~Tuesday, September 1, 1936~

5:24:08 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she wakes up slowly, stretching. After a minute, she lifts her head to see if Eli is still asleep at his usual spot at the foot of her bed::

5:26:37 PM quantumcatz: : ::the foot of the bed's empty::

5:28:04 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she frowns but then lays back down, figuring he might have gotten up already. She yawns::

5:36:19 PM yarnkittymon: OL:  ::suddenly starts fussing and crying, from Isaac and Maeve's room::

5:37:17 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she groans and turns over, trying to burry her head in the pillows::

5:38:49 PM yarnkittymon: OL:  ::just keeps bawling::

5:40:42 PM maeveowens: LA: ::her head comes up again and she looks back towards the doorway, frowning. After another minute of listening to Olivia wail, she slowly gets up out of bed::

5:41:11 PM yarnkittymon: OL:  ::is still sobbing and fussing::

5:44:03 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she peeks out in to the hall:: Maeve? Eli? ::she steps out slowly, finding it rather creepy to hear the baby screaming with no one around to help her::

5:55:32 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she moves in to the bedroom, hesitating. She's almost expecting to see a bloody mess::

5:56:03 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::the bed is empty and unmade; Olivia is the only one left, crying::

5:57:44 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she almost sighs in relief. She stares at the child for a moment before hurrying forward to pick her up:: What happened?

5:57:46 PM maeveowens: They couldn't have left you here with me still sleeping, could they?

5:57:58 PM maeveowens: ::she bounces her gently, trying to calm her::

5:58:17 PM yarnkittymon: OL:  ::calms considerably when she's in Leyla's arms, but after a minute, starts sobbing again::

5:59:23 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she winces and hurries downstairs to get her a bottle or something:: Isaac? Eli? Is anyone here?

6:00:30 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::there's no answer, just Olivia's cries::

6:06:09 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she stands helplessly in the kitchen. She has no idea what to do for her since the kid doesn't have bottles.::

6:12:06 PM maeveowens: LA: ::suddenly thinks of Becky and hurries towards the door. She doesn't even bother to shut the door in her haste to get there::

6:13:17 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::the door to Becky and Toby's house is locked::

6:13:42 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she secures Olivia against her with one arm and bangs on the door with the other:: Becky!

6:16:11 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::finally opens the door; poor Ben is wrapped up tight, laying on the table, crying; the cat instantly asks::  Do you know where Becky is?

6:17:02 PM maeveowens: LA: ::her look of relief at the door opening quickly vanishes.:: No. I came looking for her because Maeve is gone.

6:17:26 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::his ears go back::  Becky and Toby are too.

6:18:54 PM maeveowens: LA: ::her eyes narrow to slits, and her ears droop down against her head:: Isaac and the others are gone too. ::she glances behind her.:: Maybe Libby and them are here.

6:19:33 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::nods, going to put Ben in a basket so he can carry him in his mouth::

6:20:50 PM quantumcatz: SA: ::is at the other end of the road, moving slowly towards Dan's house, her ears back, looking around nervously::

6:21:32 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she bounces Olivia again, still trying to calm her::

6:21:47 PM yarnkittymon: OL:  ::is very upset and hungry::

6:22:41 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::heads to the door with Ben, restraining a pitiful meow when he sees Sara--and no other people: ::

6:28:24 PM quantumcatz: DN:  ::heads to the door with Ben, restraining a pitiful meow when he sees Sara--and no other people

6:28:44 PM quantumcatz: SA: ::her ears perk up when she sees Dan:: You're still here!yarnkittymon<!-- (11:24:04 PM)-->: DN:  ::sets the basket down::  Where's everyone else?

6:29:06 PM maeveowens: LA: ::her ears twitch:: No one else is in town?

6:29:43 PM quantumcatz: SA: I couldn't find anyone

6:30:10 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::his ears go back further; softly::  I think Ben's hungry.

6:31:14 PM maeveowens: LA: ::quietly:: So is Olivia.

6:32:19 PM quantumcatz: SA: What do we do?

6:32:37 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::softly::  I guess they need milk.  Do you have any?

6:33:33 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she shakes her head:: How will we get them to drink it? We need bottles. I don't know if we have one!

6:40:54 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::frowns::  Didn't they have to use a bottle with Olivia when Maeve was sick?

6:42:21 PM maeveowens: LA: ::her ears go up:: Yes. Maybe there's formula left too... ::she winces though, knowing Toby said it wasn't good for the babies.:: We should check on Milo though.

6:43:00 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::his ears go back again::

6:43:49 PM quantumcatz: SA: What if he's alone two? The three of us can't look after them all alone

6:44:13 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::softly::  Do you think everyone's gone?

6:45:14 PM quantumcatz: SA: ::lowers her head:: None of my neighbours answered their doors.

6:45:27 PM maeveowens: LA: We can't leave him there if he is alone and if he's not then we'll have help. ::she heads towards Libby's, wincing at Sarah's words::

6:46:02 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::meows sadly::  Did Mrs. Libby take everyone away again?

6:46:47 PM maeveowens: LA: ::softly:: I don't know. I hope so. Then at least they're safe.

6:47:20 PM quantumcatz: SA: But then becky would come right back, wouldn't she?

6:47:55 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::meows again, picking up Ben's basket in his mouth::

6:48:03 PM maeveowens: LA: ::her ears droop down again and her shoulders sag:: Yeah.

6:50:35 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::there's no noise coming from Libby and Jack's house::

6:51:32 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she's hoping it's just too early for them to be up. She knocks on the door anyway::

6:51:43 PM maeveowens: ((anyone remember how old he is? Can he reach the door?))

6:51:52 PM maeveowens: ((I know he can walk ;) ))

6:52:24 PM quantumcatz: ((four ish?))

6:52:24 PM quantumcatz: ((or 3...he was born in 1933))

6:52:55 PM maeveowens: ((definitely not opening the door then))

6:52:55 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::drops the basket when they arrive, licking his lips::

6:53:36 PM maeveowens: MO: ::pulls the curtains back and peeks out the window from his perch on the couch. His eyes are wide, and round as he looks at the people outside::

6:56:10 PM quantumcatz: SA: ::murmurs:: He looks scared

6:57:03 PM maeveowens: LA: He can't reach the door either. :::she sighs, looking around::

6:57:23 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::thinks::  Can he push a chair over?

6:57:41 PM maeveowens: LA: He's three. I don't know if he has one small enough.

6:57:56 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::meows::

6:59:34 PM quantumcatz: SA: Can't you change shape and get in?  Or do you just change into cats?

7:00:12 PM maeveowens: LA: ::softly:: It'll take me a while to change in to a mouse or something. Besides, where will I put Olivia?

7:00:38 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::gets up on his haunches::  I can hold her.

7:01:55 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she smiles weakly then carefully hands her over to Daniel:: Okay.

7:02:35 PM yarnkittymon: OL:  ::fusses when she's transferred, but since she was already crying, it's hard to notice much of a difference::

7:03:09 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she winces:: She's sounding like she did when Maeve was sick. ::she shivers::

7:03:43 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::tries to tickle Olivia with his whiskers, which does silence her for a bit::

7:04:55 PM maeveowens: LA: ::concentrates on turning herself in to a little mouse::

7:14:10 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::when Olivia starts to fuss, he waits until her eyes are closed and then lightly licks her forehead; it feels so odd, the child laughs::

7:15:02 PM maeveowens: LA: ::after about ten minutes she finally starts to shift. A few minutes later she's fully changed. She slips under the door then has to work at changing back::

7:15:27 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::works hard not to look at Leyla once she's shifted; he's afraid he'd try to chase her or eat her::

7:15:28 PM maeveowens: MO: ::he sees her and squeals in delight. Figuring it was a pet to play with, he runs over to try and pick her up::

7:18:31 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she squeaks and runs away, skittering underneath furniture to lose him. She makes it in to the other room to change while Milo is left in the main room looking

7:18:37 PM maeveowens: under the couch for her::

7:20:40 PM maeveowens: LA: ::twenty minutes pass before she finally comes to the door to let the others in::

7:21:07 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::is very relieved; Olivia has started crying again::

7:22:14 PM maeveowens: LA: ::looks to Sara:: I need to take Olivia. Do you think you can get Milo back to my house? He can walk.. I just don't want him to run off. ::she reaches for Olivia::

7:23:17 PM quantumcatz: SA: ::nods:: I guess so

7:23:32 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  I'll go with you and take Ben.

7:24:12 PM maeveowens: LA: ::quietly:: We have to get them formula. ::she bounces Olivia some more, hoping to calm her a little:

7:24:31 PM yarnkittymon: OL:  ::can't be calmed at this point::

7:25:33 PM quantumcatz: SA: ::prods Milo's arm with her nose::

7:26:13 PM maeveowens: MO: ::brings his head out from under the sofa to stare at Sara. His face cracks in to a huge smile and he pats the cat's nose, giggling::

7:27:27 PM yarnkittymon: BN:  ::has cried himself to sleep, though as soon as someone moves him, he'll probably wake::

7:28:33 PM quantumcatz: SA: We're gonna go for a walk, okay?

7:29:40 PM maeveowens: MO: ::blinks, tilting his head to the side. A second later he looks worriedly towards his parents' rom::

7:30:33 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::slowly and carefully picks up Ben's basket, but the baby wakes and starts to scream::

7:30:49 PM quantumcatz: SA: We'll find your Mom and Dad

7:31:23 PM maeveowens: MO: ::pops his thumb into his mouth, and stares at her::

7:33:14 PM quantumcatz: SA: Everything'll be okay, you'll see

7:33:53 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::doesn't even try to do or say anything to comfort Ben, just heads back towards Isaac and Maeve's house::

7:34:01 PM maeveowens: MO: ::continues to suck his thumb::

7:34:32 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she's waiting to make sure Sara can get Milo::

7:35:21 PM quantumcatz: SA: ::nudges his arm:: Come on, you need to come with the rest of us.  Your Mommy wouldn't want us to leave you alone

7:37:07 PM maeveowens: MO: ::the nudge gets him going and he waddles out to where Leyla is standing. Once the two are moving, she turns towards home with Olivia nestled securely in her arms::

7:37:33 PM maeveowens: MO: ::the nudge gets him going and he waddles out to where Leyla is standing.::

7:37:51 PM maeveowens: LA: ::once the two are moving, she turns towards home with Olivia nestled securely in her arms::

7:38:31 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::sets Ben down as soon as they're inside the house; he licks his paw several times before reaching down to pick the baby up::

7:40:14 PM maeveowens: MO: ::he's too scared to wonder far from the others so he makes it safely there without any problems. He stays in the hallway in front of the door, sucking his thumb::

7:40:53 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she settles Olivia on the couch, propping pillows around her:: I"m going to go search the kitchen and get stuff for them to eat.

7:41:07 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::nods, trying to quiet Ben::

7:44:10 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::a boy with a rather grubby face comes to the door; Daniel at least remembers seeing him around school; he just stands in the doorway with wide eyes::

7:44:20 PM quantumcatz: SA: ::nudges Milo again, to get him to go into the living room with the others::

7:45:23 PM quantumcatz: SA: ::her ears perk up when she sees the boy:: Hi

7:45:35 PM maeveowens: MO: ::waddles in to the other room::

7:45:44 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::the boy steps back, then quietly asks::  Where is everyone?

7:46:24 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she comes back in, looking a little relieved:: I've found some bottles and- ::her eyes widen when she sees the boy::

7:47:24 PM quantumcatz: SA: ::mrrs:: I don't know.  You didn't find anyone else?

7:47:46 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::the boy quietly says::  More kids.

7:48:39 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she cringes then goes to hand a bottle to Dan; softly:: Can you feed him while I get Olivia?

7:50:19 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::takes the bottle and gives it a try; Ben is hungry enough, he lets Dan feed him::

7:50:23 PM yarnkittymon: OL:  ::is still sobbing::

7:51:17 PM maeveowens: LA: ::sits down on the couch and gently picks Olivia up; gently:: Okay little one, food is here. ::tries to get her to drink from the bottle::

7:52:18 PM quantumcatz: SA: ::glances over at the crying babies:: Why would someone take everyone and leave the kids?

7:52:19 PM yarnkittymon: OL:  ::looks up at Leyla, then starts to cry again::

7:53:11 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she rocks her some more then offers her the bottle again:: Come on Olivia. It's good. I promise.

7:53:44 PM yarnkittymon: OL:  ::still fusses, scrunching up her face::

7:54:32 PM maeveowens: LA: ::her ears go back against her head again; softly:: She won't eat. I can't get her to eat...

7:55:05 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::looks up; quietly::  Maybe she needs changed.

7:58:38 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she  sniffs to check, though the girl doubts that's the issue::

7:58:44 PM quantumcatz: SA: ::lays down, resting her head on her paws:: She probably just misses her Mom

7:59:16 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::the boy softly says::  There are more babies around.

8:00:42 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she cuddles Olivia back against her again, offering her the bottle once more:: Are there just babies besides us? ::she winces:: We're going to have to

8:00:52 PM maeveowens: check every house before we can look for the others. ::she seems to pale a little::

8:01:11 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::the boy shakes his head::  I haven't seen any adults, but there are kids my age.

8:01:21 PM maeveowens: MO: ::is still sucking his thumb as he watches them all with large eyes::

8:02:02 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she frowns:: Why isn't Eli here? Why am I not gone too?

8:02:37 PM quantumcatz: SA: ::murmurs:: You're a cat like us

8:04:40 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she swallows hard since she's still unsure how she feels about being so different. She tries to flatten her ears more against her head; quietly:: Eli spends most of his time as a dog. Why weren't we taken?

8:04:52 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she swallows hard since she's still unsure how she feels about being so different. She tries to flatten her ears more against her head;

8:04:59 PM maeveowens: quietly:: Eli spends most of his time as a dog. Why weren't we taken?

8:05:12 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::the boy quietly volunteers::  Cats don't like dogs.

8:05:43 PM maeveowens: LA: ::her eyes narrow back to slits:: Some cats do.

8:06:15 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::the boy takes another step backward::

8:06:44 PM quantumcatz: SA: Eli doesn't smell like a dog when he isn't one

8:09:09 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she grimaces at Sara's remark:: Well, we need to worry about the children here first. ::she puts Olivia back down since she wont eat.::

8:09:15 PM maeveowens: Come on Milo, lets find you something. ::she reaches for the boy's hand.::

8:09:55 PM maeveowens: MO: ::reaches out to take Leyla's hand::

8:10:58 PM maeveowens: LA: ::looks up at the boy:: If you'd like something you're welcome to follow us to the kitchen. ::she belatedly looks back at Sara and Dan:: Would you two like something?

8:11:32 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::his ears go back::  I want Becky back.

8:11:41 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::the boy softly says::  What about the other kids?

8:13:11 PM maeveowens: LA: I need to take care of these first. The only thing I can think to do is round them all up, get supplies, and head to the orphanage. ::she shudders at that::

8:13:58 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::the boy nods solemnly::  I'll try to get everyone together.

8:14:51 PM maeveowens: LA: I'll join you once I feed Milo. If he'll eat anything.

8:18:22 PM yarnkittymon: :  ::the boy nods, turning and running off::

8:18:23 PM quantumcatz: SA: ::remains lying on the ground, head on her paws; softly:: What if they're hurt? What if something bad's happening to them all?

8:18:34 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::meows::

8:19:34 PM maeveowens: LA: ::the idea that she has no idea what to give him quite literally scares her to death considering that she's carrying one of her own. She finds some applesauce

8:19:48 PM maeveowens: and cuts up a banana and places it in front of him::

8:20:04 PM maeveowens: MO; ::he looks up at her, expectantly::

8:20:39 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::when Ben has drained the bottle, he sets the boy down again; this time, Ben doesn't put up with being wrapped too tightly::

8:20:41 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she grimaces, and bites her lip. She eyes the spoon, belatedly thinking that he might not be able to feed himself::

8:22:09 PM quantumcatz: SA: ::finally gets up, and walks over to Olivia, nudging her like she did Milo::

8:22:43 PM yarnkittymon: OL:  ::still crying, but her sobs slow as the furry thing nudges her::

8:24:34 PM maeveowens: MO: ::only eats a bit of the applesauce before turning away. He looks back towards the door, longingly::

8:25:32 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she sighs heavily then picks him up, carrying him back into the living room.:: Do we take all three to round up all of the other kids or should one of us stay?

8:26:09 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::meows again::  I can stay...you might have trouble carrying everyone.

8:27:11 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she nods:: Okay. ::she peeks down at Olivia:: Now that she's calmer maybe you can get her to eat? Milo didn't eat much either.

8:27:59 PM yarnkittymon: DN:  ::takes the bottle, trying again, though Olivia won't take it from him either::

8:28:26 PM maeveowens: LA: ::she sighs heavily then heads for the door::

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