~Friday, November 27, 1936~

maeveowens: DK: ::late that morning she leaves the house and moves towards main street. She has a few coins she's saved up, thinking that maybe she can find something small for Leyla's new place::
Quantum Catz: LS: Dolly...
maeveowens: DK: ::she gasps, jumping:: Louis... ;:she takes a step back, looking worried::
Quantum Catz: LS: ::doesn't move any closer, rather wary himself of anything happening:: I just...wanted to talk.
maeveowens: DK: I'm not sure if that's a good idea Louis... ::she bites her lip then looks over her shoulder, afraid Eli is lurking somewhere nearby::
Quantum Catz: LS: ::takes a step forward, moving out of the shadow of the alley; his jaw is still bruised and his hand goes to his stomach, wincing:: I wanted you to know...i wouldn't have...if i'd known i was hurting you...
maeveowens: DK: ::her eyes widen and she pales:: Louis... please tell me that wasn't my brothers...
Quantum Catz: LS: ::shrugs:: The one to my face was. My own brother went for the stomach. I probably deserved it anyway
maeveowens: DK: ::she cringes and looks away; softly:: Maybe, maybe not. I couldn't quite believe you'd done it to me on purpose. ::she shrugs::
Quantum Catz: LS: Maybe not, but i should've realised i was doing something...should've... ::Sighs:: Rod blames me but i think i was a bit addicted myself. I didn't want to stay away
maeveowens: DK: Maybe you should go take classes at the orphanage Louis. Learn how to control it.
Quantum Catz: LS: ::shrugs:: Maybe i could just get rid of it. My mom talks about it like I'm a vampire
maeveowens: DK: ::she cringes again:: That's up to you Louis. If you learned how to control it without it causing an addiction you could probably help people. Maybe even work with doctors, or Toby or something.
Quantum Catz: LS: Make them feel better, until the next day when they wake up and it's all just the same as before. Sounds great.
maeveowens: DK: ::smirks:: Well, it'd save them from having to put people under or... well I'm not sure how it works. ::she shrugs and looks away:: I'm sorry I suggested it.
Quantum Catz: LS: Sorry. I've not really been at my best this week.
maeveowens: DK: ;:she nods:: I guess I'm not either. ::she takes a step away.:: Anyway, I should probably be going.
Quantum Catz: LS: ::sighs:: Yeah, bye
maeveowens: DK: ;:she smiles sadly at him then hurries away::

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