Sidestory - Friday, August 10, 1928

by Julie

Donald's office didn't have a window, but the one next-door did, and a telephone. Of course it was empty; it was past midnight. The distraught man closed the door behind him as he went inside, and took the note from his pocket. He smoothed it and set it on the desk, running his fingers over it once, as if it was a link to her. After a moment, he emptied his pockets, and then took off his jacket. No sense in ruining all those things, even if no one else would want them. He glanced toward the window--the skyline was beautiful, all lit up--and then paused to read the note he'd composed.


I can't stand the thought of someday being freed from jail, and living my life, eventually even managing to smile, while the woman I love lies dead, never to smile or laugh again, all due to my own greed. So I'll perform justice upon my own body. This is the only punishment I can execute.

Jen, Eric, write any drama you see fit about these events, and Dave, have all the newscasters read the note on the air as many times as the listeners want to hear it. A bit of scandal will just broaden our audience. WOR is still the best radio station in America.

All my love,



It wasn't at all perfect, but it was enough to prove there wasn't any foul play involved. He slid the window open and looked down. There were still cars on the road below, despite the late hour. They looked like toys from this height; the office was on the 22nd floor, after all. He couldn't see any people, but maybe it was just too dark.

Donald sat down at the desk and dialed the operator, asking for the police. Once he had an officer on the line, he said, "There's just been a suicide at the WOR building. Please hurry, before some civilian is the first to find him." Before the officer could say anything, Donald set the receiver down.

Was he headed to nothingness? To hell? To life as a caterpillar? Donald took a deep breath, climbing out onto the ledge.

Wherever he was going, Maeve would be nowhere near him. That was his punishment.

And he stepped off into the night.

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