~Monday, July 12, 1937~

5:22:53 PM Julie: :  ::early in the morning, there's a knock on Isaac's door; the mayor is there, nicely dressed, with a glare on his face::

5:24:46 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::opens the door and sighs when he sees the mayor:: I thought you might turn up eventually

5:25:12 PM Julie: :  ::smirks::  We had a deal, Mr. Kindall.

5:25:41 PM Quantum Catz: IS: That deal involved my wife being set free and allowed to live

5:26:03 PM Julie: :  I did all I could; you know that.

5:28:45 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I did all i could - i won't spend my life taking money from people who need help

5:30:48 PM Julie: :  ::the mayor narrows his eyes::  That's all the gratitude you show to me?  I still paid you.

5:34:59 PM Quantum Catz: IS: If you don't want to pay me, i'll find something else.  The previous mayor seemed to think it was good for the town to have me working under it's name, but the town isn't really my problem.

5:35:02 PM Quantum Catz:  If someone asks me for help, i'll give it

5:36:27 PM Julie: :  ::folds his arms, turning away::  You're a fool.

5:37:01 PM Quantum Catz: IS: No, i just understand that it's not only rich people who need healed

5:37:29 PM Julie: :  ::coldly::  They're the ones that deserve it.

5:41:17 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::his eyes go cold:: I had to work day and night as a child to keep my brothers and sister fed.  I won't turn away anyone just because you don't approve of them

5:42:22 PM Julie: :  ::shrugs::  If you want to go hungry on account of strangers, fine.  ::rather sarcastically::  Good luck, Mr. Kindall.

5:44:46 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I would rather be hungry than let my daughter grow up thinking i'm like you

5:45:54 PM Julie: :  ::the mayor can't restrain a smirk, but bites his tongue::

5:49:24 PM Quantum Catz: IS: If you have something to say then say it

5:50:01 PM Julie: :  ::tries to restrain himself, but he's too angry::  If your daughter is like her mother, she'll probably get herself killed well before she's grown.

5:53:21 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::with all the stress of Maeve's death and his deal with the mayor, he can't help but react; swings his arm and punches the man in the face::

5:53:57 PM Julie: :  ::the mayor yells, staggering back, his nose bloodied::

5:56:19 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::shaking:: You don't know her, you have no right to judge her

5:57:26 PM Julie: :  ::reaches for a handkerchief, though his nice starched shirt is already stained::  I'll never have a chance to know her now!

5:59:52 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::winces:: Then don't say anything.  If you even think her name again, I'lll...I'll.... ::runs a hand through his hair, not even sure what he would do::

6:00:18 PM Julie: :  ::turns away::  Guess I got to you after all.

6:01:17 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Just stay away from me and my family

6:01:52 PM Julie: :  ::glances back::  And don't you threaten me, Mr. Kindall.

6:03:52 PM Quantum Catz: IS: What'll you do? Have me killed too?

6:04:23 PM Julie: :  I'm not the one with blood on my hands.

6:08:05 PM Quantum Catz: IS: There are more people alive today because of me than will probably ever even vote for you

6:09:03 PM Julie: :  ::turns back::  Yet it's all about the one you couldn't save, isn't it?

6:10:09 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::flinches:: I loved her.  You people just took her away from me,

6:10:51 PM Julie: :  I told you; it wasn't my doing.  Believe me or not.

6:12:16 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Either way, our deal's over

6:13:15 PM Julie: :  ::nods::  Understood.  ::wipes his bleeding nose again::

6:18:35 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::moves to close the door on the mayor::

6:19:23 PM Julie: :  ::the mayor heads back home, not even thinking of asking to be healed::

6:23:01 PM Maeve: EH: ::materializes next to Isaac and presses his hand against his shoulder. There's a concerned look on his face::

6:25:52 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::looks down at the blood on his hand and sighs:: I miss her so much

6:29:51 PM Maeve: EH: I know. ::he looks down sadly at the young man, understand his pain. He misses his wife more with each day::

6:34:23 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::looks up:: You talked

6:35:45 PM Maeve: EH: ::he frowns:: I did?

6:36:34 PM Quantum Catz: IS: You...I can hear you...like you're in my head

6:37:18 PM Maeve: EH: ::he pulls back, afraid he's done something he shouldn't:: 

6:42:02 PM Quantum Catz: IS: It's good to hear our voice...though it is a bit strange

6:42:30 PM Quantum Catz: *your voice

6:43:48 PM Maeve: EH: ::he smiles a little and his mouth moves, though no sound comes out. Isaac might hear it in his head still:: I'm glad. It is easier than writing. 

6:47:41 PM Quantum Catz: IS: It is

6:48:44 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: I shouldn't have punched him, it won't make things easier

6:49:40 PM Maeve: EH: ::sadly:: Maybe not but I think he deserved it. 

6:50:23 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I'll have to find another job.  The only thing i know is fishing but i don't think the others would like me going back to that

6:51:30 PM Maeve: EH: Why not? 

6:54:58 PM Quantum Catz: IS: The last time i was out on the water i went missing and they thought i was dead

6:55:43 PM Maeve: EH: ::he cringes the nods:: I understand. 

6:59:57 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I'll find something.

7:09:15 PM Julie: JH:  ::comes home a half-hour later or so, stomps up the stairs without a word::

7:15:30 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::sees him go up the stairs:: Josh?  Are you okay?

7:16:49 PM Julie: JH:  ::doesn't reply, slamming the door of his room::

7:17:28 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::goes up the stairs and knocks lightly on his door:: Josh?

7:18:15 PM Julie: :  ::Isaac can hear ragged breaths from the other side of the door; Josh might be crying::

7:23:32 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Josh, can i come in?

7:24:33 PM Julie: JH:  ::after a minute::  What did you do to the mayor?

7:26:01 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs and opens the door, moving into Josh's room:: It'snothin

7:26:47 PM Julie: :  ::Josh is on his bed, his face buried in his pillow; tenses when Isaac comes in::  Yes it is.

7:27:28 PM Quantum Catz: IS: he was forcing people to pay for me to heal them, i couldn't do it anymore

7:27:57 PM Julie: JH:  ::turns away so he can wipe his eyes; softly::  They won't train me anymore.

7:28:39 PM Quantum Catz: IS: What?

7:29:15 PM Julie: JH:  ::lowers his head, still turned away from Isaac::  I can't join the fire department.  Not in Marquis, anyway.

7:30:00 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::looking frustrated:: I can't believe him

7:30:50 PM Julie: JH:  ::glances back at Isaac; softly::  You...had to stand up to him.

7:32:41 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I'm sorry, i didn't think he would go after you to get back at me

7:33:10 PM Julie: JH:  ::reaches out and hugs his brother::  I'll think of something.

7:33:36 PM Quantum Catz: IS: We could move somewhere else

7:34:16 PM Julie: JH:  ::shakes his head::  Rod's here, and Eli and Leyla might not move, and...::flushes a little::

7:35:35 PM Quantum Catz: IS: You shouldn't miss out on what you want to do because of me

7:36:08 PM Julie: JH:  ::softly::  I'll find another way to help people.

7:37:01 PM Quantum Catz: IS: But you've been working so hard...

7:37:53 PM Julie: JH:  But we can't leave Marquis.  ::sighs::  Maybe in another few years they'll vote him out.

7:39:01 PM Quantum Catz: IS: If have to leave marquis to do what you want to do, the others will understand

7:44:06 PM Julie: JH:  ::softly::  I...don't want to leave.

7:45:00 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Okay. Maybe i can talk to the mayor...sort something out...

7:45:27 PM Julie: JH:  ::shakes his head::  You can't keep doing something you hate.  Something that's wrong.

7:46:47 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: He shouldn't be taking this out on you

7:47:09 PM Julie: JH:  ::turns away, sniffing::

7:51:06 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I'm sorry

7:51:25 PM Julie: JH:  ::softly::  I don't know if I could've made it anyway.  He said...I was too small.

7:53:55 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Surely if that was true they'd have told you before now

7:54:30 PM Julie: JH:  ::a little surprised::  I...guess so.

8:10:50 PM Quantum Catz: IS: We'll work something out

8:11:13 PM Julie: JH:  ::softly::  They can't stop me from training at home.

8:13:47 PM Quantum Catz: IS: No.  And maybe we can make sure people know what he's like so he isn't re-elected

8:14:47 PM Julie: JH:  ::nods::

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