~Friday, October 1, 1937~

6:20:35 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::arrives just in time for work; he's been rather distracted for the past couple weeks, not having seen maeve since Becky took her away. But he tries to block that out while he works, ignoring anything outside of the job::

6:21:19 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::the last two days were his days off, and he's rather glad to be back in, just for something to distract him from thinking about it::

6:26:14 PM Maeve: MV: ::she sees him come in but restrains the urge to look up. She's smiling prettily at a customer, nodding her head to whatever he's saying. Not that Isaac would know her.  Toby didn't have to change her body from the head down. No one around town would notice anyway. Her muscles have firmed up again, and she's lost any extra fat from laying around the house before--what with all the physical activity she's been doing. She's left her hair long but has turned it a dark chestnut color. And done a very un-Maeve like thing with it--she's pinned it up and curled it as per the latest fashion. Her nose, once just a cute nub is now slightly turned up at the end. Her eyebrows are thicker and not as arched. And her face is a lot rounder. ::

6:32:39 PM Julie: :  ::the customer is a bit older than Maeve; he's telling her all about his life, and offering to take her out after her shift::

6:33:19 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::glances over at Maeve, surprised that someone new was hired while he was off, but then he turns to his own table to talk to the customer there::

6:36:21 PM Maeve: MV: ::she blushes and looks down at her pad.:: Oh well now Mr. Sharp that is awful kind of you... ::her voice is softer, sweeter and with a tiny Irish lilt:: 

6:37:06 PM Julie: :  ::the man grins::  Then it's settled.

6:38:35 PM Maeve: MV: ::she bites her lip:: Oh sir, I- I mean it's just that I don't think Mr. Grey would like me to socialize with the costumers. It was very kind of you to ask though. 

6:39:16 PM Julie: :  ::the smile fades::  Where is that Mr. Grey?  I'll ask him.

6:40:42 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::moves over to the table:: Is there a problem?

6:41:53 PM Maeve: MV: ::she shifts her weight, wondering how she'll get out of this one. She stiffens then forces herself to turn to her husband, and smile like she's never seen him before:: Oh hello. Um, Mr. 

6:41:55 PM Maeve: Sharp was asking for a date but I'm sure Mr. Grey frowns on that sort of thing. ::silently pleads for him to get her out of this.::

6:43:05 PM Julie: :  ::the man smiles::  Though I think this is none of Mr. Grey's business!

6:48:52 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::frowns uncertainly at her green eyes for a moment and then turns away:: I'm afraid she's right - he doesn't really approve of us making dates  while we work.  And it's only her first week here - you wouldn't want her losing her job, would you?

6:49:49 PM Maeve: MV: ::she pastes on an apologetic smile, and begins to rethink her new sweet behavior:::

6:51:06 PM Julie: :  ::the man sighs, bowing his head to Maeve::  Sorry, then, miss.

6:51:32 PM Maeve: MV: It's quite all right. Do enjoy the rest of your meal. ::she backs away from the table:: 

6:53:23 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles at the man and moves to go with Maeve:: You just have to be insistent with them. Bit of a pain, but it seems to work

6:54:07 PM Maeve: MV: ::she blinks:: The men are insistent? With you? ::if it's the other species she's going to toss the sweet attitude real quick like::

6:56:30 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles, though it doesn't quite reach his eyes:: No, just with a couple of the other waitresses. 

6:58:43 PM Maeve: MV: ::hides her relief with a laugh of her own. It's a shy, quieter one, more reserved. She's been practicing for two weeks so she's gotten pretty good at this new persona:: I'm Kathleen by the way.

7:00:36 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Isaac ::a bit of a frown touches his face again when he looks in her eyes, but he turns away:: I should get back to work

7:01:21 PM Maeve: MV: ::laughs softly:: Oh. Right. Yes. Thank you for your help. ::she turns and hurries away, less she give anything away:: 

7:08:22 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::avoids talking to her after that.  Her green eyes remind him of Maeve and he really doesn't want to think about that just now::

7:09:30 PM Maeve: MV: ::she's avoided Isaac as well, not wanting anyone to link the two of them together so soon. Though she's been watching him discreetly all night::

7:10:11 PM Julie: :  ::once, the boss has admonished 'Kathleen' to get back to work::

7:11:05 PM Maeve: MV: ::she jumps and goes over to her last table, making sure they have everything and handing them the check:: 

7:15:37 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::feels rather tired as the shift draws towards the end, just wanting to get back to Livvy, despite being desperate to avoid thinking of Maeve when he first came in::

7:16:58 PM Julie: :  ::the boss goes to Isaac near the end of his shift; murmurs::  You had a long day--I can close up here.

7:17:24 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Are you sure?

7:17:58 PM Julie: :  ::nods::  I saw you heal those kids.  ::gives him a bit of a gentle smile::  Must be hard to burn the candle at both ends.

7:20:00 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles and shrugs:: I just do what I have to. I'll take the rubbish out back and then I'll head home.  Thanks

7:22:10 PM Julie: :  ::nods::  Hope the new girl didn't give you too much trouble.

7:23:21 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::shrugs:: Nothing except one of the customers flirting with her.  He backed down easy enough though  

7:23:44 PM Julie: :  ::nods again::  Surprised it was only one.  ::smirks::  Good night, Isaac.

7:24:11 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles:: Night ::goes to head out back::

7:24:36 PM Maeve: MV: ::she waits until Mr. Grey isn't looking at follows him out back:: 

7:27:14 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::turns when he hears her come out:: Oh, hi

7:27:48 PM Maeve: MV: ::smiles shyly:: Hi. ::she pauses:: I hope you don't mind, it's just that I had another question... 

7:28:36 PM Quantum Catz: IS: What is it?

7:29:02 PM Maeve: MV: I was just wondering about what Mr. Grey thinks of his employees dating...

7:30:03 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::blinks and then turns away from her:: I'm flattered, but i'm married

7:30:58 PM Maeve: MV: ::she grimaces. That wasn't what she was going for. She drops the lilt:: Isaac. 

7:33:45 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::turns to look at her, wondering if maybe it wasn't just that her eyes were similar to Maeve's::

7:36:11 PM Maeve: MV: ::she smirks:: Ok. Let me play out what I imagined happening. ::she takes a step forward:: I asked and you answer with "No, he doesn't condone that either" ::takes another step:: Then I whisper "what if they were already married". And then it slowly sinks in... ::she nods her head, waiting::

7:42:18 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::a weak smile plays across his lips at that and then he moves forward, pulling her into a kiss, 

7:42:20 PM Quantum Catz: wishing he could have given her that the last time he saw her, wishing he hadn't been so shocked that he'd pushed her away; holds her tightly in his arms::

7:43:41 PM Maeve: MV: ::her lips feel different against his but she wraps her arms around his neck, kissing him back. Her arms tighten after a moment, her heart aching. She'd waited so long... ::

7:45:36 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::when he pulls away, he rests his head against hers, still holding her close, not wanting to break the moment and deal with everything else::

7:47:06 PM Maeve: MV: ::she waits, not wanting to break it either, but she's more worried about the boss coming to look for her. She pulls back, though she takes his hands, squeezing them:: Sorry, but one of us had better get back inside. 

7:49:49 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::pulls away from her:: What, that's it? 'Hey, Isaac, long time no see. Better get back in now'?

7:50:36 PM Maeve: MV: ::grimaces:: Yeah. I just didn't want to hide who I was from you longer than necessary.

7:51:59 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::hesitates:: Does this eman you decided to stay?

7:53:17 PM Maeve: MV: ::smirks:: No. I took a job for a weekend and am planning to catch a boat out tomorrow. 

7:53:45 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly:: That isn't funny

7:55:12 PM Maeve: MV: ::she drops the smirk and reaches out to touch his arm:: Sorry. I've been around thugs for... ::she shakes her head:: Anyway. Yes. I'm staying. That is if you still want me. ::she 

7:55:14 PM Maeve: smirks:: I saw a few waitresses back there, I don't know, you might want them more. 

7:57:06 PM Quantum Catz: IS: That isn't funny either ::reaches for her hand, holding it in his own::

7:57:49 PM Maeve: MV: ::she bites her lip to keep herself from making anymore remarks. Instead, she looks down at their hands. That at least still feels the same:: 

7:59:16 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Where have you been?

8:01:31 PM Maeve: MV: ::she looks over at the door, nervously, then back at him:: First Gatetown. Toby got me papers and what not. And I stayed there, in an inn, until coming here. I've been here for four 

8:01:34 PM Maeve: days now. Getting me a place in the apartments, away from Leyla and Eli, and finding a job.

8:02:40 PM Quantum Catz: IS: They'll notice you eventually.  Leyla and Eli, i mean

8:03:13 PM Maeve: MV: ::she grimaces:: It's the only place I could afford Isaac. And you can't hide it from Leyla for ever. Or even Eli.

8:05:02 PM Quantum Catz: IS: It's not them I'm worried about...we maybe need to talk to them

8:05:21 PM Maeve: MV: ::she frowns:: Why?

8:06:02 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Well, it's probably better coming from us that you're alive than for them to find out by smelling you one day

8:06:55 PM Maeve: MV: ::she bites her lip and then nods:: Well, for now I'm being careful. I mean, I'd rather tell as few people as possible but at this rate the only unlucky souls are going to be Harry and Libby. 

8:07:22 PM Maeve: MV: ::she smirks:: Or maybe the only lucky ones. 

8:08:22 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I'd rather Josh didn't know yet...not until...

8:09:21 PM Maeve: MV: ::she pulls back, figuring that means he's not sure yet:: That's fine. ::she thinks about Livvy and bites her lip again:: 

8:11:07 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I don't...I just...he feels like he's always losing someone - i can't put him through that again until i know you're here for good.  You were sure before that you wouldn't stay...he doesn't need anymore bad news any time soon...

8:12:32 PM Maeve: MV: ::she looks down; softly:: This might never be certain Isaac... I waited until I was sure that they weren't looking for me but I can't make you any promises. You either take the chance or... ::she shrugs helplessly:: 

8:15:54 PM Quantum Catz: IS: Josh doesn't need this right now.  I'm not ready to tell him something that might just end up pulling him right down again ::sighs:: Maybe we can work out a way for you to see Livvy though

8:16:53 PM Maeve: MV: :;she grimaces:: I want nothing more than that but I don't want her upset either. I doubt she knows I'm here yet... 

8:17:37 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I get the feeling she always knows

8:18:29 PM Maeve: MV: If coming and going for only a few hours a day won't upset her... and if Becky is OK with it...

8:20:42 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::nods; softly:: She's missed you

8:21:45 PM Maeve: MV: I've missed her. ::she shivers, trying to tamp down the anticipation of seeing her daughter. She looks back to the door:: You'd better get inside. Being seen together...well I don't want anyone jumping to conclusions. 

8:24:12 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::winces and nods; hesitates and then moves forward and kisses her lightly on the lips before turning to go::

8:25:07 PM Maeve: MV: ::she closes her eyes, making herself stay put.::

8:28:35 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::hesitates and then turns to look at her:: I could walk you home.  To your...new place, i mean

8:29:31 PM Maeve: MV: ::smiles slightly and looks back:: You don't think it would be risky? 

8:30:36 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::shrugs:: I've walked one of the other girls home before, when we were late finishing

8:31:00 PM Maeve: MV: ::she frowns at him but after a moment she nods:: 

8:33:13 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiels weakly at her and opens the door to go back inside::

8:33:34 PM Maeve: MV: ::she waits a minute or two then heads back in::

8:35:29 PM Julie: :  ::the boss glances up from the register; glares at Maeve::  What was that?

8:35:49 PM Maeve: MV: ::her eyes widen innocently and she looks behind her:: What was what?

8:36:09 PM Julie: :  You were meant to be in here.

8:37:02 PM Maeve: MV: :;she bites her lip, thinking:: I'm sorry. This is my first closing. Was there more for me to do?

8:37:22 PM Julie: :  Wipe down the tables.

8:37:35 PM Maeve: MV: ::she smiles sweetly and scurries off::

8:39:47 PM Julie: :  ::grunts, getting back to his work::

8:40:07 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::decides to help finish up while he waits for Maeve::

8:40:19 PM Maeve: MV: ::she wipes down the tables, only half paying attention to what she's doing::

8:44:53 PM Julie: :  ::the man looks up, narrowing his eyes::  Kathleen, there are women out there who would love to have this job, if you're not up to it.

8:45:30 PM Maeve: MV: ::her cheeks burn; softly:: Sorry sir. ::she forces her mind back to the job, wiping with more care:: 

8:46:41 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::softly, to Mr Grey:: It's my fault she stayed outside, i'm sorry.  I think she's having trouble settling in.  I said I'd walk her home after the shift

8:47:27 PM Julie: :  ::Mr. Grey's expression softens a bit, and he nods::  It's all right.  She's almost done.

8:48:44 PM Maeve: MV: ::she finishes with the last table then scans the others. She finds a few with some missed spots, quickly wipes those up, and goes to put away the supplies::

8:49:50 PM Julie: :  ::Mr. Grey goes to her and hands her fifty cents::  Your last table left this for you.

8:50:26 PM Maeve: MV: ::her eyes widen and she holds out her hand to take it:: Thank you, Mr. Grey. 

8:51:04 PM Julie: :  ::smiles at Maeve, a little softer::  I'll see you tomorrow.

8:51:40 PM Maeve: MV: ::she smiles back:: Good night. ::she turns to head out:: 

8:51:50 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::follows after her::

8:52:26 PM Maeve: MV: ::she turns to look at him, offering him a kind smile.:: Thank you Mr. Kindall. It is awful kind of you to walk me home. 

8:53:27 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::feeling rather sad that they have to go through this roleplay, he says:: It's no problem.  It's not far from where I live anyway

8:54:37 PM Maeve: MV: ::she loops her arm through his, though she keeps a respectable distance:: 

8:56:09 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: You look so different

8:56:43 PM Maeve: MV: ::she looks around, afraid someone is near:: 

8:58:33 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::just shakes his head, not saying any more::

8:59:29 PM Maeve: MV: ::when they get to her door she turns to look at him; softly:: I'm sorry. But it shouldn't be too hard to woo me all over again, should it? ::she smiles, teasingly:: 

9:06:24 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::glances around for a moment and then leans forward to kiss her lightly::

9:07:17 PM Maeve: MV: ::her breath catches then she puts her hand against his neck, deepening it, holding him there:: 

9:09:27 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::closes his eyes, wishing none of this had happened::

9:11:02 PM Maeve: MV: ::she pulls back, leaning up against him. She nuzzles his neck, inhaling. She's just happy he's holding her again::

9:11:22 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I missed you so much

9:13:37 PM Maeve: MV: ::whispers:: You have no idea... ::she forces herself to pull away, though she ducks her head to hide the tears welling up:: But you have to... if anyone saw you come up they'll be expecting you to come out. 

9:16:16 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: I know.  Josh'll be expecting me home soon too

9:16:41 PM Maeve: MV: ::she puts her key into the lock; weakly:: Good night... 

9:17:46 PM Quantum Catz: IS: ::reaches out and takes her hand, squeezing it:: I love you

9:18:20 PM Maeve: MV: ::she squeezes his back:: I love you too. 

9:19:37 PM Quantum Catz: IS: I'll see you soon

9:20:02 PM Maeve: MV: ::she nods; sadly:; Yeah. 

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