~Monday, June 4, 1928~

YarnKittymon : LB: ::is backstage, wondering how they can do a show with such a small group, though she hopes for the best::
JopDance : jm: ::is sitting quietly in some corner::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::runs ins:: Hi, I'm here!
JopDance : jm: ::smiles:: Hi, Alex
SP00KY One : MV: ::::follows behind Alex::: Hi
YarnKittymon : LB: ::looks incredibly relieved:: I never knew I could be so happy to see you two...good morning.
SP00KY One : SR: :::standing quietly by the door:::
Alexlndigo : AX: Oh good Morning Miss Libby, how are you?
YarnKittymon : LB: Several times better if you're going to be in the show today.
SP00KY One : MV: Wouldnt miss it for the world.
YarnKittymon : LB: ::smiles at her, then turns to Alex::
Alexlndigo : AX: yep my Father's sleeping lat today.
Alexlndigo : AX: ::looks toward the door:: Oh Libby I would like you to met Serena...Serena!
YarnKittymon : LB: ::goes over and extends her hand:: Elizabeth Williamson, but everyone calls me Libby. Nice to meet you.
SP00KY One : SR: :::looks ups, eyes wide, and kind of half smiles::: Hi. Nice to meet you too. :::shakes her hand::::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::motions:: That's Jasmine in the corner, and Daniel's the cat in the other corner.
JopDance : jm: ::stands and smiles; extends her hand:: Hello, Serena
YarnKittymon : DN: ::mrrs in greeting:: Hi!
Alexlndigo : AX:::smiles at Serena::
SP00KY One : SR: :::shakes Jasmine's hand::: Hello ::smiles over at Daniel, a little suprised it can talk:::
YarnKittymon : DN: ::sees that same expression in almost everyone he meets:: I'm not gonna hurt you!
SP00KY One : SR: :::smiles a little uneasy::: Ok.
Alexlndigo : AX: ::Goes over to Serena:: So what you think of my friends? Arent they nice...
SP00KY One : SR: :::smiles widely up at Alex::: Yeah.
YarnKittymon : LB: ::to Serena:: So, Alex's brought you to see the show?
SP00KY One : SR: :::nods:::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::smiles at Alex:: I trust she paid her admission?
Alexlndigo : AX: Shes with me...but here you go. ::paids for her::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::takes the coin:: Thank you. I guess she won't be performing, then.
SP00KY One : SR: ::eyes widen::: Performing? :::shakes her head no::::
Alexlndigo : AX: shes too shy...
YarnKittymon : LB: Well, I can dream, can't I? ::smiles:: Don't worry; Alex and Maeve put up quite a show
SP00KY One : MV: :::jumps up and down::: Yep, I'm ready, lets get this show moving!!
Alexlndigo : AX: yep I'm with Maeve..
YarnKittymon : LB: All right! Alex, take your friend out to the seats, please; she'll have a better view out there. Everyone else, get ready to start! Oh, and put on your costumes, Alex, Maeve.
Alexlndigo : AX:yes Miss Libby.
YarnKittymon : : ::they soon start the show::
Alexlndigo : AX::Goes and gets into costume:: Ta da! I looks so good in my costume. ::smiles::
SP00KY One : MV: ::puts hers on::: but not as good as me! :::winks at him:::
Alexlndigo : AX: Oh that is nice Maeve...dont catch in on fire...
SP00KY One : MV: :::glares at him::: Nah, I would much rather do that to yours! :::forms a fireball and taunts him with it:::
Alexlndigo : AX: eeek! no I was just kidding put that down..
YarnKittymon : LB: ::is mercifully onstage, and doesn't see this; she calls out for Alex and Maeve::
SP00KY One : MV: :::laughs at Alex::: Oh your no fun
JopDance : jm: ::comes out wearing costume; flinches a little when she sees Maeve's fire ball::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::Alex walks out next t Libby::
SP00KY One : MV: :::walks out on the stage, smiling and waving as usual:::
SP00KY One : SR: ::eyes light up when she sees Alex come on the stage::::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::smiles and waves, then blows a kiss at Serena:: hello!
SP00KY One : SR: :::blushes:::
Alexlndigo : ::After Alex and Maeve has done there Act, Alex waved for Serena to come on stage.::
SP00KY One : SR: :::shakes her head::::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::watches, bemused::
Alexlndigo : AX:::steps off the stage and grabs her hand:: Common take a bow with me...
SP00KY One : SR: ::still shaking her head:: No Alex! I cant! not in front of all these people!
Alexlndigo : AX: yeah just to take a bow...common! ::leads her up on the stage::
SP00KY One : SR: :::tries to run back to her seat::::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::frowns, silently::
JopDance : jm: ::smiles and yells from backstage:: Go on, Serena!
SP00KY One : MV: :::gives Serena an encouraging smile:: Its okay, they wont bite. And if they do I'll burn them to a crisp.
YarnKittymon : : ::the crowd cheers::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::alex takes his bow with Serena, then Kisses her::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::blinks::
YarnKittymon : DN: ::looks out from backstage:: Ick!
SP00KY One : SR: ::tenses up, shocked, her form starts to flicker and slowly shapes into Alex:::
Alexlndigo : AX::does not see this::
SP00KY One : MV: ::shocked at first but then dub
JopDance : jm: ::sees Alex kissing himself and covers her eyes, laughing::
SP00KY One : MV: ::doubles over laughing::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::looks at Serena to see him:: Oh my...!!!! what the hell!
YarnKittymon : : ::the crowd laughs an cheers wildly::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::almost faints:: what just happened?
SP00KY One : SR: ::::slowly shifts back into her normal form::: Oops. ::embarrased she rushes off the stage:::
Alexlndigo : AX: Serena..hey I'm sorry...::goes off stage quickly::
SP00KY One : SR: :::sits in the corner, shaking and crying::: I cant believe i just did that!
YarnKittymon : LB: ::runs after Serena, then looks back out at the stage and tells everyone to come back soon; goes to Serena, amazed::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::Alex runs behind Libby::
SP00KY One : MV: ::Maeve runs behind Alex:::
YarnKittymon : LB: ::takes Serena's hand:: Don't cry...
JopDance : jm: ::walks to Serena and pats her shoulder:: You were wonderful...everyone loved it!
SP00KY One : SR: :::sniffs a little and nods::: I'm okay. Thanks.
Alexlndigo : AX: hey, back off peope...::looks at Serena:: I'm real sorry I didn't know...that..
SP00KY One : SR: :::shrugs::: Never told anyone before.
Alexlndigo : AX: I think its amazing!
YarnKittymon : LB: The patrons got their moneys' worth today, that's for sure.
SP00KY One : MV: Yeah it was! Maybe you should hang around us a little more and before you know it we can have you up there on stage!
Alexlndigo : AX: Now hold on a minuate, if she doesn't want to that her business...
YarnKittymon : LB: There's good money in it, Serena.
SP00KY One : SR: :::looks down at her feet::: I dont know... all those people... :::shivers:::
YarnKittymon : LB: You'll get over it!
Alexlndigo : AX: ::sits back::
SP00KY One : SR: :::smiles and shrugs::: I'll have to think about it.
Alexlndigo : AX: ::smiles:: Take as long as you want Serena, theres not rushing you.
SP00KY One : SR: :::grins up at him::: Thanks Alex.


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