~Monday, April 5, 1937~

10:49:36 PM Julie: :  ::David has been escorting Maeve everywhere she goes.  He takes her to a busy tavern in a small town

10:49:42 PM Julie: in Yarnia province, and gives her a room number and a description; whispers::  He carries a knife, and I know he has a charm.  Be careful.

10:52:36 PM Maeve: MV: ::her hand shakes as she reaches to smooth back a wisp of hair that left her braid. She wasn't sure she'd recover after the first one, and now to be going back so soon... she takes a deep breath:: So you want it rather public then?

10:54:02 PM Julie: DV:  I trust you can keep him from screaming.  If they just find a scorched corpse, that's best.  ::smirks::  Spontaneous combustion.

10:54:33 PM Maeve: MV: ::she rolls her eyes:: Yeah you seem to be big on that. ::she sighs:: He's passed out drunk, right?

10:54:58 PM Julie: DV:  ::nods::  For the moment.

10:55:30 PM Maeve: MV: ::she squares her shoulders and turns towards the inn:: You could learn to pick places not so crowded. ::she heads in::

10:58:43 PM Maeve: MV: ::she slips into the Inn and casually glances around before heading to the stairs. She's wearing a pair of fitted black pants with a matching buttoned down shirt with short sleeves. She isn't sure the pants suit her but she can move easier in them:: 

11:01:41 PM Julie: :  ::one of the men drinking near the stairs looks Maeve up and down and laughs::  Come down; I'll buy you a drink.

11:02:51 PM Maeve: MV: ::she ignores him, smirking. The pants were probably more of a eye catcher than her red hair which is now a sleek black color. Black. Matches her mood, her clothes and her life. She continues up the stairs::

11:03:39 PM Julie: :  Come on; I'm better-looking than any man you'll find up there!

11:03:56 PM Maeve: MV: ::she turns back and smirks:: Yes but he's less talkative. 

11:04:20 PM Julie: :  ::a couple of the men laugh at that, which rather embarrasses the one who had tried to pick Maeve up::

11:04:46 PM Maeve: MV: ::she continues on, ignoring the man's embarrassment::

11:06:36 PM Maeve: MV: ::a minute later she's at the door and quietly inserting a lock pick to open the door:: 

11:07:37 PM Julie: :  ::no one stops her, and soon Maeve is in a rather nice room with a fireplace.  The bed is unmade, and a man lays back in an armchair before the fireplace, snoring::

11:08:51 PM Maeve: MV: ::she grabs a pillow from the bed and goes over to the chair. She takes a deep breath to stop the shaking:: 

11:10:01 PM Julie: :  ::the man looks just a few years older than Josh, though he has a scruffy beard, and his clothes are heavily mended::

11:11:46 PM Maeve: MV: ::she pauses, looking sick. She almost lets the pillow drop. But if she did, she'd go back out there and David would just kill her. Lousy coward. He should be up here. She takes her weapon and quickly presses it to his face:: 

11:12:10 PM Julie: :  ::the man's eyes spring open, and he tries to fight, though he can't yell::

11:13:07 PM Maeve: MV: ::she kneels down on him, though he could easier throw her slight weight off of him. She swallows hard, and turns her face away, pressing the pillow tighter to his face::

11:13:58 PM Julie: :  ::the man moves and throws Maeve off of him, gasping for air::

11:14:16 PM Maeve: MV: ::she tumbles off, hitting the ground on her back, knocking the breath out of her::

11:14:35 PM Julie: :  ::the man gets up, drawing his dagger, though his feet are unsteady::  What are you doing?

11:14:58 PM Maeve: MV: ::she answers by throwing a kick at his legs:::

11:15:27 PM Julie: :  ::the man yells for help as he's knocked down::

11:15:52 PM Maeve: MV: ::she scrambles to her feet, and lunges for him, trying to get the pillow back over him before he alerts anyone::

11:18:12 PM Julie: :  ::the man releases the dagger, and it stabs Maeve in the face::

11:21:26 PM Maeve: MV: ::a scream tears through her as the knife hits her cheek bone and slices down. She releases her hold on him, curling up in pain;:

11:22:13 PM Julie: :  ::the man smiles, standing unsteadily; the knife comes up, hovering over Maeve::

11:22:37 PM Maeve: MV: ::she sends another kick to his stomach::

11:23:28 PM Julie: :  ::the man groans and falls back, but the knife goes towards Maeve, trying to get her just under the ribs.  The blade bends when it's just an inch away from her, though, and the knife drops to the floor::

11:24:25 PM Maeve: MV: ::she gets up, cringing and reaches for a handkerchief. If she can't smother him... she tries to gag him instead::

11:25:29 PM Julie: :  ::the man shakes his head, trying to throw Maeve off, but this time, he can't do it::

11:26:15 PM Maeve: MV: ::she gets the gag tied then forms a fireball and holds it against his chest. Her eyes glaze over as she retreats, not wanting to know what it's going to do to him::

11:28:51 PM Julie: :  ::the man tries to scream, though no noise penetrates the gag.  The smaller objects in the room all start to move about, falling off of shelves, or flying through the air::

11:29:48 PM Maeve: MV: ::she jerks, coming back and then tries to duck lower. She presses both hands against him :::

11:31:11 PM Julie: :  ::she can feel the man struggle, and can almost feel the pain coursing through his body.  His knife raises and flies towards her::

11:32:36 PM Maeve: MV: ::she doesn't see the knife until it's almost too late. She ducks, and it catches the corner of her, digging in. She screams and reaches up to grab it::

11:33:47 PM Julie: :  ::there's a rap at the door, and a female voice asks::  Everything OK in there?

11:34:10 PM Maeve: MV: ::she winces and presses her hands against him again, praying he'll just pass out and finish burning::

11:35:30 PM Julie: :  ::the knife quavers just a bit and then stops moving as the man goes still at last::

11:36:35 PM Maeve: MV: ::she gets up and grabs the gag, unwrapping it then leaving it to burn. Next she takes the knife and tucks it into her pocket. With a quick one-eyed-glance to the door, she makes for the window. She stumbles over several fallen objects before she makes it.::

11:37:44 PM Julie: :  ::there's another knock::  Hello?

11:38:16 PM Maeve: MV: ::she bites her lip as she messes with the lock on the window. She gets it open and quickly slips out::

11:40:29 PM Maeve: MV: ::she slides to the edge of the roof and looks down. She takes her chances shimmying down the drain pipe::

11:42:42 PM Maeve: MV: ::she stumbles off, holding her eye, and praying no one stops her before she reaches the trees:: 

11:43:04 PM Julie: :  ::a couple does see her, but they don't offer to help::

11:43:19 PM Julie: DV:  ::is wondering what's taking so long when Maeve comes into view; he curses::  What did you do?

11:44:23 PM Maeve: MV: ::she shakes her head, looking as pale as a ghost. She turns suddenly and leans against a tree, retching::

11:45:34 PM Julie: DV:  ::sharply::  Is he dead?

11:45:49 PM Maeve: MV: ::mumbles:: Yes.

11:46:50 PM Julie: DV:  And now I'm stuck with a woman who looks like a pirate!

11:47:27 PM Maeve: MV: Well maybe you should be doing this anyway! Why aren't you? You couldn't possibly do any worse than me!

11:49:13 PM Julie: DV:  Can't risk being caught, dear.  ::rolls his eyes::  And now we have to get you to the doctor.

11:49:33 PM Maeve: MV: I...I can't see...

11:50:07 PM Julie: DV:  I warned you to look out for the knife, didn't I?

11:50:39 PM Maeve: MV: He could make things fly! And it is *not* my fault none of you bothered to train me. I don't care what the judge says I'm not a trained killer!

11:51:19 PM Julie: DV:  ::his expression softens a little::  We thought you just needed the experience.

11:51:47 PM Maeve: MV: ::she shivers and shakes her head:: Let me go home... tell them I died. They'll believe you!

11:52:15 PM Julie: DV:  They're watching your family, Maeve.  You know what would happen.

11:52:51 PM Maeve: MV: ::she cries, curling up:: Please don't make me do this again. I can't. 

11:53:53 PM Julie: DV:  ::whispers::  Fourteen more.

11:54:16 PM Maeve: MV: ::she flinches, groaning:: 

11:58:29 PM Julie: DV:  ::after a long pause::  We might be able to make you forget.

11:58:58 PM Maeve: MV: Forget what?

12:00:41 AM Julie: DV:  All of this.  Have you just wake up somewhere.

12:01:31 AM Maeve: MV: ::she nods then cringes at the motion. She leans heavily against the tree again, feeling dizzy::

12:02:25 AM Julie: DV:  ::puts an arm around Maeve's shoulders, like a comrade::  Come on, now.  I'll take you back to the castle--the doctor can help, and we'll do some training.

12:03:00 AM Maeve: MV: I can't see David! Take me to Isaac. ::there's a hint of hope in her voice she can't mask::

12:03:41 AM Julie: DV:  You know he can't know you're alive.

12:04:02 AM Maeve: MV: Disguise me! I don't care...I just... Please David? I need to know he's ok. 

12:04:54 AM Julie: DV:  ::looks around; whispers::  You breathe a word to anyone and I will kill you myself.

12:05:28 AM Maeve: MV: ::she shivers:: Oh come on David.. you like me too much. ::smirks::

12:06:33 AM Julie: DV:  ::doesn't smile; pulls a charm off his neck--instantly, he's a full foot shorter, a bit bulkier, with darker hair and freckles::

12:07:24 AM Maeve: MV: ::she gasps:: Oh my... 

12:08:03 AM Julie: DV:  ::hands it to Maeve::  He mustn't know you're coming.  Or that I'm there, for that matter.

12:08:50 AM Maeve: MV: ::she takes it and slips it on:: Fine.

12:09:59 AM Julie: :  ::Maeve finds herself feeling at least 30 pounds heavier; her clothes still fit, but her body looks different::

12:11:18 AM Maeve: MV: ::she winces at the feeling:: All right. Is this good enough? Can we go? ::still isn't sure she can move. Her whole head is throbbing::

12:12:13 AM Julie: DV:  ::nods, helping her onto the horse::

12:12:55 AM Maeve: MV: ::she swallows back the pain as best as she can. Though, her knuckles turn white from how tightly she holds on::

12:13:13 AM Julie: DV:  We should be there by tomorrow.  Stay conscious.

12:14:51 AM Julie: :  ::Maeve's good eye is a deep blue color, and her complexion has changed; her hair remains black, probably because it was dyed::

12:18:07 AM Maeve: MV: ::she leans against his back, fighting the darkness. By the time they reach home, she's worked through most of the pain::

12:19:31 AM Julie: DV:  ::helps Maeve off the horse; quietly::  You'll need to change your voice.  If he recognizes you, we're all done for.

12:19:59 AM Maeve: MV: ::mutters:: The only other accent I know is Irish and that won't do you any good either

12:21:28 AM Julie: DV:  ::in a fairly bad Texan accent::  You cain't act?

12:22:02 AM Maeve: MV: ::she cringes, and then does her own, perfecting it better than him:: I think you'd better be leavin that to me. 

12:22:35 AM Julie: DV:  ::smirks::  Yes, sweetheart.

12:22:46 AM Maeve: MV: ::she glares at him::

12:25:29 AM Julie: DV:  ::leads the way to Isaac's::

12:26:26 AM Maeve: MV: ::she reaches up with a shaky hand to touch the fabric covering her eye.::

12:27:55 AM Julie: DV:  ::knocks on the door::

12:28:30 AM Maeve: MV: ::she leans against the wall, looking pale:: 

112:30:35 AM Quantum Catz: EK: ::opens the door, holding one of the twins; a bit of a scowl on his face:: Yeah?

12:30:57 AM Maeve: MV: ::she goes another shade of white and leaps off the wall, ducking behind David::

12:31:20 AM Julie: DV:  Mah wife is hurt; ah was told I could get help here?

12:31:39 AM Maeve: MV; ::she clings to him, feeling like she's about to be sick::

12:33:11 AM Quantum Catz: EK: Only if you've got a receipt from the mayor.  You got one? Cos otherwise, we're busy

12:33:31 AM Julie: DV:  ::blinks::  Pardon me?

12:33:32 AM Maeve: MV: ::she peeks around, frowning:: What?

12:37:04 AM Quantum Catz: EK: ::shakes his head:: Some stupid deal my brother made - he's in no mood to fight it right now.  ::frowns at Maeve as he speaks::

12:37:30 AM Maeve: MV: ::she ducks back behind her "husband":: 

12:37:50 AM Julie: DV:  ::nods::  Come on, mah dear.  ::heads back towards the mayor's::

12:38:39 AM Maeve: MV: ::she digs her nails into his arm for retribution:: 

12:39:12 AM Julie: DV:  Ow!

12:39:40 AM Maeve: MV: ::she puts on a fake smile; softly:: Cut it out with the pet names. I am not your wife. 

12:41:22 AM Julie: DV:  ::whispers back::  It's called acting, and ah think ah know what I'm doin'.

12:43:11 AM Julie: :  ::they reach the mayor's office, where a cold-looking clerk evaluates the injury, asks if they are from Marquis, and looks up the fee in a book--it's quite steep, all of what David has::

12:43:52 AM Maeve: MV: ::she's practically seething though she's hiding it under a forced smile:: Well, that's a bit much. When did all this start goin on?

12:45:27 AM Julie: :  A couple months ago, ma'am.  It's the only place in the world where you can get your eye healed.  ::signs off on the receipt and hands it over::

12:45:57 AM Maeve: MV: ::mumbles under her breath:: Bargain indeed 

12:46:38 AM Julie: DV:  ::apologizes::  Youall'd be upset too, if yer eye was busted.  Come on, sweetpea.

12:47:02 AM Maeve: MV: ::she looks up at him and smiles sweetly. Though inwardly she vows to kill him::

12:47:29 AM Julie: :  ::the clerk nods, not really caring so long as he has the money::

12:48:33 AM Maeve: MV; ::she digs her nails into him again as they walk down the street:: Next time I leave burn marks. 

12:48:56 AM Julie: DV:  ::quietly::  I don't think you want to do that.

12:49:13 AM Maeve: MV: I could always wait until later. Pighead. ::smiles:: 

12:49:33 AM Julie: DV:  ::narrows his eyes::  You really don't want to do that.

12:50:16 AM Maeve: MV: ::she purses her lips and looks away.::

12:50:27 AM Julie: DV:  ::knocks on the door of Isaac's again::

12:52:26 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::answers the door this time; he looks tired:: Hi, I guess you're the two who came round before

12:52:39 AM Julie: DV:  ::nods::  Yessir.

12:52:58 AM Maeve: MV: ::she swallows hard, looking him over::

12:55:30 AM Quantum Catz: IS: Sorry if he was rude - his daughter kept him up last night ::stands back:: Come in and i'll heal you ::he sounds weary as he says it all, as if he doesn't really care anyway::

12:56:01 AM Julie: DV:  ::bows his head::  Don't worry about it, suh.

12:56:26 AM Maeve: MV: ::she takes a step and almost falls::

12:56:47 AM Julie: DV:  ::reaches out to steady her::  Careful there, honeymuffin.

12:57:53 AM Maeve: MV: ::she tenses, wanting to clobber him:: 

12:58:35 AM Julie: DV:  ::smiles, helping Maeve over to the couch::

12:58:52 AM Maeve: MV: ::she looks around, hoping for a sign of her daughter::

12:59:06 AM Julie: :  ::Josh is sitting by the window, staring out, ignoring the textbook in his lap::

12:59:23 AM Julie: :  ::a minute later, they hear a cry from upstairs; Josh doesn't move::

12:59:36 AM Maeve: MV: ::she tenses and looks up:: 

1:01:38 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs and glances up himself but then he turns back to Maeve:: Should only take me a minue to heal you ::reaches out for her hand::

1:02:04 AM Julie: :  ::the cry continues::

1:02:18 AM Julie: DV:  ::bites his lip::

1:02:51 AM Maeve: MV: ::she reaches out for him, though she has to restrain herself from grabbing on to his hand::

1:03:07 AM Maeve: DK: ::she comes down with Livvy on her shoulder:: Isaac... 

1:03:32 AM Julie: LV:  ::cries, trying to reach out for Maeve::

1:07:44 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::looks sadly at his daughter:: Just hold onto her for a second till i'm done ::turns back to maeve and reaches for her hand::

1:08:06 AM Julie: LV:  ::continues to wail::

1:08:24 AM Maeve: MV: ::her eyes are on the child:: She sure is upset...

1:08:50 AM Maeve: DK: ::she continues to bounce her gently on her shoulder;:

1:09:54 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly, as he heals her:: Her mother died

1:10:34 AM Maeve: MV: ::she sucks in a deep breath:: She's...been like this since? 

1:12:34 AM Quantum Catz: IS: On and off, she was worse last night

1:12:53 AM Julie: DV:  Don't you mind my honeypreciouspie; she's been hankering after a baby of her own.  ::frowns::

1:13:41 AM Maeve: MV: ::flinches then tries to cover it up with a sad smile, vowing to kill him later:: I'm sorry to hear that. I do feel...so sorry for the little thing. 

1:14:32 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::pulls away from Maeve to take Livvy from Dolly; softly:: Yeah

1:14:40 AM Julie: LV:  ::still cries::

1:14:46 AM Julie: DV:  Do you think she might hold the wee one?  She's awful good with babies.

1:15:33 AM Maeve: MV: ::she looks back at David, surprised, then turns a hopeful, almost desperate look on Isaac:: I have spent some time with them... 

1:17:17 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::rocks Livvy:: You dont owe either of us anything, specially not after all the mayor charged you to come here

1:17:53 AM Julie: LV:  ::still cries, her eyes fixed on Maeve::

1:18:21 AM Maeve: MV: ::looks panicked for a moment before she quickly tries to hide it. She reaches out for the baby's arm, trying to gently rub it:: It wouldn't be a bother. ::she smiles sadly at her daughter, her heart breaking:: 

1:18:53 AM Julie: LV:  ::her cries cut off suddenly, as she looks down at the fingers touching her arm::

1:21:32 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::blinks when Livvy quietens and then sighs:: If you can cheer her up, even for a little bit... ::hesitates and then passes Livvy over::

1:22:43 AM Maeve: MV: ::she smiles brightly as she takes the baby; coos softly:: Well hello their little one. What is all that fussin about?

1:25:26 AM Julie: LV:  ::laughs, letting out a string of nonsense words::

1:26:39 AM Maeve: MV: ::she sits her in her lap and tickles her little tummy:: Oh and we're trying to talk. You're just the pre...most precious thing. ::tries to swallow back her tears::

1:27:01 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::watches Livvy for a moment, looking sad, and then turns towards the stairs:: I...i need to rest.  Dolly'll stay with you ::rubs at his eyes as he walks::

1:27:29 AM Julie: DV:  ::looks up::  Mr. Kindall, thank you.

1:27:34 AM Maeve: MV: ::she looks up, not wanting him to go:: Oh. Well, I'm sorry if we wore you out... 

1:28:50 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::shrugs:: Healing people's become my job, you don't owe me anything for it

1:29:31 AM Julie: DV:  ::shakes his head::  And for letting my sugarbear see the baby.

1:30:04 AM Maeve: MV: ::she wraps her arms around Livvy, giving her a little squeeze::

1:30:22 AM Julie: LV:  ::tries to hug back::

1:30:51 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::glances back towards them; unshed tears in his eyes:: Livvy seems happy with her ::turns to go up the stairs::

1:31:23 AM Julie: DV:  ::glances back at Maeve, a bit of sadness in his own eyes::

1:31:34 AM Maeve: MV; ::she flinches and gently runs a hand over the baby's head:: Now, you'll be good for your Daddy won't you? 

1:32:44 AM Julie: LV:  ::looks up at Maeve solemnly, suddenly puzzled as to why her mama doesn't look right::

1:33:23 AM Maeve: MV: ::she leans down close Livvy, whispering in her normal voice:: It's gonna be okay little one. I promise.

1:33:56 AM Julie: LV:  ::makes a little noise::  M...m...

1:34:19 AM Julie: DV:  ::winces::  Come on, chickadee; I think you're upsettin' the baby.

1:34:50 AM Maeve: MV: ;::she turns to glare at him then picks Livvy up higher, cradling her against her chest:: 

1:35:56 AM Julie: LV:  Ma...Ma!

1:36:02 AM Julie: DV:  ::glares back at Maeve::

1:36:14 AM Julie: JH:  ::finally looks up, wiping his eyes::

1:36:55 AM Quantum Catz: EK: ::comes back down the stairs, still holding Jessie, who's awake again because of Livvy; frowns at Livvy's word:: Isn't it time for you to go? Isaac's healed you now - we're not an inn

1:37:36 AM Maeve: MV: ::she pales a bit, feeling caught, then slowly gets to her feet:: I didn't mean to overstay my welcome. 

1:37:53 AM Maeve: DK: ::she's frowning but she comes over quickly to take Livvy:: 

1:38:28 AM Julie: JH:  ::swallows, almost wanting to correct his brother, but then, it seems pointless, and he looks back out the window, sighing::

1:41:32 AM Quantum Catz: EK: If i could send the lot of you to doctors i would but isaac won't stop

1:41:54 AM Maeve: MV: ::as she hands Livvy over, she casts a sad look in Josh's direction. Her gaze snaps back to Eli:: Why ever not?

1:42:25 AM Julie: DV:  Come now, apple-dumpling; don't cry.

1:43:12 AM Maeve: MV: ::she hits him in the stomach:: You'll have to ignore him. ::she looks at Eli, expecting an answer still::

1:43:33 AM Julie: DV:  ::coughs::

1:46:01 AM Quantum Catz: EK: ::Frowns at her and then mutters:: He's Isaac, it's what he does.  

1:46:42 AM Maeve: MV: ::worriedly:: Well, it looks like he needs a lot of rest. Surely they could hold off on sending people over? 

1:47:04 AM Julie: DV:  ::grabs Maeve's arm::  We really need to be going now...uh...cookie-crumb.  ::forcibly pulls her::  Thank youall again for your hospitality.

1:47:16 AM Julie: LV:  ::looks at Maeve and starts to whimper a little when she's pulled out::

1:47:38 AM Maeve: MV: ::she has a stunned look on her face and her gaze doesn't leave Livvy's:: 

1:50:08 AM Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs when Jessie whimpers along with Livvy, aparently just to join in:: 

1:50:28 AM Maeve: DK: ::she rocks Livvy, frowning at the strange couple::

1:51:09 AM Maeve: MV: ::she barely keeps her emotions in check as they walk back out of town. David can feel her shivering:: 

1:51:38 AM Julie: DV:  ::is about ready to shake Maeve himself; walks quickly towards where they left the horse::

1:52:08 AM Maeve: MV: ::she doesn't say anything, feeling to numb with shock:: 

1:52:29 AM Julie: DV:  ::in a low voice::  Fourteen.  You can count them if you like.

1:52:36 AM Quantum Catz: EK: ::softly, to Dolly:: Isaac was pretty upset when he went upstairs

1:52:55 AM Maeve: MV: ::she shakes her head and starts to turn back:: I can't...I can't leave them....

1:53:22 AM Maeve: DK: ::she cringes and goes to hand Livvy off to Josh:: I'll go make sure he isn't... ::she winces::

1:53:32 AM Julie: DV:  ::grabs Maeve, twisting her arm::  Then you're killing yourself, and your girl--possibly more!

1:53:45 AM Maeve: MV: ::she cries out:: 

1:54:00 AM Julie: JH:  ::takes Livvy for a moment, then sets her on the floor, letting her do as she wants, though she doesn't seem in a mood to crawl or walk::

1:54:24 AM Maeve: DK: ::she sighs, feeling like nothing will be right again, and heads for the stairs::

1:54:36 AM Julie: :  ::a young woman walking down the street stops to watch the fight::

1:54:49 AM Julie: DV:  Never mind my own life.  I am not going to let you do that!

1:55:09 AM Maeve: MV: ::she swallows hard:: Let go...you're hurting me. 

1:55:30 AM Julie: DV:  ::releases Maeve's arm, still staring daggers at her::

1:55:42 AM Maeve: MV: ::she looks down at the ground, saying nothing::

1:56:02 AM Maeve: DK: ::knocks on the door to Isaac's room::

1:56:05 AM Julie: DV:  ::takes her arm, more gently::  Come on.  Darlin'.  We need to be moving on.

1:56:20 AM Maeve: MV: ::she doesn't resist::

1:56:28 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::hestitates and then says, softly:: Yeah?

1:56:42 AM Maeve: DK: Can I come in? 

1:57:01 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::Sighs:: Okay

1:57:18 AM Maeve: DK: ::she pushes the door open and comes in, watching him sadly::

1:57:26 AM Quantum Catz: EK: ::moves to sit down near Livvy, since Josh doesn't seem like he's really going to watch her::

1:58:07 AM Julie: :  ::soon, they have the horse; David moves to help Maeve up::

1:58:16 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::is sitting on the edge of the bed, wiping the tears from his face:: I'll be okay in a minute

1:58:38 AM Maeve: MV: ::she doesn't say anything to help.::

1:59:12 AM Julie: DV:  ::coldly::  Where are you coins?  We have to pay them.

1:59:20 AM Maeve: DK: ::she comes to sit next to him:: Are you sure?

1:59:58 AM Maeve: MV: ::she grunts:: A dead woman doesn't have much in the way of money.

2:00:20 AM Julie: DV:  The ones I gave you?  In case you wanted to use stealth on those jobs?

2:00:47 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: It just got to me...nothing i did could make her smile, then that woman comes in and suddenly she's laughing like there's nothing wrong

2:01:02 AM Maeve: MV: ::she grits her teeth and rummages around in her pocket. She finds the coins and tosses them to him::

2:01:36 AM Julie: DV:  ::hands them over and then heads out of town::

2:01:38 AM Maeve: DK: I can't say I know why she took to that woman. Maybe...maybe she had a motherly touch?

2:03:36 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: I guess

2:04:32 AM Julie: DV:  ::when they're safely in the forest::  You very nearly got us both killed.

2:04:37 AM Quantum Catz: EK: ::softly:: How's the studying?

2:04:48 AM Maeve: DK: ::murmurs:: She loves you Isaac. She wont hardly eat for the rest of us. 

2:05:09 AM Julie: JH:  ::rests his elbows on the book in his lap; quietly::  Why bother?

2:05:17 AM Maeve: MV: Well I'm sorry if my daughter was a little more perceptive than I thought. I guess that charm of yours cant fool everyone.

2:05:45 AM Julie: DV:  I told you when to put her down.  And I would think you'd show a *little* gratitude that I asked him to let you hold her at all!

2:06:41 AM Quantum Catz: EK: She wouldn't want you just to stop everything cos of her

2:07:07 AM Maeve: MV: ::she flinches:: It surprised me but I was grateful. ::softly;: How can you blame if I didn't want to let her go?

2:07:35 AM Julie: JH:  ::shakes his head::  They keep dying.  Why do they keep dying?  Mom and Dad only died once...it still hurt, but we knew...

2:08:27 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::winces:: I know...i just...i wish i could make it better

2:08:33 AM Julie: DV:  I thought you'd know not to run a stupid risk.  Speaking of which, you'd better be careful, because you can't come back.

2:09:09 AM Maeve: DK: ::whispers:: It'll take time, Isaac. 

2:09:15 AM Julie: JH:  ::whispers::  It's not your fault I can't focus anymore.

2:09:50 AM Maeve: MV: ::she shudders:: I can wear a different disguise! 

2:10:13 AM Julie: DV:  Your daughter will talk.

2:10:15 AM Quantum Catz: EK: ::sighs:: It'll get easier

2:10:28 AM Maeve: MV: I'll know what to expect! She won't! 

2:10:43 AM Julie: JH:  Then someone else will just die, won't they?

2:11:21 AM Julie: DV:  She knew you through this charm!  This charm keeps dogs from knowing their masters!

2:11:49 AM Maeve: MV: Then figure out another way! I don't want to not see them! 

2:12:09 AM Quantum Catz: EK: No one's going to die, Josh.  Stop thinking like that

2:12:16 AM Julie: DV:  It's not my job to make this a tea party, Maeve!

2:13:07 AM Julie: JH:  ::lowers his head::  I can't handle it anymore, Eli...

2:13:16 AM Maeve: MV: Well then make it one! Do you honestly think I'm going to survive 14 more jobs? I barely survived this one! 

2:13:57 AM Julie: DV:  Then get killed on the next one, and I won't have to worry about it anymore.

2:14:21 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::takes a deep breath:: I know, i know.  I'm trying

2:14:31 AM Maeve: MV: Right. And kill my daughter too. I could just kill you now and go back! 

2:15:03 AM Julie: DV:  You don't have the guts.

2:15:10 AM Maeve: DK: ::she watches him, worriedly, then reaches out to squeeze his arm:: I know... one day at a time. 

2:16:13 AM Quantum Catz: EK: Well you need to handle it, Isaac needs you to handle it.  

2:16:40 AM Maeve: MV: ::still angry and hurting, she makes a fireball and presses her hand to his back. A second later she slides off the horse and runs::

2:17:14 AM Julie: JH:  ::shudders::  I...I could get a job.

2:17:42 AM Julie: DV:  ::screams, and suddenly Maeve's entire body feels like thousands of pins are being driven through::

2:18:09 AM Maeve: MV: ::she stumbles and falls against a tree, crying out in agony::

2:19:17 AM Julie: LV:  ::starts to cry::

2:20:04 AM Julie: DV:  ::shudders, sliding off the frightened horse, and goes over to Maeve, cursing at her::  I...have been trying...to keep you...alive!  Why are you...insisting...on trying to die?

2:20:52 AM Quantum Catz: EK: You don't need to get a job

2:20:58 AM Maeve: MV: ::she curls up, crying::Because I don't want this! I just... I just want to go home! 

2:21:13 AM Julie: JH:  It would be easier.

2:21:51 AM Julie: DV:  If you...go home, you...and your daughter...are going to...be...killed!

2:22:31 AM Maeve: MV: ::she looks up, frightened:: But I don't know if I can do this! I don't know how much longer I can...kill.... ::she shakes her head, pleading with him to understand:: 

2:23:18 AM Julie: DV:  ::curses again::  You burned me!  Now you...want me...to take your side?

2:23:42 AM Quantum Catz: EK: ::shrugs:: If you're sure it's what you want to do, then fine - but i'd wait untill your less upset

2:24:23 AM Quantum Catz: IS: ::Smiles weakly up at his sister:: Thanks, i feel better now

2:24:36 AM Julie: JH:  ::sighs::  I have to do *something*.  What can I do to help everyone?

2:24:37 AM Maeve: MV: ::she flinches:: I'm sorry! What else do you want me to do? ::she shivers:: 

2:24:53 AM Julie: DV:  *Not* set me on...fire?

2:25:01 AM Maeve: DK: ::she smiles back::

2:25:14 AM Maeve: MV: ::sniffs:: Don't dare me again. 

2:26:06 AM Julie: DV:  ::lets a few more curses loose::  Don't worry.  I'll be laid up...for a couple weeks...if I don't die.  I doubt you'll...get someone lenient like...me.

2:26:36 AM Maeve: MV: ::she pulls the charm off and hands it to him; softly:: Go back to Isaac. 

2:27:00 AM Julie: DV:  ::shakes his head::  He'll know me.  Won't...heal me.

2:27:40 AM Maeve: MV: ::she shivers again; softly:: I'm sorry. I'm...sure you won't...die.

2:28:12 AM Julie: DV:  ::finally completely stops hurting Maeve, cursing::  Get on the horse.

2:29:05 AM Maeve: MV: ::she sucks in a deep breath of pain-free air and slowly lets it out. A minute later she gets to her feet and heads towards the horse::

2:29:46 AM Julie: DV:  ::puts the charm around his neck; his wound looks gone, but it still pains him greatly::  I'll have to sit behind you.

2:30:08 AM Quantum Catz: EK: There's not a lot you can do - s going to be a while before Isaac feels any better

2:30:16 AM Maeve: MV: ::she doesn't respond, just climbs up on the horse, sitting further up::

2:30:26 AM Julie: JH:  Or any of us.  ::looks a little surprised when Livvy stops fussing::

2:31:06 AM Julie: DV:  ::gets on behind her, grunting::

2:32:39 AM Quantum Catz: EK: ::to Livvy, with a weak smile:: Good, now just stay quiet for five or six hours so the twins'll sleep

2:33:38 AM Julie: JH:  ::reaches down to pick up the child; softly::  Jessie takes after her parents.

2:37:24 AM Quantum Catz: EK: That wouldn't seem so bad if she'd just sleep a bit more

2:38:03 AM Julie: JH:  ::considers::  Maybe she needs a fox for a pillow.

2:41:21 AM Quantum Catz: EK: It's worth a try i suppose

2:41:52 AM Julie: JH:  If Leyla wouldn't miss you too much.

2:44:12 AM Quantum Catz: EK: ::smirks:: I think she'll cope if it means a full night's sleep

2:45:14 AM Julie: JH:  ::smiles a little; sits up straighter, looking down at his book; swallows::  I...guess I'll try...

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