~Thursday, July 8, 1937~

4:34:59 PM Quantum Catz:   AM: ::has been back on the island for a couple of weeks now. She made sure before she left that Lenore would be watched and prevented from following her, it didn't matter much now if the girl didn't forgive her. It's been more than a year since Lenore's problems began and she's come to the island to sort it once and for all.  Now she's staying in a rather expensive inn in Gate Town, occasionally meeting with people, though mainly staying in her room::

4:38:37 PM Maeve: MV: ::she's dressed in a wench's serving outfit she stole off the servant she knocked out. She stops in front of her targets door and empties some poison over the food and drink. She barely flinches now. Once that's done, she tucks the vial back into her pocket and knocks on the door, pasting a smile on her face::

4:38:43 PM Maeve: MV: ::she's dressed in a wench's serving outfit she stole off the servant she knocked out. She stops in front of her targets door and empties some poison over the food and drink. She

4:38:49 PM Maeve: barely flinches now. Once that's done, she tucks the vial back into her pocket and knocks on the door, pasting a smile on her face::

4:40:03 PM Quantum Catz:   AM: ::calls out:: It's open

4:40:56 PM Maeve: MV: ::she makes a face before pasting the smile back on and opening the door:: 

4:41:50 PM Quantum Catz:   AM: ::is standing by the window, she turns when the door opens, a weary look on her face::

4:43:06 PM Maeve: MV: ::she keeps her gaze averted as she turns towards the small table in the room:: Would you care for anything else?

4:43:48 PM Quantum Catz:   AM: ::tilts her head when Maeve speaks, frowning:: Do i know you?

4:45:25 PM Maeve: MV: ::she sets the tray down:: No, I'm sure that's quite- ::she looks up and the words die off. A second goes by and she heads for the door:: No I'm sure you are quite....  ::she looks back at the tray, paling:: 

4:47:00 PM Quantum Catz:   AM: ::hesitates and looks at the food too:: The dark hair doesn't suit you

4:48:16 PM Maeve: MV: ::she stands there, rooted to the spot and looking sicker by the moment:: 

4:50:51 PM Quantum Catz:   AM: ::moves towards the food:: You never look very healthy when i see you

4:51:45 PM Maeve: MV: ::her eyes move back to the food. She hesitates, letting her almost reach the table; softly:: I don't think you want to touch that.

4:53:10 PM Quantum Catz:   AM: Your boss wouldn't be pleased if i didn't

4:54:02 PM Maeve: MV: ::she looks down:: No. He wouldn't. But I doubt that's your problem. Or maybe it is. 

4:58:50 PM Quantum Catz: AM: The last time i saw you, you had a family, a husband who was doing everything he could to keep you alive...

4:59:55 PM Maeve: MV: ::quietly:: Things can change in a year. 

5:00:47 PM Quantum Catz: AM: And you ended up here?

5:01:23 PM Maeve: MV: ::she shrugs:: I'm standing here aren't I? ::she eyes the food again:: You'd better get out Amara. ::she turns towards the door::

5:05:56 PM Quantum Catz: AM: There is no out.  You've not been playing this game long enough if you don't know that ::picks up a fork and eats a forkful of the food::

5:06:25 PM Maeve: MV: ::sharply:: Amara! 

5:14:24 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::looks up:: Will it be fast?  Painful?  I don't really mind either way, i like to prepare though

5:14:51 PM Maeve: MV: ::glares:: I can't believe you did that. 

5:17:07 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::shrugs:: One day it'll be your time too, fighting only gets you so far

5:19:24 PM Maeve: MV: ::she looks away, shaking her head:: I still can't believe you did that. ::she rubs at her head:: Just great! 

5:22:54 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::takes another forkful and makes a face:: I taste it, if i didn't know what you'd done, i'd already be suspicious

5:23:39 PM Maeve: MV: ::she steps forward, angrily:: Will you stop eating it! Maybe...maybe it won't work if you don't eat it all. 

5:25:23 PM Quantum Catz: AM: If i dont die, they might well kill you

5:26:23 PM Maeve: MV: I know that but that doesn't mean I want *your* death on my hands! I'll...think of...something! 

5:27:52 PM Quantum Catz: AM: I'm a murderer like you, Maeve.  No one should feel sorry for our deaths

5:28:55 PM Maeve: MV: ::flinches at the title:: Except you saved my life. Somehow letting you die doesn't quite sit well with me. 

5:31:59 PM Quantum Catz: AM: Mmm, i matter more than the others you've killed? I doubt it.

5:33:04 PM Maeve: MV: ::she crosses her arms:: I hadn't the pleasure of knowing them. 

5:35:58 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::shrugs and moves to sit down:: My time's up - it's a shame, but that's the way it goes

5:37:28 PM Maeve: MV: ::she frowns:: I hate to tell you but you at least have 20 to 45 minutes. And I hope you don't mind being cremated. ::she turns away, cringing.::  

5:38:43 PM Quantum Catz: AM: I don't really care

5:39:48 PM Maeve: MV: ::she nods and walks over to the window::

5:42:00 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::after a moment:: Well, since we have all this time...how did you end up here? Husband get boring?

5:43:53 PM Maeve: MV: ::she gives a small laugh:: Not quite. But I doubt you want to hear about the sorry mess my life is in. 

5:45:30 PM Quantum Catz: AM: I'm the one who had a second rate assasion sent after her and ate the poison anyway

5:46:28 PM Maeve: MV: ::softly:: But you now have an out. ::she leans against the window::

5:48:17 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::sighs:: It was a last resort.  Lennie should be safe now.  In this world, you survive by not caring, as soon as you start to... ::she shrugs::

5:49:25 PM Maeve: MV: ::softly:: Then I guess I was doomed from the start. 

5:50:48 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::smirks:: So tell me your tale of woe

5:51:38 PM Maeve: MV: ::she grunts, shaking her head:: I'm not even sure I can tell you *how* I ended up here and not dead. I don't even understand it. 

5:57:09 PM Quantum Catz: AM: I wouldn't have pegged you as the assasin type

6:00:05 PM Maeve: MV: Me neither.  But they don't care. Their people don't want to take the chance on the people I'm taking the chances on and they don't care whether I die or not. 

6:03:05 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::nods, wiping a drop of sweat from her forehead:: You're careless.  20 minutes before i die is plenty of time to hunt you down and kill you too.  Good thing for you i wanted this

6:04:25 PM Maeve: MV: ::she cringes:: I never claimed I was good at it. Besides, they said you could rip people's hearts out in one breath. I figured going head on with you would be a bit too...tricky. 

6:06:35 PM Quantum Catz: AM: Pick a faster poison next time, ::laughs weakly:: I'm a bit more subtle than that, never been one for showing off

6:06:52 PM Maeve: MV: I didn't pick it out. It's what they gave me to use. 

6:08:57 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::her eyes flicker closed for a moment:: Mmm, maybe they wanted me to kill you too

6:09:47 PM Maeve: MV: ::she's looking out the window:: Probably. I told you they didn't care if I live or died. Which is why I still don't understand why they offered me the deal. 

6:11:35 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::Shrugs: If you kil even a few people without them risking their own, it's saves them trouble.   They'll probably kill you in the end no matter what happens

6:12:23 PM Maeve: MV: ::she stiffens:: They can't. 

6:14:01 PM Quantum Catz: AM: They can.  I told you, there is no out.  You're in it till the end ::coughs, her hand going to her stomach::

6:15:21 PM Maeve: MV: ::softly:: Then they'll kill Livvy. ::she looks over and cringes:: I'm sorry... I hope it's not a very painful one. I honestly don't know what it does. 

6:20:22 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::shrugs:: I can deal with pain

6:22:05 PM Maeve: MV: ::she turns back to the window, and lays her head against the pane:: What am I suppose to do Amara? I can't let them, or anyone, kill me until... until Livvy is old enough to control her power or... forgets me. 

6:23:45 PM Quantum Catz: AM: Being careful will only get you so far against people who kill for a living... there are ways to make people forget though, i suppose

6:24:37 PM Maeve: MV: ::she swallows hard:: How? Then it wouldn't matter what they did to me... 

6:35:43 PM Quantum Catz: AM: There are people with that kind of ability.  But then, she's only a baby - how long do they really remember people for anyway?

6:37:00 PM Maeve: MV: ::softly:: I don't know. It's her power though... I don't know. I hope-for her sake-not long. 

6:41:24 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::groans as the pain in her stomach worsens:: I think the memories get fuzzy pretty quickly when your brain's stilldeveloping

6:42:47 PM Maeve: MV: ::she walks over to Amara, looking worried:: Still. What if her power keeps her from forgetting? She still senses me. I know that. 

6:47:06 PM Quantum Catz: AM: Find someone who can make her.  It's more likely than you keeping youself alive

6:47:32 PM Maeve: MV: ::smirks:: Thanks for the vote of confidence. 

6:49:26 PM Quantum Catz: AM: Just a realist ::her face is pale now and beaded with sweat::

6:50:51 PM Maeve: MV: ::weakly:: Do you want anything? ::sarcastically:: Want me to hold your hand?

6:54:03 PM Quantum Catz: AM: Maybe you should leave until it's over

6:54:33 PM Maeve: MV: ::she looks down:: Doesn't seem quite fair. Seeing I'm the reason this is happening. 

6:55:46 PM Quantum Catz: AM: I don't need someone watching me while my body falls apart

6:56:31 PM Maeve: MV: ::she cringes:: Ok. I'll...be outside I guess. Making sure that maid isn't kicking up too much of a fuss... 

7:01:16 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::hesitates:: I did everything i could for Lennie but...if she ever ends up on your list...maybe you...could...could...do sometihing for her

7:02:42 PM Maeve: MV: ::she pauses at the door and looks back:: I'll try. If she can protect my daughter even better. 

7:05:13 PM Quantum Catz: AM: No offense, but i'm hoping she'll never want to mix wit people like us again

7:06:31 PM Maeve: MV: ::she nods.:: Fair enough. I barely want to be in my own company. ::she opens the door:: Well..thanks... I guess? ::winces:: 

7:08:20 PM Quantum Catz: AM: Good luck

7:11:20 PM Maeve: MV: ::grunts:: Yeah. You too. ::she slips out and shuts the door, cringing::

7:16:59 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::remains quiet while the poisn takes its hold, not wanting to show weakness by calling out::

7:18:08 PM Maeve: MV: ::she leans against the door, feeling drained and even more hopeless than before:: 

7:23:18 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::Maeve can hear her coughing, almost like she's choking, and then, after a few minutes, there's complete silence::

7:23:56 PM Maeve: MV: ::she opens the door, shaking. She eyes the figure on the bed, trying to see if her chest is rising and falling:: 

7:24:45 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::is lying om

7:25:11 PM Quantum Catz: AM: ::is lying cmpletel till, her hai allen over her face::

7:25:18 PM Quantum Catz: *hair fallen

7:25:32 PM Maeve: MV: ::she swallows hard as she walks over::

7:28:30 PM Maeve: MV: ::she closes her eyes. The only thing making her pause is the fact that the woman has saved her life-twice now. She cringes and then sets fire to the body and the bed, making it burn hot and quick::

7:41:37 PM Maeve: MV: ::she opens the window and climbs down to the ground. She's sick of sneaking out windows too.:: 

7:42:08 PM Maeve: MV: ::she adjusts her wench outfit and moves towards the forest:: 

7:44:30 PM Julie: DV:  ::is waiting where Maeve left him; he looks a bit relieved::  I'm impressed.

7:45:07 PM Maeve: MV: ::darkly:: Don't be. She took it voluntarily. 

7:45:35 PM Julie: DV:  ::blinks::  What?

7:46:09 PM Maeve: MV: ::crosses her arms:: I knew her. She was ready to...give it all up I guess. ::she lets out a frustrated sigh::

7:46:27 PM Julie: DV:  ::exhales::  Well, one more down.

7:47:12 PM Maeve: MV: ::grunts and shakes her head:: Really David? Is there really one more? Or just until I'm dead?

7:47:43 PM Julie: DV:  ::winces::  I hope to God they'd keep their promise.

7:48:17 PM Maeve: MV: ::she glares:: But *will* they? 

7:48:29 PM Julie: DV:  ::shrugs::  I'd say better than 50/50.

7:49:01 PM Maeve: MV: ::she closes her eyes, cursing softly:: Great. Just great! Why didn't they just leave me dead! ::she stalks off::

7:49:49 PM Julie: DV:  ::follows Maeve::  I said they'd probably let you free.

7:50:15 PM Maeve: MV; Amara didn't seem to think so and 50/50 is not the greatest odds. 

7:50:48 PM Julie: DV:  ::winces; quietly::  Well...what if they didn't let you free?

7:51:26 PM Maeve: MV: They'd kill me? Or i'd eventually get killed. I don't *want* this life David.

7:52:01 PM Julie: DV:  ::smirks::  You think I do?

7:52:46 PM Maeve: MV: ::shrugs:: I don't know David. I don't know what to even think anymore. ::she kicks at a small stone:: 

7:53:18 PM Julie: DV:  Then don't.  Don't think about anything.  It's easier.

7:53:52 PM Maeve: MV: ::she smirks:: Easier said than done, I'm sure. ::she sighs and starts walking again::

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