~Wednesday, February 10, 1937~

11:12:27 PM Julie: JH:  ::fell asleep on top of Maeve's bed; he stirs early in the morning when Livvy cries; he gets her up to change and feed her::

11:13:00 PM Maeve: DK: ::she wakes up when she hears Livvy cry and moves in to the room to help Josh. She sighs worriedly:: Maeve still hasn't come back?

11:14:51 PM Julie: JH:  ::winces::  Is she downstairs?  Maybe in my bed, since I took hers?

11:15:16 PM Maeve: DK: ::she shakes her head.:: I passed your room on the way here. I can go look downstairs though. ::moves towards the door::

11:16:28 PM Julie: JH:  ::tries to calm the baby::

11:17:03 PM Maeve: DK: ::she searches downstairs then calls up to Josh:: She's not here! Maybe we should try Guy again?

11:17:52 PM Julie: JH:  ::nods::  I'll try to calm Livvy; you can see Mr. Stowe.

11:18:28 PM Maeve: DK: ::she moves over to get her light jacket and slips it on:: I'll be back soon.

11:19:47 PM Julie: JH:  ::tries in vain, again, to help Livvy::)

11:38:27 PM quantumcatz: : ::as Dolly's about to leave there's a knock ont eh door::

11:38:57 PM Maeve: DK: ::she jumps, frowning, then slowly opens the door::

11:46:33 PM quantumcatz: IS: ::he's a lot thinner than Dolly remembers; his skin is pale and his face looks drawn, there's a scar across his left eye; the clothes he has don't quite fit him right, but he smiles when he sees Dolly::

11:47:20 PM Maeve: DK: ::her eyes widen and her jaw goes slack. She whispers his name:: 

11:47:49 PM Julie: :  ::he can probably hear Olivia's cries from upstairs::

11:48:23 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::has hardly left her side since she got worse; he's had to go to work to keep money coming in but he's grudged every second away from her; just now he's curled up asleep at her side, mainly from exhaustion cos he's hardly slept more than an hour at a time all month::

11:49:15 PM quantumcatz: IS: ::moves forward and hugs Dolly tightly::

11:49:45 PM Julie: :  ::there's a woman in her forties next to Isaac; she's slim, with her brown-and-gray hair tied into a bun--she looks rather healthy, though she hardly dares to look up at Dolly, though she smiles at Isaac::  So can you finally rest now?

11:49:57 PM Maeve: LA: ::her features are drawn and she's lost some of her hair. Not enough to make her bald but her hair isn't nearly as thick or vibrant as it used to be. A sudden pain jolts her out of her sleep and she moans::

11:50:50 PM Maeve: DK: ::she doesn't move, afraid she's been confronted by a real life ghost; frantically:: Josh! Josh! ::she eyes the woman, afraid:: 

11:50:58 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::jerks awake and reaches for her hand; murmurs:: It's okay, Kitten

11:51:38 PM Maeve: LA: ::she puts her other hand on her stomach:: The babies... ::she sucks in a deep breath:: 

11:52:55 PM quantumcatz: IS: ::pulls away and looks into the house:: Livvy.. ::his voice is a bit throaty, like he's got laryngitis and his hand goes to his throat when he speaks::

11:53:32 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::sits up, looking worried:: What's wrong?

11:53:37 PM Maeve: DK: ::she stares at  her brother, dumbfounded:: Isaac? ::she looks between the two, unable to wrap her mind around this situation::

11:53:43 PM Julie: JH:  ::was worried enough for his sister that he set Livvy into her cradle and is heading downstairs::

11:54:26 PM Julie: NT:  ::the woman with Isaac frowns::  I'll brew you some tea, dear.  ::heads into the kitchen, reaching out like she owns the place before hesitating, and thoroughly washing her hands::

11:54:30 PM Maeve: LA: ::weakly:: Just had a pain... ::her breathing is forced as she settles back down. She coughs:: I'm...I'm not going to make it Eli. ::she tears up.;: The babies...Livvy... we're not gonna make it.

11:55:02 PM Maeve: DK: ::watches the woman, looking even more dumbfounded:: Isaac....

11:55:12 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::tries to blink back tears:: Don't...don't say that...

11:55:54 PM Maeve: LA: ::weakly:: It's true! ;:she sniffs back tears:: We've known it for a while now... maybe...maybe Toby should just try to take the babies out. Maybe they can make it...

11:56:43 PM Julie: OL:  ::continues to cry::

11:57:22 PM quantumcatz: EK: Leyla.... ::moves closer to her, hugging her:: I can't lose you.  I can't  You just have to hold on

11:57:39 PM Maeve: LA: ::she sniffs:: And Livvy... how long can she hold on?

11:58:41 PM quantumcatz: EK: ::winces:: I should have been there, i should have stopped him

11:59:05 PM Julie: JH:  ::reaches the foot of the stairs, and stops still when he sees a figure that looks very much like his brother; his jaw hangs open::

11:59:08 PM Maeve: LA: You were working Eli... how could you have known?

11:59:58 PM Maeve: DK: ::she looks back at Josh; weakly:: I don't know whether to get Guy or.... ::she blinks and looks back at Isaac, squinting::

12:00:37 AM Julie: JH:  ::suddenly runs forward, wrapping his arms around his brother in a bear hug::  Isaac!  Is it you?

12:00:38 AM quantumcatz: EK: I should've been with you

12:01:07 AM Maeve: LA: ::she shakes her head:: Just hold me... ::she gasps again, cringing::

12:01:22 AM Maeve: DK: ::she moves closer, trying to figure that same thing out::

12:01:42 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::hugs Josh back:: Yeah...sorry...throat...hurts...

12:02:07 AM Maeve: DK: ::she gently reaches out to touch Isaac's arm, awed:: How...

12:03:00 AM Julie: JH:  ::steps back, looking at Isaac almost like he's a movie star come to life; swallows::

12:03:15 AM quantumcatz: EK: ::pulls back, rubbing away his tears with one hand:: What's wrong? Is something wrong with the babies?

12:03:54 AM Maeve: LA: ::weakly:: I don't know... everything is just hurting. ;::she lays back, and her eyes slip closed. She sucks in a deep, shaky, breath::

12:04:48 AM quantumcatz: EK: ::winces; weakly:: Please don't leave me

12:05:21 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::softly:: Is...Livvy ok?

12:05:43 AM Maeve: DK: ::she pales and looks away:: 

12:06:48 AM Julie: JH:  ::turns rather pale, and shakes his head::  No, and Leyla, and her twins...::swallows::  I'll bring Livvy down.  ::runs up the stairs like a madman::

12:07:23 AM Maeve: DK: ::she tears up:: Leyla needs you if you're able Isaac... they're all dying. 

12:08:20 AM Julie: NT:  ::comes back with Isaac's tea, ushering him towards the couch::  Come on, Isaac; you need your rest.

12:08:43 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::pulls away from her:: I need to help

12:09:16 AM Maeve: DK: ::she puts her hands on his arms, wincing at how thin he is:: Isaac wait! I... I don't want you to overdo it.

12:09:21 AM Julie: NT:  You won't be happy until you're unconscious, will you?

12:11:29 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::smiles weakly at Nettie:: Surprised? ::looks over at Dolly:: You know i have to

12:11:59 AM Maeve: DK: ::scared:: Isaac....

12:12:22 AM Julie: JH:  ::comes back down the stairs, holding Livvy, who's still crying::

12:13:18 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::can't help but smile when he sees Livvy:: Where's Maeve?

12:13:49 AM Maeve: DK: ::she swallows hard; softly:: Why don't you sit down and hold Livvy? She's missed you...

12:15:00 AM quantumcatz: IS: I should help Leyla

12:15:27 AM Maeve: DK: ::quietly:: After you've rested. ::she tries to lead him over to the chair::

12:15:44 AM Julie: JH:  ::softly::  And maybe you can get Livvy to stop crying.

12:16:52 AM quantumcatz: IS: You said she's dying

12:17:24 AM Maeve: DK: Livvy is helping her Isaac. She'll be okay until you've rested...

12:22:32 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::takes livvy from josh, looking down at her sadly; he didn't expect to come home to find his daughter trying to do his job for him:: Where did Maeve go?

12:22:59 AM Julie: JH:  ::takes Dolly's arm::  Dolly was going to ask Guy.

12:23:28 AM Maeve: DK: ::she cringes; weakly:: I'm sure she'll be back soon. We should go get Eli...

12:24:12 AM Julie: JH:  ::shakes his head, leaning close to Dolly's ear; whispers::  You can ask him to find Isaac, too.

12:24:54 AM Maeve: DK: ::she looks back at Josh, paling:: You don't think... ::she bites her lip::

12:25:23 AM Julie: JH:  ::shakes his head::  I don't think so, but...we should know for sure.

12:25:51 AM Maeve: DK: ::she nods and gets up:: I'll be right back. ::she glances at Isaac again;:

12:26:26 AM Julie: JH:  ::smiles, mouthing his thanks::

12:29:44 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::softly:: Mommy's off causing chaos as always ::moves towards the stairs::

12:30:29 AM Maeve: DK: ::she winces:: Isaac... ::she looks at Josh helplessly, hoping he can stop Isaac:: I'll be back as quick as I can. ::quickly leaves::

12:30:54 AM Julie: OL:  ::continues to fuss::

12:31:20 AM Julie: JH:  ::goes up after Isaac; quietly::  Don't overdo it, Isaac, please.  If...it was bad enough to lose you once...

12:32:53 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::softly:: Livvy's as worn out as I am.  She won't stop - she didn't with Maeve

12:33:38 AM Julie: JH:  ::shakes his head::  But Maeve hasn't even seen you yet...

12:34:27 AM quantumcatz: IS: Better Livvy alive than me

12:35:10 AM Julie: JH:  ::gasps like he's been hit; softly::  Better the both of you alive than just one.  Be careful?

12:36:14 AM Maeve: DK: ::she knocks on Guy's door::

12:38:42 AM Julie: GU:  ::moves to get up, though he still has a splitting headache::

12:38:53 AM Maeve: DK: ::she knocks again::  Mr. Stowe!

12:39:07 AM Julie: JH:  ::still looks rather worried; holds her close::

12:39:27 AM Maeve: ((Isaac had better be lucid when Dolly gets back with the news :P ))

12:39:40 AM quantumcatz: KZ: Sit.  I'll answer the door

12:40:17 AM Julie: GU:  ::sighs; softly::  Yes, dear.  ::there's a hint of a smile as he says the words, though::

12:40:24 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::opens the door to Leyla's room::

12:41:07 AM quantumcatz: KZ: ::rolls her eyes at him:: It's not my fault you knocked yourself out trying to escape ::goes to open the door::

12:41:15 AM Maeve: LA: ::she looks up, pauses and then groans, turning away:: Eli.... ::she clutches her stomach, knowing she is in for it now that she's seeing ghosts::

12:41:32 AM Julie: GU:  ::frowns, thinking it's also not his fault he was handcuffed in the first place::

12:41:39 AM Maeve: DK: Is Mr. Stowe here? I need him to find Maeve... and Isaac. 

12:42:58 AM quantumcatz: EK: ::is lying curled up beside her, face pressed to her shoulder; looks up when the door opens and pales:: What...?

12:43:29 AM quantumcatz: KZ: ::frowns at the mention of isaac and then sighs:: Well he can definitely tell you where Maeve is

12:43:50 AM Maeve: DK: :::she peeks in, looking worried::

12:44:55 AM Julie: JH:  ::whispers::  It's...Isaac.

12:45:18 AM quantumcatz: KZ: ::leads her through to Guy:: She's looking for Maeve

12:45:37 AM Maeve: LA: ::she looks back, tiredly:: Josh... that's not possible....

12:46:17 AM quantumcatz: IS: Think i'd look better in a dream than this

12:46:27 AM Julie: GU:  ::groans::  I can tell you where she *deserves* to go.  ::rubs his head and then his wrist::  She was headed for Hollowburgh.

12:46:49 AM Maeve: DK: ::she winces:: What's in Hollowburgh? 

12:48:05 AM quantumcatz: EK: ::shakes his head, looking at Josh, not sure what to say::

12:48:23 AM Julie: GU:  ::quietly::  The...one who poisoned Leyla.

12:48:40 AM Julie: JH:  ::softly::  Dolly's...gone to see Guy.

12:49:06 AM Maeve: DK: ::she closes her eyes and cringes again:: Oh no... and Isaac just got back... ::she looks back up at Guy:: About Isaac...can..can you just make sure the man back at the house really is him?

12:49:52 AM Julie: GU:  ::blinks at Dolly, rubbing his head again::  I'm sorry; I've had a terrible night's sleep.  Can you repeat that?

12:50:17 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::smiles weakly:: Prove i'm real.  Or i could fix Leyla...not many imposters could manage that

12:50:37 AM Maeve: DK: ::weakly:: Isaac....he just walked in. Alive. Thin and sick looking but alive... ::she'd smile but she's worried it's a dream::

12:50:44 AM quantumcatz: KZ: But...Guy couldn't find him before Dolly

12:51:09 AM Maeve: DK: Can you *try*! We've got someone back there that looks a heck of a lot like him and we need to know~

12:51:33 AM Maeve: LA: What could it hurt? We're dying anyway. ::she rubs at her stomach::

12:53:05 AM Maeve: DK: Can you *try*! We've got someone back there that looks a heck of a lot like him and we need to know~ LA: What could it hurt? We're dying anyway. ::she rubs at her stomach::

12:53:35 AM Julie: GU:  ::nods::  I'll try.  Though for all I know, that dictionary could have knocked my power right out of my head.  ::still looks rather miffed as he closes his eyes; slowly opens them::

12:54:04 AM quantumcatz: EK: No, not till i know it's him

12:54:10 AM Maeve: DK: ::she watches him expectantly:: 

12:54:33 AM Julie: GU:  ::whispers::  I sense Isaac at your house.

12:54:51 AM quantumcatz: KZ: ::looks rather surprised:: He's alive?

12:55:12 AM Maeve: DK: ::it takes a moment for that to sink in and then she grins. She hugs him on impulse; softly:: Thank you! ::she pulls away and heads for the door::

12:56:15 AM Maeve: LA: :;she takes a deep breath; weakly:: Well I've at least got another week or so. ::she grimaces then forces herself to relax again::

12:56:36 AM Julie: GU:  ::smiles softly, rather gratified to be able to deliver good news::

12:57:09 AM Maeve: DK: ::she runs as fast as she can all the way back home::

12:57:15 AM quantumcatz: EK: ::winces, hiding his face against her shoulder again to stop from crying:: Stop it

12:57:32 AM Julie: JH:  ::shudders::  Don't, Leyla.  It's Isaac come back to save you!

12:57:41 AM Maeve: LA: ::brokenly:: It's true.

12:57:50 AM Maeve: LA: ::she shakes her head::

12:58:00 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::sighs:: Dolly'll be back in a minute

12:58:40 AM Maeve: DK: ::a few minutes later they hear the front door slam open::

12:59:21 AM Julie: OL:  ::starts to cry again::

12:59:35 AM Maeve: DK: ::breathlessly calls for Isaac::

1:01:24 AM Julie: NT:  ::is sitting on the couch, her arms folded::  The fool's upstairs.

1:02:04 AM Maeve: DK: ::she pauses briefly then quickly moves to the stairs. When she reaches the bedroom, she throws her arms around her brother, crying happy tears::

1:02:39 AM Julie: JH:  ::sighs in relief, and starts to cry too::

1:02:54 AM quantumcatz: IS: I passed the test?

1:03:05 AM Maeve: DK: ::she nods and holds him tighter::

1:03:49 AM quantumcatz: IS: Did he say where Maeve is?

1:04:10 AM Maeve: DK: ;:she hesitates and then looks over at Eli worriedly::

1:05:29 AM quantumcatz: EK: ::is visibly shaking, completely overwhelmed by the idea that everything he thought he'd lost might be saved::

1:06:04 AM Maeve: LA: ::she reaches for her husband's hand, not daring to even hope that Isaac can fix this::

1:07:07 AM quantumcatz: IS: Dolly?

1:07:14 AM Maeve: DK: ::softly:: She...she went to find the man who attacked Leyla. 

1:08:07 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::winces:: I need to help Leyla, then we can go after her

1:08:34 AM quantumcatz: EK: ::grimaces at Dolly's words, feeling guilty even for that::

1:08:36 AM Maeve: DK: ::worriedly:: Isaac... ::she doesn't say anything, knowing Leyla needs help:L

1:09:08 AM Julie: JH:  ::gasps::  You're not going anywhere, Isaac.  You...you just came back...you can't die again!

1:09:13 AM Maeve: LA: ::cringes but her hands move to her stomach again and she can't find it within her to tell him no::

1:10:36 AM quantumcatz: IS: I won't die - i need to get to Maeve, and I need to help Leyla ::turns to move towards Leyla::

1:11:13 AM Julie: JH:  ::shudders, trying to calm Olivia::

1:11:31 AM Maeve: LA: ::she looks up at him, hopefully::

1:11:49 AM Maeve: DK: ::she follows Isaac, ready to be there if he needs her::

1:12:13 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::smiles weakly as he moves to sit next to Leyla:: Sorry i took so long ::reaches out for her hand::

1:12:37 AM Maeve: LA: ::she watches him, a part of her still awed:: I can't believe you

1:12:40 AM Maeve: re here

1:13:05 AM Julie: JH:  ::whispers::  Answered prayer...

1:14:00 AM quantumcatz: EK: ::shakily:: Just...just help her, please

1:14:30 AM Maeve: DK: ::quietly:: Don't over do it Isaac, please.

1:14:41 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::uses his powers to heal Leyla, though he feels dizzy afterwards and his hand goes to his head::

1:14:58 AM Maeve: DK: ::worriedly:: Isaac! :she reaches for him::

1:15:07 AM Julie: JH:  ::steps forward, wanting to support Isaac if he needs it, though he's still carrying the baby::

1:15:38 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::softly:: I'm fine

1:16:00 AM Maeve: LA: ::her color returns and some of the life returns to her eyes. She takes a deep breath, she slowly lets it out. Then she smiles:: And the babies are going to be okay.. I think... ::she looks at Eli::: 

1:16:28 AM Maeve: DK: Then you should go lay down::

1:16:40 AM Julie: OL:  ::her crying finally stops::

1:18:11 AM quantumcatz: IS: If i sleep you'll go after Maeve on your own

1:18:44 AM Maeve: DK: And that would be bad? ;:she reaches for his arm:: Come on... 

1:18:49 AM quantumcatz: EK: ::hugs Leyla tightly, still shaking::

1:19:09 AM Maeve: LA: ::she wraps her arms around him just as tightly, crying softly::

1:20:27 AM quantumcatz: IS: No, promise you won't go after her on your own

1:21:09 AM Maeve: DK: ::she smirks:: Well you know I won't Isaac but Eli or Josh can. Come on, please? ::she gently tugs him up:: 

1:21:52 AM quantumcatz: EK: ::murmurs, not pulling away from her:: Not leaving Leyla

1:22:19 AM Maeve: DK: ::whispers:: Then maybe you don't need to worry about any of us going. Maybe Guy will go.

1:22:33 AM Julie: JH:  ::nods::  Mrs. Stowe can control plants; maybe she could help.

1:23:44 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::hesitates, feeling dizzy again::

1:24:17 AM Maeve: DK: ::supporting him, she tries to lead him towards the bedroom:: 

1:29:52 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::is suddenly feeling too tired to argue with Dolly::

1:30:41 AM Maeve: DK: ::she pulls back the covers on Isaac's bed to help him in only to reveal a balled up shirt of Isaac's , wrinkled and tear stained. It's resting on his side of the bed::

1:31:41 AM Julie: JH:  ::follows them in, wincing to see the shirt; he sets Olivia in the cradle::

1:32:16 AM Maeve: DK: ::she reaches out to fling it away, hoping Isaac will just ignore it and rest:: 

1:33:58 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::sees the shirt and winces, reaching for it; it reminds him of the times when he was still healing, all he'd wanted was something to hold onto, something to remind him of her scent...:: I need to find her

1:34:39 AM Maeve: DK: ::tries to push him gently onto the bed:: We'll find her when you're better. 

1:35:17 AM Julie: JH:  ::nods; brokenly::  Please take care of yourself, Isaac.

1:35:20 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::Softly:: Should've got here faster

1:35:58 AM Maeve: DK; ::tearing up:: Isaac...it's not your fault. Everything will be just fine now. You're back... ::she wipes at her eyes::

1:37:00 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::wants to argue more but he hasn't slept much on the way home and he finds his eyes drifting closed::

1:37:48 AM Maeve: DK: ::she pulls the sheets over him, looking worried. They probably smell fully of Maeve. Even the pillows he's resting on::

1:38:30 AM quantumcatz: IS: ::is tired enough that the smell just comforts him; he feels like he's home::

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