~Wednesday, March 17, 1937~

5:46:11 PM Julie: LB:  ::is missing her husband terribly; right now, she's trying to amuse Milo by reading to him::

5:50:02 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::has been missing Libby too, worried about how she is while he's been gone::

5:51:09 PM Maeve: MO: ::he looks up at his mother:: Whens Daddy comin?

5:52:09 PM Julie: LB:  ::exhales::  I don't know, sweetheart.  ::wipes her eyes::  Pay attention to the story, OK?

5:52:35 PM Maeve: MO: ::he frowns:: Are you sad still?

5:52:55 PM Julie: LB:  ::tries to smile::  I'll be okay.

5:58:43 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::leads the other three through to his back door to go into the house, not wanting to take any chances on being seen, even with Beth's power::

5:59:30 PM Maeve: : ::Beth is behind the children, urging them on even as she scans their surroundings for trouble::

6:00:24 PM Julie: TA:  ::squeezes Sammy's hand; she's shaking a bit::

6:01:19 PM Maeve: : ::Sammy looks ready to cry since his sister is so upset:: 

6:02:24 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::onces they're in he calls:: Libby?

6:02:58 PM Julie: LB:  ::nearly jumps out of her chair, holding Milo tightly::  Jack?

6:03:20 PM Maeve: MO: Daddy! ;:starts to wiggle::

6:04:15 PM Maeve: : ::Beth pushes the kids inside then quickly closes the door::

6:05:12 PM Julie: TA:  ::shivers::

6:05:36 PM Maeve: SA: ::he reaches for his sister's hand, clinging tightly to her::

6:05:42 PM Julie: LB:  ::releases her son and gets to her feet::  Jack?

6:06:06 PM Maeve: MO: ::he runs to his father with his arms stretched out to be picked up::

6:09:27 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::picks Milo up, swinging him around:: Hey, kiddo - miss me?

6:09:49 PM Maeve: MO: ::he nods his head, laughing::

6:10:05 PM Julie: TA:  ::stays back, frightened::

6:10:23 PM Julie: LB:  ::steps towards her husband::  Is everything all right?

6:10:41 PM Maeve: SA: ::he looks up at father and son, sadly. When his gaze finds his sister's again, he chooses to hide behind her instead:: 

6:11:45 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::looks over at Libby:: We're taking the kids off the island.  No more powers being removed.  Tasha said she'd help you in return

6:12:11 PM Julie: LB:  ::her eyes go wide::  P...pardon me?  Jack...

6:12:47 PM Quantum Catz: JK: No one has to know you've got them back

6:13:20 PM Julie: LB:  But they'll know the kids are gone--I'm sure they already know!

6:13:21 PM Maeve: BT: ::she puts her arms around the children, gently rubbing their shoulders::

6:14:36 PM Julie: TA:  ::shivers::

6:14:52 PM Maeve: BT: ::murmurs:: It's OK. 

6:16:25 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::sighs:: It'll be okay

6:17:19 PM Maeve: SA: ::he starts to sniff:: 

6:17:51 PM Maeve: BT: Look if you don't want your powers back, that's fine, but the children needs something warm and a good nights rest.

6:18:21 PM Julie: LB:  ::shakes her head::  No, no, I do!  But...

6:18:32 PM Julie: TA:  ::whispers::  We want to live on the mainland, ma'am.

6:19:27 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::murmurs:: They're virtual prisoners here, they always have been.

6:19:59 PM Maeve: BT: ::she sighs impatiently:: 

6:20:41 PM Julie: LB:  ::swallows::  Can...they help Maeve too?  I know how she's feeling...

6:22:32 PM Maeve: BT: ::her eyes widen:: No. They can't. She's cold bloodily murdered at least two people, if not more.

6:22:57 PM Julie: LB:  ::turns white; shakes her head::

6:23:01 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::hesitates:: I want to help Maeve but...she's a risk. Be barely a week before she uses her powers in front of someone and then people come in looking in Marquis for the kids

6:23:34 PM Maeve: BT: ::she nods::

6:24:06 PM Julie: LB:  ::winces::  But...we should at least give her the choice.

6:24:45 PM Quantum Catz: JK: If they come here, they look at you and me, Libby.  

6:25:29 PM Maeve: BT: ::she smirks:: 

6:26:23 PM Julie: LB:  ::looks down at her shoes::  Maybe...we all need to leave, then.

6:27:00 PM Maeve: BT: ::she rolls her eyes:: You can if you want but not with us. That many people will cause too much attention. 

6:27:33 PM Julie: LB:  ::shivers, blinking hard::

6:29:49 PM Julie: TA:  ::is afraid that Libby will back out and she'll be forced away from her brother again; pulls away from Beth and touches Libby::

6:30:00 PM Julie: LB:  ::her eyes widen::

6:30:44 PM Maeve: BT: ::she looks to Jack:: Should we be moving on then? You know, I think I could get them out alone if you'd rather not.

6:30:58 PM Julie: LB:  ::whispers::  Maeve...

6:35:43 PM Maeve: BT: So what is it gonna be?

6:36:15 PM Julie: LB:  ::exhales::  You can spend the night here.  I'll make some cocoa and supper.

6:36:54 PM Maeve: BT: ::she nods:: Thank you. ::she nudges the children towards the living room::

6:37:20 PM Maeve: MO: ::he's watching with wide eyes then looks up at his father:: Can I go play with them?

6:39:04 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::smiles:: Sure. Go have fun ::puts Milo down::

6:39:22 PM Maeve: MO: ::he runs after them but then stops, too shy to know what to do:: 

6:40:21 PM Julie: TA:  ::is rather surprised to see Milo following, but she smiles::  Do you have any toys?

6:41:03 PM Maeve: MO: ::he nods, smiling shyly.:: In my room. 

6:41:23 PM Julie: TA:  Can you bring some down?  I'm sure Sammy would like to play.)

6:41:42 PM Maeve: MO: ::he nods and scampers off::

6:48:12 PM Julie: LB:  ::is just heating up some stew from a can; it's not long before it's ready::

6:48:34 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::goes over to Beth, softly:: Don't think we should stay the night - we'll let the kids get some rest and some food and then head out when it's dark

6:49:36 PM Maeve: BT: ::she frowns:: I don't think anyone could know yet. We sent George on an even longer journey than us. ::she shrugs;:

6:51:05 PM Quantum Catz: JK: I'd just...rather you were off the island as quickly as we can. This is my house remember? 'S not just me that's in trouble if you're found here

6:51:52 PM Maeve: BT: ::she cringes:: I know. But I don't want to rush them. And I told you Jack, I could do this alone if you'd rather not be involved any farther.

6:54:03 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::smiles weakly:: I'm one of the best smugglers on this island. If something goes wrong, you'll need me. If it doesn't, great, but i don't want to take that chance

6:54:52 PM Maeve: BT: ::she glares at him:: I'm quite capable you know. 

6:55:36 PM Quantum Catz: JK: Whether you are or not, i'm better

6:55:52 PM Maeve: BT: ::she crosses her arms, not looking happy:: 

6:56:41 PM Julie: LB:  ::calls out::  It's ready.

6:59:29 PM Quantum Catz: JK: Come on, kids, time to eat

6:59:47 PM Julie: TA:  ::tries to force a toy car from Sammy's hand::  Come on.

7:00:04 PM Maeve: SA: ::he pouts but releases the toy;:

7:02:29 PM Julie: :  ::after supper, Libby has the kids all wash up and go to bed in Milo's room::

7:03:33 PM Maeve: SA: ::he whines a bit, still wanting to play::

7:03:44 PM Maeve: MO: ::looks like he's afraid he'll be made to nap::

7:04:25 PM Maeve: BT: ::she gets up to help with the kids, figuring she'll nap a bit on the floor in the room::

7:05:06 PM Julie: LB:  ::looks up at Jack::  Were you going to sleep?

7:05:59 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::sighs:: I should maybe try and get a few hours

7:07:45 PM Julie: LB:  ::nods; to Beth::  I can check in on the kids--you can have the couch.  ::she's starting not to like the idea of Jack going off with her::

7:08:24 PM Maeve: BT: ::she shrugs, frowning:: It's ok. Besides, I'm going to be taking care of them from now on.

7:09:57 PM Julie: LB:  ::nods::  All right.  You go get changed and I'll make sure we have enough blankets.

7:10:48 PM Maeve: BT: ::she nods and moves off::

7:11:29 PM Julie: LB:  ::smiles at Milo::  You can stay up for a couple more hours.  ::holds out her hand to him::

7:12:13 PM Maeve: MO: ::goes to his mother::

7:12:45 PM Julie: LB:  ::heads upstairs, getting a glass of water for Tasha and Sam, before she finds blankets and pillows for them::

7:18:27 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::heads up to his room, and lies on the bed, though he stays awake, looking up at the ceiling::

7:19:11 PM Julie: LB:  ::slips in to look at Jack; when her eyes adjust to the dim, she notices his eyes are open, and sits down beside him::

7:19:56 PM Quantum Catz: JK: Hey, how're you feeling?

7:20:25 PM Julie: LB:  ::whispers::  Thank you, Jack.

7:22:20 PM Quantum Catz: JK: I had to do something

7:23:47 PM Julie: LB:  ::takes his hand::  I do feel better.  Guilty, but better.

7:26:10 PM Quantum Catz: JK: You know Maeve as well as i do - you know she couldn't keep it secret

7:27:10 PM Julie: LB:  ::swallows::  But...it feels so cold inside...

7:28:07 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::winces:: Do you want to spend the rest of your days wondering when she's going to drop you in it?

7:29:01 PM Julie: LB:  ::looks away::  She's my friend, Jack.

7:35:57 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::sighs; a part of him wants to help Maeve too but he cares more about protecting his family, no matter how guilty it might make him feel:: She could get us all hanged, i can't take that risk.  Soon as she feels threatened, she'

7:36:05 PM Quantum Catz: ll forget all about us and you know it

7:36:16 PM Julie: LB:  ::shakes her head::  That's not true.

7:37:19 PM Quantum Catz: JK: Libby...she throws fireballs at the drop of a hat

7:38:37 PM Julie: LB:  She has her own daughter to think about, too.

7:40:29 PM Quantum Catz: JK: I can't trust her with your life.  I can't.

7:42:06 PM Julie: LB:  ::glares::  You don't even know what you're sentencing her to.

7:44:44 PM Quantum Catz: JK: It wasn't me who made that sentence 

7:47:27 PM Julie: LB:  ::gets up and heads to the door, without a word::

7:53:10 PM Quantum Catz: JK: Libby...i'm sorry...

7:54:13 PM Julie: LB:  ::shakes her head, slipping out::

8:02:41 PM Julie: LB:  ::looks back at the closed bedroom door, then goes downstairs; whispers to Milo::  Get in your coat, sweetie.  We're going out for a walk.

8:03:23 PM Maeve: MO: ::he grins and dashes to the hall closet to get his coat. He cant reach it of course:: 

8:03:40 PM Julie: LB:  ::laughs, pulling Milo's down, and putting her own on::

8:04:05 PM Maeve: MO: ::he puts one arm through but has a little trouble with the other::

8:04:22 PM Julie: LB:  ::kneels down to help Milo::

8:04:40 PM Maeve: MO: ::grins again when it's on:: Where we going? 

8:05:38 PM Julie: LB:  ::puts her finger to her lips::  To see Aunt Maeve.

8:07:12 PM Maeve: MO: ::he laughs and runs to the door. Usually it meant lots of playtime when they went to see Aunt Maeve.::

8:07:57 PM Julie: LB:  ::follows her son, and takes his hand before heading out::

8:11:05 PM Maeve: MV: ::she's been living by the fire ever since the snowstorm hit. She's miserable, cold, and can't stop shivering. Her skin is like ice, regardless of the extra layer of clothes she has on. Since it's just after dinner, she's returned to the fire. Though, she has kept her distance from it, not wanting to get burned again::

8:11:39 PM Julie: LB:  ::knocks on the door::

8:12:31 PM Maeve: MV: ::she ducks lower on the couch, not wanting to be caught by the icy wind when the door opens. She groans in frustration:: 

8:18:22 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::squeezes her hand and goes to answer the door::

8:18:43 PM Julie: LB:  ::smiles at Isaac; softly::  We're here to see Maeve.

8:19:18 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::nods:: Come in

8:19:46 PM Julie: LB:  ::steps in, still holding Milo's hand::

8:21:57 PM Maeve: MV: ::she doesn't peek up over the couch until the door is closed:: Hey Libby. Hey Milo. 

8:22:21 PM Maeve: MO: ::he waves:: 

8:22:27 PM Julie: LB:  ::smiles, but her eyes are worried::  How are you feeling?

8:23:36 PM Maeve: MV: ::she grunts and turns back around, burrowing down into her blanket:: I'm freezing. ::she looks back up briefly:: Are you okay? 

8:24:02 PM Maeve: MO: ::he wiggles out of his mother's grasp to go say 'hello' to Maeve::

8:24:30 PM Julie: LB:  ::nods, swallowing::  Yes.  I am.

8:25:49 PM Maeve: MV: ::she sighs:: At least one of us is. ::she smiles down at Milo then reluctantly pulls her hands from their warm covering to pick him up:: Hey there little guy. Your playmate is sleeping I'm afraid. 

8:26:09 PM Maeve: MO: ::he pouts then begins to wiggle:: Your cold. 

8:27:10 PM Julie: LB:  ::reaches out for Maeve's hand; whispers::  My place is warmer.  Maybe you should come for a visit.

8:27:49 PM Maeve: MV: ::her hand is ice cold. She sets Milo beside her.:: No way Libby. I'm not going out in that mess. I'll turn to ice before I take two steps out that door.

8:29:19 PM Julie: LB:  ::looks closely at Maeve::  Really, I think it's worth a try.

8:29:58 PM Maeve: MV: ::she frowns at Libby:: 

8:30:41 PM Quantum Catz: IS: What's going on, Libby? 

8:31:01 PM Julie: LB:  ::squeezes Maeve's hand and nods, then flushes, looking down::  Nothing.

8:32:01 PM Maeve: MO: ::he grins:: You can play with my new friends. 

8:36:11 PM Maeve: MV: ::she looks at Milo then back at Libby:: What new friends?

8:36:51 PM Julie: LB:  ::exhales::  Just a couple guests.  Milo would like you to meet them.

8:38:34 PM Maeve: MV: ::she looks Libby over, trying to figure out what is going on and if getting even colder was worth finding out::

8:39:09 PM Julie: LB:  ::smiles nervously::

8:39:59 PM Maeve: MO: They were a lot of fun.

8:43:15 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I don't think Maeve's really feeling up to it in this weather

8:44:04 PM Maeve: MO: They'll make her feel better. They made Mommy feel better.

8:44:29 PM Julie: LB:  ::winces::  Hush, Milo!  You mustn't talk about them, OK?

8:45:07 PM Maeve: MV: ::her eyes widen:: Just *who* do you have over there Libby? ::she gets up, and the other woman can see she's shivering::

8:45:27 PM Maeve: MO: ::he pouts and his eyes fill up with tears:: Why not?

8:45:57 PM Julie: LB:  ::softly::  Jack....well, we'll have to be quiet.  *You'll* have to be quiet; you know what will happen if anyone finds out.  ::looks down at her son, and hugs him::  It's a secret, okay, little man?

8:46:48 PM Maeve: MV: ::her eyes widen:: Libby... you didn't...? 

8:47:14 PM Julie: LB:  ::whispers::  Bundle up; you can borrow my coat if you like.

8:47:53 PM Maeve: MV: ::she's already bundles but she quickly grabs the blanket she had wrapped around her; whispers:: And they're going to help *me*? 

8:48:09 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Wait...Maeve...you know what'll happen if anyone found out...

8:48:25 PM Julie: LB:  ::whispers::  I'll do my best.

8:49:08 PM Maeve: MV: ::she looks back at her husband than back at Libby, desperately:: You mean you haven't asked? 

8:49:40 PM Julie: LB:  ::looks down::  Jack's not a bad man, but he's against it.  I'm sure the children will help, but I couldn't exactly speak to them.  There's a guard with them, too.

8:50:48 PM Maeve: MV: ::she pales a bit:: Libby... I can't stop shaking. I feel like a block of ice. If they're worried I'll use my powers again they don't need to be! Don't you think I know what would happen? They'd hang me and probably not care if it took Livvy too!

8:52:05 PM Julie: LB:  ::nods; whispers::  And Jack's sure Milo and I would be drawn in too.  But I trust you, and I know how hard this is for you.

9:01:30 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: The girl was pretty scared of Maeve - she must've known why she was there...i don't think she'll be as likely to help as you think

9:02:01 PM Maeve: MV: ::she flinches; quietly:: I have to try Isaac... I don't want to live like this. 

9:02:28 PM Julie: LB:  ::whispers::  Can't you imagine it, Isaac?

9:03:32 PM Maeve: MV: ::she reaches out to touch him:: Or how about feeling like this for a few months out of the year? If you weren't here I'd likely have frostbite! 

9:04:19 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::weakly:: I know, Maeve. Of course i can imagine how hard it is - but...this is risking the noose all over again.  I can't watch you hang

9:05:00 PM Maeve: MV: ::she tightens her grip on him:: You won't. I won't let it. No one ever has to know.

9:06:08 PM Julie: LB:  ::softly::  It's your choice, Maeve.

9:06:56 PM Maeve: MV: ::she pulls away from Isaac:: I'm going. 

9:07:32 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::winces and then sighs:: I'll go with you

9:08:37 PM Maeve: MV: ::she finally smiles; softly:: Thank you. 

9:09:13 PM Julie: LB:  It's cold out, Maeve--do you have any other blankets to wear?  ::pauses::  You're...going to have to dress warm whenever you go out or have visitors.

9:10:33 PM Maeve: MV: ::she bites her lip then nods:: I know... I'll have to remember to still be afraid of being burned too but it'll work out. ::she pulls the blanket tighter around her::

9:12:25 PM Maeve: MO: ::he looks up at his mother:: Does this mean I have to go to bed now?

9:15:14 PM Julie: LB:  I don't know, sweetheart.  You can sleep on the couch if you like.

9:16:17 PM Maeve: MV: Should we go now? Are they staying long?

9:16:37 PM Julie: LB:  Not long at all.  We should hurry.

9:18:07 PM Maeve: MV: ::she swallows hard then reluctantly lets go of the blanket:: I'll draw attention if I go wrapped up in that. 

9:18:37 PM Julie: LB:  ::bites her lip::  Whatever you're wearing, you're going to have to wear it any time you go out in winter.

9:19:32 PM Maeve: MV: ::she cringes:: I know. ::she wraps her arms around herself:: I'm not daft Libby and if you remember I was a pretty good con artist *and* actress. I survived both didn't I?

9:20:20 PM Julie: LB:  ::nods::  I'm sorry.  I'm worried for Milo.  ::picks him up, realizing how dangerous taking him along was, though she didn't dare leave him alone::

9:22:13 PM Maeve: MV: ::she cringes again and almost gives Libby an out but she shakes her head::

9:23:16 PM Julie: LB:  ::heads to the door::  We'll walk quickly.

9:23:51 PM Maeve: MV: ::she nods.::

9:24:13 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::reaches for Maeve's hand, worried, but not going to try to stop her::

9:24:36 PM Maeve: MV: ::she squeezes back and gives him a shaky smile::

9:25:10 PM Julie: :  ::they head out back towards home::

9:26:09 PM Maeve: MV: ::halfway there she can't curb the impulse to cuddle against Isaac. To her, it's so cold her bones ache.:: 

9:26:51 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::wraps his arm around her, trying to keep her as warm as he can::

9:27:30 PM Julie: LB:  ::sets Milo down so she can unlock her door::

9:30:25 PM Maeve: MV: :waits impatiently behind Libby::

9:30:51 PM Julie: LB:  ::throws the door open, letting Maeve in first; in reality, the house is quite a bit cooler than Isaac's::

9:31:17 PM Maeve: MV: ::she continues to shiver once they're inside::

9:37:26 PM Julie: LB:  ::whispers::  We can sneak up to the washroom upstairs.  I think one of them will need to get up tonight.

9:38:04 PM Maeve: MV: ::smirks:: You sound like you slipped them something. ::clamps her teeth together to keep them from chattering:: 

9:38:39 PM Julie: LB:  ::flushes::  Just water.

9:39:25 PM Maeve: MV: ::her eyes widen:: Wow. You thought this out? ::she looks away, suddenly feeling guilty:: They must really be against this. 

9:40:09 PM Julie: LB:  ::nods::

9:40:48 PM Maeve: MV: ::she wraps her arms tighter around herself::

9:41:15 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::squeezes her shoulder::

9:41:37 PM Julie: LB:  Come on upstairs.

9:41:50 PM Maeve: MV: ::she looks up at him, sadly, then turns to follow Libby:: 

9:43:02 PM Julie: LB:  ::looks down at Milo::  You can be quiet, right?

9:43:18 PM Maeve: MO: ::his eyes widen and then he nods::

9:43:56 PM Julie: LB:  ::smiles::  Another half-hour and you have to go to bed, though.

9:44:17 PM Maeve: MO: ::sadly:: Yes Mommy.

9:44:34 PM Julie: LB:  ::whispers::  We'll play tomorrow; I promise.

9:45:39 PM Maeve: MO: ::he nods:: Daddy going to tuck me in?

9:45:59 PM Julie: LB:  Not tonight, sweetie.

9:46:12 PM Maeve: MO: ::pouts::

9:51:53 PM Julie: :  ::they wait for two hours in the bathroom, before Tasha comes into the bathroom; she lets out a squeal when she sees Maeve::

9:52:41 PM Maeve: MV: ::she jumps, bumping into Isaac and then her cheeks flush crimson; softly:: I'm not here to hurt you. 

9:53:16 PM Julie: LB:  ::whispers::  Please be quiet.  Maeve is very ill, and she needs your help.

9:53:27 PM Julie: TA:  ::looks at Maeve, frowning::

9:54:04 PM Maeve: MV: ::scared that she's going to be denied, her eyes fill with tears. The girl can likely see her shaking; softly:: Please. 

9:54:53 PM Julie: TA:  ::winces, shivering::  Mrs. Richards...

9:55:45 PM Quantum Catz: IS: We won't force you - we're just asking for your help

9:56:51 PM Maeve: MV: :;she cringes and lays her head against his chest, feeling like weeping:: I'm going to freeze to death...

9:57:36 PM Julie: LB:  ::whispers::  It's true, Tasha.  Touch her arm if you don't believe it.

9:58:20 PM Maeve: MV: ::she holds out a hand she can't keep from trembling:: 

9:58:40 PM Julie: TA:  ::gingerly touches Maeve's arm, cringing; whispers::  You're...dying?

9:59:43 PM Maeve: MV: ::she tears up:: I don't know. It feels like it. ::she tucks her hand back against her. She looks away:: It..it will be all right in the spring. 

10:00:30 PM Julie: TA:  ::she's sure she's killed people, and even if she's wicked, Maeve doesn't deserve to die.  She grabs Maeve's arm and concentrates, then pulls back, ashamed of what she's done::

10:01:39 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::yanks opens the door, looking worried:: Tasha..what...? ::Stops when he sees the other three::

10:01:48 PM Julie: TA:  ::winces::

10:01:58 PM Julie: LB:  ::bows her head, swallowing::  I'm sorry, Jack.

10:02:31 PM Maeve: MV: ::she turns white and backs up against Isaac. her gaze drops to Tasha; whispers:: Thank you...  

10:03:34 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::softly, to Libby:: It's on your head. Tasha - will you go wake Beth up? Tell her it's time to go

10:03:57 PM Julie: TA:  ::nods, and scampers back to the bedroom::

10:04:26 PM Maeve: MV: ::she turns her head into Isaac's shoulder, still wanting to cry.:: 

10:04:53 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::hugs Maeve; softly: I think we should go

10:05:23 PM Maeve: MV: ::she nods. Her fingers flex as if she's finally feeling the numb digits for the first time in days::

10:05:56 PM Julie: LB:  ::sighs::  Good night, Maeve, Isaac.

10:06:29 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles weakly:: Thanks, Libby

10:06:50 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::turns to go back to his room to get ready to leave::

10:07:13 PM Julie: LB:  ::nods, a bit afraid she'll regret it, for Milo's sake::

10:07:42 PM Maeve: MV: ::she smiles at Libby, though it doesn't quite reach her eyes:: Feels good to be whole again...even if everyone thinks I'm wicked. ::she turns away::

10:08:16 PM Julie: LB:  ::whispers::  You're not, Maeve.  ::sighs, and slips downstairs, not wanting to face her husband::

10:09:18 PM Quantum Catz: ((i should get to bed, so i guess libby gets a reprieve till next week ;)))

10:09:20 PM Maeve: MV: ::softly:: Maybe they're right. Maybe I am. ::she looks over her shoulder before they go down the stairs::

10:09:38 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Don't think like that

2:18:12 PM Maeve: BT: ::she comes down the stairs with the kids in tow and stops, frowning:: What's going on? Are you out of your mind?

2:23:33 PM Julie: LB:  ::glares at Beth, folding her arms::  It's like living deaf!

2:24:45 PM Maeve: BT: ::her suspicions confirmed, she scowls at the other woman:: Except people do it and still live! Though with her powers back I guess a few less people will be living!

2:25:24 PM Julie: LB:  ::rolls her eyes::  Deaf people live too.

2:27:14 PM Maeve: BT: ::mutters:: And that was my point. She would have lived.

2:27:40 PM Maeve: MV: ::she crosses her arms and leans closer to Isaac; softly:: Thanks Libby. I'll...talk to you later... 

2:27:55 PM Julie: LB:  ::nods to Maeve; whispers::  Be careful.

2:28:52 PM Maeve: MV: ::she nods:: I promise. 

2:29:05 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles weakly at Libby as they turn to go::

2:29:19 PM Julie: LB:  ::smiles sadly, but she's pretty sure Milo will be safe, no matter what, and Jack can take care of himself::

2:34:08 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::comes downstairs carrying his bag:: Come on, let's get going

2:34:35 PM Maeve: BT: ::grumbles:: Yeah your wife just cost us a nights sleep if we want to outrun whatever trouble that convict causes.

2:35:12 PM Julie: LB:  ::glances at her husband::  Be careful, Jack.

2:36:54 PM Quantum Catz: JK: ::glances at Libby:: I'll be fine ::sighs:: She won't cause any trouble just now - you three'll be fine

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