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~~~1928 - 1931~~~

1932 - 1937

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This page will show you when what adventure was uploaded, so you can better keep track of what you've read and what you haven't.

January 1928:

VENURA: Saturday, January 21: Hugo meets Stella.

February 1928:

*AIM: Tuesday, February 7: Ethan meets Libby.

*AIM: Sunday, February 12: Erin meets Libby. (updated 2.27.02)

*AIM: Tuesday, February 14: Alex meets Libby. (updated 2.16.02)

*AIM: Saturday, February 18: Jasmine meets Libby. (added 2.16.02)

*AIM: Saturday, February 26: Becky meets Libby. (added 2.20.02)

March 1928:

*AIM: Saturday, March 3: Almost everyone meets each other, and they get kittens. (took place in real time 2/23/02 and 3/2/02)
*AIM: Saturday, March 3 part 2: Alex and Ethan fight, and Libby and Becky talk and see Libby's house. (took place in real time 3/9/02, 3/23/02, and 3/16/02)

*AIM: Saturday, March 10: The group starts to get together to figure out their acts. (took place in real time 3/23/02, 3/30/02, 4/6/02)
*AIM: Saturday March 10 part 2: A trip to the circus leads the group to adopt a cat, of sorts. And Alex gets in an accident. (took place in real time 4/13/02, 4/27/02, 5/4/02
SIDESTORY: (Saturday, March 10) Alex Story by Cleo (how Alex got in his accident)

*AIM: Sunday, March 11: Becky and Alex have an adventure. (took place in real time 5/4/02)
VENURA: Sunday, March 11: Stella and Hugo discuss their plans.

VENURA: Monday, March 12: Stella goes back to see Alex.

*AIM: Wednesday, March 14: Becky, Alex, Ethan, and Erin meet on a weekday, and decide to celebrate Erin's birthday. (still in progress)

*AIM: Thursday, March 15: Ethan, Becky, and Erin talk...

SIDESTORY: (before Saturday, March 17) Alex Story 2 by Cleo (Alex rehearsing his act)

*AIM: Saturday, March 17: Everyone gets their costumes!

AIM (two-player): Sunday, March 18: Libby and Ethan meet outside of the show...

*AIM: Saturday, March 24: Libby, Ethan, and Becky have a fun day...for a while...
SIDESTORY: (Saturday, March 24) A Change of Lifestyle by Julie (focusing on Libby, before, during, and after the events role-played for March 24) (uploaded 6.11.02)

*AIM: Sunday, March 25 part 1: Erin worries about what she saw on the 24th, and some more talking.
*AIM: Sunday, March 25 part 2: Becky and Erin have a talk.

*AIM: Monday, March 26: Libby and Ethan meet a new member of the show, and something's wrong with Daniel...

*AIM: Saturday, March 31: Libby decides to start the show, no matter what.
VENURA: Saturday, March 31: Alex goes out with Stella and Hugo, and meets Michelle. (updated 2.16.03)

April 1928:

*AIM: Saturday, April 7: Alan and Michelle (Hugo's father and sister) come to see the show.

*AIM: Sunday, April 8: Alex and Becky visit Michelle.

VENURA: Monday, April 9: Stella gets into some trouble.

AIM (two-player): Thursday, April 12: Michelle hears some disturbing news.

VENURA: Thursday, April 12: Hugo discusses the current state of affairs with his father.

*AIM: Saturday, April 14: Hugo delivers a warning, and another show takes place.

AIM (two-player): Sunday, April 15: Alex meets Maeve, his--cousin???

AIM (two-player): Monday, April 16: Alex cheers Michelle up.
VENURA: Monday, April 16: Hugo talks to Stella about her past.

VENURA: Tuesday, April 17: Stella does a good deed.

VENURA: Wednesday, April 18: Hugo finds out what Stella did, and Stella hears some bad news.
VENURA: Wednesday, April 18 part 2: Hugo meets Stella's parents.

VENURA: Thursday, April 19: Who knew Stella could cook?

*AIM: Saturday, April 21: Maeve really sets the stage on fire. (First and only time I'll use that pun, honest.)
VENURA: Saturday, April 21: Jasmine makes a friend. (updated 10.5.02)

AIM (two-player): Tuesday, April 24: Stella's half-brothers are looking for her...

VENURA: Wednesday, April 25: And they find her.
NOW ON VENURA: Wednesday, April 25: Jasmine and Giancarlo get in some trouble. (in progress)
AIM (two-player): Wednesday, April 25: Maeve and Alex get in some trouble.

VENURA: Thursday, April 26: Michelle visits Alex.

AIM (two-player): Friday, April 27: Alex loses a bet. (updated 10.3.02)

*AIM: Sunday, April 29: Becky runs away...
*AIM: Sunday, April 29 part 2: ...and comes back a new woman. Plus, Alex's father comes to visit.

*AIM: Monday, April 30: Some of the gang visits Alex.

May 1928:

*AIM: Thursday, May 3: Erin has an announcement.

VENURA: Monday, May 7: Alex and Maeve want to take Libby and Becky out to the movies... (updated 10.5.02)
AIM (sidestory): Monday, May 7: Alex gets everyone in trouble. (updated 10.5.02)

VENURA: Tuesday, May 8: Alex talks to Michelle... (updated 9.28.02)

AIM (two-player): Wednesday, May 9: Maeve and Alex find a surprise, and then Alex finds...another surprise. (updated 10.5.02)

*AIM: Saturday, May 12: Libby finally figures out a way to earn more money.
VENURA: Saturday, May 12: Hugo and Stella just can't seem to keep out of harm's way. (updated 10.3.02)

VENURA: Monday, May 14: Libby meets another freak, though she doesn't seem too interested in the show. (updated 2.16.03)

AIM (two-player): Tuesday, May 15: Hugo spends time with one of Michelle's friends. (updated 2.16.03)

AIM (two-player): Tuesday, May 16: Alex and Maeve have an otherworldly-type adventure. (updated 3.2.03)

VENURA: Monday, May 21: Poor Hugo has to go to school... (updated 10.10.02)

VENURA: Saturday, May 26: Hugo wakes up, and the next day, Stella tracks down Mrs. Madison, and Thalgore and Donald talk. (updated 2.16.03)

AIM (sidestory): Thursday, May 31: Libby's "other freak" is in trouble. (updated 11.24.02)

June 1928:

*AIM: Monday, June 4: Alex introduces his latest girlfriend. (updated 9.28.02)

*AIM: Wednesday, June 6: Something goes very wrong with the show. (updated 10.1.02)

*AIM: Friday, June 8: Libby meets Erin's sister. (updated 2.16.03)

*AIM: Sunday, June 10: A failed attempt at a sleepover endangers Becky, and Libby finally hears the truth about Ethan. (updated 10.19.02)

VENURA: Monday, June 11: Will Alex's father and Libby's mother dare to love again? Yeah, probably. (updated 2.16.03)

*AIM: Tuesday, June 12: Ethan finds out that Libby knows a secret about him. (updated 10.19.02)
VENURA: Tuesday, June 12: Alex and Serena get closer. (updated 2.16.03)

AIM (two-player): Wednesday, June 13: Libby talks to Ethan. (updated 10.25.02)
SIDESTORY: (Wednesday, June 13) by Caroline Becky is still depressed. (updated 10.19.02)
AIM (two-player): Wednesday, June 13: Becky meets someone who promises to help her. (updated 10.19.02)
VENURA: Wednesday, June 13: Alex brings Michelle a birthday present, and Hugo gets a present as well... (updated 2.16.03)

*AIM: Thursday, June 14: Erin sees a problem. (updated 10.25.02)
VENURA: Thursday, June 14: Alex and Serena get closer. (updated 2.16.03)

*AIM: Monday, June 18: Libby's mother comes to visit, and Alex and Ethan get into a fight--and then, Alex's father comes. (updated 11.24.02)

*AIM: Wednesday, June 20: The group finds themselves in a mysterious place... (updated 1.11.03)

AIM (two-player): Thursday, June 21: Maeve is depressed, and leaves. (updated 2.16.03)

*AIM: Friday, June 22: Maeve goes missing....(updated 12.7.02)

*AIM: Saturday, June 23: Libby takes her acts out. (updated 12.7.02)

AIM: Monday, June 25: Some planning on the other side... (contains spoilers) (updated 1.11.03)

AIM: Tuesday, June 26: Donald and Thalgore come to see the show. (updated 2.16.03)

AIM: Wednesday, June 27: More talk between the bad guys, of rats and women... (contains spoilers) (updated 2.15.03)

*AIM: Thursday, June 28: Ethan's wife comes to visit, Becky returns, and a very bizarre argument of Christianity versus Buddhism, followed by a bizarre date with Maeve and Donald. (updated 5.7.03)
AIM (two-player): Thursday, June 28: Ethan tracks down his wife. (contains spoilers) (updated 3.12.03)

*AIM: Friday, June 29: A new act arrives, and Daniel is hurt. (updated 2.15.03)
VENURA: Friday, June 29: Fox and Greta go out on a date. (updated 2.16.03)

*AIM: Saturday, June 30: Libby and her friends go to a wedding, and, despite the lack of a reception, attempt to get fully plastered. (updated 3.12.03)

July 1928:

AIM (two-player): Sunday, July 1: Becky speaks with Donald again. (contains spoilers) (updated 2.15.03)
AIM (two-player): Sunday, July 1: Donald shows Clay proof that his plan will work. (contains spoilers) (updated 3.12.03)

*AIM: Monday, July 2: A trip to Steeplechase Park does not go so well, resulting in one death, several near-deaths, and one person getting shot in the forearm--or is it their side?--apparently I couldn't choose... ^^; (updated 3.12.03)

*AIM: Tuesday, July 3: Yeah, we have to make things even worse for Libby. (updated 3.27.03)

*AIM: Friday, July 6: From a freak show, to a show run by freaks. (updated 4.4.03)

*AIM: Sunday, July 8: A bit of costuming. (updated 4.10.03)

*AIM: Monday, July 9: Ethan's departure.... (updated 4.29.03)

*AIM: Tuesday, July 10: Followed by some stagecraft. (updated 4.29.03)

*AIM (and BBS): Thursday, July 12: Serena's funeral. (updated 6.1.03)

*AIM: Friday, July 13: And finally, promotion. (updated 5.7.03)

*AIM: Tuesday, July 17: An unexpected visit from one of Libby's close relatives. (updated 7.11.03)

VENURA: Wednesday, July 18: Becky meets Toby. (updated 8.31.03)
*AIM: Wednesday, July 18: Maeve and Aldez try to speak to their father. (updated 7.11.03)

*AIM: Thursday, July 19: Toby and Maeve don't exactly hit it off. (updated 7.11.03)

*AIM: Friday, July 20: Jasmine and her father meet an unusual flygirl. (updated 7.11.03)

*AIM: Sunday, July 22 part 1: Patrick returns, bent on revenge. (updated 7.11.03)
AIM (two-player): Sunday, July 22 part 2: Elsewhere, Donald and Tony plot. (updated 7.12.03)
AIM (two-player): Sunday, July 22 part 3: Maeve and Donald talk, and Maeve finds out quite a bit. (updated 7.12.03)
*AIM: Sunday, July 22 part 4: And Maeve talks with a few other people regarding recent developments. (updated 7.12.03)

*AIM: Monday, July 23 part 1: Maeve wishes to investigate at the Madision Estate... (updated 7.14.03)
*AIM: Monday, July 23 part 2: And everyone eventually gets out of their predicament... (updated 8.31.03)

AIM (two-player): Wednesday, July 25: Maeve visits the ailing Donald. (updated 8.31.03)

August 1928:
(note: items in grey no longer happened...due to a purposeful changing of time...)

*AIM: Monday, August 6: Maeve is arrested. (updated 8.31.03)

*AIM: Wednesday, August 8: And something worse happens to Maeve. (updated 8.31.03)

*AIM: Thursday, August 9: Becky and Libby hear the bad news. (updated 8.31.03)

SIDESTORY: (Friday, August 10) by Julie Perhaps Donald takes this hardest of all. (updated 8.31.03)

*AIM: Monday, August 13: Toby gets an idea to help Maeve after all. (updated 9.1.03)


*AIM: Wednesday, August 8: Everyone's given a second chance to save Maeve. (updated 9.1.03)
SIDESTORY: (Wednesday, August 8) by Julie Libby has a talk with Toby. (updated 9.1.03)
*AIM: Wednesday, August 8 part 2: Some goodbyes. (updated 9.26.03)
*AIM: Wednesday, August 8 part 3: A case of mistaken identity, and a squirrel. (updated 10.17.03)

*AIM: Thursday, August 9: A trip to the ballpark. (updated 10.17.03)
*AIM: Thursday, August 9 part 2: ...and Caroline's right; where do they find these awful people? Or, an excuse to horribly torture everyone. (updated 10.17.03)

*AIM: Friday, August 10: A friendly little girl's not-so-friendly mother has gone missing, and finding her isn't much better. (updated 12.23.03)
*AIM: Friday, August 10 part 2: Because they need to see some more terrible visions, including Toby in a dress.... (updated 12.23.03)

AIM (two-player): Saturday, August 11: After their car accident, our adventurers are put into the hospital. (updated 12.23.03)

*AIM: Monday, August 13: Morphine and Maeve don't mix. (updated 12.23.03)

*AIM: Wednesday, August 15: The only way out of their hiding place is a trip to Tinytown. (updated 12.23.03)

*AIM: Friday, August 17: Another kidnapping, and a trip to the train station leads to an unexpected location... (updated 2.17.04)


*AIM: Sometime in 1999: Who can know what the future holds? Apparently, Maeve can. (updated 2.17.04)

January 1930:

*AIM: Thursday, January 30, 1930: How cute; there's a racy photo of Maeve, and Donald has an evil nemesis in prison. (updated 2.17.04)

April 1930:

*AIM: Tuesday, April 22, 1930: Donald's nightmare continues. (updated 2.17.04)

December 1930:

*AIM: Tuesday, December 9, 1930: Seriously; who would've guessed so much bad stuff could happen to a fellow in prison? (updated 2.17.04)

January 1931:

*AIM: Monday, January 11, 1931: Chivalry may be dead, but at least Maeve isn't. (updated 2.17.04)

*AIM: Tuesday, January 12, 1931: Donald gets burnt, and slapped, Maeve angsts, Toby and Becky argue and make up...a pretty typical day. (updated 5.3.04)

April 2005:

*AIM: Tuesday, April 12, 2005: Becky goes to see Christa and convince her to keep Toby from playing hero. (updated 5.3.04)

February 1931:

*AIM: Tuesday, February 23, 1931: Maeve lets the pressure get to her, and Libby appears somewhere she'd rather not. (updated 5.3.04)

AIM (two-player): Wednesday, February 25, 1931: Toby and Becky argue on the way back from the orphanage, when Toby gets some bad news. (updated 7.27.04)

April 1931:

*AIM: Tuesday, April 14, 1931: Daniel and his cat-person friend Sara really should learn not to talk to strangers. (updated 7.27.04)

*AIM: Wednesday, April 15, 1931: Hey, Julie actually killed a character! Toby and Becky actually argued! Maeve and Donald did too, but that's typical, isn't it? (updated 5.3.04)

SIDESTORY: (Wednesday, April 15) by Julie Toby breaks down without Becky. (updated 5.3.04)

AIM (two-player): Thursday, April 16, 1931: Donald and Maeve talk, and just about argue. Wow. (updated 6.26.04)

*AIM: Friday, April 17, 1931: Libby encourages Jack (and maybe Maeve) to break the law... (updated 5.3.04)
AIM (two-player): Friday, April 17, 1931 part 2: Hello, "nurse." (updated 6.26.04)
*AIM: Friday, April 17, 1931 part 3: Will our intrepid heroes save the town of Marquis? (updated 6.26.04)
AIM (two-player): Friday, April 17, 1931 part 4: Looks like they managed! (updated 7.25.04)

*AIM: Saturday, April 18, 1931: Libby tries to play the martyr, which prompts Jack to play hero... (updated 7.27.04)

*AIM: Sunday, April 19, 1931: But will Jack's nobility be thwarted? (updated 7.27.04)

SIDESTORY: The Letter by Caroline A letter from Becky. (updated 7.25.04)

May 1931:

AIM (two-player): Tuesday, May 19, 1931: Donald almost has a backbone, and a surprising answer.... (updated 7.22.04)

*AIM: Wednesday, May 20, 1931: ...but it doesn't last. (updated 7.27.04)

June 1931:

SIDESTORY: (Friday, June 5, 1931) by Julie Donald attempts to redeem himself. (updated 7.25.04)

*AIM: Friday, June 19, 1931: Some bad news from Saxton. (updated 7.27.04)

*AIM: Saturday, June 20, 1931: Another trip. (updated 7.27.04)

*AIM: Monday, June 22, 1931: Maeve gets in trouble near Saxton. (OK, so does Isaac!) (updated 7.27.04)

*AIM: Tuesday, June 23, 1931: Maeve says goodbye to a friend. (updated 8.16.04)

AIM (two-player): Wednesday, June 24, 1931: Toby...uh...keeps himself busy.... (updated 7.25.04)

AIM (two-player): Thursday, June 25, 1931: The awkward morning after.. (updated 7.25.04)

AIM (two-player): Saturday, June 27, 1931: Maeve and Toby talk. (updated 8.4.04)

August 1931:

*AIM: Friday, August 13, 1948: Becky goes visiting. (updated 8.16.04)

SIDESTORY: (Tuesday, August 4, 1931) by Julie Toby kinda mopes and gets some news from Christa. (updated 8.4.04)
AIM (two-player): Tuesday, August 4, 1931: Rather more unexpected news. (updated 8.4.04)

AIM (two-player): Saturday, August 8, 1931: The ceremony. (updated 8.4.04)

AIM (two-player): Tuesday, August 11, 1931: Toby returns to Marquis. (updated 8.4.04)

September 1931:

*AIM: Tuesday, September 15, 1931: Jack receives an offer.... (updated 8.16.04)

November 1931:

AIM (two-player): Friday, November 6, 1931: Toby returns to Marquis again, to some terrible news. (updated 8.4.04)

AIM (two-player): Sunday, November 8, 1931: Toby goes to Maeve for comfort. (updated 8.4.04)


SIDESTORY: Sometime in 2004 by Caroline Becky doesn't find happiness without Toby. (updated 8.16.04)

*AIM: Tuesday, August 17, 2004: Becky visits an old friend. (updated 8.16.04)

*AIM: Wednesday, August 18, 2004: And Becky finally decides where she belongs. (updated 8.16.04)

December 1931:

*AIM: Tuesday, December 15, 1931: Becky comes back. (updated 8.16.04)

*AIM: Wednesday, December 16, 1931: Lu is found out. (updated 8.16.04)

*AIM: Thursday, December 17, 1931: Toby talks with Maeve some more. (updated 8.16.04)

*AIM: Friday, December 25, 1931: Merry Christmas all! (updated 8.16.04)

1932 - 1937

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