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~Thursday, June 21st, 1928~

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Alexlndigo FO: ::Walks out to see Maeve on the couch:: Are you always on the couch?
Alexlndigo AX: ::runs in:: Hey hey hey, there playing me and Stella's song, I'll fly away!:
SP00KY One MV: Is there any other place for me to be? I have no job, I have no friends, I just got myself kicked out of the freakshow....
Alexlndigo AX: awww..Maeve you always get kicked out, and they always let you back in...
Alexlndigo FO: Alex, can't you be more senitive, she is a woman you know! ::hits Alex::
SP00KY One MV: :::sighs::: My twin is gone, my parents are gone. I have no life. I always seem to get myself into trouble where the frreakshow is concerned, they all hate me
Alexlndigo AX: They hate me too, well Libby does, but I love you!
SP00KY One MV: :::burries her head in her hands::: And that is suppose to make me feel better!?
Alexlndigo AX: ::sits next to her:: Listen maeve, its not that bad, Dad is moving to a house by the beach, and he invited us to'll like it there..
Alexlndigo FO: When did I invite you? Oh yeah your invited to live with me Maeve.
SP00KY One MV: ::perks up a little::: The beach? really? no i dont want to get between you and libby's mom
Alexlndigo FO: Its a big mansion! Trust me, your Welcome, and I don't know if Greta likes say the least..
SP00KY One MV: I thought things were going well between the two of you? Why else for the big house?

Alexlndigo FO: I can't take a woman to an apartment for diner! I have to have an estate here too!
SP00KY One MV: Oh. yeah. this is true.

Alexlndigo AX: Oh father, please dont marry her, then Libby will be my step sister, and then she'll kill me!
Alexlndigo FO: I only met her on the 11th, I like her, but I'm not going to move fast!
Alexlndigo AX: ::looks down:: Good, now lets look at this mansion of yours...
SP00KY One MV: oh.
Alexlndigo FO: Fine, lets go take a look, I'm having them re paint the thing, it was all white inside!
SP00KY One MV: What color are you having it painted? Can I help? Painting is fun! We could have a paint fight! and then i could write X's all over everything
Alexlndigo AX: ::Looks at Maeve:: Hey Maeve, could you go pick up Serena, while me and father get ready?
Alexlndigo FO: maeve, sorry, but its not going to have x's.
SP00KY One MV: Why cant you pick her up? She is your girlfriend!
SP00KY One MV: ::pouts:: Why not!? They are very... artistic!
Alexlndigo AX: ::looks at himself:: I'm still in my underwear! I can't let her see me like this!
SP00KY One MV: :::looks at Alex and starts laughing::: Yeah that would really scare her off. :::waves bye bye and walks out the door:::
Alexlndigo FO: Maeve, yes there very artistic, but I'm going for more modern look.
Alexlndigo AX: ::Goes and gets dressed::
SP00KY One MV: Uh-huh sure, whatever. :::closes the door:::
SP00KY One ::::comes back in a few minutes later with Serena:::
Alexlndigo FO: ::Nods to the ladies and goes to his room::
SP00KY One MV: :::looks at Serena::: I am going to get some chocolate before we leave. Want any?
SP00KY One SR: :::shakes her head::: No, I'm fine thanks.
Alexlndigo AX: ::brushing his teeth in the batheroom::
SP00KY One MV: :::walks into the kitchen:::
Alexlndigo AX: ::brushes his hair back and puts on colene, and walks out to the living room:: ta ta taaa...
SP00KY One SR: ::watches Maeve leave, thinking how much of a good friend she has becomoe, once you get through the hostility. She begins to morph into Maeve:::
Alexlndigo AX: ::walks in and looks at Maeve(serena)::
SP00KY One SR: :::sees Alex, and smiles, unaware that she shifted forms:::Hey Alex! :::gets up and throws her arms around him, kissing him:::
Alexlndigo AX: Aaaaahhh! Maeve, get off me! Psycho!!!!
Alexlndigo FO:: hears the screaming and walks in:: What the devil are you kids doing in here!
SP00KY One SR: :::pulls back confused::: Maeve? Alex are you ok?
SP00KY One MV: Alex what are you screaming about I am over... :::walks in and sees herself::: What the...
Alexlndigo AX: Huh? ::stares::
SP00KY One SR: :::looks down at herself, notices red hair falling down past her shoulders::: Ummm...oops. :::concentrates a moment and shifts back to normal:::
Alexlndigo AX: ::Sighs in relief:: Oh Hi Serena...hehe...glad to see you...
SP00KY One MV: :::dances around::: yay I have a twin again!!! :::goes over and hugs Serena::: We could do a lot of damage you know. Think of the chaos!
SP00KY One SR: :::blushes::: Sorry...
Alexlndigo AX: oh boy...chaos huh?
SP00KY One MV: Yeah! I miss causing chaos. :::sighs:::
Alexlndigo FO: Well are we coming, or are we going to stand here and chat all day?
SP00KY One MV: I dont know, Serena morph into Alex again. That was pretty funny the last time.
SP00KY One SR: :::giggles::: I dont think so!
SP00KY One MV: Oh come on, show Fox over here what it looks like when he kisses himself!
Alexlndigo FO: enough, lets go!
SP00KY One MV: Ok ok, dont get your pants all tied up in knots
Alexlndigo AX: ::Takes Serenas hand:: its already in a knot...
Alexlndigo FO: What was that?!
Alexlndigo AX: nothing..
SP00KY One MV: ::laughs::
SP00KY One SR: :::squeezes Alex's hand and smiles up at him::
Alexlndigo FO: ::goes down and starts the car::
Alexlndigo AX: Hey, your still going to kiss me right? ::smiles::
SP00KY One SR: :::smirks:::I thought I already did. So are you going to have nightmares now about your cousin Maeve coming onto you?
Alexlndigo AX: to tell you a secret, she did once....
SP00KY One MV: :::pauses at the doorway:: Yo love birds. Are ya coming? I can hear Fox's blood boiling at our holding him up.
Alexlndigo FO: ::stares at them:: common...already...
SP00KY One SR: :::eyes widen::: Umm. Ok . :::wrinkles her nose and looks over at Maeve:::
SP00KY One MV: It so was not like that!!
Alexlndigo AX: your the one that stuck your tounge down my thoat...
SP00KY One MV: I did not!
Alexlndigo FO: :honks the horn::
SP00KY One SR: :::tugs on Alex's arm::: Umm.. I think we had better go...
Alexlndigo AX: yeah...::Opens the door for her and Maeve::
SP00KY One MV: ::sticks her tounge out at him::: You just wish I had! :::walks out the door::: Cradle robber
Alexlndigo FO: ::almost turns around to smack Alex:: Okay you...
SP00KY One SR: :::climbs into the backseat of the car:::
SP00KY One MV: :::runs for the front and hops in gleefully::: Yay! How about another car chase?
Alexlndigo FO: ::jerks the car to the road::
Alexlndigo AX: gee think you can drive more gracefully...ow...
SP00KY One: MV: :::runs for the front and hops in gleefully::: Yay! How about another car chase?
Alexlndigo: FO: ::jerks the car to the road::
Alexlndigo: AX: gee think you can drive more gracefully...ow...
SP00KY One MV: :::hangs on to the seat::: In order to drive like a maniac there should be someone following us first...
Alexlndigo FO: Sorry maeve::slows down:: Its a beautiful place by the sea, its so pretty..
Alexlndigo AX: yep, can we move it to dad, huh? can we?
Alexlndigo FO: sure if you go to college you can.....
SP00KY One MV: ::eyes widen::: College?
Alexlndigo AX:::crosses his arms::
SP00KY One SR: :::stares out the window and watches the scenery:::
Alexlndigo AX: I don't wanna!
Alexlndigo FO: then you can live in that apartment then..
SP00KY One MV: :::smiles sweetly::: Go to College Alex, I am sure it wont be that bad.
Alexlndigo AX: yeah right, and read all those stupid books..::leans back::
SP00KY One MV: Who knows you might actually learn something!
Alexlndigo FO: yeah like proper manners!
Alexlndigo AX: Maybe Serena will like it..
SP00KY One SR: :::smiles at him::: If you like it I will like it.
Alexlndigo AX: yeah, I'll only do it for you Serena, and not that my dad told me too.
Alexlndigo FO: your going because I said so, final!
SP00KY One SR: ::shrugs::: I guess it would be a good thing. Get a nice job...
Alexlndigo AX: I want to play in a band....
Alexlndigo FO: you want to be a clown all your life!
SP00KY One MV: ::rolls her eyes:: Here we go again.
Alexlndigo AX: I'am not! I just do what I can to have so fun and enjoy the time God gave me!
Alexlndigo FO: Your wasting your time...
SP00KY One SR: Well, why don't you go to College to become a musician. Do they have thatt?
Alexlndigo AX: yeah can I?
Alexlndigo FO: yes they do that, but I want you to became a layer or somthing..
SP00KY One MV: :::bangs her head against the glass::: Make it stop, please make it stop. Is there never an end to this madness?
Alexlndigo FO: Fine, I'll be quiet, but hes going to be a layer, or somthing of sense!
Alexlndigo AX::looks at Maeve:: sorry...maeve..serena..
SP00KY One SR: :::gives Alex a sympathetic look:::
SP00KY One MV: Its ok, if I do this long enough maybe my head will be so jumbled it wont even care anymore
Alexlndigo AX: ::whispers:: I just want to be me...
SP00KY One SR: ::whispers back::: I know. ::reaches for his hand and squeezes it:::
Alexlndigo AX: ::whispers:: I love you..
SP00KY One SR: :::whispers back again, a light blush tenting her cheeks:: love you too.
Alexlndigo FO: ::pulls into a big yard with a big white mansion next to a beach:: where here!
SP00KY One MV: Wow
SP00KY One SR: :::says quietly:: Its beautiful Mr. Inigo.
Alexlndigo FO: I know, I wish Donna could of seen this...
Alexlndigo AX: Thats my moms name right?
Alexlndigo : FO: ::turns around:: You can't even remeber your mothers name!
SP00KY One : MV: You dont know your mothers name?
Alexlndigo : AX: I always called her mommy...gee weez...
SP00KY One : SR: :::looks a little sad:::
Alexlndigo : FO: Still!
Alexlndigo : AX: sorry...
SP00KY One : MV: Well? Are we gonna sit here or go in?
Alexlndigo : FO: ::opens the door for Maeve::
Alexlndigo : AX:: ::helps serea out:: wow, pretty..
SP00KY One : MV: :::gets out of the car and stares up at the large house:::
SP00KY One : SR: Yeah you can say that again.
Alexlndigo : AX: wow, me and Serena gets up stairs!
SP00KY One : MV: I get the top floor!
Alexlndigo : FO: No, Mrs. Williamson has upstairs...
SP00KY One : MV: :::pouts::: But you arent even married to her yet!
SP00KY One : MV: :::walks up to the front door and plays with the knocker:::
Alexlndigo : FO: True, but I don't want her living where she is now, she deserves nicer...places and things..
Alexlndigo : AX: ohhh...yeah right....::looks down::
SP00KY One : MV: So which floor do we get then? Do we really get a floor?
Alexlndigo : FO: You get second, and Alex can have first, I get thrid with Greta...
SP00KY One : MV: :::hugs him::: Your the bestest uncle ever!
Alexlndigo : FO: No boys untill your married, got that...
Alexlndigo : AX: ::starts laughing:: whahaha
SP00KY One : MV: :::shocked::: I...I..well...I wouldnt do anything like that! :::hits Alex:: What are you laughing at!
Alexlndigo : AX: Your'll have to tie a pork chop to your neck...just to get a dog to play, how are you gonna get man!
SP00KY One : MV: :::hits him harder:: My dear cousin you have that all backwards. The pork chop was around *your* neck. Me and Aldez just felt sorry for you. :::grins:::
SP00KY One : SR: :::giggles::
Alexlndigo : AX: Yeah but I gotta gal, what do you have, your uncle..hehe
SP00KY One : MV: :::turns her nose up:: I have had several dates thank you. That guy on the beach for one and the guy that was at the Freak Show, Aragorn. And several others before I met you.
Alexlndigo : AX: and who was that other guy, the psyhco stalker dude?
SP00KY One : MV: ::nods:: Yep, Donald. :::glares at him::: The one you just left me with.
Alexlndigo : AX: yeah..the guy I left you with..who was about to fight me, right?
Alexlndigo : FO: come on you two, I wanna show you the dinning area!
SP00KY One : MV: You were just as ready to fight him!
SP00KY One : SR: Why were you going to fight him?
Alexlndigo : AX: he was going to fight me!
Alexlndigo : FO: Grow up and get some manners!::lets them in::
SP00KY One : MV: :::skips into the house and runs up the stairs:::: You started it!
SP00KY One : SR: :::looks around in awe:::
Alexlndigo : FO: ::looks proud::
Alexlndigo : AX: wow!
SP00KY One: MV: :::appears on the third floor and peers over the balcony::: Wow, this is high up!
SP00KY One : MV: :::climbs over the bannister and jumps::: Weeeee!!!!
Alexlndigo : FO::follows here:: is high..nice view too..
Alexlndigo : FO:.....
SP00KY One : SR: :::gasps and covers her eyes::
Alexlndigo : AX: hey maeve..look at..what the...::looks over the balcony:: okay, lets lock her out!::runs down stairs real quick::
SP00KY One : MV: :::levitates above Alex's head::: Wow! that was fun! alex you gotta try that! :::grins down at him::
Alexlndigo : AX: sorry don't feel like getting my wings
Alexlndigo : FO: ::pushes him off the edge::
Alexlndigo : AX: ahhhhhh!!!!!
SP00KY One : MV: ::laughs:::
Alexlndigo : AX:::spreads his wings, causing fleathers to fly everywhere:: eerrrr....kkk!
SP00KY One : SR: :::takes a peek between her fingers and sees Alex. She starts laughing:::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::lands on the ground:: huff puff..I hate that...
Alexlndigo : FO: well boy, you can't even fly right! ahaha
SP00KY One : MV: ::looks puzzled:: Why?
Alexlndigo : AX: I was just caught off guard thats all...just surpirsed...
Alexlndigo : FO: Shall I show you how to fly right?
Alexlndigo : AX: ::flies back up:: Go right ahead, dad.
SP00KY One : MV: And why you two have a flying lesson me and Serena will go exploring. :::grabs Serena's hand and drags her up the stairs::::
SP00KY One : SR: ::protests::: I dont want a flying lesson... :::shakes her head:::
SP00KY One : MV: :::laughs::: Dont worry, I'm not ready to take on passengers!
Alexlndigo : FO: ::Pulls out his black and purple wings::
Alexlndigo : AX: Wow, I never saw your wings before...there black...wicked!
SP00KY One : MV: ::pouts::: I want wings!
SP00KY One : SR: :::stares in awe:::
Alexlndigo : FO: ::flies out:: see thats how its done! smooth!
Alexlndigo : AX: ::looks down.:: yeah smooth...
SP00KY One : MV: :::grins:: You two wanna go outside and see how good your maneuvering skills are? :::forms a little fireball:::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::Walks over to Serena:: no, all I want to do is be with Serena..
Alexlndigo : FO::comes back and folds his wings up:: hmmm....thats nice Maeve, but put it out..
SP00KY One : MV: ::rolls her eyes at Alex and puts the fire out:::
SP00KY One : SR: ::smiles at Alex::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::picks up Serena, holding her more tight then usually:: hmm...
SP00KY One : SR: :::giggles and squirms a little::: What are you doing!
Alexlndigo : AX::whispers to her:: I'm in controll, don't worry...
Alexlndigo : FO: ::lifts an eyebrow.::
SP00KY One : SR: ::nods but still a little unsure::
SP00KY One : MV: Alex you are trying to reassure her not scare her.
Alexlndigo : AX: ::jumps out the balcony and flies over the ocean:: weeeeee
Alexlndigo : FO: Darn kid!
SP00KY One : SR: :::lets out a small squeel:::
SP00KY One : MV: :::tries not to laugh:::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::twirls:: look its so pretty!
Alexlndigo : FO:: ::hugs maeve and laughs with her::
SP00KY One : SR: :::nods and holds on tighter:::
SP00KY One : MV: :::smiles and Fox and discretely detangles herself from his arms::: So how about a tour?
Alexlndigo : FO: Thats the study over there, and it has so pretty nice art work aswell...
SP00KY One : MV: Really? Thats neat. :::fakes interest:::
Alexlndigo : FO: Thats the master bedroom, mine acourse, done in a light pastel creame...
SP00KY One : MV: :::nods::: Nice. Very..umm.. pretty
Alexlndigo : FO: and this here is a lamp stand, with an antique lamp, made in germany, in the 1800's.
MaeveOwens : MV: :::looks at the lamp:: Ever think of getting anything to go with this century?
Alexlndigo : FO: I have lots of the latest things, why, just look at the kitchen, an electric stove!
Alexlndigo : FO: Not to mention my vacum cleaner...heh.
MaeveOwens : MV: Oh. Well thats good at least. :::rolls her eyes:::
Alexlndigo : FO: ::walks past a wall with workers putting up creme paint:: This is the hallway leading downstairs...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::goes to follow Fox but when she passes by the lamp her foot catches on the rug and she stumbles, knocking the lamp off the table::: Eeewe. :::looks up apologetically to Fox::: I'm sorry. I didnt mean to!
Alexlndigo : FO: ::smiles:: It was a copy of the real one, you think I would put real things like that outside for everyone to trip over!
MaeveOwens : MV: ::sighs in relief::: Oh thats good. :::picks herself up off the rug::: Someone should look into those rugs. They are dangerous! :::quickly walks off down the hallway:::
Alexlndigo : FO: ::follows Maeve:: Maeve, do you want some tea?
MaeveOwens : MV: Uh. Sure.
Alexlndigo : AX: ::Flies back into the house:: Where back!
Alexlndigo : FO: Good, now go back where you came from.
MaeveOwens : SR: :::is a little flushed but there is big happy smile on her face::: That was so much fun! You should see the water! it was amazing.
Alexlndigo : AX: oh, it was great, she was so pretty...
MaeveOwens : SR: :::turns a little pinker:::
MaeveOwens : MV: :::rolls her eyes:: You know there are other people in this world besides you two love birds.
Alexlndigo : AX: Oh, yeah the water, it was okay...
Alexlndigo : FO: Well I think we should be going home and let the workers get finished tonight.
MaeveOwens : MV: :::turns to go back upstairs::: Just one more little flying lesson...
Alexlndigo : FO: Oh okay, I'll get the car warmed up then. ::walks out::
Alexlndigo : AX: Maeve..maeve, are you going to float again?
MaeveOwens : MV: Floating? who says I'm gonna float. :::winks at him:::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::looks back at Serena:: oh well you said flying, but you can only float..thats why I just heard you wrong...
MaeveOwens : MV: Oh. :::shrugs::: I am going to fly threw the air. And then I am going to levitate. There, is that descriptive enough for you?
MaeveOwens : SR: :::stands there patiently and waits:::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::Still looking at Serena:: yeah ok...
MaeveOwens : MV: ::rolls her eyes again and continues up the stairs, rambling on and on to herself::: Not that you would care if I wouldnt levitate. All you can do anymore is stare at her. Which is ok. I am happy for you two love birds. But enough is enough already. I mean there is other things to do then just stare at each other. :::jumps off the balcony:::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::still down stairs:: So Serena, you wanna go out tonight, maybe diner, walk...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::levitates just above Alex's head::: Yep. Wouldnt even have noticed.
MaeveOwens : SR: :::shrugs:::I dont know. Its getting late. Maybe tomorrow?
Alexlndigo : AX: ::blinks:: oh okay...tomorrow then...::looks up:: Hi Maeve..
MaeveOwens : MV: ::smirks at him::: Sure. Fine. Whatever.
Alexlndigo : AX: Well father is waiting, we shall be going now...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::floats down to the floor and walks to the front door.:::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::takes Serenas arm:: Shall we?
MaeveOwens : SR: :::lets him take her arms and smiles at him::: Yes we shall.
Alexlndigo : AX: ::walks her to the car, and opens the door for her::
MaeveOwens : SR: :::gets in the car:::
Alexlndigo : FO: Bout time you got here, so what do you three think of the place?
MaeveOwens : MV: :::hops into the front seat:::
Alexlndigo : AX: Father, it is beautiful, and big.
MaeveOwens : MV: Its a very nice house. Could have a lot of fun in it. :::turns to look at Alex::: I saw a lot of good hiding places.
Alexlndigo : AX: ha, it will be fun!
MaeveOwens : SR: Yes its very lovely. You found a really nice house Mr. Indigo.
Alexlndigo : FO: Good....thank you Serena. ::drives to the apartment::
Alexlndigo : ::once they got to the apartment, they find it in a mess, with bullet holes in the walls, and everything scattered::
Alexlndigo : FO: What in blazes happened here!
Alexlndigo : AX: uh....
MaeveOwens : MV: :::gasps and goes a little pale::: Oh no
MaeveOwens : SR: Why would anyone want to break into here?
Alexlndigo : AX: and put bullet holes in the wall...::runs to his room:: Ahhhhh!
Alexlndigo : FO: What is it Alex?
Alexlndigo : AX: My baby! Oh sweet baby!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::slowly picks threw the mess:::
MaeveOwens : SR: Alex? What are you crying about?
Alexlndigo : FO: ::goes to see whats wrong with Alex::
MaeveOwens : MV: What baby? I thought you gave her up for adoption!?
Alexlndigo : AX: ::starts crying:: They shout my truphet! Its broken..
MaeveOwens : MV: :::looks sympathetically at him::: Oh, I'm so sorry Alex.
MaeveOwens : SR: :::puts her arms around him::: Its ok.
Alexlndigo : AX: I had this since I came to America...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::goes into her room:::
Alexlndigo : FO: I'll get you another one...I suppose...
Alexlndigo : AX: Nots the same...
MaeveOwens : SR: :::looks a little shocked that Fox would offer:::
Alexlndigo : FO: Well we could get it fixed....but its got holes...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::looks around her room and goes to over to the bed. There is a note laying on her pillow. Her hands are shaking as she picks it up to read it A little squawk can be heard from underneath the bed, soon Dermit emerges to stand beside his mistress:::: Hey Dermit. Did those mean men scare you.
Alexlndigo : FO: Maeve...are you okay? they got the whole apartment, I think the police are on there way..
MaeveOwens : MV: :::She doesnt answer Fox but continues to read the letter. All the color drains from her face. She knew she shouldn't have stayed. She sits down on her bed and stares vacantly at the wall, the paper clutched tightly in her hand:::
Alexlndigo : AX: ::walks in and see Maeve:: Maeve...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::dooesnt seem to hear him:::
MaeveOwens : SR: :::stands behind Alex::: Whats wrong? Do you know who did this?
Alexlndigo : AX: ::walks over to Maeve and hugs her:: yeah....
MaeveOwens : MV: :::she holds up the piece of paper:::
Alexlndigo : AX: they did...well...its okay, were moving anyways...right? right!
MaeveOwens : MV: ::whispers::: They will just find me again. They didnt get what they were looking for.
Alexlndigo : AX: they wont
MaeveOwens : MV: :::narrows her eyes at him::: How do you know? They found me this time!? How can we even take a chance? If any of you were here they probably would have killed you!
MaeveOwens : SR: What do they want? Were those the people that were following us?
Alexlndigo : FO: Yes thats true Maeve, but we were not, and the only reason why they found us was because they knew you lived around her from the car chase, were moving to a whole new part of town, the wont' find us!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::shakes her head::: I had thought I lost them in Ireland yet they managed to find me in a whole other continent.
Alexlndigo : AX: Well they probally knew your ship was heading towards new york!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::shrugs::
Alexlndigo : FO: the freaks...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::looks over at Serena::: The people that were chasing us that day just wanted Alex's car. :::smirks::: Hot shot rich guy
Alexlndigo : AX: I'm not a hot shot rich guy, I lost my truphet....i'm not a hot shot anymore...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::forces a sad smile:: I was only kidding Alex. I'm sorry about your trumpet.
MaeveOwens : SR: So what were those guys after? Why kill Alex's trumpet?
Alexlndigo : AX: yeah...why kill my truphet?
Alexlndigo : FO: shut up about your freakin truphet! Atleast Maeve is alright!
MaeveOwens : MV: :::deciding that they deserve to know the truth, she takes a deep breath and starts at the beginning::: The guy who did this is the same one that killed my parents. Me and my sister witnessed it. I saw him drop a notebook. I snatched it up hoping to get a chance to hand it over to the authorites. Inside was his plans, a list of murders he had yet to committ. Names he had scratched off. However, he took chase and we ran. Trying to get away we jumped on a boat at the last minute. When that ship burned down that notebook went with it. Of course they probably dont know that.
Alexlndigo : AX: ::nods::
Alexlndigo : FO: My word! I can't believe..they did that to Donna's sister, and her sister how...awful...
MaeveOwens : MV: I never figured out why.
Alexlndigo : AX:....I think we all need to get some sleep...we can stay at fathers place...while the police is around...
MaeveOwens : MV: :::nods:::
Alexlndigo : FO: ::takes them back to the mansion:: I think the guest rooms are ready..
Alexlndigo : AX: how are we going to sleep with me banging on the walls?
Alexlndigo : FO: I'll tell them to quick for the night....::goes to tell the workers to go home for the evening::
MaeveOwens : MV: ::follows silently behind Alex. Dermit perched on her arm:::
Alexlndigo : AX: I guess you and Serena can sleep in the room down the hall, I'll sleep across okay?
MaeveOwens : SR: :::looks sadly at Maeve::: Its ok. Everything will work out.
MaeveOwens : MV: :::nods at Alex and then looks over at Serena::: Thank you Serena. You have been a great friend. Especially since everyone at the freak show seems to hate me.
Alexlndigo : AX: They don't hate you....they just....mad at the whole family..thats all...
MaeveOwens : MV: ::gives him a sad smile:::
Alexlndigo : FO: Oh, now now, you three, now whats wrong? the Water is working fine, go take a shower..
Alexlndigo : AX: hmmmm...
MaeveOwens : SR: :::takes Maeve by the arm::: Come on, you will feel much better in the morning. :::leads Maeve into thier room they both say goodnight to Fox and Alex:::
Alexlndigo : AX: Night ladies::winks at Serena::
Alexlndigo : FO: Good night. ::Walks up stairs::
MaeveOwens : SR: ::smiles sweetly at him and closes the door:::
MaeveOwens : :::Maeve waits until everyone is asleep. She writes a quick note to Alex, saying she cant take the chance of staying around and having them find her again. It could mean their lives and she wont take that chance. Quietly, she takes Dermit and leaves:::

On to Friday, June 22, 1928

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