls silent::

Quantum Catz: ((why's he falling slient?))

yarnkittymon: ((Just thinking again of how different Gate Town and Marquis must be in the present day))

Quantum Catz: BM: ::finishes off her ice-cream, not saying anything::

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