~Friday, July 10, 1936~

Quantum Catz: AM: ::it’s been a week since she came to visit Jack and Amara is still in Marquis. She hasn’t talked to anyone except for a few men who have visited her at the inn. This afternoon though, she leaves the inn and wanders in to the guard house, sitting rather provocatively on the desk and smiling at the guard:: I'm looking for Harry Chalmers

yarnkittymon: : ::the guard frowns--he's actually more of a button-up type, who suspects Amara of being up to trouble anyway; mutters:: Yeah? What's your business with him?

Quantum Catz: AM: ::smirks when she sees him frown:: We're old friends.

>yarnkittymon: : ::coldly:: Well, I'd be happy to tell him you stopped by.

Quantum Catz: AM: Oh but I'd really like to see him right now. I know he'd be grateful to see me

yarnkittymon: : ::the guard shakes his head:: Sorry, lady; it's his day off.

Quantum Catz: AM: Oh, shame. Do you know where I could find him?

yarnkittymon: : ::the guard shakes his head again:: Sorry.

Quantum Catz: AM: ::leans towards him, probably a bit too close for his liking:: Don't worry. I have my ways. I'm sure i'll find him

yarnkittymon: : Good luck, lady.

Quantum Catz: AM: ::a bit of annoyance flashes across her eyes at the man's attitude but she stands up anyway:: I hope you're friendlier to everyone else who comes in here. It's not particularly endearing. And i hear you have been having trouble with people going off and ignoring the guards

yarnkittymon: : ::the guard frowns:: It's not your concern. And I daresay if a suspect came in here asking where *you* were, I wouldn't tell *him* that either.

Quantum Catz: AM: Oh, you could send him right my way. I can deal with my own problems, thank you, dear

yarnkittymon: : ::the guard just shakes his head:: Good day, miss.

Quantum Catz: AM: ::strides out of the guard house and then leans against the wall, frowning; she had hoped Harry would be at work to save her the effort of having to find him::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::is shopping for a new shirt, of all things; in fact, if Amara looks over, she might see him through the shop window::

Quantum Catz: AM: ::notices Harry and grins; murmurs to herself:: Oh dear, that guard would be so disappointed to know you let yourself be found so easily

yarnkittymon: HR: ::inside the shop, brings a pastel green shirt to the clerk:: This one will do.

Quantum Catz: AM: ::moves towards the shop, smiling::

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::has been smiling at the clerk, who was flirting with him a bit.  His smile vanishes when he sees Amara through the door, though, and he almost moves to try to hide behind the shirt.

Quantum Catz: AM: ::sees Harry's reaction and grins, entering the shop:: Harry, dear - it's been far too long

yarnkittymon: HR: ::cringes, quickly paying the woman, murmuring:: Keep the change. ::tries to head outside::

Quantum Catz: AM: ::reaches for his arm to walk with him with her hand hooked round his elbow:: Well that's no way to react to an old friend

yarnkittymon: HR: *Friend*?

Quantum Catz: AM: Well, there are better words but i thought you might like to keep up the law-abiding facade

yarnkittymon: HR: ::quietly:: What do you want?

Quantum Catz: AM: Well, see, last time i checked you still owe me money, dear

yarnkittymon: HR: It's not my fault you set me up, you know.

Quantum Catz: AM: You and your little friend knew what you were getting into when you started working with me

yarnkittymon: HR: If I turned you in right now...

Quantum Catz: AM: I'd escape in five minutes and I'd have to hurt you before I left town
yarnkittymon: HR: You know we have freaks that can take away powers, right?

Quantum Catz: AM: Any of them happen to be less than five minutes from here?

yarnkittymon: HR: ::quietly:: So what do you want?

Quantum Catz: AM: I don't know really. Now that I've gone and saved darling Jack I'm a bit bored

yarnkittymon: HR: ::coldly:: If you're bored, there's an opening in the guard.

Quantum Catz: AM: Oh, I'll be going back to LA soon enough - I certainly couldn't *live* here

yarnkittymon: HR: ::shrugs:: It's not so bad.

Quantum Catz: AM: ::wrinkles her nose:: Sure. No business here though. Is that why you ended up in the guard? Get fed up with not making any money?

yarnkittymon: HR: It can be fun, you know.

Quantum Catz: AM: Hmm, arresting a kid for murder and then finding out that you can't even hold him. Then, to top it all off, having his family solve the case for you. I'm sure you must feel so satisfied with your work

yarnkittymon: HR: The murder was outside of our jurisdiction anyway. We were doing the other guard a favor, keeping him.

Quantum Catz: AM: I'm sure there are a few people who would still like to hang the boy if they could

yarnkittymon: HR: And as a guard, I can help keep that from happening.

Quantum Catz: AM: ::smirks:: Sure

yarnkittymon: HR: Look, are you going to level with me or not?

Quantum Catz: AM: Maybe I just want to see you sweat for a while

yarnkittymon: HR: Long enough?

Quantum Catz: AM: ::smirks:: I could drag this out for days. I don't think the guard on duty just now liked me very much

yarnkittymon: HR: ::shrugs:: You *do* look like you're up to trouble.

Quantum Catz: AM: Me? Up to trouble? I came here to help Jack

yarnkittymon: HR: Right. And I'm sure it was you that saved him.

Quantum Catz: AM: Well, I did help. I have to say, it was a nice ending - considering I thought i was coming here to repay my debt to his widow

yarnkittymon: HR: Glad he didn't die.

Quantum Catz: AM: Jack was never meant to play with the big fish. He can talk the talk but he always had too much to lose

yarnkittymon: HR: ::in a low voice:: Word is he's going straight now.

Quantum Catz: AM: Mm, so I've heard

yarnkittymon: HR: ::looks around:: Anyway, you want to talk at my place?

Quantum Catz: AM: You act like you're in a rush to get rid of me, Harry

yarnkittymon: HR: ::sarcastically:: Where'd you get that idea?

Quantum Catz: AM: ::smirks:: You were the one who came to me originally.

yarnkittymon: HR: And you talked too much then, too.

Quantum Catz: AM: I never rush into anything. Playing the game is part of the fun. And you'll remember I'm the one with a mansion in LA

yarnkittymon: HR: ::shrugs:: If I had a power like yours, I would've hit the big time too.

Quantum Catz: AM: ::just smiles:: Perhaps

yarnkittymon: HR: ::puts his hands in his pockets, wondering when she'll get to the point::

Quantum Catz: AM: ::smiles at Harry:: I think i want to go to your house now

yarnkittymon: HR: ::scowls:: Yeah, Stephanie will *love* that.

Quantum Catz: AM: Get over yourself - i don't want to talk at the inn, we'll go to your house

yarnkittymon: HR: ::heads that way, silently, scowling::

Quantum Catz: AM: You should be grateful, Harry dear, there are worse fates than having to do me a favour

yarnkittymon: HR: Depends on how the favor goes.

Quantum Catz: AM: There are worse favours i could ask for owing me money

yarnkittymon: HR: ::goes to unlock his door, but the doorknob feels loose; he cringes, realizing it's unlocked:: If that's Stephanie...::cautiously tries the door::

Quantum Catz: AM: I could see if you like ::moves blithely through the door::

maeveowens: MV: ::is pacing inside Harry's place but stops still when Amara walks through the door. Her eyes widen then she smirks:: Well, I guess that answered my question.

Quantum Catz: AM: Aw, and here was me going to be nice and leave you to your family ::grins:: Now you can help pay off your debt too

yarnkittymon: HR: ::cringes:: Sorry, Maeve, but...breaking and entering...

maeveowens: MV: :she looks between the two, glaring and not sure who to answer first. Her gaze settles on Amara:: It's been a while. I would think the required amount of time to pay a debt would be expired by now. ::she turns to Harry:: And it was better than standing outside.

Quantum Catz: AM: There is no limitation on debts to me

yarnkittymon: HR: ::looks at Maeve, shrugging:: I told her it wasn't

maeveowens: MV: Perhaps there should be since I'm not really in to that line of work anymore. ::she glances at Harry:: I take it you weren't convincing enough then.

Quantum Catz: AM: ::goes to sit on a chair, stretching back:: Well i did help save your life - you should be grateful i don't consider it's that you owe me

yarnkittymon: HR: ::cracks his knuckles:: What do you want?

maeveowens: MV: ::raises an eyebrow:: Would it make a difference? ::she shakes her head, hesitating but then heads for the door:: Really am sorry but no thank you. ::she looks at Harry:: She can't really make you can she?

yarnkittymon: HR: ::shrugs, keeping his mouth closed::

maeveowens: MV: I wouldn't risk everything you have here for her games Harry.

Quantum Catz: AM: ::looks up:: I don't play games - you don't want to aggravate me maeve

yarnkittymon: HR: Let's leave her out of this, okay? As you said, she has a family.

Quantum Catz: AM: It's not my fault she's being irritating

maeveowens: MV: ::she rolls her eyes:: Well, let me fix that for you. ::she looks at Harry:: Thanks Harry and good luck. :::she shakes her head, still thinking he should walk away too::

Quantum Catz: AM: ::runs a hand through her hair, pretending to ignore Maeve:: You know, it's so easy to kill a child...they're so small and helpless, they can't even push you away

yarnkittymon: HR: ::his eyes go wide, and he instinctively reaches for his dagger::

maeveowens: MV: ::she pauses, tensing, and slowly turns to look back at Amara. She's rather pale now; gruffly:: You wouldn't dare.

Quantum Catz: AM: ::frowns:: My best friend is in danger - i'll do whatever it takes

yarnkittymon: HR: ::can't resist smirking:: Hey, Maeve; there's news--shadow-girl has friends.

Quantum Catz: AM: ::stands up, moving rather threateningly towards Harry:: Would you like to make that joke again? With me within reach of your heart, perhaps?

maeveowens: MV: ::she glances at Harry; flatly:: Probably threatened them into it.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::quietly:: So what do you want from us?

Quantum Catz: AM: Lennie is hiding from me - i sent some guys to find her but she used her ability on them and now they're useless

yarnkittymon: HR: And who's Lennie?

maeveowens: MV: ::her eyes widen, and she shakes her head:: No way. I'm thinking this Lennie has a good reason not to be found by you and why would I want to end up like your goons?

Quantum Catz: AM: She's in danger and she doesn't know it - i need to protect her

maeveowens: MV: ::smirks:: Sounds like she's doing just fine to me. ::looks at Harry:: Maybe we could hire her. ::points at Amara like this Lennie could take care of her for them::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::ignores Maeve:: And is there a reason you can't reach her? I reckon she can't hurt you if you're all ghostly?

Quantum Catz: AM: She can still influence me even then and i can't risk her messing with my head, no one else will try to help her

maeveowens: MV: You should find someone who can resist her powers Amara! How do you expect us to have *any* luck?

Quantum Catz: AM: ::goes to sit down again:: That was partly the reason i went to harry - i know nothing about this godforsaken island or the people on it

maeveowens: MV: ::smirks:: The only other person I know who had a power like that doesn't have it anymore because he abused it.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods, frowning:: I would've guessed you'd be the best to go after her anyway, Amara.

Quantum Catz: AM: ::makes a face:: She'll see me, mess with my head and run a mile

maeveowens: MV: Then why do you want to help her? She obviously doesn't want your help!

Quantum Catz: AM: Why i want to help her is none of your business

maeveowens: MV: I think it is if I'm risking my life, and my mind in order to do it!

yarnkittymon: HR: ::grimaces:: What are we supposed to do, then? Tell her she's in danger? You couldn't just send her a letter?

Quantum Catz: AM: I don't care what you do - i need her alive and i don't know how to do that on this damn island!

yarnkittymon: HR: ::exhales:: Well, who's after her?

maeveowens: MV: ::puts her hand son her hips:: And? You want us to play body guard? For someone who isn't even going to let us near her!?

Quantum Catz: AM: She might let Harry near her - she's trying to play straight ::sighs:: Or she was the last time i saw her

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods:: So I just go to her and say she's in danger, try to put her under protection?

maeveowens: MV: ::she frowns:: Does that mean I get to stay here?

Quantum Catz: AM: Like i said, she won't listen to me

maeveowens: MV: Hello? If she isn't going to listen to me then tell me now so I can go home. ::glares at Amara:: Alone.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::quietly:: Careful, Maeve.

Quantum Catz: AM: I've decided you're involved now. You never know, she might like you more than Harry -of course, if you two can miracle up someone immune to her then that's great

yarnkittymon: HR: ::looks completely baffled:: So she's able to get into people's minds and change their emotions?

maeveowens: MV: ::her eyes widen and she shakes her head again:: Do we have a time limit because I think I'd rather hunt someone down for you.

Quantum Catz: AM: She controls light - she can fill your soul with darkness -make you depressed in other words

yarnkittymon: HR: ::whistles:: I'll bet that'd even get Jack.

Quantum Catz: AM: ::makes a face:: That's what i figured

maeveowens: MV: ::she cringes:: Great.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::considers for a long time; quietly:: We could preemptively take her powers away, but I doubt you'd like that...

Quantum Catz: AM: ::Runs a hand through her hair, not saying anything::

maeveowens: MV: She isn't saying anything so I think we should take that as yes.

Quantum Catz: AM: I'll do anything to keep her alive

yarnkittymon: HR: ::shrugs; darkly:: Well, whatever we have to do, then.

maeveowens: MV: ::watches Amara, wondering how this one person got to mean so much to her. She shakes her head again and moves towards the door:: Don't know how I'm going to explain this to the others. ::sigh:: Much less make them stay back.

Quantum Catz: AM: Tell them i'll kill them - and i'll know if that cat's following us

yarnkittymon: HR: ::cringes, rather glad that he doesn't have anyone to worry about him, with Stephanie out of town anyway::

maeveowens: MV: ::she glares at Amara:: That's one way to ensure that they come! ::she yanks the door open:: And I'm going so you better not touch them!

yarnkittymon: HR: I'll pack some food, Maeve. We can get a horse. And I'll hear where she is.

Quantum Catz: AM: ::stretches out on the chair again, not saying anything else::

maeveowens: MV: ::softly:: That's not going to convince them to stay out of it either. ::she sighs heavily and heads out the door::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::quietly:: I'll go alone if you'd rather!

maeveowens: MV: ::turns back to Harry, looking nervous; whispers:: Do you think she'll do it?

yarnkittymon: HR: ::gets up and walks over to Maeve; quietly:: She's ruthless.

maeveowens: MV: ::she pales a bit more; weakly:: Then I guess you going alone isn't an option.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::quietly:: If I take care of it, she'd forgive you.

maeveowens: MV: But will she give you the chance to try before... ::she shudders::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::shrugs; quietly:: I guess we can't risk that.

maeveowens: MV: ::she grimaces and turns away again:: I'll be back... alone with any luck.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::sighs, and gets to work packing::

maeveowens: MV: ::walks home, looking like she's just been suckered punched. She goes in to the house, looking around::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::is heading upstairs, though doesn't turn to look at her, he's been rather ignoring everyone since he got home::

maeveowens: MV: ::frown at him then moves to follow, trying to figure out if she should just tell him and run::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::just keeps going up the stairs::

maeveowens: MV: ::she looks around then cringes. Isaac would just kill her when she gets back. She sighs heavily and heads up the stairs, looking for Isaac::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::is upstairs with Olivia::

yarnkittymon: OL: ::is playing with Isaac, reaching out for his hand::

maeveowens: MV: ::she peaks in, her heart breaking almost. She stands there, watching, content to stay there until he looks up::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::looks up when he hears Maeve and walks over to her, Olivia in his arms:: Hey, enjoy the walk?

maeveowens: MV: ::she tries to smile but it doesn't quite meet her eyes. She shakes her head; softly:: It turned up a ghost from the past that I was hoping would be long gone. ::she takes Olivia's little hand, cooing softly to her and generally avoiding the issue::

yarnkittymon: OL: ::looks at Maeve, and giggles::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::frowns:: What're you talking about?

maeveowens: MV: ::that coaxes a bigger smile out of her until Isaac says something. She sighs.:: I have to leave. For a while. ::she bites her lip, wondering how much she should say::

yarnkittymon: OL: ::still smiling, though she's starting to look a little worried too::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::rather disbelieving:: Leave?

maeveowens: MV: ::she plays with Olivia, avoiding Isaac's eyes:: I owe someone a favor and they're back to collect. Harry is going.

Quantum Catz: IS: And that makes it better? You were *dying* barely a week ago

maeveowens: MV: ::she cringes:: I don't have a choice Isaac. ::she looks back at Olivia, worriedly. She reaches out to gently stroke a finger down her face::

yarnkittymon: OL: ::turns to try to look at Maeve's finger::

maeveowens: MV: ::she smiles weakly and reaches under her chin, tickling her softly::

yarnkittymon: OL: ::giggles::

Quantum Catz: IS: Maeve...I need you here. You know what Eli's been like since he came home, he's hardly said a word to any of us in days. I can't cope with something happening to you as well

maeveowens: MV: ::she finally looks up; whispers:: They threatened Olivia. I want to be here Isaac, but I don't have a choice.

Quantum Catz: IS: :: winces at her words:: But what if something happens to you? If they could really hurt Olivia...what's to stop them hurting you?

maeveowens: MV: ::she takes a deep breath, trying not to let even her eyes water:: I don't know but I can't give them a reason too. She even threatened all of you if any of you decided to follow.  Eli included and apparently she'll know if he follows even as a cat.

yarnkittymon: OL: ::her smile fades at everyone's serious tones::

maeveowens: MV: ::sadly:: Oh come on sweetie, you don't have to look so serious.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: Under normal circumstances, he'd see that as a challenge

maeveowens: MV: ::she cringes:: Don't even tell them Isaac. Just tell them I went to visit someone.

yarnkittymon: OL: ::starts to fuss::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::rocks Olivia:: Sshh, honey, it's okay

yarnkittymon: OL: ::makes a little dissatisfied cry, her eyes on Isaac:

maeveowens: MV: ::she grimaces, feeling like a traitor. She turns away, and makes herself go throw some things together all the while looking like she's going to be sick::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::keeps rocking Olivia:: How long will you be gone?

maeveowens: MV: ::softly:: I don't know. I don't even have a guess... ::she shrugs helplessly::

Quantum Catz: IS: Then how will we know... ::winces:: How will we know that you're okay?

maeveowens: MV: ::she stops, thinks about it then turns to look at him.:: I can try to write?

Quantum Catz: IS: We could ask Guy to check...where you are...but... Maeve, you can't just go on your own

maeveowens: MV: Harry is going and he's the only other one aloud to go. ::she looks back:: And if you ask Guy make sure he knows not to show his face. If this is messed up because of me I don't want to know what she'll do to me or you or Olivia. ::she shivers::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: Isn't there any way to stop her? Who is this woman?

maeveowens: MV: ::quietly:: You met her. And no. There is no stopping someone that walks through walls.

Quantum Catz: IS: Jack's friend? But she helped save you

yarnkittymon: OL: ::starts to fuss again::

maeveowens: MV: You can't predict what Amara will or will not do. She has her own agenda and her own rules.

Quantum Catz: IS: But what does she want you for? ::rocks Olivia, though he's rather distracted by Maeve::

maeveowens: MV: ::she throws the things she's pulled out into a bag and closes it. She turns back to her husband.:: I guess it amuses her. How should I know? She has it in her head now that I am going and there's no changing it.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::looks worried:: Well just...don't give her any reason to decide that she doesn't want you around anymore

maeveowens: MV: ::smiles a little; teasingly:: Are you implying that I would be sarcastic or otherwise annoying in anyway?

Quantum Catz: IS: ::a weak smile crosses his face, though it soon fades:: Well you were to that guard

maeveowens: MV: ::she moves closer to give Olivia a quick kiss; softly.:: I'll behave.

yarnkittymon: OL: ::looks up at Maeve with serious eyes::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::looking like he desperately wants to tell her not to go:: Just come back safe

maeveowens: MV: ::she gently rubs Olivia's cheek then looks up at Isaac.:: I will. You know it'll take a lot to keep me away. ::she suppresses a shudder, figuring this woman has a power to make that very untrue::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::nods, though he can't help but imagine the worst::

maeveowens: MV: ::she reaches up to kiss his cheek; gently:: I'll be back soon. I promise.

Quantum Catz: IS: ::shifts Olivia so he's supporting her with one arm and hugs Maeve tightly with the other::

yarnkittymon: OL: ::fusses again::

maeveowens: MV: ::clings to him tightly for a moment before turning to Olivia again:: Shhh little one. It's gonna be okay. Don't fuss. ::she gives Olivia her finger again, hoping it'll calm her::

yarnkittymon: OL: ::grabs Maeve's finger with her own little hands, not wanting to let go::

maeveowens: MV: ::she fights tears:: Oh little one, come on now. I'm doing this for you. ::she wiggles her finger, waiting for another giggle::

arnkittymon: OL: ::is puzzled when the finger moves, and she lets go with one hand::

maeveowens: MV: ::forces a teary eyed smile and leans forward to gently kiss her little head again. She looks up at Isaac then:: I'll be back. ::she backs out the door, clutching her bag::

Quantum Catz: IS: ::closes his eyes for a moment and takes a rather shuddery breath as Maeve leaves, as if trying to hold himself together; hugs Olivia tightly::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::has his things packed and has secured a horse; is waiting back at his own house::

maeveowens: MV: ::she hurries back and by the time she reaches Harry's again, she's under control of her emotions. Though she looks rather coldly at Amara.:: I'm re

yarnkittymon: HR: ::looks closely at Amara; he didn't think she was going::

Quantum Catz: AM: ::shakes her head:: I can't go - like i told you before, i can't risk Lennie affecting me. You find a way to get close to her and get her to come back to me and your debt's repaid

yarnkittymon: HR: And if she attacks you for your trouble?

maeveowens: MV: ::she frowns, not trusting the woman to stay here alone and so close to her family::

Quantum Catz: AM: ::a flash of hurt crosses her eyes but she hides it with her usual smile:: That she's willing to let me help her for the duration is all i care about

maeveowens: MV: And what if she messes with out minds? I think I'd rather just find a way to scrounge up what I owe you.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::sighs, trying to think of someone who could help them::

Quantum Catz: AM: You don't get that option. And, hopefully she'll hear you out first

maeveowens: MV: ::scowls at her then turns to Harry:: Come on Harry. Lets go coerce this poor woman in to speaking to her *friend*.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods grimly, moving to help Maeve on the horse::

maeveowens: MV: ::she smirks at Harry but rather than fuss and waste time she accepts the help and climbs on;:

Quantum Catz: AM: ::hesitates:: Tell her I'm sorry about Martha. But she should know i would never do anything without a reason

yarnkittymon: HR: ::looks rather grimly at Amara, then turns his attention back to the horse:: All right.
maeveowens: MV: ::she grimaces but manages not to make a smart remark::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::quietly, as they start off:: She doesn't even know where Lenore is.

maeveowens: MV: Does she know her last known location?

yarnkittymon: HR: Supposedly Everettburg. ::sighs:: We might...want to ask Jack. Amara won't hurt him.

maeveowens: MV: ::she cringes.:: Do you think she'd consider it cheating on my part? As long as she leaves my family alone...

yarnkittymon: HR: She doesn't care who we get to help us.

maeveowens: MV: ::mutters:: She cared if it was "that cat".

yarnkittymon: HR: ::shrugs:: We need help, Maeve. I'll ask him, even if you want to stay back.

maeveowens: MV: ::she shakes her head.:: I'll go with you.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods, hurrying to Libby and Jack's house, his hands in his pockets--he's still dressed in the ridiculous uniform of the guard::

maeveowens: MV: ::she sighs and gets back down from the horse. She remembers to tie it back to the post before hurrying after Harry::

Quantum Catz: JK: ::has been getting stronger every day since he woke up, though he still feels tired more easily than normal; just now he's sitting in the living room playing with Milo::

yarnkittymon: LB: ::is watching her husband and son at play, though she's busy with the mending she's taken in::

maeveowens: MV: ::hesitates then knocks on the door::

yarnkittymon: LB: ::looks quickly at her husband:: I'll get it. ::sets her mending down and gets up::

yarnkittymon: LB: ::answers the door:: Maeve?

Quantum Catz: JK: ::looks toward the door, though he doesn't get up::

maeveowens: MV: ::smiles weakly at Libby; softly:: Hey. ::pauses:: We need to speak with Jack... if he's up to it.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods grimly::


maeveowens: MV: ::she grimaces:: We've got to take care of something and we think Jack might know the person we're trying to find.

yarnkittymon: LB: ::cringes, then goes back to the living room:: Maeve and Harry need you. They...look like they're in trouble.

Quantum Catz: JK: ::hesitates and then stands up, ruffling Milo's hair before he goes to the door:: What is it?
maeveowens: MV: ::under her breath:: That's putting it mildly::

yarnkittymon: LB: ::goes over to entertain Milo, though she looks rather worried::

Quantum Catz: JK: ::frowns and looks at Harry:: come on, what's going on?

maeveowens: MV: ::she grimaces again but since he's staring Harry down she keeps quiet::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::quietly:: Do you know anything about a friend of Amara's named Lenore?

yarnkittymon: LB: ::bristles to hear Amara's name::

Quantum Catz: JK: ::laughs weakly:: The ice woman's Achilles heel. She'd do anything for Lenore

maeveowens: MV: ::she frowns:: Why? Amara was never one to make friends or so I had thought. Does Lenore even like her?

yarnkittymon: HR: ::listens intently::

Quantum Catz: JK: She used to live with her. Amara paid for her to go to college. 

yarnkittymon: HR: Did they have a falling-out?

maeveowens: MV: ::her eyes widen:: She did?

Quantum Catz: JK: Last i heard, Lenore was going straight, which Amara was happy about, but she was moving here with a girl called Martha, which rather annoyed her ::shrugs:: She was still talking to her though

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods slowly:: And you know anyone who...might have a chance of bringing Lenore in?

Quantum Catz: JK: ::frowns:: Why are you doing Amara's dirty work? If she upset Lenore she should fix it herself

maeveowens: MV: Lenore won't speak to her and has messed up anyone Amara has sent. ::she winces::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::very quietly:: And we...owe Amara.

Quantum Catz: JK: ::frowns:: That woman...she thinks she can get anything with threats

yarnkittymon: HR: ::grimaces:: She'll go after Olivia.

maeveowens: MV: ::swallows hard, paling again; softly:: And I don't trust her not to. We need help from someone Jack.

Quantum Catz: JK: She ain't likely to. I've not ever heard of her hurting someone who didn't deserve it 

yarnkittymon: HR: ::smirks:: Then she'll probably hurt us, at least, for crossing her.

maeveowens: MV: ::looks hopeful for a moment but then shakes her head:: She'd be doing it to hurt me. Maybe not kill her but she could disappear with Olivia easily enough.

Quantum Catz: JK: ::rubs his eyes for a moment, thinking:: In town...the only person i can think of is maybe Kizzie. It's a long shot but her power's the closest thing to light here

yarnkittymon: HR: ::shakes his head:: We can't bring her into this.

maeveowens: MV: ::frowns:: Kizzie? ::she shakes her head:: Kizzie isn't a fighter Jack.. would she stand a chance against Lenore?

Quantum Catz: JK: The one thing you can trust about Amara is she'd never let a friend become like her. Lenore ain't a killer. 

yarnkittymon: HR: ::cringes:: I don't like it, Jack. But...I'll defer to your judgment

maeveowens: MV: She said the others she sent were useless though. I don't want her to turn Kizzie into a depressed nobody!

Quantum Catz: JK: Knowing Amara, she just meant they weren't any use to *her* anymore. I'd at least ask Kizzie what she reckons - otherwise, you'd have t'start turnin' to people neither of you'd really want to

maeveowens: MV: ::softly:: I'd rather turn to the other people than endanger Kizzie

yarnkittymon: HR: Who do you know? ::frowns, thinking of his own career::

Quantum Catz: JK: ::tenses a bit:: Equally long shots, n i'd rather not be askin' them for favours these days

maeveowens: MV: ::softly:: You're not. We are.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::doesn't say anything::

Quantum Catz: JK: ::smirks a bit at that:: A guard and the wife of the biggest do-gooder in Marquis. They wouldn't listen. Besides, i ain't even sure where either of them are right now

yarnkittymon: HR: ::looks at Maeve:: I'd just as soon go it alone.

maeveowens: MV: ::she sighs heavily.:: Is there a chance we can go it without Kizzie? A way to get on Lenore's good side?

Quantum Catz: JK: ::shrugs:: She might listen but then again - Amara's been her biggest role model since she was a teenager

maeveowens: MV: Then why won't she listen to her now?

Quantum Catz: JK: Like i said, last time i saw Amara, they were still talking. Mighta had somethin' to do with Martha

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods, grimacing:: Well...maybe we can figure something out. I guess I'd be upset too, if something happened to a friend of mine.

maeveowens: MV: ::she nods:: Thanks Jack.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods:: Yeah; thanks.

Quantum Catz: JK: Good luck

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods, knowing they'll need it::

maeveowens: MV: ::hesitates then turns back to Jack but then shakes her head.:: See you later Jack. ::walks off::

Quantum Catz: JK: ::closes the door rather roughly, looking annoyed::

yarnkittymon: LB: ::looks up; quietly:: So what's wrong?

yarnkittymon: HR: ::looks back at Maeve:: Coward's way out and ask Kizzie?

maeveowens: MV: ::she grimaces; hesitantly:: I really don't want to get her involved Harry but if we should fail... ::she shudders::

Quantum Catz: JK: ::shakes his head:: She shouldn't be going around threatening people's kids

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::nods; quietly::  We can level with her, make it her choice, if you like.  ::nods knowingly::  Guy's not around so we don't have that to worry about.  Well, not 'til he finds out what we asked her to do.

yarnkittymon: LB: ::her eyes go wide, and then narrow:: I knew she was trouble.

maeveowens: MV: ::grimaces:: Guy is going to pitch a fit when he finds out.

yarnkittymon: HR: Well, as long as Olivia stays safe.

maeveowens: MV: ::swallows hard then nods; softly:: Yes.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::looks encouragingly at Maeve:: We'll go in with Kizzie. Take the brunt of it if it comes down to that.

maeveowens: MV: ::she nods, though she still looks upset::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::stops before Kizzie's house, taking a deep breath::

Quantum Catz: JK: She ain't trouble unless you cross her, i got the feeling Harry n Maeve did. ::sighs:: I'd go talk to her, but maybe pushing her ain't the best idea if she's desperate enough to ask for help

maeveowens: MV: ::is lost in thought and remains behind Harry::

yarnkittymon: LB: ::nods; quietly:: So Lenore...is she like a daughter to her?

Quantum Catz: JK: ::moves to sit down:: Daughter, sister. Thick as thieves, either way.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::knocks on Kizzie's door::

yarnkittymon: LB: ::nods; quietly:: You don't know what happened?

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::opens the door a few minutes later, smiling:: Hey

yarnkittymon: HR: ::frowning deeply:: Hi. We have...a really big favor to ask, if you're willing.

maeveowens: MV: ::she grimaces; softly:: And it's okay if you say no Kizzie. It could be rather dangerous.

Quantum Catz: JK: Last i heard, Martha was Lenore's life - dropped everythin' for her. 'S got to be somethin' to do with her

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::hesitates:: Uh, okay...what's this about?

yarnkittymon: LB: ::looks rather puzzled:: So why don't they find Martha?

yarnkittymon: HR: ::smiles weakly:: Can we come inside?

Quantum Catz: JK: If it was that easy Amara woulda done it herself ::shrugs:: Once they get back i'm makin' sure Amara gets out of here - she can cause trouble in LA all she likes

yarnkittymon: LB: ::nods, leaning forward and kissing Jack::

Quantum Catz: KZ: Sure :::backs up to let them inside::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::still frowning, following Kizzie::

maeveowens: MV: ::smiles weakly at Kizzie as she comes in::

Quantum Catz: KZ: So what's going on?

yarnkittymon: HR: ::slowly:: Some...blackmail, more than anything else. But Jack said you *might* be able to help.

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::uncertainly:: What would you want me to do?

maeveowens: MV: ::she grimaces again, seeming to look very pale still:: Jack says you might be able to resist this woman's powers. Something to do with light...

yarnkittymon: HR: She can make people depressed, it sounds like.

Quantum Catz: KZ: Oh well... ::hesitates:: i guess he might be right...

yarnkittymon: HR: ::quietly:: We won't have you risk yourself if you don't want to.

maeveowens: MV: ::looking nervous, she nods::

Quantum Catz: KZ: Who is this woman? Why are you looking for her?

maeveowens: MV: ::she swallows hard, suddenly realizing that Kizzie might not have a clue about her past. She shakes her head:: We're looking for her for someone else. Her name is Lenore.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods grimly::

Quantum Catz: KZ: Is she dangerous? ::hesitates and smiles weakly:: Other than her power, i mean.

maeveowens: MV: Jack says she's never killed anyone but who knows what she'll do if she gets mad enough?

Quantum Catz: KZ: Well...why are you being blackmailed to look for her?

yarnkittymon: HR: ::shakes his head; quietly:: Dark pasts, all that.

maeveowens: MV; ::she looks away::

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::sighs:: well, plants see me as light to them...it might work...and if not.. ::smiles weakly:: I've found merging with trees tends to disturb a person's power over me

yarnkittymon: HR: ::smiles weakly:: So we just have to bring her to the forest?

maeveowens: MV: ::she shifts, looking nervously at Kizzie. For a moment she was expecting the girl to leave them to the fate they deserved::

Quantum Catz: KZ: There are a lot of trees on this island - do you know where this woman is?

maeveowens: MV: Only where she was last seen.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods:: But we should be able to find her--without Becky's help.

Quantum Catz: KZ: It's a shame Guy isn't here

yarnkittymon: HR: ::shakes his head:: He'd just get in trouble too.

maeveowens: MV: ::she nods and then looks back up at Kizzie; softly:: Are you sure you want to do this Kizzie?

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::hesitates:: Well, it sounds like you need someone to help you - and if you knew of someone better you'd have gone to them already

yarnkittymon: HR: ::swallows hard:: We appreciate it, if you will.

maeveowens: MV: ::smiles weakly, surprised she'd still find them worth helping:: Thanks Kizzie.

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::smiles at Maeve:: So when are we going?

yarnkittymon: HR: I'll get a cart now.

maeveowens: MV: ::smiles a little more:: As soon as he gets the cart. Our...boss...is a little impatient I think.

yarnkittymon: : ::soon, they're on their way to Lenore's last-known whereabouts::

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::is quiet on the way, not really sure what to say to the other two considering their situation::

maeveowens: MV: ::is worried Kizzie might be thinking less and less of them as the time passes and her mind is mostly on Olivia as well. A few times she catches herself about to cry and just manages to prevent it::

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::softly, to Maeve:: Are you okay?

maeveowens: MV: ::looks up in surprise and then forces a weak smile; softly:: Yes, I'm fine Kizzie. Thanks.

Quantum Catz: KZ: I guess it must be hard...leaving the others just now...after what happened with Eli

yarnkittymon: HR: ::keeps his attention on the horses::

maeveowens: MV: ::she looks down then nods:: Yes, yes it was. ::she grimaces, feeling even more guilty about that::

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::sighs:: Well, hopefully we'll go back home soon

maeveowens: MV: ::whispers:: I hope so.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods:: I'm sure we will. ::slows down as Everettburg comes into sight::

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::looks up:: 

maeveowens: MV: ::too busy staring off to the side of the wagon at everything they are passing::

yarnkittymon: : ::the town looks about like Marquis did, before the mayor came in and spruced things up. The surrounding land is almost all farms, and there's not even a guard outside::

Quantum Catz: KZ: Are we jut going to ask around until we find someone who met her?

maeveowens: MV: I'm thinking we might want to keep a lower profile. ::she glances at Harry::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods:: If we can...but usually asking at the tavern is okay.

maeveowens: MV: ::she nods; softly:: True. ::she frowns:: Should all three of us go?

yarnkittymon: HR: We might split up.

maeveowens: MV: ::she glances at Kizzie::

quantumcatz: KZ: ::is looking a bit uncertain, but nods::

maeveowens: MV: If you'd rather wait here Kizzie that's fine... I know these places aren't always... nice.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods:: We can handle it.

quantumcatz: KZ: ::smiles weakly:: I've seen worse than the places on this island. But what are you two going to do if she realises we're here and doesn't stop to listen to us?

maeveowens: MV: ::raises an eyebrow at Kizzie but she nods her head:: I doubt she's here but I suppose she might be.

yarnkittymon: HR: We can give it a try, anyway.

quantumcatz: KZ: We'd better get started then

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods, stopping at the stable to put the horse away::

maeveowens: MV: ::she looks around, a bit impressed::

quantumcatz: KZ: ::walks in behind her:: Well, if this Lenore was staying here, she has good taste

yarnkittymon: : ::a well-dressed barkeep greets them, as well as two barmaids in rather low-cut dresses::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::smiles warmly at the girls::

maeveowens: MV: ::smirks at Harry then slaps his arm for good measure. She rolls her eyes::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::smiles at Maeve:: Jealous?

maeveowens: MV: ::scoffs:: Hardly.

quantumcatz: KZ: ::raises an eyebrow at Harry and then turns to smile at the barkeep:: We were wondering if you knew a woman named Lenore

yarnkittymon: : ::the barkeep flinches:: I suggest you get away from here, if you're looking for her.

maeveowens: MV: ::frowns:: Why? Do you know where she went?

yarnkittymon: : ::the barkeep shakes his head again:: Really, I suggest you just head back to wherever you came from.

quantumcatz: KZ: we don't have that option - do you know someone who could tell us where she is?

maeveowens: MV: ::smirks and opens her mouth to say something but it seems that Kizzie steps in just in time. She looks away::

yarnkittymon: : ::the barkeep shakes his head:: I'm sorry; I can't say. ::he drops his voice so low that they can barely hear:: But maybe one of the girls can.

quantumcatz: KZ: ::looks over towards the two barmaids::

maeveowens: MV: ::smirks:: Guess I shouldn't have slapped Harry. ::turns to glance at him::

yarnkittymon: : ::one of the maids is trying to cajole Harry into getting a drink; the other was watching the exchange with the barkeep with a smile on her face::

maeveowens: MV: ::she rolls her eyes again but turns to the one that was paying attention. She takes a step closer:: You wouldn't happen to know where a woman by the name of Lenore went, would you?

yarnkittymon: : ::the maid gives Maeve a half-nod:: For a price.

maeveowens: MV: ::she raises an eyebrow again, smirking:: How much will it cost me?

yarnkittymon: : ::the maid whispers:: A gold will do it.

maeveowens: MV: ::she puts her hands on her hips:: A piece of gold? Are you kidding me? ::she nods at Harry:: I'd rather just give you him. ::she leans a little closer, grinning:: He is a good kisser.

yarnkittymon: : ::the maid smirks:: Not interested, but Ser might be. ::motions to her partner, who giggles::

maeveowens: MV: ::she shrugs at the first woman and turns to Harry.:: Come on Harry, turn on your charm and get us a little bit of information. ::she smiles sweetly at him::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::smiles, then pauses, frowning, and reaching for his gold pouch:: I can't. Stephanie's not seeing any other men--not that I know of.

maeveowens: MV: ::her eyes widen, clearly not expecting the change in him but she nods, pleased::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::hands the first girl the gold piece:: Well?

yarnkittymon: : ::the maid pockets the gold, leans close to Harry, and whispers; Harry cringes::

maeveowens: MV: ::taps her foot impatiently::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::pulls away, and silently points skyward, to the second level of the inn::

maeveowens: MV: ::her eyes widen:: She's *here*

yarnkittymon: HR: Steep price to hear that.

quantumcatz: KZ: At least we know now

maeveowens: MV: ::smirks:: I told you to use your charm.

yarnkittymon: HR: So now what? I guess I should go up first?

maeveowens: MV: If you're willing to use your charm. ::grins::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::smirks:: Yeah, I can do that.

quantumcatz: KZ: What do we do if charm doesn't work?

maggybeths: MV: We come up with a plan B.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::takes a deep breath:: Well...I guess I'll get on with it, then. If I come out too depressed, don't let me do anything stupid.

maggybeths: MV: Well, if you do it means your charm didn't work and are therefore no use to us. But don't let that worry you. ::she smiles at him:; Good luck!

yarnkittymon: HR: ::nods grimly and heads upstairs; one of the barmaids is giggling softly::

maggybeths: MV: ::glances at the barmaid, frowning:: What do you find so funny?

yarnkittymon: : ::the barmaid turns instantly sober, shaking her head:: Oh, nothing.

maggybeths: MV: ::puts her hands on her hips, glaring at the woman:: I'd like to know before I let my friend get any farther up those steps!

yarnkittymon: : ::the barmaid shakes her head::

quantumcatz: KZ: ::frowns:: Maybe just walking up there isn't the best idea

maggybeths: MV: ::scowls at the barmaid before turning to Kizzie:: How else will we talk to her?

yarnkittymon: : ::the barmaid shrugs, getting back to serving drinks::

quantumcatz: KZ: ::shrugs:: If she has plants in her room i could scare her out

maggybeths: MV: ::she turns to the owner:: Are there any plants up there? :::looks at Kizzie:: Not that it matters much, Harry is likely already in there. And I'm hoping he won't fail.

yarnkittymon: : ::the owner shrugs:: She has flowers sometimes.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::comes downstairs just a minute later, a rather blank look in his eyes; he ignores his companions and heads to the bar, holding his hand up for a beer::

maggybeths: MV: ::sees Harry and groans:: Can you take care of it down here Kizzie? Or do we need to go upstairs? ::her eyes are on Harry::

quantumcatz: KZ: I'd need to be closer to her room than this

maggybeths: MV: Do you think Harry will be okay? I wouldn't want to leave you alone if you should run in to her.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::when he gets his beer, downs half of it in one swig, and the other in the second::

quantumcatz: KZ: ::sighs:: I guess as long as all he's doing is drinking he'll be fine for now....

maggybeths: MV: Unless he gets obliterated.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::instantly asks for another beer::

maggybeths: MV: ::turns to the owner:: Could you possibly water his down some until we get back?

yarnkittymon: : ::the owner smiles weakly at Maeve:: If you make it worth my while...that girl up there makes some of my best customers, you know.

maggybeths: MV: ::smirks:: He's still going to pay you. Or *we're* still going to pay you.

yarnkittymon: : ::the owner considers, then nods:: Yeah, okay. Good luck, I guess...if not, I'll see you down here in a few.

quantumcatz: KZ: ::Sighs:: Encouraging

maggybeths: MV: ::mutters:: Thanks. ::heads for the stairs::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::glances up at Maeve as she leaves, and he finds himself thinking about what might have been::

quantumcatz: KZ: ::stops when she can see the room, though as far from it as she can be; she hesitates and then calls to the flowers in the room, trying to draw them out towards her; she tries to avoid influencing the ones in other rooms, though she may not be entirely successful::

yarnkittymon: : ::they hear a large crash of glass, probably a vase breaking::

maggybeths: MV: ::she jumps, looking around; whispers:: Was that the right room?

quantumcatz: KZ: I'm trying not to influence the other rooms, anything in her room will definitely be affected though

yarnkittymon: : ::a young woman, very pretty, with bobbed blonde hair and a bit of make-up on, wearing a silk robe, throws the door open, glaring at the women:: And what do you think you're doing?

quantumcatz: KZ: ::hesitates:: Are you Lenore?

yarnkittymon: : ::the woman narrows her eyes at Kizzie:: Who wants to know? ::but her eyes fall on Maeve, and the expression softens::

maggybeths: MV: ::she looks a little hesitant herself; quietly:: My name's Maeve. We've been told you're in a bit of danger.

yarnkittymon: : ::the woman shrugs:: Could be. ::she does smile just the tiniest bit at Maeve, who suddenly feels rather light and cheerful::

quantumcatz: KZ: ::glances at Maeve and steps forward:: Look, you've already got our friend downstairs drinking himself into oblivion. We just want to talk to you

maggybeths: MV: ::finds herself smiling, though she isn't sure why:: Aren't worried at all?

yarnkittymon: : ::the woman comes forward, taking Maeve's hand, and Maeve finds herself feeling almost giddy; the woman then turns to Kizzie:: If *she* sent you, I don't want to hear it.

maggybeths: MV: ::she laughs, though there's some hesitancy in her, making her almost draw away from the woman:: Well *she* does care for you and she only wants to protect you. That's why she sent us.

yarnkittymon: :  ::Lenore shakes her head::  I took care of myself long before I met her, and if I don't care what happens now, it's not really her business, is it? ::tries to focus on Kizzie, figuring if she makes her a bit happy, the girl might see her point of view::

maggybeths: MV: ::she smiles:: I guess we don't need her help and as long as we keep you safe.. ::she shrugs::

quantumcatz: KZ: ::glances at Maeve, then turns to Lenore again:: She was worried enough to send people looking for you. Maybe she knows something you don't. Shouldn't you come with us and ask her?

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore scowls:: So she'll kill someone for being a girl, but won't touch someone who's trying to kill me?

quantumcatz: KZ: ::hesitates:: She..I don't... ::not sure what to say::

maggybeths: MV: ::she frowns:: Well, that's not very nice. Why'd she kill someone? And surely if she could protect you she would.

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore looks around, then motions:: Come on in, then. ::she has a small room, very well-decorated; a vase that had been full of live flowers is on the floor, shattered.::

maggybeths: MV: ::giggles:: I wouldn't be able to persuade you to go easy on Harry? He's downstairs drinking himself into oblivion.

quantumcatz: KZ: ::sighs at the flowers, but turns away from them::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore sits down on her bed, looking at Maeve and patting the space beside her:: That depends.

maggybeths: MV: ::sits down:: Depends on what?

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore puts her arm around Maeve's waist, leaning close to her, and filling the poor woman's heart with sunshine, not replying::

quantumcatz: KZ: Please, leave Maeve alone

maggybeths: MV: ::she smiles again, and not really thinking anything of it, lays her head on the woman's shoulder, sighing:: We really need to check on poor Harry. ::giggles again::

quantumcatz: KZ: Maeve...why don't you come over to me?

maggybeths: MV: ::she looks up at Kizzie, frowning:: What's wrong? ::she gets up:: Do you think Harry is that bad off?

yarnkittymon: :  ::Lenore gets up, reaching out for Maeve's hand; quietly::  He'll be fine in a few minutes, I promise ::looks back at Kizzie; quietly::  And if you tell Amara about this, she'll probably kill Maeve, too.

maggybeths: MV: ::rolls her eyes:: The woman is already going to kill me if we don't bring you back. ::sighs::

quantumcatz: KZ: Maeve's been through enough Lenore, please help us out here

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore shakes her head; in a low voice:: She killed the person I loved. Why would I listen to her now?

quantumcatz: KZ: I don't even know her. I can't say why it's worth going. I just know my friends need you to go

yarnkittymon: :  ::Lenore looks away, cursing softly::  I can't believe her.

maggybeths: MV: ::she smiles sadly:: Well, maybe you should give her a chance.

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore leans close to Maeve, focusing her energy on her again:: You *do* know that if she sees us together, she'll murder you.

Quantum Catz: KZ: Why would she do that?

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore shakes her head, grimacing:: Probably disgusted by something so unnatural. Unless she's jealous.

maggybeths: MV: ::grins:: Well that's only because Amara wouldn't know what a good friend was if they were standing right next to her!

Quantum Catz: KZ: She'll know you're forcing Maeve. The woman has a family, a baby - even Amara can't be that heartless

maggybeths: MV: ::smirks; darkly:: Yes she is. Why do you think I'm here?

yarnkittymon: :  ::Lenore suddenly scowls, and takes away all the light she'd put onto Maeve--not giving her any darkness, exactly, but just the removal of all that happiness probably hurts as much as if Lenore had depressed her in the first place; glares at Kizzie::  You take the fun out of it

maggybeths: MV: ::she cringes, gasping. She then realizes how close she was to Lenore and beats a hasty retreat towards Kizzie. She looks too stunned for words::

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::the flowers on the floor start to twist around each other; she frowns at Lenore:: You're as bad as Amara really - you think forcing people into things is any nicer than threatening them?

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore tries to make Kizzie the one to feel bad over that::

maggybeths: MV: ::still looking disturbed, she puts a hand on Kizzie's arm; softly:: Easy Kizzie. I'm thinking you might not want to make her mad.

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::tries to fight the feeling and the plants start to grow towards her, rather jerkily since they're nearly dead::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore suddenly turns to her dresser and starts packing her things into a small suitcase::

maggybeths: MV: ::notices the flowers and takes a step towards Lenore:: Let her go Lenore! Wouldn't it be easier to just come back with us? Amara won't give in until you've spoken to her

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore softly says:: Isn't there another way to make her leave you alone?

maggybeths: MV: ::softly:: I don't know if I want to take the chance.

yarnkittymon: : What about a letter?

maggybeths: MV: She won't accept that Lenore and you know it! If we fail she'll just keep sending more people. ::she points towards the bags:: And I know you don't want to keep running.

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore sighs, shaking her head; reaches out for Maeve's hand, not using her powers, and looking more like a sad, scared schoolgirl than anything else::

maggybeths: MV: ::she tenses, unsure of what Lenore is going to do but after a moment she gently pulls her hand back; softly::  Please Lenore? The only way to get rid of Amara is to confront her.

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore's eyes suddenly light up, though there's quite a bit of sadness there:: Maybe you're right.

Quantum Catz: KZ: So you'll come with us?

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore quietly says:: If she uses either of you as hostages once she's seen me...I'm still not going to go easy on her.

maggybeths: MV: ::she frowns:: Kizzie isn't getting anywhere near her.

Quantum Catz: KZ: Amara doesn't know i'm involved - they asked me to come because they thought i might be able to hold off your ability

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore turns back to packing; softly:: Lucky you. ::looks at Maeve:: Still, even if she threatens you...I'm going to make her feel what she made me feel.

maggybeths: MV: ::she winces:: Can we use that as a last resort? If you make Amara mad you'll only do more damage.

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore ignores that, buckling her suitcase:: Your friend may be drunk enough, he won't be feeling much pain.

maggybeths: MV: ::she shakes her head:: I just hope we can get him into the cart. ::she sighs::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore picks up her suitcase; quietly:: I have to say goodbye to Martha, too.

maggybeths: MV: ::frowns:: Martha?

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore smiles coldly:: So she didn't tell you about her?

maggybeths: MV: I...think so? But excuse me if I'm wrong but hasn't she passed on?

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore shakes her head:: Her body's still in the ground.

maggybeths: MV: ::winces:: I'm sorry to hear that but we'd better collect Harry. ::she moves towards the door::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore nods:: I'll meet up with you in half an hour.

Quantum Catz: KZ: How do we know you won't just run away?

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore rolls her eyes:: Fine; come with me if you want.

maggybeths: MV: ::she nods and goes down stairs to get Harry::

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::stays with Lenore:: I'm sorry we're making you do this, but we didn't really have a choice

yarnkittymon: HR:  ::is at the bar, still upright, so the barkeep must have watered down the beers -- at least, judging from the six glasses laid out in front of him; he's a bit unsteady as he looks over at Maeve::

maggybeths: MV: ::she smiles weakly as she approaches:: We're ready to go Harry. Have you paid the man?

yarnkittymon: HR: ::smiles at Maeve, pulling out the gold for the man, with a bit of a tip::
yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore heads outside::

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::Follows her::

maggybeths: MV: ::gently:: Can you stand Harry? ::she offers him her arm::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::gets to his feet and leans against Maeve a bit; softly:: You're the one...

yarnkittymon: : ::the graveyard is just north of the center of town; it only takes Lenore a minute or so to get there; she pauses at the gate, sighing::

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::softly:: I'll stay back

maggybeths: MV: ::tries her best to support him as she leads him out. She frowns:: I'm the one what?

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore nods, looking the tiniest bit grateful, before she goes on inside::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::tries to stand up straighter, though he keeps his arm around Maeve's waist--"for support," of course:: When I had the chance...

maggybeths: MV: ::softly:: Harry? I think you've had a bit much to drink...

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::sighs, leaning against the gate; she can tell that the girl cared deeply for Martha and can't help but feel sad for her::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::looks away; quietly:: Stephanie'd kill me.

maggybeths: MV: ::smiles a little at that:: Stephanie would understand. Lenore sort of drove you to it.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::looks up at Maeve, a bit surprised, and then leans forward, gently kissing her cheek::

maggybeths: MV: ::she raises an eyebrow:: What was that for?

yarnkittymon: HR: ::it takes almost thirty seconds for his impaired mind to realize the misunderstanding, and he pulls away, stumbling a bit:: Being a good friend.

maggybeths: MV: ::she keeps a hand on him; smirks:: Careful there, friend. ::she sighs, looking up at him:: Are you okay, Harry? She didn't do too much damage, did she?

yarnkittymon: HR: ::quietly:: Made me wonder what's the point of going on. Nothin' much.

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::after a moment's hesitation, she kneels down and touches the ground; the nearby flowers seem to bloom a bit brighter than before::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore comes out just as Kizzie's working, and her eyes go wide::

maggybeths: MV: But you do know there is a point, right?

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::shrugs at Lenore:: A little bit of life for the people left to rest here

yarnkittymon: HR: Sure; just don't know what it is.

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore slowly reaches for Kizzie's hand; softly:: Would you do that over Martha's grave?

Quantum Catz: KZ: Of course, if you want me to

maggybeths: MV: Sure you do Harry. A lot of people like you in Marquis. You're one of the best guards there. Besides, Stephanie would be pretty mad at you.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::laughs:: Stephanie doesn't know what she wants. ::pauses, looking around:: Where are we going?

maggybeths: MV: Back to the cart and then back home. ::she sighs:: And Stephanie will figure it out one day, Harry

yarnkittymon: HR: ::slowly:: How'd Isaac convince you?

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::takes Lenore's hand, though a bit hesitantly, and goes back to the grave with her::

yarnkittymon: :  ::Lenore leads Kizzie to one of the corners of the yard; there's a simple monument over a grave that has just a few blades of grass growing over it, and a couple tiny flowers coming up, along with some cut ones left there::

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::kneels down again and the flowers grow up towards her, blooming brightly; the grass spreads too, covering the bare earth::

maggybeths: MV: ::she frowns:: What do you mean how did Isaac convince me?

yarnkittymon: HR: To love him.

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore pulls out a handkerchief and wipes her eyes, kneeling by the grave:: See? You'll have the flowers to keep you company. You're not alone...

maggybeths: MV: ::she flushes a bit; softly:: Harry... I don't think there was any convincing. Stephanie will settle when she's ready.

yarnkittymon: HR: She ain't the type.

maggybeths: MV: ::mutters:: Are you saying I am?

Quantum Catz: KZ: I'm sorry...I wish I could do more

yarnkittymon: HR: ::shrugs::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore lightly strokes the grass over the grave, as though it were hair, and then stands up, wiping her eyes again:: Where we headed now?

Quantum Catz: KZ: Amara's in Marquis - we have a cart to get us there

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore nods:: We won't get there before dark--where are we stopping off?

maggybeths: MV: ::she shakes her head:: Give her time Harry. I'm not sure I was ready either but I know I made the right choice if that makes any sense. ::she smirks:: Probably doesn't in your condition anyway.

Quantum Catz: KZ: Maybe Compton i guess

yarnkittymon: HR: ::smiles::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore frowns:: That place ain't too safe; sure you're up to it?

maggybeths: MV: ::leads Harry out to the cart::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::in a low voice:: You taking the reins?

maggybeths: MV: ::smirks:: No, I thought I'd let you drive us into a tree.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::deadpanning:: Have you asked the horses how they'd feel about that?

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::shrugs:: I can protect myself anywhere with enough greenery.

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore sighs:: That doesn't mean sleeping in the forest, does it?

maggybeths: MV: ::she laughs:: No, I haven't developed a talent for that yet but I'm guessing they won't like it.

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::chuckles:: No, I think we'll be fine in an inn

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::heads towards the cart::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::cringes when he sees Lenore up ahead, and takes a step back:: Not her...

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore smiles sadly::

maggybeths: MV: ::she stumbles back with his sudden movement:: Easy Harry, she's on our side now. ::smirks:: My charm works better than yours.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::looks at Maeve, utterly baffled::

maggybeths: MV: ::she giggles:: It's not like we didn't already know that. ::she rolls her eyes:: The woman just wants a friend. I think she's a bit lonely.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::grumbles:: She's pretty enough, I wouldn't mind being her friend.

maggybeths: MV: ::she rolls her eyes:: Sorry Harry, you'd better stick to Stephanie.

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::reaches Maeve and Harry:: You ready to go?

yarnkittymon: HR: ::gets into the back of the cart:: Yup.

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore sets her bag in the back, looking out at the town sadly::

maggybeths: MV: ::sighs in relief when he makes it then climbs up herself. She takes the reigns::

Quantum Catz: : ::as they're leaving the town, an arrow flies at the cart, narrowly missing Lenore's upper arm::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore's eyes go wide as she sees the arrow embedded in the side of the cart; she squeals::

maggybeths: MV: ::the arrow scared her but Lenore's scream makes her jump:: Where are they? ::she flicks the reigns, urging the horses to go faster::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore looks around too::

Quantum Catz: : ::another one flies towards them, this time probably at least nicking Lenore; it came from the same direction as the last::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore yells as the arrow sinks into her shoulder, and she ducks down, concentrating her power in the direction the arrow flew from, though she usually needs to see or know someone to sadden them::

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::makes the trees shake wildly, to try and frighten the bowman out::

maggybeths: MV: ::she jumps again and gives the reigns another flick::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::ducks down over Lenore, trying to protect her::

Quantum Catz: : ::a man appears at the edge of the tree line, his crossbow pointed at them, though he's looking up at the trees, rather warily::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::cringes, pulling out a crossbow from under the seat::

maggybeths: MV: ::urges the horses to go as fast they can::

Quantum Catz: : ::the man fires his crossbow at Lenore again::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore is cowering in the floor of the cart; the arrow drives into the wood near where her head is, nearly hitting her::
yarnkittymon: HR: ::curses and sits up, firing almost blindly at the man::

Quantum Catz: : ::the man raises his hand and the arrow veers away from him, hitting a tree instead::

maggybeths: MV: ::is trying to keep her focus on the road:: How many of them can there be! ::she looks back at Lenore for a second:: Who are these people!?

yarnkittymon: HR: ::curses:: Kizzie! Stop him!

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore peeks out and focuses on taking every bit of light out of the man--both internally, and also shrouding his eyes in darkness::

maggybeths: MV: ::doesn't bother asking again as she's turned her focus back to the road::

Quantum Catz: : ::the man panics, dropping his crossbow and clutching at his eyes; even as he does, the earth under his feet starts to move and he drops to the ground as a tree root wraps around his feet::

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::leans back, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, looking tired::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore clutches her shoulder; the arrow is still in, deeply; whispers:: We have to kill him.

maggybeths: MV: ::her eyes widen:: What? Why!?

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::softly:: He's trapped for now, we can just get out of here

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore scowls:: I don't know why he's after me, but we have to stop him!

maggybeths: MV: We're sitting ducks. There is no way I am stopping.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::quietly:: He's dangerous.

Quantum Catz: KZ: We can't just kill him

maggybeths: MV: We can lose him.

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore settles back onto the floor, gasping as she moves her arm the wrong way; in a pinched voice:: Then he'll find us again and kill us.

maggybeths: MV: ::she hesitates then looks back at Harry:: Should we make a stand? What if there are more? We could get surrounded!

yarnkittymon: HR: ::sighs:: I'd just go back and kill that one, and hope for the best. Or at least take him with us.

maggybeths: MV: ::she cringes but she pulls on the reigns to slow the horses:: What if me and you went back for him while Kizzie got Lenore to town?

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::frowns at Harry:: You're a guard, you can't possibly be saying we should just carry out our own execution

yarnkittymon: HR: ::rubs his face:: I'm half-drunk; give me a break.

maggybeths: MV: We don't have to kill him. But I guess it'd be easier to haul him back in the cart. ::she pulls on the reigns, trying to get the horses to back up::

yarnkittymon: : ::the horses can't back the cart up without turning around::

maggybeths: MV: ::she pulls on the reigns, trying to get them to turn::

yarnkittymon: : ::the road is just wide enough to manage it::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::rummages through the back of the cart, finding some rope::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore grumbles:: You know when he wakes up, he'll probably throw us all out of the cart or something.

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::not looking happy, sighs:: He moved his hand to move that arrow, maybe if his hands are tied we'll be okay

maggybeths: MV: ::smirks:: If he's anything like me he won't be able to. Or we'll just have to keep knocking him out. ::she looks back at Lenore:: You can hold him right?

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore gasps as she moves her arm wrong, but nods:: Yeah...

maggybeths: MV: We should be okay. ::points the horses back in the direction they came from::

yarnkittymon: : ::the arrow is still sticking out of Lenore's arm; she's not brave enough to pull it out::

Quantum Catz: KZ: Is your arm okay? Should we try to get the arrow out?

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore grits her teeth, trembling:: I guess so...

yarnkittymon: HR: ::looks back:: We need to--once we've caught our man.

Quantum Catz: KZ: I guess Amara wasn't lying when she said you were in danger

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore nods:: I don't care, though. It'd be easier.

maggybeths: MV: ::smirks:: Dying isn't easier, if that's what you mean.

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore looks levelly at Maeve:: Like you'd know?

maggybeths: MV: ::grunts:: More so than anyone. ::she scans the tree line for the man::

Quantum Catz: : ::the man doesn't seem to be where they left him; the tree root that was trapping him seems to have been moved::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::curses:: Think we can catch him?

maggybeths: MV: He'll likely just throw a tree on us.

Quantum Catz: KZ: He can't make a tree hurt me, not so long as it's alive

maggybeths: MV: I don't know. I think we should leave him. ::she glances back at Lenore, worriedly::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore nods:: If he could be anywhere, he could shoot us all before we even found him. ::moves and cries out softly::

Quantum Catz: KZ: We should fix up your arm

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore softly says:: You can tear one of my skirts if you need to. The green one.

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::goes to Lenore's case to get the skirt out, glancing at Maeve and Harry, since she's not really sure how to go about removing an arrow::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::gets out his knife, ready to cut the skirt into strips for bandages; pauses:: You'd better pull it out, Maeve; you're sober.

maggybeths: MV: ::she grimaces:: Can you take the reigns, Kizzie?

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::nods and moves to do so::

maggybeths: MV: ::hands the reigns off and climbs in to the back. She looks down at Lenore, softly:: You might want to take a deep breath. ::looks over at Harry:: Think you could cut another strip for her to bite down on? I don't know how much pain tolerance she has. She might need it.

yarnkittymon: HR: ::cuts off the whole waistband and twists it into a rope for Lenore::
yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore cringes, not moving to take the rope::

maggybeths: MV: ::she takes the rope from Harry, offering it to Lenore:: Do you want something to bite down on? It helps... kind of.

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore reaches out with her bad arm, and squeaks in pain, inhaling sharply::

maggybeths: MV: ::smirks:: You might want to try using your good arm. ::presses the cloth into her hand of the uninjured arm::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore weakly puts the rope in-between her teeth, breathing deeply through her nose::

maggybeths: MV: ::she waits for Harry to finish with the bandages before she reaches to pull out the arrow::

yarnkittymon: HR: ::stops about half-way through cutting the skirt up:: I think it's enough.

maggybeths: MV: You can thank Harry for this. Who knows how many times I've pulled an arrow or something out of him. ::she reaches for the arrow, and expertly pulls the thing out::

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore screams through her self-imposed gag, but relaxes somewhat when the arrow is gone::

maggybeths: MV: ::cringes, and then tosses it over the side of the wagon:: I think we'll all be safer if you stay hidden. ::she frowns:: Perhaps we should do a little make-over before we leave Compton.

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore nods, gasping as Maeve winds the bandages around her arm:: I have my make-up.

maggybeths: MV: ::murmurs:: Sorry. ::she looks back at Lenore:: You wouldn't happen to have a wig, would you?

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore nods again:: Might not do much good; it's the same as Angela wears.

maggybeths: MV: ::frowns:: Whose Angela?

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore smiles:: An 1860s prostitute with a heart of gold, torn between two men. My most recent role...I had it until Martha was murdered.

maggybeths: MV: ::her eyes widen and then she smirks:: An actress, eh? ::she almost laughs at the irony:: Who'd you tick off so much that they want to kill you?

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore shrugs, shaking her head:: I don't know. I've disappointed some fellas, but that's about it.

Quantum Catz: KZ: ::hesitates, then says softly:: If Amara's really like she sounds, then maybe someone's trying to get to her through you

maggybeths: MV: ::cringes:: That's possible. Would explain how Amara knew as well.

yarnkittymon: : ::Lenore nods grimly:: Probably. So now she wants me to come back, probably to get herself out of that mess.

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