~Tuesday, July 14, 1936~

10:00:24 PM quantumcatz: : ::over the next couple of days, Isaac's fever starts to break; he's still not feeling his best and sleeps a lot, but he's quite a bit better than when Maeve got home::

10:03:26 PM maeveowens: DK: ::has stayed near home and has withdrawn from the orphanage. She's in the kitchen as always, cleaning up what's left of lunch::

10:06:00 PM yarnkittymon: JH:  ::is still worried, but he does start going back to his training part-time, at least, so he's gone now::

10:06:07 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::there's a knock on the front door::

10:06:44 PM maeveowens: MV: ::she upstairs with the baby, though she tries to stay close to Isaac as much as she can should he start panicking again::

10:07:29 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she pauses, frowning, then slowly walks towards the door. She stops, staring at it since she half expects more trouble to be waiting on the other side. :: Who is it?

10:08:28 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::a kind-sounding voice calls::  Rodney--is that you, Dolly?  No interrogation, I promise.

10:09:15 PM maeveowens: DK: ::her eyes widen and she moves towards the door, opening it slowly::

10:16:31 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::Rodney is dressed neatly, not in the uniform of a guard, but in a nice shirt and trousers, with his dark hair neatly

10:16:36 PM yarnkittymon: slicked back and a bit of a smile in his green eyes; he bows::  I was wondering if you'd like to get away from the

10:16:41 PM yarnkittymon: house for a couple hours, maybe see a movie?

10:19:45 PM maeveowens: DK: ::her eyes widen even more; softly:: See a movie? ::she instantly looks a bit nervous. Boys usually didn't pay attention to her. She's filled out some 

10:19:47 PM maeveowens: but she's still tall, and skinny and in her mind not at all attractive::

10:21:41 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::smiles, though there's a bit of a flush in his cheeks::  I'm paying, of course.  You interested?

10:23:26 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::comes down the stairs just then and frowns when he sees Rodney::

10:23:49 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::cringes to see Eli, and offers a weak wave::

10:24:26 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she flushes brightly and looks away, unable to even formulate an answer right away:: I... I... um. ::she bites her lip, looking adorably unsure, and shy. She pulls on her dark brown curls, nervously::

10:24:34 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she flushes brightly and looks away, unable to even formulate an answer right away:: I... I... um. ::she bites her lip, looking

10:24:40 PM maeveowens: adorably unsure, and shy. She pulls on her dark brown curls, nervously::

10:31:34 PM quantumcatz: EK: What's going on?

10:32:36 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::smiles at Dolly, but the smile fades when he sees Eli; shakes his head::  I came by to see your sister...not as a guard.

10:34:00 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she smiles shyly and steps back:: You can come in if you'd like.

10:34:36 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::makes a face and then heads for the kitchen::

10:35:52 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::smiles, following Dolly in::  It's a little odd to be in here without having a broken finger or a wound..."

10:36:33 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she winces:: Yeah, that's about the only time we get visitors. 

10:36:57 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  It's important work he does.

10:38:17 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she just nods as she awkwardly moves in to the living room::

10:38:57 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  I didn't upset your brother, did I?  ::quietly::  How's he doing?

10:39:30 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she shrugs;sadly:: Okay I guess. He doesn't talk much to us anymore.

10:40:31 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::frowns::  I'm sorry to hear that.  Is there anything I can do?

10:41:12 PM maeveowens: DK: ::shakes her head:: I don't think there's anything anyone can do.

10:41:55 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::nods; quietly::  It might help you to get away for a little while.  Even a meal.

10:43:17 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she blushes again, looking unsure:: I don't know. Everything is still pretty hard around here. I don't want to just leave them.

10:44:57 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::smiles gently::  It's your choice.

10:45:33 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she bites her lip, nodding.:: Okay. Let me just go check first and grab some things if I can. 

10:45:49 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  Of course.

10:46:06 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she smiles then hurries up the stairs::

10:47:12 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::waits, tapping his fingers against his knee, and glancing at the kitchen every so often::

10:47:34 PM maeveowens: DK: ::goes upstairs looking for her older brother::

10:48:09 PM quantumcatz: IS: ::is still in bed, though he's now sitting up reading::

10:48:48 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she hesitates in the doorway::

10:49:22 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::comes out of the kitchen and leans against the doorway with a sandwich in his hand::

10:50:26 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::looks up at Eli; quietly::  Are you doing all right?

10:50:32 PM quantumcatz: IS: ::looks up at dolly and smiles at her, though he still looks more than a little pale:: Hey

10:51:49 PM maeveowens: DK: Hey. ::she pauses:: Will you be okay if I go out for a while?

10:52:18 PM quantumcatz: EK: Everytime i come home someone asks me that, maybe i should wear a sign

10:52:41 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::smiles weakly::  Sorry; I don't come by much.

10:53:07 PM quantumcatz: IS: You don't have to ask that. I'll be fine, i'm a lot better now

10:53:55 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she blushes a little and nods:: Okay. I just didn't want you to worry. ::she backs out of the room, heading for hers::

10:58:51 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::shrugs and heads over to go back to his room again::

11:02:54 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she gets her purse and heads back down the stairs::

11:03:11 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::is waiting, getting a little nervous::

11:03:57 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she smiles shyly again when she sees him; quietly:: Ready.

11:04:27 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::smiles::  How's your brother?

11:04:58 PM maeveowens: DK: Doing better, thank you.

11:05:36 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::nods, smiling::  Good.  So what are you up to today?

11:06:16 PM maeveowens: DK: ::smiles a bit:: Other than small chores? Just this. :she shrugs, ducking her head::

11:07:12 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::smiles::  Well, what would you like to do now?

11:07:39 PM maeveowens: DK: ::hesitantly:: I think you mentioned a movie?

11:08:36 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::nods::  It looks pretty good, though silent, of course.

11:11:03 PM maeveowens: DK: ::smiles:: Of course but I rather like them. 

11:12:26 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::grins::  I do too, but a lot of people think they're old-fashioned.

11:12:58 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she shrugs::

11:15:30 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::nods::  It looks pretty good, though silent, of course.

11:15:35 PM yarnkittymon: DK: ::smiles:: Of course but I rather like them.

11:15:39 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::grins::  I do too, but a lot of people think they're old-fashioned.

11:15:42 PM yarnkittymon: DK: ::she shrugs::

11:16:04 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::shakes his head::  I don't think that, though.  ::smiles::  I'm glad you could get away.

11:16:30 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she nods, though she tries to not look guilty:: Yes. I'm glad he's doing better. 

11:17:21 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  Everyone is.  The mayor as much as anyone.

11:21:13 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she nods:: Of course the mayor is. ::she smirks::

11:21:32 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::quietly::  He's a good man.  I wouldn't be in the guard if I didn't think so.

11:23:45 PM maeveowens: DK: I know. He has helped us out.

11:25:58 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::smiles, then exhales::  So what do you do for fun?

11:27:00 PM maeveowens: DK: ::blushes; softly:: Reading.

11:27:44 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  Oh?  What's your favorite book?

11:27:59 PM maeveowens: ((:P ))

11:28:32 PM yarnkittymon: ((LOL; Google))

11:28:44 PM maeveowens: ((did but that was evil))

11:30:13 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she flushes a bit more:: I'm not sure I should tell you.

11:30:20 PM maeveowens: DK: You'll laugh.

11:32:23 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  I promise I won't.

11:32:53 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she ducks her head:: A Little Princess. It's a little old but I still like it.

11:33:24 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::smiles::  My sister still has that book.

11:34:27 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she nods:: It's a good one. Though I guess it's not something you'd like.

11:34:57 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  I like detective novels more.

11:37:46 PM maeveowens: DK: Fitting I suppose. ::smiles slightly::

11:39:04 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::smiles::  I'm not great at solving them, though.

11:39:30 PM maeveowens: DK: How do you know?

11:40:08 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  I don't even know who did it until I get to the end.

11:40:58 PM maeveowens: DK: ::smiles:: But can you always know what ending someone will write? Only the author has *all* of the clues.

11:41:53 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::smiles warmly::  That's nice of you to say.

11:45:10 PM maeveowens: DK: ::smiles shyly and shrugs::

11:46:39 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::considers for a while::  You know, I think Mary Pickford was in a film based on that book...I'll have to see if they can bring it over here sometime.

11:47:42 PM maeveowens: DK: ::her eyes widen:: Really? You could do that?

11:48:44 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::smiles::  I'm friends with the projectionist; I'd be happy to give it a shot.

11:49:38 PM maeveowens: DK: That would be wonderful!

11:51:46 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::grins::  You won't hate me if the film is bad?

11:52:22 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she giggles:: Not unless you produced it. 

11:53:21 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::laughs softly::  That's not too likely; I think I'm staying on this island for good.

11:53:40 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she nods::

11:54:18 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  You too?

11:56:13 PM maeveowens: DK: Probably. I can't imagine being anywhere else.

11:57:08 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::smiles softly::  I'd miss my family too much.

11:58:18 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she nods:: I'd miss mine.

11:58:50 PM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::nods, stopping in front of the theater::  Have you ever been off the island?

11:59:39 PM maeveowens: DK: ::she swallows hard and nods:: Once. 

12:00:01 AM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::frowns::  I guess it was unpleasant?

12:07:24 AM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::softly::  I've never been.  But if you wanted to go again, I think we could stay safe.

12:09:52 AM maeveowens: DK; ::she winces:: I don't know. It was big. And scary. And lots of guns.

12:10:11 AM yarnkittymon: RD:  Like in the gangster movies?

12:11:49 AM maeveowens: DK: ::she nods::

12:13:33 AM yarnkittymon: RD:  I always thought those were made up.  ::shakes his head::  All right; we'll stay here.  Away from the guns.  ::smiles::

12:15:07 AM maeveowens: DK: ::smiles back, shyly.::

12:15:57 AM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::reads the marquee and laughs::  Lucky you; looks like it's a Valentino film.

12:16:38 AM maeveowens: DK: ::she laughs, blushing a bit::

12:17:50 AM yarnkittymon: RD:  Sorry I can't compete.

12:19:14 AM maeveowens: DK: ::teasingly:: Not many could. ::she heads towards the box office::

12:20:15 AM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::laughs softly, going forward and buying two tickets, then holding out his arm to escort Dolly inside, if she'll take it::

12:26:04 AM maeveowens: DK: ::shyly takes his arm::

12:26:30 AM yarnkittymon: RD:  ::blushes a little as he walks inside::

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