~Saturday, March 17, 1928~

YarnKittymon: ::Libby has advised Becky to go on ahead to the Freak Show; Daniel's already there, but Libby has something she wants to do. It's raining pretty heavily::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::shows up at the Freak Show carrying and umbella::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::standing by the door looking out at the rain:: Hi, Ethan
YarnKittymon: DN: ::opens the door for them, standing on his back feet:: Hi! ::the dog barks at them::
SquirtLaWort: EM: Hey kido ::goes into the building.
SquirtLaWort: EM: Hello Daniel.
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::looks around:: Where's Libby?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::shrugs:: Said she had something to do
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::sets his umbella and coat on one of the chairs:: Oh..
Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiles:: I'm sure she'll get here soon
YarnKittymon: LB: ::finally walks in, rather wet, not looking particularly happy:: Hello.
SquirtLaWort: EM: Hello Libby.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::grins:: See?
Quantum Catz: BM: Hey, Libby.
YarnKittymon: LB: Did you drive here, or take the subway? Seems you managed to stay drier than I did...
Quantum Catz: BM: There's nothing wrong with a bit of rain...
SquirtLaWort: EM: I took the subway.. But I brought an umbrella this time. ::points to the umbrella::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smirks naughtily:: I suppose it's a good thing I'm not wearing a light-colored dress today...::she's actually in a dark pantsuit, still wearing her hat::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::blushes a bit:: uh.. yeah.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smirks:: May I borrow your umbrella? The costumes arrived yesterday, and I'd like to bring them inside.
SquirtLaWort: EM: Of course you can. Do you need any help?
YarnKittymon: LB: If you'd hold the umbrella over the both of us, I can go out to the car and bring them inside. ::opens the door, Alex is right there:: Or we could hide under his wings, I suppose...
CleoDominic: AX: ::Open his wings::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::frowns:: I suppose...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smirks:: I was joking, Alex. Get inside before you catch a cold.
CleoDominic: AX: :Laughing: :Okay okay!:
YarnKittymon: LB: ::heads out to her car, pulling a few folded costumes from the passenger seat::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::grabs the umbrella and heads out with Libby::
YarnKittymon: : ::Ethan can't see too much of the costumes, but they seem to be sparkly::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::looks over her shoulder at the costumes he dosen't like what he sees:: Did you make those?
YarnKittymon: LB: I had them made.
CleoDominic: AX: ::Looks out the door:: :Alright costumes! Does this mean I still gotta dress as a woman?:
YarnKittymon: LB: Well, I hadn't intended *that* type of freak show, but whatever brings in the crowds...
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::laughs:: Who would want to see that?
YarnKittymon: LB: There's lots of comedy acts around the island. When it's summer, I mean.
CleoDominic: AX: :Well I don't want to, I thought thats what you wanted me to do, but I came up with a cool act! I'll haffta show you!:
YarnKittymon: LB: ::ponders, then nods:: All right. I was hoping to have a practice show today, but I'm nto sure who would come in the rain. We probably couldn't even get Raymond to come, since Erin hasn't shown up yet...
SquirtLaWort: EM: So what do we do today then?
YarnKittymon: LB: We *could* try on our costumes...
CleoDominic: AX: :Party!: ::dances in the rain:
Quantum Catz: BM: ::giggles::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::pauses:: Though I should have brought a towel; we won't want to get them too wet. ::stands next to the heater, shivering::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::shakes his head:: What a nutcase.
CleoDominic: AX: :Hey, I'm not that nutty: ::Looks at Ethan then smirks:: ::Goes to give Ethan a bit hug::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::pushes Alex away:: Don't do that.
CleoDominic: AX: :Oh not wet hug huh?: :laughs: :Hey I wanna show you my act, so wheres my costume?:
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks through the costumes; pulls one out, holding it up:: Here you go.
YarnKittymon: ((You may design it or I may or anyone else may. But it's gaudy, and probably brightly-colored. Though it might just be an angel robe or something. ^_-))
CleoDominic: AX: ::he hold up a black robe:: :Cool, this is so cool.: ::Goes to get chaged::
YarnKittymon: LB: I hadn't quite envisioned an angel of death motiff, but I guess that's what the seamstress came up with...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::hands Ethan his costume:: Is this one any better?
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::holds up the costume:: It's.. It's good..
YarnKittymon: LB: Not too sparkly for you?
YarnKittymon: : ::it's a bright green shirt with sequins all down the long sleeves, and a pair of black pants, with sequins around the cuffs::
SquirtLaWort: EM: Well. ::frowns:: I really don't like sparkles.
YarnKittymon: LB: It'll look impressive on stage, though. You're part actor now, you know.
SquirtLaWort: EM: I guess..it's just part of the act.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::stifles a giggle:: I bet it'll look great, Ethan
YarnKittymon: LB: You may use a stage name if you prefer, Ethan.
CleoDominic: AX: ::comes outs:: ::His rope goes to mid shin, you can see black pants under neath with black boots. It has a slash for a belt of silver, and buttons running down from the collar tot he belt. the collar and sleeves has silver edes.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::nods:: Frightening, but also striking.
SquirtLaWort: EM: Why isn't his costume sparkly?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::grins:: Cool!
CleoDominic: AX: :I like it, wait till Leslie sess it!: ::Looks at Ethan and whispers:: :Because she likes me: ::winks::
YarnKittymon: LB: The belt is. ::shrugs:: I didn't design them; I'm not an aritst.
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::rolls his eyes::
CleoDominic: AX: :laughs:
YarnKittymon: LB: ::blushes:: She's your aunt, isn't she?
CleoDominic: AX: :Leslie? Yeah!:
CleoDominic: ((thats what she ment right?))
YarnKittymon: (("She likes me" ::winks::))
SquirtLaWort: ((LOL!))
SquirtLaWort: ((I think she ment "Libby"))
Quantum Catz: ((hehe))
YarnKittymon: LB: ::shakes her head, frowning; glances at Ethan:: Would you like to change next, or shall I?
CleoDominic: ((I'm so lost...))
YarnKittymon: ((You said "I think she likes me" after talking about Leslie. Libby assumed you were hitting on your aunt.))
CleoDominic: ((he was talking about libby.))
CleoDominic: ((sorry me word things wrong...))
SquirtLaWort: EM: I'll change ::goes off to change into the costume::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::quietly, to Becky:: I didn't get you a costume; I hope you don't mind.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::chuckles:: Me? You'd never get *me* into something with sequins!
CleoDominic: AX: :Thats right, sequins are for dorks, look at Ethan when he comes out, lets all shout DORK!:
YarnKittymon: LB: What's a dork?
CleoDominic: AX: :Well acording to marine biology, its a ::holds beckys ears:: a whale penis.::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::steps out wearing his costume looking very unhappy::
CleoDominic: AX: ::Stand with eyes wide open:: :Dork!:
YarnKittymon: LB: ::goes over to Ethan, adjusting his collar:: I think you look lovely.
CleoDominic: AX: :Aw thats so cut, Moomy attending to her young cuz he can't dress himself.:
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::blushes:: Thanks Libby. ::glares at Alex.. Suddenly Alex is lifted off the ground and throw out through the door::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::tries not to laugh:: Don't be so mean, you two!
YarnKittymon: LB: ::quietly, to Ethan:: Do that to anyone who might heckle us at the show, all right?
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::smiles:: sure thing.
CleoDominic: AX: :hey dont get my robe wet!: ::takes his wings and stands up before landing on the ground::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::laughs::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::takes her costume:: Well, I suppose it's my turn, then. ::winks at Ethan:: At least *you're* not wearing a dress like angel-boy is...
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::smirks:: That's true.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::goes into the back room to change clothes::
CleoDominic: AX: :It's not a dress its a robe!: ::walks over to Ethan:: :Look theres even pants that go with it: ::lifts up the robe::
YarnKittymon: DN: ::frowns:: Why are you lifting up your dress in front of a man?
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::Laughs:: Maybe he's looking for a date. ::looks at Alex:: I'm not interested.
CleoDominic: AX: :Oh it's because, I'm secretly in love with Ethan...coughs...No, I showing him I got pants!:
YarnKittymon: DN: ::frowns:: I don't.
SquirtLaWort: EM: Please keep what you have under your robe under it.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::comes out of the room, wearing a sleeveless red dress that goes down to her knees. It doesn't have any waistline, but is fairly covered in red and orange sequins. She has a matching sequined orange hat::
CleoDominic: AX: ::whistles:: :Hey you look nice: ::winks::
SquirtLaWort: EM: You look beautiful.
Quantum Catz: BM: Uh, yeah, very bright and sparkly ::rolls her eyes::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::had been looking at Ethan for his approval; smiles; speaking more quietly than usual:: Thank you...::pauses, then laughs:: It's rather gaudy, but I suppose if I'm going to be the ringmaster here, I'll have to stand out, right?
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::laughs:: right
CleoDominic: AX: :hehehe, you already stand out....without the costumes...:
YarnKittymon: DN: ::looks a little disappointed::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smiles, pulling out a blue sequined collar; throws it to Daniel:: You can wear it if you'd please, or play with it if you don't.
YarnKittymon: DN: ::instantly pounces the thing, but doesn't rip it to shreds::
CleoDominic: AX: :Wait! Give it to me I have an idea! Here Danny!:
DN: ::tilts his head curiously::
AX: :Please I'll give it right back promise!:
SquirtLaWort: EM: I wouldn't trust him.
YarnKittymon: DN: ::pauses, then throws the collar to Alex, with his teeth::
CleoDominic: AX: :Thanks!:: Goes to the back room.::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::curiously:: I wonder what he's up to...
CleoDominic: AX: ::He slips out the back door, slowly entering the front. Then he goes behind Ethan, and sliding the collar over his head:: :Aw, see perfect for him!:
YarnKittymon: DN: ::frowns:: But it's *my* collar.
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::takes the collar off his head and hands it to Daniel:: Very funny Alex.
SquirtLaWort: EM: But I'll get you back for that.
CleoDominic: AX: :Heh, I know, it was so funny it's making my ribs hurt...:
YarnKittymon: LB: That might be the car accident, you know. ::helps Daniel put the collar on::
CleoDominic: AX: ::Sits down:: :Yeah, un-huh...sure it is...Hey Danny you look puurrfectly cute in that!:
YarnKittymon: DN: ::purrs a bit, then pauses, looking at the others:: Am I supposed to be cute?
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::shrugs:: sure, why not.
YarnKittymon: DN: ::pauses, then scratches his neck with his back foot:: It's itchy, though.
SquirtLaWort: EM: You don't have to wear it if you don't want to.
CleoDominic: AX: ::Well I wouldn't know, Ethan's the one that tried it on...Ethan is it scratchy to you?:
YarnKittymon: DN: I wanna look nice for the show. But not the rest of the time.
CleoDominic: AX: :You think people well think I look like a priest if I walk around in this?:
SquirtLaWort: EM: No one would mistake you for a priest.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::grins, then pauses:: Do you think people will mistake me for a dance hall girl in this?
CleoDominic: ((whats a dance hall girl?))
SquirtLaWort: EM: It's not like we're going to walk around town like this, we're just wearing this for the show after all.
YarnKittymon: ((She's implying a woman of vaguely ill repute, though not quite prostitute))
CleoDominic: AX: :Hey what time is it getting to be?:
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::takes out pocket watch:: It's almost 12:30
CleoDominic: AX: :Oh...Leslie don't get home till late, I like to clean up the house while she's gone:
CleoDominic: AX: ::Stands up:: :Hey I wanna show you my act!:
YarnKittymon: LB: I was hoping you'd try it in front of a real audience, but I suppose this way is better--less likely innocent people will get hurt.
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::smirks:: It better not invole you lifting up your dress.h
CleoDominic: AX: ::Stinks out his togue, and climps the stange:: :Okay I need a volinteer!:
YarnKittymon: LB: ::laughs:: This is a family-friendly show, isn't it?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks to see if anyone else is going to volunteer, or if she has to::
CleoDominic: AX: :Okay, I need someone..:
Quantum Catz: BM: ::grins:: I'll do it
CleoDominic: AX: :Well young lady, come up here!: ::Puts out his right hand, cuz the others in a sling::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::teleports onto the stage:: This isn't gonna be dangerous is it?
CleoDominic: AX: :Alright, take my hand.:
Quantum Catz: BM: ::takes Alex's hand::
CleoDominic: AX: ::He left both there hands up as he spread his wings. Both there hair goes up, as lightnign strikes Alex's hand, ceircling them.::
CleoDominic: AX: ::whipers to Becky:: :Don't move an inch:
Quantum Catz: BM: ::stares in shock at the lightening but doesn't say anything::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::gasps, a little frightened::
CleoDominic: AX: ::The lightning finally calms down around them, letting there hair go back down, as he closes his wings.:: :Ta DA!:
YarnKittymon: LB: ::nods; quietly:: I think that's our closing act...
Quantum Catz: BM: ::laughs, half out of relief:: That's was so cool!
SquirtLaWort: EM: That's impressive.
CleoDominic: AX: :Well guys, I gotta go, got stuff to clean up. I'm glad you liked it.::Waves:: :bye:


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