~Thursday, July 2, 1936~

: ::five days after Jack fell into his coma, Libby can hear a voice coming from the bedroom where his body is::

Julie LB:  ::has been playing in the main room with Milo, though she's rather hopeless by this point; she startles when she hears the voice, and tells Milo to stay put as she goes up to investigate, picking up a floor lamp just in case::

Quantum Catz AM: ::before Libby reaches the door it opens to reveal a rather beautiful woman in an expensive and stylish deep blue dress, she flicks back her black hair and smirks at Libby:: You must be Libby, i thought you might hear me

JK: ::is sitting on the bed in the room, looking rather down:: Kick her out, she'll only cause trouble

Julie LB:  ::steps back, rather frightened::  Who...::cringes::  Are you here for Jack?

Quantum Catz AM: ::Raises an eyebrow:: Here for him? I heard what happened - felt i had to say goodbye

Julie LB:  ::looks over at Jack with wide eyes; the man's lost some weight and looks pretty bad, but she shakes her head; quietly::  He's...::can't finish::

Quantum Catz AM: Wasting away is what he is. Certainly not the way i expected him to go - but then on this place you never can tell

JK: Be quiet, Amara. She doesn't need your opinion

Julie LB:  ::softly::  I'm sure it happened when he was smuggling.  ::looks up sharply at Amara::  How does he know you?  Who are you?

Quantum Catz AM: My name's Amara Johnson

LB:  ::her eyes go wide::  I've sent invitations to you!  Did you know Jack in New York?

Quantum Catz AM: Yeah, i remembered the name when he told me about you. I met Jack once in New York...we only became...close...after I'd moved over here

Julie LB:  ::cringes::  Old girlfriend?

Quantum Catz AM: ::laughs:: Considering he met you as soon as he escaped from prison, that wouldn't be very good for you now, would it?

JK: ::groans:: You're doing this on purpose. What the hell are you doing here?

Julie LB:  ::scowls, turning away::

Quantum Catz AM: Fine - i'll tell you the truth. Jack is the best for getting things onto this island and i always work with the best. Our relationship was professional

Julie LB:  ::nods; quietly::  I trust Jack.  ::sighs::

Quantum Catz AM: So you should - he could have gone a long way if he'd left this place and he always refused ::runs a hand through her hair::

 JK: No, i'd've gone a long way if i'd followed you like a puppy

Julie LB:  ::tears come to her eyes; softly::  Look where it got the both of us.  He's dying and I'll be on the streets.

Quantum Catz AM: ::smirks::Are criminal activities beneath the wife of the illustrious Jack Richards?

Julie LB:  ::her eyes go wide, and she blinks::  Pardon me?

Quantum Catz AM: You don't have to be on the street, i'm sure you must have learnt a thing or two from Jack by now

JK:::mutters:: Don't start - I always told you i didn't want her involved in that stuff

Julie LB:  ::cringes; then, quietly::  I...I could really use the work.

Quantum Catz JK: ::Groans:: Libby, don't listen to her. She's just doing this for kicks, she doesn't care about you

AM: ::shrugs:: There's a job coming up in Gate Town. Well, Rellins to Gate Town

Julie LB:  ::in a low voice::  How much?

Quantum Catz AM: Enough to get you by for a bit

Julie LB:  How long?

Quantum Catz AM: A few days, I suppose - i don't work that much on that end of the job

Julie LB:  ::takes a deep breath, blinking back a couple tears::

Quantum Catz AM: ::shrugs and turns to look at Jack:: Job woulda gone to him if it wasn't for this. News spreads fast in our world

Julie LB:  ::softly::  It's been five days...I don't think he's waking up...

Quantum Catz AM: There's been stories about someone double-crossing him, other stories say he snapped and hurt a girl in the town. You'd be amazed what people will say

Julie LB:  ::cringes, looking down at Jack, and then taking his hand::

Quantum Catz AM: They all agree that he might as well be dead though. We've all gotta go sometime

JK: I ain't goin anywhere. There must be someone on this island who can see me and help me

Julie LB:  ::shudders; then, quietly::  Well...what's the job?

Quantum Catz AM: Diamonds. It's a pretty easy job really

JK: ::rolls his eyes:: Never trust anyone who says that. Amara's a thief not a smuggler

Julie LB:  Where'd they come from?

Quantum Catz AM: ::smirks:: A very rich old man who had them locked up so tight he probably doesn't even know they're gone yet

LB:  ::cringes::  Is he...going to miss them?  He's still well-off, isn't he?

Quantum Catz AM: Do you really care? So he might have to sell off his mansion, how terrible for him

Julie LB:  ::sharply::  It *is* terrible!  Why do you think I'm living here!  Thieves in suits!

Quantum Catz AM: ::rolls her eyes:: Nothing that belongs to us is really ours if we can't hold onto it

LB:  ::shudders::  I can't, and I don't see how Jack could help people do that either!

Quantum Catz AM: ::sighs:: God, you're no fun. I never steal from anyone who can't afford it - if they can't afford it then breaking into their houses is boring.

Julie LB:  ::sighs; softly::  There's not a single job in town.  At least, not for a married lady.  ::looks down at Jack, not liking to think that she may not be married for much longer::

JK: ::shakes his head, rubbing wearily at his eyes:: There must be something i can do

Quantum Catz AM:: ::shrugs:: That's life

Julie LB:  ::exhales deeply; softly::  I...even if I asked for help, I can't depend on others forever.  ::nods once::  Okay.

Quantum Catz JK: Okay? Libby, it's dangerous - you know it's dangerous

AM: ::smiles:: You want to do it?

Julie LB:  ::softly::  I don't have a choice, do I?

Quantum Catz AM: ::shrugs:: There's always a choice, just not always a very good one

Julie LB:  ::nods grimly::  When do we start?

Quantum Catz JK: This is crazy, Libby. Milo needs his mom more'n he needs money

Quantum Catz AM: As soon as, if you want the job

Julie LB:  ::nods::  I've just got to get someone to mind Milo 'til I'm back.  ::cringes::  And Jack...:pauses, looking down at him, wondering if he'll be alive when she gets back::

Quantum Catz AM: ::Shrugs:: I need food - i'll be at the inn when you're done

Julie LB:  ::nods::  All right.  ::looks back at Jack, squeezing his hand::

Quantum Catz JK: ::shakes his head:: You're gonna pay for this, Amara. You know i wouldn't want this

Quantum Catz AM: ::smirks again and turns to go::

Julie LB:  ::when Amara's gone, leans forward, kissing Jack's cheek; she whispers::  I'm so sorry, Jack...

Quantum Catz JK: ::rolls his eyes:: Being sorry ain't the same as not doin it

Julie LB:  ::sighs, then slips downstairs to see Milo, knowing it's going to break her heart to leave him, but not seeing another option::

Quantum Catz

JK: ::follows after her:: You should just stay with Milo, Amara ain't someone you should be listenin' too

Julie LB:  ::finds her son, taking his hand::  Come on, sweetheart.

Maeve MO: ::wraps his small fingers around his mother's:: Where we goin?

Julie LB:  We need to see the Hamiltons.  ::smooths her dress with her free hand, then heads towards the door, looking very tired::

Maeve MO: ::grins::

Julie LB:  ::as she leaves, almost walks into a carriage, she's so distracted, but she somehow makes it to Becky and Toby's in one piece::

Quantum Catz JK: ::sighs:: If you can ask them for help with milo then why not with everything else?

Quantum Catz BM: :opens the door:: Hey, Libby

Julie LB:  ::cringes; quietly::  Can you do me a huge favor, Becky?

Quantum Catz BM: ::looking concerned:: Sure, what is it?

Julie LB:  ::looking at the floorboards::  I need you or Toby to come over and watch Milo and...and Jack...for a few days.  I have some business to take care of.

Quantum Catz BM: What business? Is everything okay?

Maeve MO: ::looks up at the adults, curiously::

Julie LB:  ::glances up at Becky for a moment, then back down::  I found some work, but I have to go to Gate Town for a bit.

Quantum Catz BM: ::hesitates:: You know, Toby and I could help you with that. You have a lot to deal with...you should be with Milo...

Julie LB:  ::cringes; softly::  I have to figure out how to make my way somehow, Becky.  Now's as good a time as any to start.  ::blinks hard::

Quantum Catz BM: But it's...only really been a few days.  Jack's still... ::stops, not really sure how to describe jack::

JK: ::ftly:: Come on, Libby, listen to her

Julie LB:  ::shakes her head, tears rolling down her cheeks::  I can't do anything for him.

Quantum Catz BM: ::moves forward, placing her hand on libby's arm:: You don't have to take on so much, we can help you

Maeve MO: ::sticks his fingers in his mouth, starting to look upset::

Julie LB:  ::softly::  I can't take your charity, Becky.  ::looks down at Milo, her tears not stopping::

Quantum Catz BM: It's not charity, we're family. I mean, you took me in when i had nothing

Julie LB:  ::clenches her fists; softly::  I can't stand to see him helpless...

Quantum Catz JK: ::mutters:: I don't like it much either

BM: ::sighs:: I'm sorry, if you want to go...i can look after them

Julie LB:  ::wipes her eyes, then kneels down next to Milo, trying to smile::  You're going to be a good boy for Mrs. Hamilton and Mr. Hamilton, right?

Maeve MO: ::he starts to whimper, and shakes his head. Right as the sobs start he reaches out to grab her neck, wanting to be held::

Julie LB:  ::holds Milo; softly::  Oh, sweetheart...don't cry...you're a big boy now, and your mommy will be home before you know it.

Maeve MO: No!

Julie LB:  ::more sternly::  Milo...

Maeve MO: ::he shakes his head, whimpering: No, I don't want you to go!

Julie LB:  ::almost snaps::  Well, I didn't want your father to go out either, but he never listened to me!

Maeve MO: ::looks hurt, and only cries more, trying to cling as tightly as he can to her::

Quantum Catz JK: ::winces:: I was doing what i had to to keep us going

Julie LB:  ::cringes, hugging Milo tightly::  I'm sorry, Milo...I'm so sorry...

Maeve MO: ::murmurs:: Stay

Julie LB:  ::looks at Becky, her cheeks glistening with tears::

Quantum Catz JK: You don't know anything about smuggling, you can't do this

BM: ::sighs:: Milo, how about a cookie? Then we'll play a game - mommy'll be back before you know it

Maeve MO: ::stubbornly shakes his head::

Julie LB:  ::shakes her head too, looking defeated, but not saying anything::

Quantum Catz BM: ::looks at libby, not sure what to say to the poor boy now::

Julie LB:  ::shakes her head again; softly::  Is Toby home?

Quantum Catz BM: He's upstairs with Ben

Julie LB:  ::tries to set Milo down::  Why don't you go play with Mr. Hamilton, Milo?  I promise I won't leave without saying goodbye.

Maeve MO: ::shakes his head:: I wanna go too

Julie LB:  I need to talk to Mrs. Hamilton alone, sweetheart.  I'm not going anywhere yet.

Maeve MO: ::sticks his finger back in his mouth, looking unsure::

Julie LB:  Milo, please?

Maeve MO: ::doesn't say anything, just sits there quietly. His eyes are still wet but he doesn't make a move to stop her::

Julie LB:  ::looks at Becky helplessly::

Quantum Catz BM: ::kneels down next to Milo:: I'll bet Uncle Toby could do with some help with Ben, Ben's been upset today as welll

Maeve MO: ::he looks up at his mother again and then back at Becky. He sniffs but eventually nods his head::

LB:  ::squeezes Milo's shoulder::  Go on, dearest.

Maeve MO: ::sniffs some more as he turns away and heads up the stairs, looking rejected and very sad::

Julie LB:  ::sighs, whispering::  I can't leave him, Becky.

Quantum Catz BM: Then don't. Toby and I can help you out

Julie LB:  ::is trembling; softly::  I'll pay you back, I promise.

BM: Don't worry about it, Libby

Julie LB:  ::shakes her head; softly::  No, really.  You'll...let me know if you hear of any jobs?

Quantum Catz BM: ::nods:: I will, but you should worry about Milo just now, you can deal with jobs later

Julie LB:  ::shakes her head::  I've never asked for handouts, Becky, and I don't intend to start now.

Quantum Catz BM: I know, i just meant, it's not important just now, you can work it out later

JK: ::sighs:: Thank god, just don't start listening to Amara again

Julie LB:  ::nods grimly; softly::  Thank you, Becky.  ::takes a deep breath::  Any changes with Maeve?

Quantum Catz BM: ::winces:: No, i think she's getting worse. Everything Isaac and Toby do just holds it off a bit longer

Julie LB:  ::shakes her head; softly::  I don't think I can stand to lose the both of them.

Quantum Catz BM: ::runs a hand through her hair:: I don't know what else we can do for her except hope that something happens to help her

Julie LB:  ::softly::  And Jack too.  ::shakes her head::  I should go visit her again, but I don't think Milo will let me out of his sight.

Quantum Catz BM: I don't think they'd mind too much if you brought him with you

LB:  ::cringes, swallowing hard, then nodding, wiping her eyes again; she suddenly reaches out and hugs Becky::  *You're* not leaving us too, are you?

Quantum Catz BM: ::smiles weakly, hugging her back:: Other than Ben's screaming tiring me out, i think i'm pretty healthy

Julie LB:  ::starts to cry herself, and though it only lasts a minute, her eyes are rather red when she's finished::

Quantum Catz BM: Why don't you come inside and sit down for a bit...Toby'll keep Milo amused

Julie LB:  ::softly::  The poor boy still thinks I'm leaving him...

Quantum Catz BM: Well, we'll go talk to him first

Julie LB:  ::nods weakly, heading for the stairs::

Quantum Catz BM: ::follows behind::

Julie LB:  ::goes up to the nursery and peeks inside::

Maeve MO: ::isn't feeling like participating in anything the other two are doing but when Libby comes in, he gets up and immediately runs to her::

Julie LB:  ::takes the boy into her arms, hugging him tightly; whispers::  I'm not leaving you, Milo.

Maeve MO: ::he whimpers a bit as he snuggles into her arms::

Julie TY:  ::has been rather tired himself, but when he hears Libby, his eyebrows raise; looks up at Becky::

Quantum Catz BM: ::smiles weakly at Toby and moves over to see Ben:: Hey, baby

Julie BN:  ::hasn't been too terribly fussy today; reaches out for Becky, trying to touch her face::

Quantum Catz BM: :picks him up and rocks him in her arms::

Julie BN:  ::makes just the start of a cry, then hushes, giggling::

Quantum Catz BM: Ah, behaving today, are we? ::sticks her tongue out at the boy::

Julie LB:  ::looks up at the scene, and smiles sadly, then hugs Milo all the tighter; softly::  Come on downstairs, kid.  I don't think I can carry you all the way.

Maeve MO: ::holds on tightly to his mother's hand and practically runs for the door:: Go see Daddy?

Quantum Catz BM: ::looks over towards Libby, wincing::

Julie LB:  ::cringes, shaking her head::  No...Mommy's going to rest for a couple minutes, and then she's going to visit her friend Mrs. Kindall.  You can play with Josh over there, if he's up to it.

Maeve MO: ::frowns, and after a moment he looks back up at her:: Then we see Daddy?

Julie LB:  ::softly::  Milo, I told you, Daddy's very sick.

Maeve MO: ::his lower lip juts out in a pout and he lowers his gaze to his feet, looking very sad again::

Julie LB:  ::kneels next to Milo, trying to look him in the eyes::  He loves you very much, Milo.  Nothing in the world can take that away.  And I'll always be here to protect you.

Maeve MO: ::shifts restlessly but eventually nods::

Julie LB:  ::tousles Milo's hair::  That's my boy.  ::smiles sadly, then stands and takes his hand, heading towards the stairs::

Quantum Catz BM: ::sighs and follows behind them::

Julie TY:  ::calls out as Becky's walking out::  Becky, everything all right?

Quantum Catz BM: ::turns to look at him; softly:: I think so. Libby wanted to go to Gate Town for a job but i convinced her to stay here for now

Julie TY:  ::cringes; whispers::  Did she need the money that bad?

BM: I said we'd help her. She worries about money, she always has

Julie TY:  ::nods instantly::  Right.  I'd buy her that house and pay her bills, if she'd let me.

BM: ::sighs:: If it wasn't for Milo, she probably wouldn't have agreed to anything

Julie TY:  ::smiles sadly::  Having a baby always quiets women down, hm?

Quantum Catz BM: Tires us out, more like ::sighs, thinking of Maeve::

Julie TY:  ::his small smile fades; quietly::  You going with her to Maeve's?

Quantum Catz BM: ::winces:: I hate seeing Maeve like that, i feel so helpless

Julie TY:  ::looks down; softly::  We *are* helpless.  I can't even imagine that...when we came from...that someone could help her.  But it's even worse here.  ::shakes his head::

Quantum Catz BM: I just wish we at least knew *why* it was happening, some reason for it all

Julie TY:  ::shakes his head::  Maybe it's what's meant to be...she almost died before...

Quantum Catz BM: Well so did I.  I can't imagine that she'd just start fading away like this for no reason

Julie TY:  ::shakes his head; quietly::  They've put the calls out on the radio...no one has any idea.

Quantum Catz BM: ::sighs:: After everything she's been through...

Julie TY:  ::shakes his head::  She knew a bit of happiness at least.  That's the only good I can think of that came from any of it.

Quantum Catz BM: Something could still happen

Julie TY:  ::quietly::  It would be a miracle.

Quantum Catz BM: ::shrugs:: It happened with me

Julie TY:  ::sighs::  I just can't expect that twice.

Quantum Catz BM: ::softly:: I guess it doesn't seem very likely

Julie :  ::there's a tap at the doorway, and Josh is standing there, his shoulders slumped, looking very tired::  Mr. Hamilton...can you please try again?

TY:  ::some of the color drains from his face, and he bites his lip for a moment::  Of course.  Becky?  ::tries to hand the baby off again::

Quantum Catz BM: ::winces, tightening her grip on Ben::

TY:  ::kisses Becky on the cheek::  I'll take good care of her.  ::walks quickly and takes the steps two at a time; Libby's already started off towards Isaac's house::

Quantum Catz JK: ::is following Libby, looking rather tired::

Julie :  ::the door of Isaac's is ajar, so Libby slips right in, then tells Milo to wait in the hallway while she goes to see Maeve::

Quantum Catz JK: ::looks down at his son rather sadly and follows libby through to maeve, wishing he could make it all better somehow::

Quantum Catz IS: ::has fallen asleep near Maeve, looking exhausted from trying to heal her all the time; Eli tried to make him go to bed but he wouldn't leave her::

Maeve MV: ::she's been getting steadily worse over the past few days. They might have tried to get food down her but it's done little good. She's lost weight, and looks extremely pale. Another one of her dresses is completely soaked with blood. She doesn't respond when they enter::

Julie LB:  ::has been in to see Maeve several times, but her eyes fill with tears as she realizes this might be the end; goes over to the couch and takes Maeve's hand; whispers::  Maeve?  It's Libby...I'm sure Toby's coming...

Quantum Catz JK: ::moves forwards as well:: I'm sorry, kid.  You never deserved anythin' like this

Maeve MV: ::she slowly turns her head towards the voices. She looks at Libby first and then lifts her gaze up, staring straight at Jack::

Julie LB:  ::thinks Maeve is going mad, and whispers::  You'll get through this somehow, Maeve...I don't know how, but we've been through worse...

Quantum Catz JK: ::frowns:: Maeve?

Maeve MV: ::she glances at Libby and then back at Jack; weakly:: Happened.... Jack?

Quantum Catz JK: You can see me?

Julie LB:  ::stares at Maeve; softly calls the woman's name::

Maeve MV: ::she blinks, trying to fight just to stay there; softly:: Libby...finally kill...ya?

Julie LB:  ::goes rather pale::

Maeve MV: ::sighs and turns away, seeming to lose interest::

Julie LB:  ::softly::  Maeve...did you see something?

Maeve MV: ::doesn't respond::

Quantum Catz JK: ::moves towards Maeve:: Tell her i'm here, tell her i'm not gone

Maeve MV: ::doesn't respond for a bit but she eventually looks back at Jack; murmurs:: Can't you? ::she frowns, trying to figure out why he looks so...weird::

Quantum Catz JK: ::runs his hand across his face:: If you can see me, yer probably as near dead as me

Julie LB:  ::whispers::  Maeve...

Maeve MV: ::she looks down at herself, shivers and then retreats into silence again::

Quantum Catz JK: You've got to fight, Maeve. I'd do anything to get back but i can't. Maybe you still can

Julie LB:  ::finally leans close to Maeve, whispering::  You're one of my dearest friends.  I'd do anything if you'd just wake again.

Maeve MV: ::she doesn't respond again for a while, but eventually comes around enough to look at Libby. She frowns::

Julie LB:  ::smiles; softly::  Toby's coming.  Maybe he can fix it this time.

Maeve MV: ::sighs, and then glances up, looking to see if Jack is still there::

Quantum Catz JK: ::Sighs, turning away:: Great, the only person i can talk to and she's so out of it, it's not worth botherin'

Maeve MV: ::softly:: Jack. ::she blinks, wondering if she's just imagining him like that::

Quantum Catz JK: ::turns to look at her again, not saying anything this time::

Julie LB:  ::softly::  Maeve...

TY:  ::comes in, a little winded, and hurries over to Maeve, surprised to see she's awake::

Maeve MV: ::mutters to Toby:: I think...he needs a ...new body....

Julie TY:  :puts his hand on Maeve, not healing her yet; softly::  Maeve, what do you mean?

Quantum Catz JK: I've got a body - Guy kicked me out of it

Julie JH:  ::followed Toby in, and is now standing at the edge of the scene, just watching::

Maeve MV: ::she looks over Toby's shoulder, frowning at Jack. She can't think of what to say to that::

Quantum Catz JK: Tell Libby not to trust Amara. She'd die for her friends but she couldn't care less about anyone else. It's all just a game to her

Maeve MV: ::she blinks again, wincing and then glances at Libby; quietly:: He says... Amara's playing a game with you... ::she coughs, and seems to finally notice Toby and if she could she might have tried to slip away from him. She shudders::

Julie LB:  ::gasps softly; whispers::  Jack?

TY:  ::softly::  I think you need some more blood, Maeve.  :puts his hand on her wound, concentrating::

Quantum Catz JK: ::sighs, thinking that this might be his one last chance to talk to Libby and not even sure what he should say::

Maeve MV: ::She gasps, and it's quite clear that what he's doing is hurting her. She just doesn't have the energy to voice an objection. She tries to move her hand for him to stop, but the appendage barely leaves the sofa even as her hand grows slightly warm. Once the wound closes up, she retreats into silence again::

Julie TY:  ::gets the blood off the top of Maeve's dress as well, sighing, and whispering an apology::

LB:  ::squeezes Maeve's hand, not minding that it had grown hot at all; quietly::  Can you see Jack?

Quantum Catz JK: ::softly:: How else would she know about Amara?

Maeve MV: ::she moves slightly, but doesn't respond::

Julie LB:  ::looks down, then, softly::  Jack, if you're here...I'm so sorry...I'm not trying to lose faith in you, but...but you're dying...and I can't...I don't know how I'll handle it.  ::takes a deep breath::  I'll...I'll get through, for Milo's sake...but I love you so much...

MO: ::came waddling in a few minutes ago and was standing a bit behind Josh. When he hears his mother call his father, he dashes around the older boy's legs and runs into the room yelling.:: Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

Julie LB:  ::goes pale, and her eyes fill with tears again::

Maeve MV: ::jerks a bit at the noise but doesn't come all the way awake again::

Quantum Catz JK: ::winces:: You shouldn't be sorry, it's my fault. I walked right into it.

Maeve MO: ::he looks around for his father, and when he can't find Jack, his lower lip starts to tremble again::

Julie LB:  ::reaches out; softly::  Milo?

Maeve MO: ::runs into this mother's arms:: Daddy....

Julie LB:  ::hugs her son; whispers::  Do you have anything you want to say to Daddy?

Quantum Catz IS: ::remains asleep, still looking pale::

Maeve MO: Whens he wakin up?

Julie LB:  ::softly::  I don't know, sweetheart, but I think if we say something now...he might hear it.

Julie TY:  ::softly::  Maeve?  You still there?

Julie JH:  ::cringes, trembling slightly::

Maeve MV: ::she doesn't respond::

Julie TY:  ::figuring Maeve's unconscious, Toby puts his hand underneath her to heal her back::

Maeve MV: ::was indeed out of it but is now quite alert due to the pain radiating from her back. Her hand doesn't get nearly as hot as it did the last time::

Julie LB:  ::cringes, leaning down and whispering to Milo::  Do you need to say anything to Daddy?

TY:  ::sighs, squeezing Maeve's shoulder; whispers::  You know you're better than this.  Wake up.

Maeve MO: ::he frowns, not sure what to make of that. He glances around:: He's here?

Julie LB:  ::hugs Milo tighter::  He...might be able to hear us.

Maeve MO: ::his eyes widen and he looks over her shoulder again, looking around; whispers:: I luv you Daddy! Wake up!

MV: ::doesn't respond right away though she eventually manages to fight her way back. She blinks, looking up at Toby again::

Quantum Catz JK: ::kneels in front of Milo; softly:: I'm sorry.  I wish i could wake up.  

Maeve MO: ::keeps looking around, hoping his father will show up::

Julie TY:  ::smiles, looking exhausted::  You stay with us, Maeve.  You up to eating anything?

JH:  ::draws nearer, though he's not quite daring to hope that Maeve will make it::

Maeve MV: ::doesn't seem too interested::

Julie LB:  ::rests her eyes against Milo's shoulder, crying softly, and trying to restrain herself::  Jack....

Quantum Catz JK: ::mutters:: I ain't any better'n my own dad. Turnin' around when it's already too late 'n wanting to make it better

Julie LB:  ::turns to Maeve, taking the woman's hand; softly::  You...heard him, right?  Is there any way to bring him back?  To bring either of you back to your bodies?

Maeve MV: ::she stares at Libby blankly::

Julie LB:  ::more insistently, almost angry::  What can we do to save you?

Maeve MV: ::doesn't even flinch::

Quantum Catz JK: If she knew, she'd've already said. You know that

Julie LB:  Jack has to have some ideas!  Maeve, what does he say?

Maeve MV: ::she blinks, and glances up at Jack::

Quantum Catz JK: ::hesitates then frowning:: The bloke who did this - he moved the other guy's soul into my body. Maybe he can put mine back in

Maeve MV: ::whispers:: Guy...moves souls.

Julie LB:  ::shakes her head; softly::  Not possible...he tried...he said he tried...

Maeve MV: ::she frowns, looking confused::

Quantum Catz JK: She thinks you're talking about Guy, Maeve

Maeve MV: ::frowns at Libby, and slightly shakes her head no::

Julie LB:  Then who?  :pauses; softly::  Not...Charlie?

JK: ::shakes his head:: Who's Charlie?

MV: ::her eyes widen:: Charlie? ::she glances at Jack, expectantly::

Quantum Catz JK: I don't know who Charlie is.  He was a black guy.  In a pretty bad state too

Maeve MV: ::she winces:: Charlie.

Julie LB:  Where was he?

Quantum Catz JK: I ain't telling Libby - it's too dangerous

MV: ::she frowns, and weakly shakes her head again; mutters:: He isn't... saying... dangerous..

Julie LB:  Then I'll ask Becky to find him.

Quantum Catz IS: ::stirs, blinking at Maeve, still looking tired::

JK: No! The guys who've got him could make him hurt her too

Maeve MV: ::looking troubled:: Says...they'll make him...hurt her too

Julie LB:  ::softly::  Then I'll go myself...with or without his help.  I can't let the both of you die.

Quantum Catz JK: ::looking a bit frustrated:: Tell her i'll tell Amara where to go; she owes me a favour anyway

Maeve MV: ::whispers, faintly:: He'll tell Amara.

Julie LB:  ::cringes::  Amara can't talk to him...

Quantum Catz JK: ::mutters:: Neither can you

Maeve MV: ::she sighs, and begins to fade away again::

Julie LB:  ::squeezes Maeve's hand::  You be strong...I'll bring Amara.  We'll save you, I swear.

Quantum Catz IS: ::is looking rather confused by the conversation but the first thing he does once he's fully awake is to lean forward and try to heal Maeve a bit; softly:: What's going on?

MV: ::groans, sounding a bit frustrated that people keep bugging her::

Julie TY:  ::shakes his head::  I don't get it.

LB:  ::tensely::  We think Maeve saw Jack, and he told us who did this.  ::gets up::  Josh, can you watch Milo, just for a minute?

Quantum Catz IS: Jack? ::still looks confused but is too tired to question it; stands up to check on Olivia::

Julie :  ::the baby is sleeping restlessly::

Maeve MO: ::doesn't understand most of what's going on but he knows it's not good when his mother uses his name, and "watch" in the same sentence. He starts to fuss::

Julie JH:  ::looks just exhausted, but he leans down::  Come on, Milo; I'll play with you...what do you want to do?

Maeve MO: Momma ::he reaches up to Libby::

Julie LB:  I promise you, sweetheart, I'll be back soon.  Promise.

Maeve MO: ::he pulls back but still looks dangerously close to tears::

Julie LB:  ::kisses him::  I promise.  I'll be back in five minutes.

Quantum Catz JK: ::rubs his forehead, feeling tired::

Maeve MO: ::waves his little fingers::

Julie LB:  ::smiles sadly at her son, and takes a deep breath, walking towards the inn::

julie LB:  ::comes in, looking rather serious herself; sits next to Amara, whispering::  Jack needs your help.

Quantum Catz AM: I take it we're not going to Gate Town then?

Julie LB:  ::shakes her head::  You heard of a fella named Charlie?

Quantum Catz AM: ::shrugs:: It's a common enough name, i could probably name a couple

Quantum Catz AM: I rarely deal with the people round here

Julie LB:  Well, we need to find him.  He's a Negro, seemed very kind last I saw him.

Quantum Catz AM: Why?

Julie LB:  ::whispers very quietly::  He can help Jack.

Quantum Catz AM: Jack's dying. The sooner you and he realise it the better off you'll be ::takes a sip of her drink::

Julie LB:  I know he's dying, but he's not dead!

Quantum Catz AM: ::finishes her drink and turns to smirk at Libby:: Fine then, where do you suggest i look?

LB:  Jack must have been on a job...didn't say where.  We can go back and try to talk to Jack, if Maeve's up to it.

Quantum Catz AM: ::looks a bit surprised:: He found someone who can see him?

Julie LB:  ::nods, cringing::  Someone who's as bad off as him.

LB:  :pauses::  Wait...does that mean you saw him?

Quantum Catz AM: Like i said, he's dying. There was no point in telling you

Julie LB:  ::her eyes almost spark::  He could've said goodbye to me.

Quantum Catz AM: ::shrugs:: It's just one little word - it means nothing. Anything he didn't say while he was alive, isn't worth saying now

Julie LB:  ::heads to the door; coldly::  I don't know how much time we have.

Quantum Catz AM: ::follows behind her, not seeming bothered by Libby's mood at all::

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::walks quickly towards Maeve's house and throws the door open, calling::  Jack?  Are you still here?

Quantum Catz: JK: ::is leaning against the wall, looking tired::

Quantum Catz: AM: I've got to admit, you've looked better, hon

yarnkittymon: LB:  ::turns to face Amara and follows her gaze, as if hoping to see Jack::

Quantum Catz: JK: ::looks up at her, annoyed:: If you can see me then why the hell didn't you say so before?

Quantum Catz: AM: ::shrugs:: So i could be the middleman for some horrible emotional goodbye? No thank you

MV: ::doesn't even move when they come in::

Quantum Catz JK: There's this bloke who a couple of guys i know have. I reckon he can put me back in my body but anyone else would probably just get hurt

AM: Oh, expendible now, am i?

Maeve MO: ::he frowns at the woman, wondering who she's talking to::

Julie LB:  ::keeps her eyes on Amara, but reaches down for Milo's hand::

Maeve MO: ::clings to his mother::

Quantum Catz JK: ::tells her where the men are most likely to be::

AM: ::turns to look at the others, a smile on her face:: Anyone else fancy joining me?

Maeve MV: :opens her eyes to look at them, manages a small smirk::

Quantum Catz JK: It's too dangerous!

Julie LB:  ::swallows hard::  If you need the help...

JH:  ::in a low voice::  If she needs help, I'd go before you should, Mrs. Richards.  Milo needs you.

Quantum Catz AM: ::glances at Jack, raising an eyebrow at him but doesn't comment:: I could do it alone but a friend's been telling me i should be more sociable

Julie LB:  ::frowns; softly::  Josh, you can't...

TY:  ::quietly::  If you think Maeve can hold out 'til I get back, I can go.

Quantum Catz JK: ::mutters:: It'd be easier if you just went in alone

AM: Is that a decision or are we going to be hanging around all day?

Julie TY:  ::looks back at Maeve, sighing::  Yeah, sure.  ::gets up and walks over to Amara::

MV: ::absently making tiny burn marks in the couch::

Julie TY:  ::heads outside, his hands in his pockets::  So where we headed?

Quantum Catz AM: ::glances at Jack again and heads out of the room without a word::

Maeve LA: ::was hidden in the corner of the room but she's snuck out, and is now trailing them::

Quantum Catz AM: Jack told me where his mates hide out most often. And when i say mates i of course mean 'traitors who aren't getting out of their hideout alive'

Julie TY:  ::looks at Amara, rather startled::  I didn't sign up for anything like that.  ::glances back and sees Leyla::  And what are you doing here?

Quantum Catz JK: ::follows behind them after a sad look in Libby's direction:: I didn't ask you to kill anyone

Julie LB:  ::goes over to a chair and sits down rather blankly, motioning for Milo to join her::

Quantum CatzAM: ::doesn't seem to hear Jack now, or is just good at ignoring him; looks at Leyla::

Julie JH:  ::sees the fire and sighs, going over to Maeve; whispers::  I think it's my job to stop you from doing that...

Maeve MV: ::She doesn't stop. Although, her flame is flickering a lot since she doesn't have much energy::

Quantum Catz IS: ::has half fallen asleep again::

LA: ::softly:: I can help.

Julie JH:  ::softly::  Please, Maeve?  You need to rest.  I'll read you a story if you want

Maeve MV: ::draws an "X" and grunts when her flame goes out. Her hand is dangerously close to her dress anyway since she can't hold her hand up much. She flexes her fingers and seems happy when the flame flickers again::

Julie JH:  ::softly::  Maeve, I'm not looking forward to putting you out.

Quantum Catz AM: ::turns away:: Whatever. Just don't get in my way

Maeve LA: ::frowns::

Julie TY:  ::softly::  You don't want a rap sheet, do you?

Quantum Catz JK: Tell her to go home, she's just a kid.

Maeve LA: She's helped me. I want a chance to help her.

Julie TY:  ::cringes::  You're still too young to get wrapped up in this.  ::sighs::

Maeve LA: I can help. I can check things out. They aren't going to suspect a cat.

Julie TY:  ::smiles faintly::  *She's* supposed to be taking care of it, as far as I know.  ::but nods once to Leyla::

AM: We'll see what it's like when we get there - easiest thing might well be just me grabbing the guy and getting out again

TY:  ::frowns, almost asking why they're there, but then figures if nothing else, they can try to keep Amara from crossing them:

Quantum Catz AM: ::heads towards the place Jack told her about, not really talking much to the other two::

yarnkittymon: :  ::they've reached a small, new house, unassuming enough; there are doors outside, to get to a cellar::

TY:  ::looks at Amara silently::

Maeve LA: ::is just behind the other two, waiting::

Julie TY:  ::smirks::  You want us to just knock then?

Quantum Catz AM: ::rolls her eyes, looking bored:: I should probably just go in myself, Jack wasn't happy with me inviting others along ::moves towards the cellar doors::

Julie TY:  ::stays back, glancing at Leyla::

Maeve LA: ::looks at Toby, blinking:: We aren't letting her go alone are we?

Julie TY:  She knows what she's doing.

Quantum Catz AM: :passes through the doors to the cellar as if they aren't even there::

Maeve LA: Well, I'm going to make sure she remembers what she's doing, and doesn't get caught. ::she shifts into her small cat form and takes off after the woman::

LA: ::stops at the cellar door, looking puzzled. She paws at:

Julie TY:  ::frowns::  There's a trick:

:  ::there's a tired-looking guard who has a crossbow aimed squarely at an African-American man who's been beaten badly and is hardly conscious, tied in the corner::

Maeve LA: ::she sits down, glaring at the cellar door. After a minute, she gets up and trots around the house, looking for another opening or a window::

Julie :  ::there is a window that's cracked, though Leyla would have to squeeze pretty hard to get in::

Quantum Catz AM: ::moves forward, quietly::

Julie :  ::the man suddenly looks up; when he sees Amara, he edges closer to Charlie::  I'll kill him!

Quantum Catz AM: You could, but as soon as he's dead, i'll kill you

Maeve LA: ::tries to squeeze through it anyway::

Julie :  ::the man smiles, edging closer to Charlie, not moving the crossbow, and yanking on the rope::

CH:  ::shakes his head::  Sir...

Quantum Catz AM: ::raises an eyebrow:: Is your life really worth so little? ::takes a step forward::

Julie :  ::the man grabs Charile's hand::  Do it.

CH:  ::cringes, but raises his now-freed hand and closes his eyes::

Maeve LA: ::it takes her a moment to wiggle herself through the crack but she manages to get through.::

AM: ::keeps moving towards the man, reaching towards him::

Julie :  ::Amara suddenly feels something's wrong, like she's back "in-phase," as it were::

Maeve LA: ::slinks along the wall of the house, trying to stay hidden while she searches for the others::

Quantum Catz AM: ::glares at Charlie::  You're going to pay as much as him ::reaches down towards her ankle for the dagger kept there::

Julie CH:  ::cringes::

:  ::the man whispers something, and though Charlie's trembling, he nods, not lowering his hand::

Quantum Catz AM: ::jumps forward, aiming her dagger at the man's thigh::

:  ::as Amara moves, a wall bright as fire comes up, surrounding Charlie and his captor::

Maeve LA: ::comes to a door she assumes leads down to the cellar. It's of course closed so she has to shift forms in order to open it::

Quantum Catz AM: ::stops and straightens up:: So you've killed Jack Richards, well done.

Julie :  ::the man glares at Amara; coldly::  And my father.  What's that to you?

Maeve LA: ::quietly opens the door::

Quantum Catz AM: ::shrugs:: How much is this game worth to you? Because i'm willing to bet i can pay you more

Julie :  ::the man looks up sharply when the door opens, ignoring Amara::

Quantum Catz AM: ::turns to glare at Leyla:: Get out of here, kid

Maeve LA: ::glares:: I came to help!

Julie CH:  ::shakes his head; softly::  Please, sir, not a kid...

:  ::the man just presses the crossbow closer to Charlie's neck, watching silently::

Quantum Catz AM: Get out and stay out

Maeve LA: No! What if something happens to you? They'll die if we don't save him.

Quantum Catz AM: ::turns to look at Charlie:: I'm sure you're heartbroken - you're only ridding a boy of his father and a baby of its mother. What do they matter?

Julie CH:  Ma'am, I can't help.  ::he can't even move to shake his head::

TY:  ::just barely peeks in at the scene from a hole he formed in the door--he's ready to come in if needed, but he doesn't want to make things worse::

Quantum Catz AM: No? You can use your powers on us but not the man holding the crossbow to your head

Julie :  ::the man cringes::

CH:  ::cringes again, looking at Leyla::

Maeve LA: ::she steps back behind the door where she shifts forms again, hoping it'll somehow protect her if she needs to attack::

Quantum Catz AM: If he really wanted you dead, you already would be, you know

CH:  ::cringes::

Julie :  ::the man quietly says::  Don't listen to her.

Quantum Catz AM: It isn't true? Well, go ahead then, kill him

Julie  ::suddenly, the wall around Charlie and his captor flares up, burning so hot that even Toby has to step back from the peephole or risk being burned::

Maeve LA: ::mews as she jumps further away from the door::

Quantum Catz AM: ::backs away, covering her face, cursing her inability to use her power::

Julie TY:  ::stays low and forms a bigger hole in the cellar door::  Leyla!

:  ::Amara suddenly feels her power returning::

Quantum Catz AM: ::runs towards the man and Charlie when she feels her power return::

Julie :  ::the shield still stops Amara::

Quantum Catz AM: ::Curses and backs up again::

Maeve  LA: ::she shifts back; yells:: Toby! Can't you make a bucket of water or something?

Julie TY:  Leyla, get *out*!

Quantum Catz AM: ::groans and grabs Leyla, pulling her out of the room::

Maeve LA: ::struggles:: What are you doing? I can help! We can't leave him here!

Quantum Catz AM: I don't need to leave - you do tho

Julie :  ::suddenly, the whole room grows unbearably hot, for just a moment, and then there's a thin film of ash over everything, but the air grows cool again; Charlie is breathing hard, and his captor is lying still on the floor::

Quantum Catz AM: ::turns to look at Charlie, frowning:: Finally grew a backbone, did we?

Maeve LA: ::she flinches and looks back, blinking::

Julie CH:  ::rubs his eye that's been bruised closed::  Wasn't for your sake, ma'am.

Quantum Catz AM: Is he dead?

Julie CH:  ::reaches down to touch him, and shakes his head::  No, ma'am.

Maeve LA: ::backs up towards the door::

Quantum Catz AM: Are there more?

Julie CH:  I don't know, ma'am.  ::shakes his head::  If you knew I was here, ma'am, why didn't you tell the guard?

Maeve LA: ::quietly:: I didn't see anyone.

Quantum Catz AM: ::moves towards the unconscious man:: The guard don't tend to appreciate my ways

CH:  ::softly::  You ain't gonna kill him, ma'am?

Quantum Catz AM: Why shouldn't i? He wanted Jack dead - everyone should be paid in kin

Julie TY:  We don't have time for this; we don't know how long Jack has!

CH:  ::mutely gets in-between Amara and the man::

Maeve LA: ::looks a bit stunned::

Quantum Catz AM: ::looks at Charlie:: Well, take this guy back to Jack and i'll clear up here

Maeve LA: ::softly:: You can't just kill them

Quantum Catz AM: If he's left alive, he could threaten your friends again. Is that what you want?

Julie CH:  I ain't safe anywhere, ma'am.  ::shakes his head::

TY:  Get away from them, Amara.  We'll get the guard

Quantum Catz AM: ::Shakes her head and turns away:: The guard on this island are useless. It's your funeral. Or Jack's anyway ::heads towards the door::

Julie TY:  ::forces the cellar door open::  I'll watch him.  Leyla, can you take Charlie back?

CH:  ::looks rather surprised to see Toby, and his eyes go wide::  Sir?

Maeve LA: ::looks a little uncertain but finally moves towards Charlie and shyly offers her arm::

Julie CH:  ::hesitates, but he's about ready to fall over, and he finally does accept Leyla's help::

Maeve LA: ::she looks back up at Toby; softly:: What if Maeve needs you again?

Julie TY:  ::cringes; quietly::  Maybe Charlie can help.  We have to take care of this fella.

Maeve LA: ::she doesn't look certain but doesn't press the issue either. She carefully helps Charlie up the stairs, though she struggles under his weight to keep the both of them up::

Julie CH:  ::softly::  I'm sorry, Miss...I ain't walkin' straight.

Maeve LA: ::Sadly:: It's okay, sir.

Julie TY:  ::forms some handcuffs for the man, just in case, and mangles the crossbow a bit::

:  ::Charlie makes slow progress towards the house::

Quantum Catz

AM: ::has headed back to Maeve's house::

AM: ::walks through without opening the door::

Maeve ::Maeve hasn't been coherent since they left. Her eyes are open, but they look glassy and she hasn't responded to anything anyone's said to her. A few minutes ago the bleeding started again, even more so than last time, making her dress even more drenched with blood::

Quantum Catz IS: ::is trying to heal her, though he's worn out from doing it for so long::

Julie JH:  ::is holding a gauze pad over Maeve's chest, but can't look at her, knowing that she'll soon stop moving; he just whispers::  Maeve...we tried...

Maeve ::he manages to slow it a bit but this time it doesn't stop::

Quantum Catz AM: ::goes to sit in a spare chair:: Leyla and Toby are bringing the guy

Julie LB:  ::had been whispering a prayer, but looks up at Amara::  Why isn't he here now?  Which way is he?  ::walking quickly to the door::

OL:  ::is in her crib, fussing and crying::

Maeve MV: ::her eyes flutter, tempting to close, but otherwise does not respond to Josh::

Julie JH:  ::tears rolling down his cheeks; softly::  Isaac?

Quantum Catz IS: ::softly:: Come on,Maeve, stay with us. ::keeps trying to heal her::

Julie LB:  ::glares at Amara, and then storms out, looking down the street; she runs to Leyla and Charlie when she sees them::  Hurry!  Can you save Maeve?

CH:  ::cringes, trying to walk more quickly::

Maeve MV: ::her breathing becomes shallow as she pulls farther away from them. She's gotten very cold to the touch::

Julie JH:  ::still can't look at Maeve; softly::  Don't go...

Quantum Catz AM: ::sits down, running her hands across her face; softly to Jack:: You know i'm no good at this stuff

Maeve LA: ::is trying hard not to trip the both of them up as Charlie pushes himself to go faster::

Quantum Catz JK: ::is leaning against the wall, looking worn out:: You can go soon, either way

Maeve MV: ::the bleeding starts to slow, but it has nothing to do with Isaac's powers. Her eyes flutter as she fights to hang on::

Julie JH:  ::suddenly picks up Olivia with his bloody hands, bringing her nearer to Maeve::  Stay here...for her...

OL:  ::is still whimpering::

Quantum Catz IS: ::tries to blink back tears and touches Maeve's cheek:: Come on, you've been through so much already - don't let this beat you

Julie CH:  ::is pulled into the room, and Libby practically throws him at Maeve; Charlie pauses, and quietly says::  I need someone to help me...

LB:  ::steps forward, holding out her arm::  Me, then!

Maeve MO: ::is still clinging to his mother. Maeve's condition has him a little upset too, even though he doesn't understand what's going on. The blood isn't exactly thrilling::

Julie CH:  ::takes Libby's hand and reaches out, putting a hand on Maeve and concentrating; nothing happens:

Maeve MV: ::she doesn't respond, just sucks in a deep breath as she continues to fight a losing battle:

Julie CH:  ::quietly::  It's not working.

JH:  ::softly::  You have to do something...

CH:  I don't even know what's wrong with her, sir.

Quantum Catz IS: ::Weakly:: None of us do - just try anything, it might be her last chance

Julie LB:  ::nods grimly::  Please.

JH:  ::softly::  If you can figure out what's wrong with her, maybe we can do something.

CH:  ::takes Libby's arm again and concentrates; softly::  The baby...

Quantum Catz IS: ::worried:: What about her?

Julie CH:  She's trying to hold on to her mother somehow, sir.

Quantum Catz IS: I don't understand

Julie CH:  ::shakes his head::  I don't either, sir, but...it's like the baby...doesn't want to leave her.  Almost like she wants to go back inside.  Like she's doin' something...::closes his eyes again::

Quantum Catz IS: ::looks at Josh, not really sure what to say::

Julie JH:  ::in a small voice::  She started to get sick after Olivia was born...

Quantum Catz IS: ::running a hand across his face, tears stinging his eyes again:: How do you make a baby understand....

AM: If it's an ability - stop her using it. There must be someone who can drain her energy, shut her power off - something...

Julie CH:  ::cringes::  I...could, sir.  But...what if she's what's holdin' the woman's soul in?

Quantum Catz IS: ::winces:: Maeve wouldn't want...we can't risk hurting Olivia...she wouldn't want- ::stops, sounding choked up::

Julie CH:  ::quietly::  Don't think I'd hurt the baby, sir.

JH:  ::slowly::  Or maybe if we just took Olivia away...

CH:  ::looks at Isaac::  Are you her husband?  I'll do what you ask.

Quantum Catz IS: ::softly:: Does she have time for us to try just moving Olivia? ::though he's not really sure himself who he's asking::

Julie JH:  ::softly::  I'll try.  ::holding the sobbing baby close::

Quantum Catz IS: ::is looking rather upset about the idea that their daughter might have been the one harming maeve:

JH:  ::softly::  I'll come back...in a few minutes...::looks at Maeve for a moment, then turns away, not wanting his last memory of her to be her looking like that; he runs and takes the baby out::

Quantum Catz IS: ::tries to help heal Maeve again::

Maeve MV: ::she gasps when Olivia leaves the room, and her eyes fall shut::

Quantum Catz IS: Maeve!

Julie CH:  ::reaches forward, focusing on bringing Maeve back to herself::

Julie LB:  ::looks away, hugging Milo tightly::

Maeve MV: ::she's struggling to stay but part of her is still battling to leave. At one point, Isaac is able to close the wounds up part way, though they likely can't tell since she's covered in blood::

Julie CH:  ::is still concentrating; at one point, even appears to be grabbing for something; cries out::  Don't leave, ma'am!

JH:  ::stops a couple blocks from home, holding the crying baby, and crying himself::

Quantum Catz IS: Please, stay with me, Maeve

Maeve MV: ::after a moment, her color returns and she opens her eyes, looking a bit dazed::

Julie CH:  ::sighs in relief::

LB:  ::still hugging Milo; her arms are trembling with exhaustion::

Quantum Catz IS: ::Softly:: Maeve?

Maeve MV: ::looks up and then looks down at her blood soaked dress; slightly panicked:: What happened? ::tries to sit up, but is still too weak to do it::

Julie LB:  ::looks over at Maeve, and when she sees her move, starts to sob uncontrollably::

Quantum Catz IS: ::looks like he's about to cry himself:: Don't move yet. Are you still in pain?

Maeve MV: ::her eyes widen at Libby's sudden sobbing. and they get even wider when she looks up at Isaac. Stunned, she stops moving:: No. Why? What happened! ::finally notices Charlie, her jaw drops; softly:: Charlie? What's he...

Julie JH:  ::gets rather panicked when Olivia stops crying, and he runs back towards home--careful not to hurt the baby, of course::

Julie CH:  ::bows slightly to Maeve::  They asked for my help, ma'am.

LB:  ::whispers::  Jack...

JK: ::sighs:: I guess Maeve can't see me anymore

Maeve MV: ::she looks back at Libby but Amara catches her eyes and she pales. She looks up at Isaac; whispers:: What does she want?

Quantum Catz AM: ::shrugs:: Soon she might, if this guy can fix you

IS: ::rather distracted, thinking about Olivia:: She's a friend of Jack's

IS: ::moves his hand to where the wounds were, checking that they're gone::

Julie JH:  ::comes in the door, trembling, and he tiptoes in, not exhaling until he hears Maeve speak::

Maeve MV: ::she frowns, and glances at the woman again:: So she isn't- I mean she's here because of Jack? If I'm not bleeding because of her then why am I bleeding! ::the wounds are completely gone::

Julie JH:  ::comes inside, though he stays back a bit, with Olivia, just in case::

MV: ::notices Josh, and frowns; softly:: What is going on? When did you have a kid?

Julie JH:  ::his eyes go wide; softly::  Maeve?

Quantum Catz IS: ::softly,looking worried:: Josh, could you maybe take Olivia upstairs just now?

Julie JH:  ::nods, but as he's walking, he can't resist asking, like a child::  She's okay, right?

Quantum Catz IS: ::uncertainly:: The wounds are gone

Maeve MV: Olivia? ::her frowns deepens and then finally it dawns on her. She grabs her stomach just to check and then looks back at Josh:: I'm fine. Is she... what's going on?

Quantum Catz AM: As much as i hate to blow a good party, Jack isn't looking so hot right now

Julie JH:  ::frowns::

LB:  ::struggles to her feet; softly::  I...don't know how much I can help Charlie...I'm pretty drained...

Quantum Catz IS: ::hesitates:: She was.... ::sighs:: I'm not sure what she was doing but...it made you ill

Maeve MV: ::frowns; quietly:: Olivia? ::she shakes her head::

Quantum Catz IS: We thought...we thought you were going to....die and then...Josh took her out of the house and...

Julie CH:  ::softly::  I'm not sure it was her, sir.  ::shakes his head::  She looked like she was gone for good, sir, when the baby was gone.

JH:  ::looks down at the baby in his arms, no idea what to believe::

Quantum Catz IS: Then what was it?  She woke up

Julie CH:  Because I helped her, sir.  I don't know how to explain it, but she was tryin' to die, sir.

Maeve MV: ::she winces, and shakes her head; softly:: You make it sound like I was suicidal. ::she glances at Amara again, rather nervous about the woman's presence::

Julie CH:  ::quietly::  I think your spirit wanted to leave, ma'am.

Quantum Catz AM: ::stands up and reaches for Charlie:: Come on, you - the woman's alive - Jack still isn't

Julie LB:  ::is already heading for the door, with Milo in tow::

Maeve MV: ::her eyes widen:: Jack's dead? ::she smirks at the woman, tempted to ask if she's the reason or not::

Quantum Catz AM: ::looks at Maeve, though if she recognises her she doesn't show it:: Good thing he was or we'd never have known about this guy

Maeve MV: ::bites her lip and looks away. Needing a distraction, she looks back up at Josh, suddenly remembering what she was going to do; quietly:: Just bring her over here Josh. ::reaches out for the baby::

Julie JH:  ::looks questioningly at Isaac::

Quantum Catz IS: ::hesitates:: Maeve, are you sure?

Julie LB:  ::looks back at Charlie, who gets up and slowly follows Libby::

Quantum Catz JK: ::follows after them::

AM: ::with a final glance at Maeve, heads out::

Julie LB:  ::has no idea how she'll give Charlie the energy he needs, but she knows the others can't be spared::

Maeve MV: Well? If Charlie's right there's nothing to be- ::she looks down at her clothes, and cringes:: Maybe we'd better hold off on testing that. I don't want to get her...  ::catches Amara's look, and swallows hard. She quickly looks away::

Julie JH:  ::softly::  I'll take her upstairs, Maeve.

Quantum Catz AM: Isn't this town just full of excitement, i love it

IS: If you think you can walk - we can go get you changed out of those clothes

Maeve MV: ::she nods, and tries to get herself up off the couch.::

:  :on the way, Libby and the others pass Harry, who's escorting the half-conscious man who had Charlie; he does a double-take when he sees Amara::

HR:  ::frowns to see Amara, and carefully avoids her gaze::

Maeve LA: ::sees Libby and Charlie and runs over to them:: Did he help Maeve?

Julie LB:  ::nods::  She's stopped bleeding, at least.

Julie TY:  ::is with them too::

TY:  ::sighs in relief::

Maeve LA: ::smiles slightly, looking relieved.::

Julie LB:  ::softly::  We...need someone to help with Jack...

Maeve LA: ::her eyes widen:: I can help. What do you need?

Julie LB:  ::cringes::

CH:  ::quietly::  It should be okay.  Just need a bit of energy.

Maeve LA: ::looks a bit hurt at Libby's reaction but she turns to look at Charlie; softly:: I'm not tired at all. You can use me.

Julie LB:  ::glances at Toby::  If you could get to Maeve?  Just in case?

TY:  ::nods::  I'm on it.

Quantum Catz AM: ::frowns at Harry and then suddenly smirks, though she doesn't say anything::

IS: ::tries to help Maeve as much as he can but he's probably as tired as her::

Julie HR:  Well, I'll get going, then.  ::shoves his prisoner along::

Maeve MV: ::leans on the railing as much as she can so she doesn't wear Isaac out; softly:: Are you all right Isaac? You look a little... worn?

LB:  ::takes Leyla's hand::  Come on, then.  ::smiles gratefully, though she still looks rather worried::

Maeve LA: ::smiles encouragingly at Libby, trying to reassure her that she's not scared at all::

Quantum Catz JK: Why are we still getting the kid involved? Can't you give him some energy?

Julie LB:  ::looks down at her son, sighing as they approach their house::

Quantum Catz AM: A bit - but i've had to keep using my power to talk to you

Quantum Catz IS: I am now you are

Julie TY:  ::comes through Isaac and Maeve's front door::

Quantum Catz AM: ::shrugs, not bothered if leyla and libby here her:: Besides, kids have more energy than adults anyway

Maeve MV: ::she gets up the steps, and has to lean against the wall to catch her breath. She frowns at Isaac; softly:: I still don't know why I'm bleeding.  Or was bleeding. ::she winces::

LA: ::glances back at Amara for a second but doesn't comment::

Quantum Catz AM: Maybe we should use the baby, just in case it was her draining darling Maeve

Julie LB:  ::looks fiercely at Amara::  You wouldn't!

TY:  ::calls out::  Maeve?  ::goes over to the couch and cleans it::

Quantum Catz JK: ::shakes his head:: Sooner you get out of here the better

IS: ::softly:: They looked like the wounds you got....before ::to Toby:: We're upstairs

Julie TY:  ::stops when the blood's mostly gone, and heads upstairs::

Quantum Catz AM: ::shrugs:: If it's safe for Leyla here, surely it's safe for a baby too?

Julie LB:  ::fiercely::  Babies sleep half the day!  And they can't tell us what they're feeling!  ::storms off and throws her own door open::

Maeve MV: ::stares blankly at Isaac; quietly:: What? ::she shakes her head, not knowing what to say::

LA: ::frowns at Amara:: You didn't have to upset her. ::hurries after Libby::

Quantum Catz AM: She's far to easily upset

JK: ::heads after libby as well and Amara slowly follows::

Julie LB:  ::glares at Amara; calls out::  It's fine with me if you just walk in a lake!  ::turns to Charlie::  Upstairs.

CH:  What...am I meant to do, ma'am?

Quantum Catz AM: You're meant to return Jack's soul into his body

AM: Sometime before he wastes away would be good

Julie CH:  ::nods::  I might be able to do that.

LB:  ::rather pale::  You *will.*

Quantum Catz AM: ::sweetly:: If Jack doesn't get to walk out of here then neither do you

Maeve MV: ::looks up at Toby; softly:: Hey. ::glances between the two:; Maybe one of you should be with Jack?

Quantum Catz JK: Yeah, threaten him, that will help me

Julie LB:  ::coldly::  That's not true, Charlie.  I know you'll try your best.  ::smiles tiredly at Milo, then heads for the stairs::

Quantum Catz IS: There was nothing i could do for Jack. Charlie's his last chance

Julie TY:  ::nods grimly::  We weren't sure if you were all right...

Quantum Catz AM: He hurt people just because someone told him to - if you ask me, he's as bad as them

Maeve MV: ::smiles sadly but doesn't answer. She could say she's all right, but it might be a lie. She turns to go into the bedroom; quietly:: I just want out of this thing.

Julie LB:  That can't be the whole story!  ::goes to the bedroom; Jack looks rather worse than he did when Maeve left him::

TY:  ::quietly::  Well, I'm here.  ::smiles slightly::  I can wash that dress for you when you're out of it.

Quantum Catz AM: A man held a crossbow to him and instead of stopping that man, he did this to Jack

Maeve MV: ::mutters:: I think it'd be a waste of time, but thanks. ::she stumbles, and almost falls, through the doorway::

Quantum Catz IS: Do you want me to help you? You still seem pretty exhausted

JK: ::sits down next to his body:: If he fixes me, i couldn't care less

Julie LB:  A lot of people would do a lot more than that to protect their own lives.  ::smiles at Charlie::  Please...we need your help.

Maeve LA: ::she holds out her hand to him:: I'm ready.

Julie CH:  ::sighs deeply; he's still rather injured from his kidnapping; he takes Layla's hand::  If you feel light-headed, miss, tell me.

Julie LB:  ::sits on the bed and hauls Milo onto her lap::

Quantum Catz AM: A lot of people don't have the abilities he does

Julie LB:  ::softly::  And a lot of people haven't been beaten down their whole lives.

Julie CH:  Ma'am...::nods to Libby::...and you...::frowns at Amara::  I need to concentrate.

Quantum Catz AM: ::takes a deep breath, a rather dark look on her face, but doesn't say any more::

Julie LB:  ::closes her eyes, murmuring a silent prayer::

Maeve MV: So do you. I'll manage.

Quantum Catz

IS: I'll be out here if you need me then

Julie CH:  :puts a hand on Jack's chest, and squeezes Leyla's hand, then concentrates; nothing will happen until Jack at the very least touches his body::

Quantum Catz

JK: ::looks at Amara: Ask him if i'm meant to do anything

AM: Jack wants to know what he should do

Maeve MV: ::she nods as she gathers some things and heads into the bathroom to wash up::

Julie CH:  I think you need to get into your body, if you can, sir.  Maybe touch my hand?

Quantum Catz IS: ::as soon as Maeve's gone into the bathroom, he leans against the wall, taking a deep breath::

JK: ::reaches out and touches Charlie's hand::

Julie :  ::Jack feels himself moving a little, and Leyla's almost instantly drained of her powers, and then the next thing he knows, Jack is weak and very hungry and thirsty, and terribly weak, looking up at the ceiling::

Maeve LA: ::she steps away from them, not yet knowing that her colored hair has turned completely brown, or that her eyes are a normal green now. Her button nose has even turned a little pointy::

Quantum Catz JK: ::groans and tries to move, though his body doesn't seem to want to::

Julie CH:  :pulls away too::

Julie LB:  ::cringes; softly::  Jack?  ::reaches out and takes his hand::

JK: Li...bby...

TY:  ::softly::  You look like you need some rest too.

LB:  ::tears sting her eyes, and she leans close to him; softly::  I'm here, Jack...

Quantum Catz IS: ::softly:: Once i'm sure she's okay ::hesitates:: He said she wanted to-- ::stops, not wanting to word it::

Maeve MO: ::reaches out for his father:: Daddy wake up!

Quantum Catz JK: Yeah, 'm 'wake

Julie TY:  ::looks up at Isaac::  What?

LB:  ::hugs Jack, breaking out into tears::  I thought...I thought...

Quantum Catz IS: Charlie he said...he said it was like she was trying to die

Maeve MV: ::they hear a clunk coming from the bathroom::

Julie TY:  ::cringes::  Maeve?

Quantum Catz IS: ::runs through to the bathroom to get to Maeve::

JK: ::for a moment, the light of his shield flickers against his skin when she hugs him but it fades like it's out of energy:: S'ry

Julie LB:  ::kisses Jack, shivering::  It'll...happen someday...

Maeve MV: ::she looks up from her spot on the kitchen tile, looking stunned to see him bursting through the door. She's on all fours, in a clean dress, with one hand on a runaway shoe. There's a few bottles of lotion and what not laying on the floor around her from where she knocked them off the counter; quietly:: What? I just lost a shoe....

TY:  ::cringes::

Quantum Catz IS: ::his heart is racing and he's breathing rather quickly, takes a deep breath to try and calm himself, leaning against the wall, feeling dizzy::

Maeve MV: ::worriedly:: Isaac? ::she staggers to her feet, reaching for him::

Quantum Catz IS: ::Softly:: I'm okay

Maeve MV: ::she continues to watch him, looking uncertain::

Quantum Catz IS: ::looks rather pale:: Just...too much healing...i guess

Julie TY:  ::softly::  You should get in bed.

Quantum Catz AM: It happens to us all someday

JK: Can...i... wa...ter

Maeve MV: ::softly:: He's right Isaac... ::she shakes her head, feeling guilty and then reaches for him again::

Julie LB:  ::glares at Amara::  I'm glad Jack's not dead, but your work's done here.  Unless you want to fetch him some water.

TY:  ::quietly::  You too, Maeve.

Quantum Catz AM: Aw, but i have a present for you - it's not quite the same if he's alive but i think you'll like it ::smirks::

Julie LB:  ::frowns, and gets up, taking Milo's hand::  Come on, kid; let's get some water for your dad.

Maeve MO: ::grins and takes his mother's hand:: Be right back! ::heads for the door as if he's on a very important mission;:

Quantum Catz IS: ::softly:: I should check on Olivia first ::moves to do so but nearly falls and has to hold onto the wall for support::

Julie LB:  ::looks back at Jack with a shaky smile, then heads for the bathroom::

TY:  ::reaches out for Isaac::  I'll check on her.

Maeve MV: ::she gasps when he starts to fall, and tries to hold him, though she wouldn't do much good if he actually did go down:: Isaac...

Quantum Catz AM: ::stands up and moves towards Jack; leans down and lightly kisses his cheek:: Your wife is nice, but she really needs to grow a sense of humour, hun. Just so you know, i wouldn't have gotten her involved with the smuggling, i just wanted to know if she would. I'll go get your present now ::grins and heads out the room, going back to the inn::

IS: ::smiles weakly at Maeve:: Eli kept telling me to rest more, i guess i should've listened to him

Maeve MV: ::lightly scolds him:: Yes, you should have. ::tries to help him over to the bed::

Julie TY:  Get in bed, you two.

Maeve MV: ::softly:: I will, but I want to see Olivia first.

Julie LB:  ::comes back with a full glass of water and sits on the bed::  Can you sit up, Jack?

TY:  I'll bring her in.

Maeve MO: ::runs up behind his mother and climbs up on the bed::

Quantum Catz JK: ::tries to sit up and manages to move a bit, his shield faintly flickers against his skin again::

CH:  ::bows; quietly::  I should probably be going, ma'am.  ::cringes, looking at Jack::  I'm sorry, sir.

LB:  :puts her arm around Jack, trying to help him up::

Maeve LA: ::has been edging towards the door but she stops when she notices her reflection in Libby's vanity mirror::

Quantum Catz IS: ::reaches the bed and sits down, still looking pale::

Maeve MV: ::she sits down beside him; looking worried::

Quantum Catz JK: ::looks at Charlie:: J'st don't d'it again

Julie TY:  ::heads back to the nursery; Josh is still holding Olivia, who's fallen asleep::

CH:  ::softly::  I don't want to be hurt again, sir.

JH:  ::comes back into Maeve and Isaac's bedroom, holding Olivia tightly::

:  ::the baby is sleeping lightly::

Quantum Catz JK: Y'seem str'ng enough t'me

Julie CH:  ::takes a deep breath::  I'd...never fought back before.  Not hardly, sir.

Maeve MV: ::softly:: Isaac? Are you going to try to sleep?

Quantum Catz JK: Sometimes...s worth fighting

Julie CH:  ::nods slowly; quietly::  I might try, sir.

Quantum Catz IS: ::nods:: I will,once you do

JK: 'S enough f'r me

Julie JH:  ::softly::  Everything all right?

CH:  ::bows slightly::  Thank you, sir.

Maeve MV: ::she sighs, being just a tad frustrated with him. She glances up when Josh speaks and then reaches for the baby; quietly:: Yeah. Thanks Josh.

Julie JH:  ::softly::  Are you sure it'll be okay?

Maeve MV: We have to figure out if it will be or not at some point.

Julie TY:  ::quietly::  I'm here, at least.

OL:  ::is still fast asleep::

LB:  ::huddling close to Jack, handing him the water::

Maeve MO: ::crawls up to Jack's other side, grinning::

Quantum Catz JK: 'M no 'sir' ::sips some of the water, though he finds it hard to swallow and coughs::

Maeve LA: ::stumbles out the door and into the hall. She looks down at her hands, noticing for the first time that she has regular fingernails::

Julie CH:  Sorry, s...::stops::  I should go...

LB:  ::gently hits Jack's back::

IS: ::Smiles weakly at Olivia, though he can't help but feel a bit worried::

Maeve MV: ::tucks the baby into her arms, looking completely awed all over again. She swallows hard, still unsure of how she's going to deal with this::

Julie JH:  ::smiles::  If...you feel bad...I can take her...

Quantum Catz AM: ::comes in and drops a bag on the floor in the room:: This was from my personal collection and it was so much effort to get it here, i really can't be bothered taking it back

Maeve MV: ::she barely nods in response to Josh since she's a bit distracted. She yawns::

Julie LB:  ::shudders::  We don't...don't want it...

Quantum Catz IS: ::Seems to relax a bit when Maeve remains unhurt::

Julie JH:  ::softly::  If you were going to get some sleep, I can take her back.

Quantum Catz AM: ::shrugs:: Well, it can just sit in here then, i really don't care. It was to repay Jack and i've kind of done that with the whole grabbing Charlie thing but whatever

Julie LB:  ::her arm is still around Jack; she leans against him, not replying::

Maeve MV: ::she stares at Olivia for a moment longer before she nods to Josh:: Okay. If it means making Isaac rest.... ::smirks::

Quantum Catz JK: T'ld you was a favour...no money

Julie JH:  ::smiles softly, taking the baby back::

Quantum Catz AM: You can tell me what you want, hun, i'll still do it my way anyway. ::looks sad for a moment and smiles weakly at him:: I'm glad you're alright - now you have a way to make sure this doesn't happen again. No one else you knew in New York'll get to walk away ::turns to go without another word::

Julie LB:  ::shudders, leaning against Jack::

Maeve MV: ::scoots back and lays down, then looks expectantly at Isaac::

Quantum Catz IS: ::barely has the energy to get into bed, but moves to lie next to Maeve::

Julie JH:  ::goes to the doorway, then hesitates and hands the baby off to Toby, and goes back to the bed; softly::  Can I hug you, Maeve?

Quantum Catz JK: ::smiles weakly:: Never...understood her

Maeve MV: ::is watching Isaac, worriedly when Josh comes back in. She looks up, surprised and then guilty:: Of course Josh.

Julie LB:  ::frowns; quietly::  I wish we didn't have to do this, Jack.

JH:  ::looks rather embarrassed::

Maeve MV: ::she smiles at him, and then holds out her arms; quietly:: I'm sorry Josh.

Julie JH:  ::reaches out and hugs Maeve for just a moment, very tightly::  I'm so glad you're okay.

Maeve MV: ::she returns the hug with what little strength she has. She doesn't answer him, still kind of scared that it'll happen again since none of them know how it started.::

Julie JH:  ::smiles sadly; softly::  Sorry...I didn't mean to interrupt your sleep.

Maeve MV: ::quietly:: It's okay, I wasn't asleep. ::she glances at Isaac::

Quantum Catz IS: ::his eyes are closed::

Maeve MV: ::hesitantly settles back down::

Julie JH:  ::nods, going back to take the baby; whispers::  I'll make supper, if you're up to eating.

Maeve MV: ::she should eat, but she shakes her head:: I'm not hungry but the others might be..

Quantum Catz JK: ::softly, his eyes drifting closed:: To much pride

Maeve MO: ::frowns:: Daddy wake up!

Julie JH:  ::nods; whispers::  Yeah.  Get your rest, Maeve.  ::slips out::

LB:  ::softly::  Me, or you?

Maeve MV: ::lays down::

Quantum Catz JK: :opens his eyes again when Milo speaks but still looks tired:: Prob'ly both

Julie LB:  ::softly::  What are we supposed to do?

Quantum Catz JK: Amara...said once...just t'buy n inn n run it leg'lly. 'S probably what sh'was thinkin'

IS: ::reaches out for Maeve, though his eyes are still closed::

Julie LB:  ::softly::  What?

Maeve MV: :opens her eyes a bit when she feels him reaching for her, and manages to scoot herself a bit closer::

Quantum Catz JK: ::shrugs, his eyes falling closed again:: 'S just a suggestion

IS: ::Softly:: I love you

Julie LB:  ::softly::  Jack...we'd figure something out...I...want you to be there for Milo.

Maeve MV: ::murmurs:: I love you too

MO: ::frowns:: Daddy!

IS: Don't do that again, i can't go through it again

Maeve MV: ::cringes:: If I knew what it was I did to begin with I'd promise I wouldn't....

Quantum Catz IS: ::tightens his grip on her, wincing::

Maeve MV: ::softly:: I'm sorry...

Quantum Catz JK: C'n run the inn, helped do it enough f'r stuff that ain't legal

IS: Hated seeing you like that

Julie LB:  ::looks rather startled::  An inn?  ::squeezes Jack's hand::  *Would* you?

Quantum Catz JK: ::his shield flickers again as he tries to shift into a more comfortable position to sleep:: 'S what i said

Maeve MV: ::she cringes, and then reaches out to put an arm around him, snuggling up closer to his side::

Julie LB:  ::softly::  I'd love that so much, Jack...and Milo would be happy to have you around too...

Quantum Catz JK: Can't....keep m'eyes open...feel so weak...

Julie LB:  ::softly::  Promise you'll wake up?

Quantum Catz JK: S long's Guy ain't round t'kick me out again

Julie LB:  ::frowns; softly::  Should I...tell someone about that?

Quantum Catz JK: Other guy...in me...was gonna hurt kizzie. I'd'a done the same

Julie LB:  ::nods, leaning forward and gently kissing Jack's cheek::  I love you.

JK: ::smiles slightly:: Love you too

Quantum Catz IS: ::hugs maeve tightly and soon falls asleep::

Julie LB:  ::gently touches Jack's hair, then turns to Milo::  We should let Daddy rest.

Maeve MO: ::frowns and shakes his head; mutters:: Daddy stay awake

Julie LB:  Daddy's sleepy, but he'll play with you when he feels better.  Say good night to Daddy.

Maeve MO: :pouts; softly:: Good night Daddy

Quantum Catz JK: :opens his eyes for a moment and smiles weakly at Milo:: Night, buddy.

Julie LB:  ::reaches out for Milo's hand::  Come on, sweetheart.

Maeve MO: ::takes his mother's hand::

Julie LB:  ::smiles weakly at Jack before leading their son out; she's never been so exhausted::

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