~Wednesday, May 16, 1928~

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Alexlndigo : AX: :::Alex, Maeve and Fox were driving through the countryside down a deserted road:::
MaeveOwens :  MV: Are we there yet?
Alexlndigo : FO: No.
MaeveOwens :  MV: ::grabs his pocket watch and opens it::: Are we there now?
Alexlndigo : FO: No
MaeveOwens :  MV: Now? :::swings it back and forth:::
Alexlndigo : FO: Maeve shut up! We wont be there until morning!
MaeveOwens :  MV: Where is there? :::plays with the watch:::
Alexlndigo : FO: ::blood is starting to boil::: Alex, why wont you entertain Maeve, she seems bored.
MaeveOwens :  MV: Whereever did you get that idea? ::turns around and holds the watch in front of Alex::: Watch the pretty gold thing.
Alexlndigo : AX: ::watches it:::
MaeveOwens :  MV: :::swings it back and forth:: You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy. Close your eyes . :::touches his head:::Sleep.
Alexlndigo : AX: ::falls asleep:::
MaeveOwens :  MV: :::tries not to laugh::: When you hear the name Alexia you will talk like a girl. When you hear the name Alex you will act like a chicken. When I snap my fingers you will stop. On the count of three you will wake up and remember nothing. 1. 2. 3.
Alexlndigo : AX: :::wakes up:::
MaeveOwens :  MV: Hello :::pauses::: Alexia. How do you feel?
Alexlndigo : AX: :::in a high pitched voice::: Fine. Whats wrong with my voice? Maeve what did you do? Maeve!!!
MaeveOwens :  MV: :::laughing hysterically::: Oh nothing ::pauses::: Alex
Alexlndigo : AX: :::acts like a chicken:: Bigawk bigawk! :::moves his head back and forth:::
MaeveOwens :  MV: :::laughs even harder, she snaps her fingers:::
Alexlndigo : AX: What happened?
MaeveOwens :  MV: Oh nothing. :::she opens the watch and looks at the time, 9:00::
Alexlndigo : AX: :::returning to normal he points at the sky::: Maeve! look! a ufo!!
MaeveOwens :  MV: ::glares at Alex::: I am not falling for that trick. :::suddenly they are all blinded by white light:, the car stalls::
Alexlndigo : FO: :::Fox is taken up into the light and everything returns to normal:::
MaeveOwens :  MV: What just happened? Where did he go?
Alexlndigo : AX: He was abducted by Aliens! That watch said 9:00 it now says 9:09! We lost time!!!
MaeveOwens :  MV: You're saying time disppeared? It cant! Its an universal invariant!
Alexlndigo : AX: Not in this area!
MaeveOwens :  MV: ::she spots a small round disk on the ground::: What is that?
Alexlndigo : AX: Its the spaceship!
MaeveOwens :  MV: :::gets out of the car and picks it up, she shakes it::: Helloo in there! Anyone home!
Alexlndigo : AX: Oh let me try! :::grabs it:::
MaeveOwens :  MV: :::pulls it back::: Hey i found it first!
Alexlndigo : AX: but i want to see! :::tugs it:::
MaeveOwens :  MV: :::pulls it back and it goes flying, it lands with a thud and the lid pops open:::
Alexlndigo : AX: :::a small person with short brown hair gets out:::
MaeveOwens :  MV: :::another small person gets out with long brown hair:::
Alexlndigo : AX: What do you think they are?
MaeveOwens :  MV: Aliens?
Alexlndigo :  ::the short haired one turns to the other one and says:: Maggie, look! Humans!::
MaeveOwens :  ::Maggie looks wide eyed up at the tall figures:: Oh shannon, we have two new play toys!::
Alexlndigo : AX: Awe, are you the little aliens? are you the little aliens?
MaeveOwens :  MV: Alex dont
Alexlndigo : AX: :::looks confused::: Why? can they hurt me?
MaeveOwens :  MV: No its just tacky.
MaeveOwens : ::Did you hear that Shannon, they think wee cant hurt them. ::the little Maggie alien disappeares:::
Alexlndigo : AX:  Umm...where did that second one go?
MaeveOwens :  MV: I dont know, spooky.
Alexlndigo :   ::Your right Maggie they will be fun! ::bites Maeve's ankle::
MaeveOwens :   :::Maggie jumps on Alex's head::
Alexlndigo : AX: :::screams and waves his arms::: Get off of me!
MaeveOwens :  MV: :::screams and tries to step on Shannon::: You little parasite!
Alexlndigo :  ::Maggie did you hear that, she called me a parasite!::
MaeveOwens :   ::Maggie jumps off his head and ties his shoe laces together and goes to stand next to shannon:: They must be taught a lesson!::
Alexlndigo : AX:  ::takes a step forward but falls::: Hey! What the!
MaeveOwens :  MV: :::looks down at Alex's feet::: Your laces are tied!
Alexlndigo : AX: How did that happen!?
MaeveOwens :  :::two little voices can be heard laughing:::
Alexlndigo :  :never mess with the Spooky and the Disgruntled Ones!:
MaeveOwens :  :::white light cascades over them and the next time she awakes she is in her own bed. She gets up and walks out into the hall:::
Alexlndigo : AX:  :::Alex wakes up a little disoriented. He gets out of bed and opens his door and runs into Maeve:::
MaeveOwens :  MV: You will never believe what kind of dream I just had!
Alexlndigo : AX: I had a weird one too! My dad was abducted by Aliens!
MaeveOwens :  MV: I had the same one and we met two Aliens named Maggie and Shannon! Wow that is so weird!
Alexlndigo : :::From the living room Fox is sitting on the couch smiling:::
MaeveOwens :  MV: :::grabs Alex's hand:: Come on!
Alexlndigo : AX: Where are we going!?
MaeveOwens :  MV: To find some Aliens! :::puts on her coat::
Alexlndigo : AX: Oh. ::puts his on and they leave:::
Alexlndigo : FO: ::smiles wider::: Oh I love messing with people's dreams.

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