~Monday, July 27th, 1936~

Quantum Catz: EK: ::is just coming out of the stables, he's tired and a bit dirty and he doesn't look all that happy about having to leave and go home::
yarnkittymon: :  ::a young woman with mid-sized feathered wings is eating a bruised apple that was meant for the horses, leaning sideways against a wall; she looks up when Eli walks by, shaking her brown curls; her skin seems to glow faintly for a moment::  You're the kid who takes care of Cinnamon, right?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::stops and looks at her, eyes flicking to her wings:: Yeah, so?
yarnkittymon: : Good horse. Smoothest coat I've ever seen. ::pauses, smirking at Eli:: No, I'm not an angel come to take you away.
Quantum Catz: EK: Wouldn't be an angel doing that ::turns to go::
yarnkittymon: : ::the young woman follows Eli; quietly:: You never heard of the angel of death?
Quantum Catz: EK: I think you need black wings for that job
yarnkittymon: : ::the woman shrugs:: I'm not sure about that. We can go ask the preacher if you want.
Quantum Catz: EK: I'm not that bothered ::stops and turns to look at her, frowning:: Why're you following me?
yarnkittymon: : ::shrugs again:: Nothing better to do. You got somewhere important to go?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::thinks about going home and clenches his teeth, hating himself for not wanting to go home:: Not really, doesn't mean I need someone with me
yarnkittymon: : ::shrugs:: Why not? It isn't much fun being alone, is it?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs as well; softly:: Who needs fun?
yarnkittymon: : ::the woman frowns, a bit of the color draining from her face:: What's life if you can't enjoy it?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::turns away from her:: I dunno
yarnkittymon: : ::quietly:: You know, a drink can cheer you up...
Quantum Catz: EK: I don't think so
yarnkittymon: : ::considers:: Maybe a ride, then? Even if they wouldn't let you take one out, I know my cousin would let us.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::turns to frown at her:: Why?
yarnkittymon: : ::smiles:: Mel's the right-hand man, right? He can let us borrow a couple horses if we want.
Quantum Catz: EK: I mean, why do you want to cheer me up?
yarnkittymon: : ::looks closely at Eli:: My power, I guess.
Quantum Catz: EK: What, you secretly are an angel? Here's a hint, I've heard God doesn't approve of drinking so maybe you shouldn't offer that to the next guy
yarnkittymon: : ::laughs softly:: I think Ben Franklin had it right, about wine, anyway.
Quantum Catz: EK: What did he say about wine?
yarnkittymon: : ::smirks:: Wine is a constant proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
Quantum Catz: EK: Guess he liked his wine
yarnkittymon: : ::smiles:: So what were you planning to do tonight?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs:: Go home
yarnkittymon: : ::nods:: That's good. You have a family, right? They'll be glad to see you.
Quantum Catz: EK: I guess
yarnkittymon: : Why wouldn't they be?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs:: I'm not the best company ::turns to start walking again::
yarnkittymon: : ::the woman walks after Eli; quietly:: I'm not much better, or else you wouldn't be trying to get away.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::murmurs:: And yet you keep following
yarnkittymon: : ::shakes her head:: We'd all be a lot happier if you'd get over yourself.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::frowns:: What's that supposed to mean?
yarnkittymon: : ::shrugs:: Being miserable isn't helping anyone.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::snaps:: You don't know anything about me
yarnkittymon: : I know you're unhappy. Guilty. I wish I didn't, but I do.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::frowns, not looking happy:: I don't need anyone else getting into my head
yarnkittymon: : I can't see your thoughts, just your feelings. You're not the only one, but it's still obnoxious.
Quantum Catz: EK: Well, stop it.
yarnkittymon: : ::smirks:: Wish I could. ::pauses, frowning:: My name's Gwen, by the way.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs:: I don't need your pity just cos you don't like what you hear or feel or whatever the hell it is you do
yarnkittymon: : It's not pity. I'm just annoyed.
Quantum Catz: EK: So annoyed you won't leave me alone
yarnkittymon: : ::nods:: It's more annoying when you're not around. ::laughs:: If you get mad enough at me, maybe that'll make you feel better.
Quantum Catz: EK: You wouldn't want to see me mad
yarnkittymon: : ::looks at Eli closely; quietly:: I'm not scared.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::mutters:: Maybe you should talk to my sister then
yarnkittymon: : ::quietly:: Would that make you feel better?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::shakes his head and turns away from her again:: Stop it
yarnkittymon: : ::quietly:: What the devil's wrong with you? Did you hurt someone?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::winces; mutters:: Look, if you don't like the way i feel then just get away from me
yarnkittymon: : ::shakes her head:: I got a job here; sorry.
Quantum Catz: EK: Then get used to it
yarnkittymon: : ::looks closely at Eli; softly:: You know, they used to call me an angel of death.
Quantum Catz: EK: Seriously, do you think I care?
yarnkittymon: : ::quietly:: I know it hurts. I still miss them.
Quantum Catz: EK: Miss who?
yarnkittymon: : Well, I didn't know my mom so much, but I still miss her...::looks away suddenly, shuddering::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs:: That's terrible. Anyway, I need to get home
yarnkittymon: : ::softly:: And I murdered my brother.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::clenches his fists and takes a deep breath:: I can't deal with this ::turns away, looking tempted to run::
yarnkittymon: : ::reaches out for Eli:: You can't hold it all in, can you?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::his arm shakes when she touches it and he pulls away:: Like you care, you already said you just don't want to put up with my feelings
yarnkittymon: : ::shakes her head:: If you've been through anything like I have, then I wish you'd let me help you.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::mutters:: Yeah, we'll cry on each other's shoulders and everything will be all better
yarnkittymon: : Do you really think it gets all better?
Quantum Catz: EK: No. Do you?
yarnkittymon: : ::shakes her head:: You just get to where you can bear it.
Quantum Catz: EK: Well ain't life grand?
yarnkittymon: : Don't you have someone worth going on for?
Quantum Catz: EK: I am going on, aren't I?
yarnkittymon: : ::quietly:: For how long?
Quantum Catz: EK: You don't even know me. What do you care?
yarnkittymon: : I guess you don't care about strangers?
Quantum Catz: EK: No
Quantum Catz: EK: ::winces as soon as he says it though::
yarnkittymon: : ::Gwen nods; softly:: So what do you care about who you've hurt?
Quantum Catz: EK: She didn't deserve it
yarnkittymon: : Not many people do. ::pauses; quietly:: Do you believe there's anything else out there? In heaven, or whatever? Something to make up for what's gone wrong?
Quantum Catz: EK: I don't know. My little brother does
yarnkittymon: :  ::nods slowly::  Well...if there *is* something to make up for it, then we don't have to worry.  But if there's not...I guess we have to work as hard as we can to make up for what we've done.
Quantum Catz: EK: I can't bring her back. That's the only thing that would make up for it, anything else is just...putting feathers on a set of scales to balance out a rock
yarnkittymon: : A lifetime's worth of feathers might nudge a rock off the ground.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs:: Yeah, maybe
yarnkittymon: : ::softly:: Why don't you try?
Quantum Catz: EK: I can hardly bring myself to get out of bed in the morning, unless I'm going to the stables. I'm grateful I've even got that
yarnkittymon: : ::Gwen cringes; softly:: If you're going to keep going on, you should try to help people. I know people need help here, all the time.
Quantum Catz: EK: They don't want my help
yarnkittymon: : ::softly:: Why not? People still like you, right?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::laughs, rather humourlessly:: I doubt they ever liked me much
yarnkittymon: : Why would you say that? Your family seems popular enough.
Quantum Catz: EK: I'm my family's guard dog ::sighs:: Or I was anyway
yarnkittymon: : ::softly:: They still like you, right? Pretty much?

Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs:: I guess
yarnkittymon: : ::softly:: Maybe you'll get a good chance to do something right. ::smirks:: Guess you don't want to be a guard?
Quantum Catz: EK: Cos guards do so much for the world
yarnkittymon: : Maybe you could be someone else's bodyguard, then?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::winces:: I can't be like that anymore
yarnkittymon: : ::nods; quietly:: Feed the poor?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::makes a face:: I need to get home
yarnkittymon: : ::softly:: Will you come see me again?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::rolls his eyes:: So you can try to help me find redemption?
yarnkittymon: : ::Gwen looks at Eli; softly:: Or so you can help me. I don't think amusing people on stage counts.
Quantum Catz: EK: You need one of my brothers if you want to know how to be a better person
yarnkittymon: : ::sighs:: And you won't let them teach you?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs and turns away:: I can barely talk to them right now
yarnkittymon: : If a stranger wants to help you, I'm sure they do. Who knows; if they feel better maybe *I'll* be in a better mood too.
Quantum Catz: EK: I don't deserve their help.
yarnkittymon: : I have half a mind to tell them you said that.
Quantum Catz: EK: Well, i don't.
yarnkittymon: : ::nods; quietly:: Then you won't mind me letting them know you think that.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::wryly:: They'd probably be more interested in the fact that I talked to you long enough to tell you it
yarnkittymon: : ::cringes:: So they're worrying about you.
Quantum Catz: EK: I never said they didn't care, but I don't think they should
yarnkittymon: : And making them stop worrying...that would be a feather or two, wouldn't it?
Quantum Catz: EK: You don't know anything about it
yarnkittymon: : ::shrugs:: My father started drinking after it all happened. You're lucky if your family's not driven to that.
Quantum Catz: EK: They'll be fine. Even if I was gone, they'd be fine ::hesitates, thinking of Leyla, and winces, wondering what she would do if he was gone::
yarnkittymon: : ::cringes; quietly:: Think I'll go in and introduce myself, then.

Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs:: Whatever
yarnkittymon: : ::nods, laughing softly to herself::
Quantum Catz: EK: What's so funny?
yarnkittymon: : Maybe I'll just fly up to your brother's window at night -- if I glowed a little, he'd probably do anything I asked.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::can't help but laugh at that:: I'd like to think he's a bit less gullible than that
yarnkittymon: : ::smiles:: Care to wager on it?
Quantum Catz: EK: It's probably better if you don't try to mess with his head
yarnkittymon: : ::smiles; quietly:: Yeah, I know. I won't bother him, promise. Well, I won't *lie* to him.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::nods::
yarnkittymon: : ::softly:: You might want to talk to them, though--because I'll come to see them tonight, whether you do or not.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs:: Maybe you should learn to switch that power off, it'll save you a lot of time interfering in other people's lives
yarnkittymon: : ::looks closely at Eli:: I think it's my punishment...and now I'm trying to get another feather.
Quantum Catz: EK: You look like you've got plenty to me. Just leave my family alone
yarnkittymon: : ::looks at Eli non-committally:: I'll see you around.
Quantum Catz: EK: I mean it
yarnkittymon: : ::quietly:: I know, but I'm not scared of you.
Quantum Catz: EK: Whatever. Isaac doesn't need people hassling him
yarnkittymon: : And he doesn't need to grow distant from the brother he loves.
Quantum Catz: EK: I can sort my own life out without some girl interfering
yarnkittymon: : ::shrugs:: Take care of that family of yours, Eli.
Quantum Catz: EK: They don't need me to take care of them
yarnkittymon: : ::sighs, turning to go::
Quantum Catz: EK: You're not going to go talk to them, are you?
yarnkittymon: : What do you think?
Quantum Catz: EK: I don't know, I don't even know you
yarnkittymon: : ::quietly:: I guess you can ask your brothers later.
Quantum Catz: EK: It's none of your business
yarnkittymon: : And if I thought you'd talk to them yourself, I wouldn't be bothering them.
Quantum Catz: EK: And if I said I'd talk to them?
yarnkittymon: : Well, I don't know if I can believe you, either.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::finally mutters, looking rather irritated:: Tell them what you want. It's not like it'll make any difference
yarnkittymon: : ::nods; quietly:: Good luck, Eli. Hang in there. ::as she turns away, a feather drifts towards Eli::
Quantum Catz: EK: ::watches the feather, though his fists are clenched; he's rather irritated that she feels she has the right to interfere with his life::

Quantum Catz: EK: ::when he gets home, he closes the front door rather loudly and runs up the stairs; when he reaches Josh's room he pauses, clenching the feather in his hand::
yarnkittymon: JH: ::is studying in his bedroom.  He looks up at his brother, a little surprised:: What's that?
Quantum Catz: EK: Nothing ::moves it behind his back, looking uncertain::
yarnkittymon: JH: ::pushes his book away; quietly:: Are you all right? You're hardly even talking to us...
Quantum Catz: EK: ::flinches and looks down, remembering that moment, when he would have killed Josh, if he hadn't knocked him out. Josh would have been gone forever and it would have been his fault; rather weakly:: I'm alright
yarnkittymon: JH: ::softly:: You missed supper.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs:: I wasn't hungry and there was stuff to do at the stables
yarnkittymon: JH: ::cringes:: There's some chicken left over.
Quantum Catz: EK: ::hesitates, stopping himself from just saying that he's not hungry:: Thanks, might have something later
yarnkittymon: JH: ::smiles a little; nods:: How are things going in the stables?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs:: It's hard work but it's...it takes my mind off things
yarnkittymon: JH: ::frowns, but nods slightly:: Yeah. You know if you ever want to talk...
Quantum Catz: EK: ::runs the hand that isn't hiding the feather through his hair, knowing he'd probably never want josh to know the things that went through his head; wearily:: I'll be alright
yarnkittymon: JH: ::nods, looking back at his book:: We're worried about you...
Quantum Catz: EK: You shouldn't be
yarnkittymon: JH: ::shakes his head:: Just because you don't *want* us to be doesn't mean we *shouldn't* be.
Quantum Catz: EK: Yeah, well... ::sighs and repeats, rather lamely:: I'll be alright
yarnkittymon: JH: ::looks closely at Eli; softly:: You know how much we love you, right?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::winces and looks away:: I'm pretty tired. I'm gonna go to bed. If some girl comes around, tell her to go away
yarnkittymon: JH: ::softly:: Who did you meet?
Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs:: I think her name was Gwen
yarnkittymon: JH: ::still looks rather worried, but sighs:: All right...
Quantum Catz: EK: ::turns to go to his room, the feather practically crumpled in his hand now from clenching so tight::

yarnkittymon: : ::it's a couple hours later when there's a knock on the door to Isaac's house::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::after a few minutes, he answers the door, looking tired::
yarnkittymon: : ::Gwen is there, glowing just faintly, although the form-fitting dress she wears kills the illusion; she looks up at Isaac; softly:: Did Eli talk to you?
Quantum Catz: IS: ::rubs his eyes:: I haven't seen him since he came home. Have we met?
yarnkittymon: : ::shakes her head, then holds out her hand; softly:: My name's Gwen. He talked to me today.
Quantum Catz: IS: I'm Isaac ::Frowns:: He talked to you?
yarnkittymon: : I sort of forced him. ::shrugs::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles weakly:: He's not usually easily forced into anything
yarnkittymon: : ::nods slowly:: I gathered that. ::in a very low voice:: He said...that even if he was gone, his family would be fine.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::winces:: Eli has a very odd definition of fine then
yarnkittymon: : ::shrugs; quietly:: He's a liar, through and through. I'm sure he has a good heart, but I don't know if he'll ever forgive himself.
Quantum Catz: IS: If he didn't have a good heart, he wouldn't think there was anything to be forgiven. No one blames him but himself
yarnkittymon: : ::nods; quietly:: He'll be pretty mad when he finds out I was here, but I figured he wouldn't actually talk to you fellas like he said he would.
Quantum Catz: IS: Even seeing him get angry at someone would be better than the way he is right now
yarnkittymon: : ::flashes Isaac a smile:: Then I guess I'll try harder next time.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles weakly:: Not that I'm not grateful...but why? He's not exactly going to appreciate your help if he doesn't want it
yarnkittymon: : ::Gwen's smile fades; shakes her head; softly:: He thinks he deserves to suffer, it seems. And... ::shakes her head::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: Eli was under someone's control when he did what he did. I think what he blames himself most for is that he wasn't strong enough to stop it.
yarnkittymon: : ::nods, her wings flapping a little, involuntarily:: Wish I could help him.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: We all do
yarnkittymon: : ::sighs; quietly:: Wish he could just forget.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: He said he didn't want to forget.
yarnkittymon: : ::cringes; exhales: Anyway, keep an eye on him. I was just worried...if he doesn't think you care if he's around, and he hates himself...
Quantum Catz: IS: ::winces again, looking rather pale:: He wouldn't do that. He...he knows we care, all we've done is worry about him
yarnkittymon: : ::looks towards the window; slowly:: He...people who feel guilty...sometimes they think about it.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::still looking pale, remembering what Eli told them he considered while under the woman's control; shakes his head, weakly:: He wouldn't. We already lost too much
yarnkittymon: : ::nods:: I know he'll try not to, at least. ::quietly:: So...he killed someone?
Quantum Catz: IS: I'm surprised you didn't hear the gossip around town
yarnkittymon: : ::shrugs:: I'm not from around here. ::shakes her head:: But I'm sure it was an accident.
Quantum Catz: IS: Like I said, he was under someone's control. There wasn't anything he could do
yarnkittymon: : ::nods, bowing her head solemnly:: He should try to make up for it, at least. No sense in giving up.
Quantum Catz: IS: It's only been a few weeks. At first, all he did was stay in his room. I'm not sure working all day in the stables is much better but...it's something
yarnkittymon: : ::brightens slightly:: I can have my cousin keep an eye on him.
Quantum Catz: IS: You maybe don't want to be too obvious about it, I'd hate for him to quit and end up in hiding here again
yarnkittymon: : ::nods; quietly:: Yeah; I'll tell him. I think your brother does a good job, anyway.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles weakly:: Once he sets his mind on something, he never does it half-heartedly
yarnkittymon: : ::smiles:: Tell him to set his mind as getting better.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::takes a deep breath:: If only it was that easy
yarnkittymon: : ::nods; quietly:: Well, I'll tell you if I hear anything else. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
Quantum Catz: IS: Thanks...though I still don't really understand why you're doing this
yarnkittymon: : ::looks towards the door, turning her back to Isaac:: If you did, you might not want my help.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::frowns:: What does that mean?
yarnkittymon: : I've done worse than your brother. ::heads towards the door, a flickering glow crossing her body a couple times::
Quantum Catz: IS: If you help him, I'll be grateful anyway
yarnkittymon: : ::glances back at Isaac, a slight smile on her face:: I'll try. Let me know what else I can do.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::nods:: Though like I said before, he might not appreciate the help
yarnkittymon: : ::shrugs:: If he gets mad, tell him I need to earn a feather or two myself.
Quantum Catz: IS: A feather?
yarnkittymon: : ::looks at Isaac appraisingly; softly:: Your brother's pretty bright. When I told him he should do something to make up for what he's done wrong, he told me it would be like trying to balance out a rock with a feather.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: Bright, if pessimistic
yarnkittymon: : Well, he has a point, even if his isn't his own fault. But even one feather against a rock...that's something.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: Yeah. If only he could talk to us about all this
yarnkittymon: : ::nods:: Well, I've told you what I know.
Quantum Catz: IS: Thank you
yarnkittymon: : Make sure you tell his other brother too, if you don't think it'd upset him. I guess the other one's the one who believes in angels and the like?
Quantum Catz: IS: ::laughs weakly:: He said a lot to you today, didn't he?
yarnkittymon: : ::smiles a tiny bit:: Everything I could pry out of him.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles:: I appreciate the effort
yarnkittymon: : ::nods:: Anything I can do to make your life a bit easier.
Quantum Catz: IS: If there's anything I can do for you...
yarnkittymon: : ::smiles weakly:: Not unless you have a time machine. But thanks for the thought.
Quantum Catz: IS: I know that feeling
yarnkittymon: : ::nods sadly; turns around, searching the room for telltale feathers; pauses:: I've got a show at the theater for a couple weeks. If you want to bring your family, I'll get you tickets.
Quantum Catz: IS: Maeve might like that. It'd probably do us good to spend some time thinking about something other than our problems
yarnkittymon: : ::nods:: It's good fun, though I'm afraid they typecast me. ::rolls her eyes:: Hard to find a serious role with *these*. ::motions at her wings:: But just come by.
Quantum Catz: IS: We will
yarnkittymon: : I'll see you then. ::waves as she walks out::
Quantum Catz: IS: Bye

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