~Monday, September 30, 1936~

5:06:41 PM Julie: HR:  ::has been visiting Maeve at least every other day, and has been taking on some extra hours at work as well, though he does try his best to at least stop by Stephanie's daily; he missed yesterday::

5:08:41 PM Maggie: SV: ::she opens the door and doesn't even smile when she sees Harry::

5:11:10 PM Julie: HR:  ::looks at Stephanie; softly::  Everything all right?

5:11:52 PM Maggie: SV: ::she looks down as she opens the door; quietly:: I don't know. You tell me.

5:12:28 PM Julie: HR:  ::softly::  Maeve's still taking it hard.  Can't say I blame her, either; she's lost almost everyone in her life.

5:14:20 PM Maggie: SV: ::she nods:: Yeah. ::she winces::

5:15:10 PM Julie: HR:  ::quietly::  But what about you?  I expect *her* to look sad, but I'd expected you to smile a little.

5:18:09 PM Maggie: SV: ::she shrugs, and refuses to look him in the eye::

5:18:59 PM Julie: HR:  ::quietly::  Stephanie...

5:19:42 PM Maggie: SV: ::reluctantly lifts her gaze to his but it quickly skirts away. She walks towards the kitchen:: Are you thirsty?

5:21:43 PM Julie: HR:  ::follows her::  Yeah, but I thought we could go out to supper, unless you felt like cooking.

5:24:13 PM Maggie: SV: ::quietly:: That would be nice. ::forces a little smile.:: I'll just go change...then.

5:26:14 PM Julie: HR:  ::smiles back, but softly says::  You sure you're okay?

5:27:07 PM Maggie: SV: ::she hesitates then shrugs:: Of course. 

5:28:41 PM Julie: HR:  ::slowly::  I'll be out here, then.

5:30:31 PM Maggie: SV: ::she goes in to her bedroom and hunts around for a while for something to wear::

5:33:20 PM Julie: HR:  ::sits down on the sofa and listens to the news::

5:40:27 PM Julie: HR:  ::something pokes his leg, and he looks down; under the cushion is a photo of Maeve and him, at a nearby cafe::

5:42:22 PM Maggie: ::Maeve is smiling only slightly but even in the photograph her eyes still look hauntingly sad:: 

5:43:11 PM Julie: HR:  ::winces at the picture; he doesn't look terribly happy in it either, though his hand is on Maeve's arm::

5:44:36 PM Maggie: SV: ::she comes out of the bedroom; sounding happier than before:: Sorry. My shoes ended up under the bed and I couldn't find them. 

5:45:37 PM Julie: HR:  ::slowly sets the photo down on the couch, clearing his throat, not sure what to say::

5:50:09 PM Maggie: SV: ::she frowns and glances down at what he was holding. She pales then quickly looks back up at him:: I was taking pictures of the old furniture store that just closed down Harry. I just happened to see... ::she sighs, and looks away::

5:51:04 PM Julie: HR:  ::slowly::  Even if she were ready to move on--and she's not...

5:52:01 PM Maggie: SV: ::softly:: You'd be her first choice. 

5:53:01 PM Julie: HR:  ::shakes his head::  It doesn't matter, Stephanie, because you're the one for me.

5:57:28 PM Maggie: SV: ::she smiles slightly then sighs:: You didn't even come by yesterday. You can't tell me I'm crazy for just...wondering....

5:58:05 PM Julie: HR:  ::quietly::  I'm sorry.  I figured we needed the extra money, if we wanted a house.

6:02:23 PM Maggie: SV: ::she cringes:: I had thought of that too. 

6:02:56 PM Julie: HR:  ::slowly::  And once we get married, they might fire you.

6:05:21 PM Maggie: SV: ::she looks up, frowning:: The Marquis newspaper? Why?

6:06:34 PM Julie: HR:  ::quietly::  You know how everyone is.  They figure one breadwinner is all a household needs, think women are better off at home.  ::rolls his eyes::

6:07:14 PM Maggie: SV: ::she smirks:: Like I'll let that stop me. 

6:07:40 PM Julie: HR:  ::smiles::  Of course you won't.  But I can't speak for your boss.

6:24:26 PM Maggie: SV: ::softly:: If we're being honest you might not even get time to marry me. ::she winces when her thoughts turn traitorous again::

6:26:19 PM Julie: HR:  ::frowns; softly::  What do you mean?

6:27:23 PM Maggie: SV: They know who I am now. Who my family is. ::she winces::

6:29:22 PM Julie: HR:  ::cringes; quietly::  Then...I *do* need to work more hours.  Maybe hold off on the house.

6:52:17 PM Maggie: SV: ::she winces again:: I'm sorry Harry. If it comes down around me I won't expect you to waste everything to dig me out. It'll likely be impossible.

6:52:53 PM Julie: HR:  ::smiles softly::  You did it for me, remember?  There are lots of places left in the world where we could flee.  I'd likely get word of it before they came for you.

6:55:37 PM Maggie: SV: ::she shakes her head:: You're too close to me Harry. They would *avoid* telling you. ::she smirks:: Where'd we go? The Caribbean? 

6:55:59 PM Julie: HR:  ::smiles::  The rum's good.

6:56:49 PM Maggie: SV: ::smiles a little more:: Yeah. I think I might have had a taste of that.

6:57:49 PM Julie: HR:  ::can't resist reaching forward and putting his arms around Stephanie, kissing her::

6:58:55 PM Maggie: SV: ::she rests against him for a moment before wrapping her arms around him, kissing him back::

7:01:11 PM Julie: HR:  ::pulls back to softly ask::  Want to set a date?

7:04:12 PM Maggie: SV: ::she looks up and can't help being a little relieved even if it only lasts briefly.:: Yes. But we're waiting to hear from your father, remember?

7:06:02 PM Julie: HR:  ::shakes his head::  We've waited long enough.  Maybe the two of them have disowned me.  ::shrugs::

7:11:40 PM Maggie: SV: I doubt that. I guess maybe if we made it a Christmas wedding it'd give them enough time?

7:13:31 PM Julie: HR:  ::smiles::  That might be nice, have them here for the holidays.

7:14:40 PM Maggie: SV: ::she nods and then smiles a little more before it saddens a bit:: It'll give Maeve a little time too. 

7:15:59 PM Julie: HR:  ::turns sober; sighs::  It's not...I mean, she knows I'm...with you.

7:19:43 PM Maggie: SV: ::she smirks:: I mean to be there at *your* wedding. Without being too... depressed I guess is what I'm trying to say.

7:21:15 PM Julie: HR:  ::softly::  I...hope she gets over it quick.

7:24:42 PM Maggie: SV: I don't think that will happen Harry. Not if she really loved him.

7:25:26 PM Julie: HR:  It just hurts to see her like this.  Not that it's unusual, but I still don't like it.

7:27:02 PM Maggie: SV: ::reaches for his hand, still trying to convince herself it's only on a friend level.:: I guess you were there for her the first time she lost someone, huh?

7:28:58 PM Julie: HR:  ::nods::  As well as I could be.  ::squeezes her hand, ready to rest his head on her shoulder, then pauses::  Maybe we should go to supper; I don't want to mess your hair.  Or make-up.

7:30:16 PM Maggie: SV: ::smiles sadly and nods:: I guess since I went to the effort. ::she reaches back to grab her purse::

7:31:00 PM Julie: HR:  You look nice, at any rate.

7:31:43 PM Maggie: SV: ::smiles a little more; softly:: Thank you. ::she pulls him towards the door:

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