~Monday, August 6, 1928~

YarnKittymon: : ::they're putting on their first show of "Not in My Backyard" that morning, and Libby doesn't even notice two police officers come in; they stand near the back, waiting for the show to let out::
Quantum Catz: BM:: ::backstage; to herself:: I hate this green makeup
SP00KY One: MV: :::Maeve is also backstage, tentively trying to scratch her arm without rubbing off the makeup::: This stuff itches. :::she wrinkles her nose:::
YarnKittymon: : ::they reach the show's finale without incident; the crowd is a bit raucous, considering the early hour, but nothing dangerous::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officers don't make a move until everyone takes their final bow and the crowd has filed out of the building::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::starts to feel kind of nervous when she sees them::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officers finally approach the stage; the one in front adjusting his glasses; addresses the nearest person:: We're looking for Maeve Owens.
SP00KY One: MV: :::she was standing next to Becky, and looks up when she hears her name being called. Her eyes grow wide at the site of the officers. She panics and throws herself at Becky's feet, grabbing on to her legs, and screams::: DONT LET THEM TAKE ME!
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks down at Maeve, apparently struck rather dumb by shock::
SP00KY One: MV: :::hiding behind Becky::: They'll lock me up and throw away the key!!!
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer's eyes narrow:: Calm down, ma'am!
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks rather concerned, herself; softly:: Maeve, resisting an officer could land you some *real* trouble...
Quantum Catz: BM: ::weakly:: Yeah, Maeve...panicking won't really help
SP00KY One: MV: :::lets go of Becky, and slowly stands up; nervously::: Ok, I'm calm. :::her eyes dart towards the exit:::
YarnKittymon: : ::the second officer pulls out his handcuffs:: This way, please.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks at Maeve, desperately wishing there was something she could do for her::
SP00KY One: MV: :::backs up a few steps::: Whoa, wait a minute. What happened to talking... whats going on. ::starting to panic again::: I was right, you are gonna lock me up and throw away the key!
YarnKittymon: : We don't throw away our keys, ma'am. You'll have a speedy and fair trial.
Quantum Catz: BM: Why are you arresting her? She didn't do anything
YarnKittymon: : Suspicions of murder. I'm starting to get impatient.
Quantum Catz: BM: But we told you what happened! Why d'you suddenly want to blame her for it?
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer with the handcuffs steps forward towards Maeve:: She's known for using fire, right? Not only did the house burn, but Margaret Madison's body was considerably more charred than her butler's.
SP00KY One: MV: :::shaking her head::: No, no more being locked away. :::she gulps and backs up a few more steps, staring at the cuffs:::
Quantum Catz: BM: What, so everytime there's a fire near her, it's her fault just cos she used it in her show?
SP00KY One: MV: ::mumbles::: I told you, the matches did it.
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer with glasses glares at Maeve:: The courts will sort it out. ::reaches for his club:: Will you come quietly?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks at Maeve, her eyes wide::
SP00KY One: MV: :::turns a little pale, and looks over at Libby, almost asking permission to throw a fireball and run:::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::after a pause, looking rather pale:: I promise we'll hire the best lawyer, Maeve.
SP00KY One: MV: :::she nods at Libby then stares at the handcuffs again and shakes her head; softly::: no handcuffs
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer in glasses glances at his partner for a moment, then nods:: All right, ma'am. RIght this way. ::waits for Maeve to pass in front of him::
SP00KY One: MV: :::she gulps and looks towards Libby and Becky once more, looking quite frightened. Her legs are a little wobbly and she stumbles but she passes in front of them; to herself::: I'm gonna die.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::watches, still pale::
YarnKittymon: : ::as Maeve passes by, the officer in glasses grabs one of her arms, and the other one takes the other, forcing them behind her back:: You're under arrest, Maeve Owens, on suspicion of murder.
SP00KY One: MV: :::she jumps the moment they touch her and tries to wrench herself free from their grasp; yelling::: Noooo! :::frightened and not really meaning to, a fireball forms in her right hand, probably burning one of them:::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer in glasses lets go, yelling out; the other tightens his grip on Maeve::
Quantum Catz: BM: Maeve!
YarnKittymon: : ::the first officer gets control of himself, and pulls a gun, aiming it at Maeve::
SP00KY One: MV: :::she winces and tries to pull free again:::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::her voice shaking:: Maeve! Stop fighting!
SP00KY One: MV: :::panic stricken, she looks up at Libby and stops struggling for a minute::: Libby?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::softly, looking at Maeve, very frightened:: He has a gun, Maeve. If you fight, you'll surely be killed, but if you go with them, you may go free.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::doesn't look so convinced about the last part; she's never trusted the authorities::
SP00KY One: MV: :::she gulps and tamps down her terror and glares at the officer, tugging her arm free::: Just get your hands off of me!
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer in glasses glares at Maeve:: Ma'am, we need to handcuff you.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::softly:: Let...let them do it, Maeve
SP00KY One: MV: :::mumbles::: I dont like my hands tied. And i dont care what they say. I go in there and you know I'm not coming out. :::wryly::: Then again you guys would probably be relieved, no more Maeve to deal with.
Quantum Catz: BM: That's not true
YarnKittymon: LB: ::slowly comes down from the stage, her hands up; draws closer to Maeve:: Maeve, don't you even think that. You're a good person, and you saved Becky's life. Do you think I'm going to let them take you away for good?
SP00KY One: MV: :::she shrugs, and says softly::: You may not have any other choice Libby. It was nice knowing you guys.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks back at the officers:: I'm unarmed. ::steps forward and hugs Maeve tightly::
SP00KY One: MV: :::slowly she returns the hug, trying not to cry::::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::quickly climbs down and moves over to them too; murmurs:: Never say never. Whatever happens...you'll get out
SP00KY One: MV: :::tries to smile but fails::: I hope so. :::she doesn't believe it though.:::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::pulls away from Maeve, and looks at the officer who's not holding a gun; softly:: Please don't handcuff her. She'll behave, but she's so frightened...you'll just make things worse. ::smiles sweetly::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer finally nods, though his partner keeps his gun aimed at Maeve::
SP00KY One: MV: ::looks at the gun and cringes::: I am getting so sick of guns being aimed at me.
YarnKittymon: : ::the man with the glasses speaks coldly:: I'll put it away if you let us cuff you.
SP00KY One: MV: :::she glares at him::: If having a gun makes you feel like a big tough man, the far be it from me to take that away from you.
YarnKittymon: : ::the man just stares at Maeve:: Come on. ::motions to the door::
SP00KY One: MV: :::still glaring at him, she moves towards the door, not really trusting him enough to take her eyes off of him:::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::watches her move away, looking rather scared for her::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::tries not to look as scared as she really is:: We'll see you soon, Maeve!
YarnKittymon: : ::the unarmed officer takes Maeve's shoulder as they go outside; the police car is parked right in front of the building, and a crowd has gathered to watch::
SP00KY One: MV: :::nods towards Libby::: Sure. :::in her head; "dont count on it." :::
SP00KY One: MV: :::jumps the moment his hand lands on her shoulder, she jerks away, glaring at him:::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer frowns:: Don't fight, Miss Owens, and we won't have a problem.
SP00KY One: MV: :::still glaring::: Keep your hands off and *you* wont have any problems.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::goes to the doorway to watch, no longer able to even fake a smile::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer with the gun opens the back door to the police car:: Get in, ma'am.
SP00KY One: MV: :::mumbles::: I am so screwed. :::reluctantly, she gets in:::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::looks at the ground, rather wearily::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer locks her in the back, and gets in the driver's seat; the other has to clear the crowd before they can leave--it's not every day people see a Martian being arrested on Coney Island, after all::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::softly:: It'll be all right, Becky.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::shakes her head:: No it won't...who's going to take her side? They never take our side.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::softly:: If Donald has any money left, and I have a little saved. If she has a good lawyer, she'll be found innocent.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::doesn't look like she believes that, but she doesn't say anything::
YarnKittymon: : ::back in the police car, the one officer notes he'll have to have his hand looked at for burns--all this, while facing backwards, not pointing his gun at Maeve, but ready to shoot if she tries anything::
SP00KY One: MV: :::stares out the window, her mind blank:::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officers are mostly silent on the way to wherever it is they're going; it doesn't seem to be a police station, but more of a building made for incarcerations, though it's still in New York City::
SP00KY One: MV: :::looks up at the building::: What happened to the police station? Whats this?
YarnKittymon: : ::the man in glasses half-smiles:: You *are* dangerous; we can't lock you up in the local precinct, can we? Don't worry; we'll book you here.
SP00KY One: MV: ::she gulps::: Where exactly *is* here?
YarnKittymon: : Solitary confinement, for one thing. 'Til you go to trial, of course.
SP00KY One: MV: :::mutters::: just great. What else could possible go wrong in a lifetime.
YarnKittymon: : ::cheerfully:: Well, if you're convicted, you'll be executed.
YarnKittymon: : ::the other officer glares at his partner:: Eddie, stop it.
SP00KY One: MV: :::she turns even paler but then she glares at the man::: Hows the burn doing *Eddie*? :::she smirks at him:::
YarnKittymon: : ::from Eddie's expression, it's a good thing that there's bars between him and Maeve::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer stops in the back of the prison building, and Eddie unceremoniously hauls Maeve out of the car::
SP00KY One: MV: Hey! Watch it buddy! Get your hands off of me or the other hand will have a scar to match its mate!
YarnKittymon: : Keep talking, and you'll have worse than a scar. ::lets go of Maeve::
SP00KY One: MV: :::she stumbles away from him, still glaring at him:::
YarnKittymon: : ::the other officer glances at Maeve, then looks away; motions, still not looking at her:: This way.
YarnKittymon: : ::they go into a small office-like building, where they take Maeve's fingerprints, a couple mug shots, and then take her to a room to be searched::
SP00KY One: MV: :::although during the mug shots she made several faces at the camera:::
YarnKittymon: : ::the officer who has to search Maeve has heard rumors, and he's not really looking forward to patting her down, but he explains that he'll have to::
SP00KY One: MV: :::looks at him with a gaze that says touch me and you die:::
YarnKittymon: : Well, if I don't, I'll get fired, too. If you'd rather take off your clothes--you'll have to change into your jail clothes anyway--I could *see* that you didn't have any weapons on you.
SP00KY One: MV: :::looks at him, rather shocked and a little indignant::: Change? in front of you? I dont think so. Im not up to giving out free shows.
YarnKittymon: : Then I'll have to pat you down. I promise I won't enjoy it.
SP00KY One: MV: :::she glares at him::: Fine, but one wrong move and you will be *fired*, by me. :::gives him an overly sweet smile:::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man nods, biting his lip, and checks Maeve for any hidden items, keeping rather clear of a couple key areas that he'd check more carefully on any other woman::
SP00KY One: MV: :::she stands there, stiff as a board, but allows him to pat her down:::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man sighs in relief when he's done, amazed that he's still alive; hands Maeve her prison overalls:: Change into these, please. ::leaves the room quickly::
SP00KY One: MV: ::She quickly puts the clothes on before he has a chance to come back in:::
YarnKittymon: : ::the man knocks on the door about five minutes later:: You decent?
SP00KY One: MV: Yes
YarnKittymon: : ::the man opens the door; there's two armed guards behind him:: They'll take you to your cell.
SP00KY One: MV: :::she gulps nervously, eyeing the two men:::
YarnKittymon: : ::one of them is holding a nightstick, twirling it as he looks steadily at Maeve, a rather cold look in his eyes::
Quantum Catz: : ::the other man, for a moment looks a tad fearful of her, but his expression quickly turns into a scowl:: Let's get this over with
SP00KY One: MV: :::quietly, her voice catching::: Get what over with?
YarnKittymon: : ::the first guard stops twirling his nightstick:: Your incarceration. Come on. ::uses the nightstick to poke Maeve in the back, prodding her forward::
SP00KY One: MV: ::she jumps forward but turns around to glare at the guy::: Hey, watch it buddy.
Quantum Catz: : You watch it. Hurry it up.
SP00KY One: MV: :::she glares at him too before moving forward, glancing behind her to watch what they are doing:::
YarnKittymon: : ::the first guard is just watching Maeve coldly, walking forward, holding his nightstick defensively::
YarnKittymon: : ::they go down a couple poorly-lit hallways lined with cells; a few of the all-male prisoners look out to see the newcomer; some catcall her, and others shout racial slurs at her (the light is poor, so a few mistake her for dark-
YarnKittymon: skinned instead of rather green)::
SP00KY One: ((all male prisoners?))
YarnKittymon: ((It's a men's prison))
SP00KY One: ((would she know that she was suppose to be in a woman's prison?))
YarnKittymon: ((She could ask; I think there were some that had female sections at the time, so she might be in one of those))
SP00KY One: MV: :::trying to hide her fear, she masks it with a cold stare::: What is going on here? Why am I not in the woman's prison?
YarnKittymon: : There's no women's prison strong enough to hold the likes of *you.* There's a few women in solitary here, though of course you won't see 'em.
Quantum Catz: : Just keep going
SP00KY One: MV: :::starting to panic::: What do you mean I wont see them? Because of Solitary confinement?
YarnKittymon: : Shut your mouth, or we'll shut it for you.
YarnKittymon: : ::they go down a rather damp and musty stairway::
SP00KY One: MV: :::her eyes dart around her, looking for a means of escape, having a feeling that either way she is dead:::
YarnKittymon: : ::there's several iron doors down the next hallway, each with just a small slit at the top, and one at the bottom, both bolted shut from the outside::
SP00KY One: MV: :::she stares at the doors in horror, slowing her pace:::
YarnKittymon: : ::the guard with the nightstick unlocks one of the doors; it takes all his weight to swing it open--inside is an uncomfortable bed, a sink, a toilet, and a tiny desk; no windows::
SP00KY One: MV: :::she bites back a gasp and tenses up, backing up a few steps::: There is no way I am going in there.
Quantum Catz: : ::sharply:: You don't have a choice
YarnKittymon: : ::the other guard swings his club around again:: Go on.
SP00KY One: MV: :::she shakes her head::: No way. :::she makes a move to dash back down the hallway:::
Quantum Catz: : ::blocks her way; his expression cold:: Get in there
YarnKittymon: : ::the guard swings his club at Maeve, aiming for her head::
SP00KY One: MV: :::she falls to the floor, out cold:::
YarnKittymon: : ::the guard drags Maeve into the cell, not even bothering to lay her on the bed::
Quantum Catz: : She's better unconscious anyway, i think
YarnKittymon: : If she wasn't in that freak make-up, she'd be a lot prettier. ::walks out of the cell::
Quantum Catz: : ::chuckles:: Oh aye? You think so?
YarnKittymon: : Well, she's got a bit of a look to her. I prefer my women quiet, though, and she's sure not that.
SP00KY One: MV: :::she groans and slowly sits up, she brings one hand up to her pounding head and takes in her surroundings. Realizing that she is in the cell, she stumbles to her feet and towards the door; in a haze, she mumbles::: No...
YarnKittymon: : That's enough of that. ::steps out and unceremoniously closes the cell door in front of Maeve::
Quantum Catz: : ::laughs slightly as the door closes::
SP00KY One: MV: :::pounding on the door::: No! you cant leave me in here! I haven't even been convicted yet! I have rights to you know! Let me out!!! :::her screams turn into sobs and she slides down the door, sitting with her back up against it:::

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