~Wednesday, September 16, 1936~

8:01:59 PM Maggie: MV: ::she's just put Olivia down for her nap and is now curled up in a chair downstairs, staring at a picture of Isaac that is sitting on a table nearby::

8:03:15 PM Quantum Catz: BM: ::knocks rather hesitantly on the front door::

8:04:07 PM Maggie: MV: ::she jerks and glances towards the door. She stares at him, not sure if she should answer it since it's likely just more people looking for Isaac::

8:08:40 PM Quantum Catz: BM: ::knocks again, though she's wondering if it isn't a sign that she should just leave::

8:10:29 PM Maggie: MV: ::sighs in frustration and stalks over to open the door. She's stunned to find Becky there but her expression quickly turns somber; softly:: What do you want Becky? Because right now I don't think I can look at you much less talk to you.

8:12:38 PM Quantum Catz: BM: There's...something i should tell you.

8:13:26 PM Maggie: MV: ::she hesitates then shakes her head:: What does it matter? Because I doubt it's about you changing your mind.

8:15:34 PM Quantum Catz: BM: ::runs a hand through her hair:: I'm sorry.  But even if i wanted to, I couldn't save Isaac for you

8:17:30 PM Maggie: MV: ::it's obvious she's trying hard not to just snap at her. She takes a deep breath then quietly:: And what is that suppose to mean?

8:18:51 PM Quantum Catz: BM: ::sighs:: I can't go back in time.  Just a half hour gives me such a bad headache i can barely stand up

8:22:33 PM Maggie: MV: ::she cringes and her shoulders relax even more. She might have been holding on to just a little hope after all but now it really is lost. 

8:22:35 PM Maggie: Her eyes glisten but she turns away to go back inside before she lets any fall::

8:24:00 PM Quantum Catz: BM: I'm sorry.  I should have told you before but... ::shakes her head:: I'm sorry

8:26:14 PM Maggie: MV: ::she pauses in the doorway;softly:: It wouldn't have mattered I guess. He'd still be gone. 

8:28:24 PM Quantum Catz: BM: If there's-- ::she stops, feeling that if she would refuse to bring isaac back then offering any other help just seems...wrong, somehow::

8:30:00 PM Maggie: MV: ::quietly:: I think it's better if you didn't come around for a while. ::she doesn't look up:: It still hurts and right now I'd like nothing 

8:30:02 PM Maggie: more than to yell at you. No matter what you can, won't or can not do.

8:30:45 PM Quantum Catz: BM: Yeah, well, you're not the only one

8:32:12 PM Maggie: MV: ::she simply smirks, knowing she means Toby; curtly:: Funny how we seem to be back where we were before. Only you're 

8:32:14 PM Maggie: not light years in to the future. ::moves in to the house, fully intending to slam the door in her face::

8:38:17 PM Quantum Catz: BM: ::winces but doesn't argue with her::

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