~Friday, June 22, 1928~

YarnKittymon: LB: ::is out with Alex, looking for Maeve, who apparently has gone missing after her prolonged absence from the show::
Alexlndigo: AX: She just left in the middle of the night...!
YarnKittymon: LB: Well, she doesn't care about the show, so I don't know why I should care that she's gone. I suppose she can take care of herself. ::glares::
Alexlndigo: AX: Well you kicked her out!
YarnKittymon: LB: Erin's sister was almost killed thanks to her!
Alexlndigo: AX: ::stares at the ground::
Aldez15: AZ: ::crashes into Alex:: oh, I'm sorry
Alexlndigo: AX: Oh Maeve! Where have you been!
Aldez15: AZ: ::looks at him strangely:: Maeve? umm I think you have the wrong person
Alexlndigo: AX: Okay now don't start that split personality again...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::just looks puzzled::
Aldez15: AZ: I assure you I have no idea what you're talking about
Alexlndigo: AX: huh? Maeve...are you okay, maybe you hit your head or somthing..
Aldez15: AZ: ::looks at Alex strangely almost remembering him:: uh yeah, I did hit my head this morning
Alexlndigo: AX: oh, you left in a hurry, listen we need you Maeve..
YarnKittymon: LB: I'll even apologize if you like, though I can't promise I mean it.
Aldez15: AZ: you need me? right
YarnKittymon: LB: Well, Alex was concerned when you ran off. And I can always use you in the show, though I'm still worried you're too irresponsible.
Aldez15: AZ: I was just having some fun
Alexlndigo: AX: Well you scared the hell outta me, dont ever do that again!
Aldez15: AZ: ::laughs at the look on Alex's face:: Don't worry, you'll have plenty of scares in store for you later on...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks at the woman, irritated:: Do you want to be in the show or not?!
Alexlndigo: AX: Well lets go home now...fox is worried...
Aldez15: AZ: ::thinking out loud:: Uncle Fox...?
Alexlndigo: AX: Yeah.....
YarnKittymon: LB: None of that. You're both going to appear in the show today, if you took me away from my barking to find you!
Aldez15: AZ: oh yeah, right, let's go time's wasting

YarnKittymon: LB: ::drags the person they've assumed is Maeve back to the Freak Show::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::Looks at Maeve:: Hey, now we can get on with our acts!
Aldez15: AZ: right
Aldez15: AZ: Umm What act was that again?
YarnKittymon: LB: Go back and change into your costume. Don't get smart, Maeve.
JopDance: jm: ::looks up when they enter:: Hey, where've you been?
Alexlndigo: AX: Hahaha...::stops and looks at the audience:: Oh hey, my fathers here!
YarnKittymon: LB: Alex pestered me until I went out to help him find the runaway Maeve.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::bristles:: I told him never to return!
Alexlndigo: AX: Well hes like me, they never listen!
SquirtLaWort: EM: Great, what's he doing here?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::shudders:: Well, it's too late to do that now
JopDance: jm: Alex's father? He's the one you locked in the closet, right?
SquirtLaWort: EM: That guy is dangerous.
Alexlndigo: AX: Yep thats my dad. ..wounder if Maeve is ready...
Aldez15: AZ: ::wandering around the building:: this place is cool...
YarnKittymon: LB: Well, stop worrying about that for now. You two go back and change. We'll stall until you're ready! Maeve!
JopDance: jm: ::goes backstage to change::
YarnKittymon: : ::there's a fair-sized crowd in the bleachers, despite Libby's lack of barking--there's a brightly painted stage in front, with a curtain hiding the backstage::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::to Libby:: how did you get Maeve to come back?
YarnKittymon: LB: We just found her. She ran away. It's not like I even kicked her out...::looks rather exasperated:: Come on; we have to start the show. ::goes to the stage and starts::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::Runs next to Libby:: So are me and Maeve first? to go on?
jm: ::comes out in full costume::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks back at him, whispering angrily; she's already started:: No! I told you two to go back and change clothes, and the others will perform until you're ready!
Alexlndigo: AX: gee weezj, your in a bad mood...::runs off to change::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::gets back to the show, apologizing to the audience for her idiot act::
Aldez15: AZ: ::runs into Alex as he's leaving:: you're still not ready?
Alexlndigo: AX: It only takes a minuate..hold on k? ::goes and gets changed in two minuats:: See one minuate!
YarnKittymon: : ::the early acts go off without any problems (unless otherwise specified)::
Aldez15: AZ: ::muttering to herself:: men...
Alexlndigo: AX: ::Looks at Maeve:: Hey, I'm really glad that you are back..I missed you...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::still sounding rather irritated, calls out for Alex and Maeve to do their act:: Alexlndigo: AX: ::Drags Maeve on to the stage:: Hello!
Aldez15: AZ: ::looks at him funny:: yeah, great way to get their attention...
Alexlndigo: AX: ::Holds up his hand holding a bolt of lightning::
Aldez15: AZ: ::just stares at him::
Alexlndigo: AX: common Maeve do it already...
Aldez15: AZ: ::starts to form ice in her hand:: you know you should watch that lightning, you could put an eye out with that ::freezes Alex::
Alexlndigo: AX:.....
Alexlndigo: FO:: What in the Devil, thats not Maeve, thats Aldez!::he stands up and leaps on the stage::
Aldez15: AZ: ::runs to him and hugs him:: Hey Uncle Fox
YarnKittymon: LB: ::just stares, almost as if she's been frozen, herself::
SquirtLaWort: EM: What in the world?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::after a moment, walks up to Fox:: Get off the stage, Mr. Indigo.
Alexlndigo: FO: Not until my son is unfrozen!
Aldez15: AZ: ::looks over at Alex:: Oh, sorry ::unfreezes him::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::eyes narrow:: All right, though I'd think you could just dream about him being unfrozen--wouldn't that be just as good?
Alexlndigo: AX: ::cough:: what just happened?
YarnKittymon: DL: ::is in the audience; looks surprised and intrigued::
Alexlndigo: FO: ::Stares at her:: ma'am, I'm leaving now, so enough with your saracasm.
Aldez15: AZ: ::glares at Libby:: what's the deal here? Why are you making him leave?
JopDance: jm: ::sighs:: Not again..
YarnKittymon: LB: We'll speak after the show. How about a round of applause for our acts?
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::sighs:: Glad that's over with.
Aldez15: AZ: Actually I found it kind of amusing
Alexlndigo: AX: ::waves at the audience:: thank you!
Alexlndigo: FO: ::jumps off the stage::
YarnKittymon: : ::the audience claps, though fully half is disappointed that the argument has been cut off::
Aldez15: AZ: ::takes a bow and runs off:: So what exactly is going on here?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::tells the crowd to wait a few minutes for their chance to meet the acts::
JopDance: jm: Shouldn't we be asking you that?
Alexlndigo: AX: So where is Maeve?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::heads backstage with everyone else::
SquirtLaWort: EM: And who are you?
Aldez15: AZ: ::looks at them wierd:: I have no idea
Alexlndigo: AX: My father said you were Aldez, thats Maeves twin sister....
YarnKittymon: LB: ::just sighs, utterly frustrated, and a bit frightened; pauses:: Twin sister?
JopDance: jm: ::her eyes widen:: A twin?
SquirtLaWort: EM: That makes more sense. But what was the point of coming here and pretending to be Maeve?
Alexlndigo: AX: Yeah Maeve thought she was dead after the boat thing...
Aldez15: AZ: ::glazed look in her eyes:: oh I remember now, Maeve set the ship on fire...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::just leans against the wall, dazed::
Alexlndigo: AX: she would...
SquirtLaWort: EM: That sounds like Maeve..
Aldez15: AZ: ::glares at them:: Where is Maeve? ::Grabs Alex and pushes him against the wall:: What did you do to her?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks down, overwhelmed::
JopDance: jm: ::frowns:: Calm down. She ran away.
Alexlndigo: AX: That mean lady over there, made her run away...
SquirtLaWort: EM: Wait a second! don't put this all on Libby!
YarnKittymon: LB: Maeve's actions nearly resulted in Becky's death. I told her it would be best if she left, but then offered to let her stay. What she did was her own business.
Alexlndigo: AX: umm..please don't hit me again....::ducks:: sorry it was my fault..
Aldez15: AZ: ::Glares at him:: I remember you now...you're my whiny little cousin....
Alexlndigo: AX: Yeah, I was that whinning brat kid...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::just sighs, shaking her head; sits down::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::smirks:: and he still is a whinny brat.
Alexlndigo: AX: ::snaps a bolt at Ethan:: Hey....am not..
Aldez15: AZ: ::forms ice in her hand again:: Watch it...
YarnKittymon: LB: Stop it, everyone. We must go out front to meet our audience and make a bit more money. Of course you'll get your fair share, Maeve's cousin.
Alexlndigo: AX: ::eyes widen, and he stops popping::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::glares at Alex::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::stands:: Come on.
SquirtLaWort: EM: fine. ::follows Libby::
JopDance: jm: ::follows Libby, still frowning::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::murmurs:: This is too much...
Alexlndigo: AX: ::Looks at Aldez:: Whats going on...there going to kick us out! ::sniff::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::has everyone interested in meeting anyone line up; gathers their money::
Aldez15: AZ: ::rolls her eyes:: Oh please, we're not going to get kicked out...
Alexlndigo: AX: I was a good boy today!
YarnKittymon: LB: ::just looks dazed, taking money blankly::
YarnKittymon: : ::a couple girls glom Alex, despite recent reports of his engagement::
Aldez15: AZ: ::pats him on the head:: Yes you a very good boy Alex
JopDance: jm: tries to smile for the people, but doesn't quite make it::
Alexlndigo: AX: Why hello ladies, how are you today? ::smiles::
YarnKittymon: : ::a couple shy young men approach Jasmine; one of them has a small bouquet of carnations::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::doesn't even want to be there but talks with the costumers anyways::
YarnKittymon: : ::there are several women flirting with Ethan; Libby feels strangely jealous, but just looks away::
JopDance: jm: ::still wearing that weak smile:: Hello
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::smiles at the women but wishes they would just go away::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::counts the money three times, then tells everyone their time is up and escorts them out of the building, still without much enthusiasm::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::waits for everyone to leave:: Are you okay Libby?
Alexlndigo: AX: ::looks at Libby then at Aldez:: I miss Maeve!
YarnKittymon: LB: I'm tired of all of this, but it's a waste to pay the rent and not use the building. I wish...::shakes her head:: Still, I kind of do. ::snaps back at Alex:: Don't blame me!
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::glares at Alex:: Don't start this again.
Alexlndigo: AX: what I just said that I miss Maeve...
Aldez15: AZ: Well I miss her too...how would you like to go for a long time without seeing your sister
JopDance: jm: ::is pinning her hair back up again:: How did all of this happen? Where did you come from? ::looks at Aldez::
Aldez15: AZ: I'm not really sure myself, I remember a ship catching on fire, and then next thing I know I'm wandering around trying to find some clue of who I was
YarnKittymon: LB: How many years have you been lost?
Alexlndigo: AX: ::Alex sits down indian style on the floor holding his chin withhis hands:: sigh...
Aldez15: AZ: about 5 years
Aldez15: AZ: ::Glares at Alex again:: and just when I do find something, you go and make her run away!!
SquirtLaWort: EM: You can't really blame Alex for that Maeve did it on her own.
JopDance: jm: Will you stop blaming this on everyone else? It's her own fault she ran away.
YarnKittymon: LB: I'm sure she'll be back. In the meantime, you have some family now, and they'll help you figure out who you are.
Alexlndigo: AX:Yeah like my dad....if you call that family...
YarnKittymon: LB: Better than nothing--maybe. ::shudders:: If I were you I'd stay clear of him, but it's up to you.
Alexlndigo: AX: Hey hes not bad! He would never hurt anybody...
Aldez15: AZ: yeah about that...what wrong with Fox?
SquirtLaWort: EM: That guy is just insane.
YarnKittymon: LB: He can control people's *dreams*! He could trap them in a sleeping paradise--or hell--forever! That doesn't scare you?
SquirtLaWort: EM: Plus he doesn't have much of a a sense of right or wrong.
Aldez15: AZ: But he would never do anything like that
SquirtLaWort: EM: yes he would.
Alexlndigo: AX: yeah, only if your hurt us....
YarnKittymon: LB: He offered to do it to Alex!
SquirtLaWort: EM: And he almost did it to me as well.
Alexlndigo: AX: yeah well that was to protect me not hurt me...
Aldez15: AZ: Fox is only interested in protecting his family...you threaten his family he'll hurt you...same with anyone else
JopDance: jm: ::eyes widen at all of this new information::
YarnKittymon: LB: And you would've liked that? To never even speak to your fiancee again, but it wouldn't matter, because you'd be happy?
Squidged: AL:: Walk's into Freak show building::
YarnKittymon: : ::most of the acts are standing on the stage, and seem to be arguing::
SquirtLaWort:EM: ::rolls his eyes:: Fine you think that Alex, why don't you tell him to put you in that dream world forever then, It'll make everthing a lot better
Alexlndigo: AX: ::shots a lightning bolt behind Ethan, probally giving a shock::
Aldez15: AZ: ::freezes Alex's feet::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::Fall back:: What the hell is your problem!
Alexlndigo: AX: ::growls:: what is that for!?
Aldez15: AZ: because you're being a jerk, now knock it off
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::smiles:: Hey I like her.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::throws up her hands:: Stop it! You're all hopeless! ::walks out of the building without another word::
JopDance: jm: ::frowns at all of them and then pushes Ethan in the dirction Libby took:: Go after her.
Squidged: AL:: Confuzzed :: What the Hell is goin on !?!
EM: ::runs after Libby::
SquirtLaWort: EM: Libby! Wait up!
YarnKittymon: LB: ::is hard to spot in the crowd; she's a couple blocks away by now, standing in front of the nearest entrance to Steeplechase Park, watching young couples go through one of the tumbling devices that marks the entrance::
Alexlndigo: AX: Hey, Aldez, unfreeze me, Ethan's a jerk, not me!
Aldez15: AZ: ::laughs at him:: Give me one reason why I should?
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::he pushes though the crowd getting closer:: Libby wait!
JopDance: jm: ::to Aldez:: Turn him back already.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::is just standing in front of the gate, not moving; doesn't look back at Ethan::
Aldez15: AZ: ::looks surprised:: okay okay ::unfreezes him::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::grabs Libby by the arm:: Where do you think your going?
JopDance: jm: ::sighs in relief:: Good.
YarnKittymon: LB: Nowhere. I don't even know what I'm doing on Coney Island anymore.
SquirtLaWort: EM: Oh so your just going to give up and leave?
Squidged: AL:: to Aldez:: Hi im Alisha!
YarnKittymon: LB: No. My things are back at the Freak Show. But this is the last season. I almost wish I had never tried.
Aldez15: AZ: Hey!
Alexlndigo: AX: ::Looks at Alisha:: Oh hey, I sorry bout before, so how are you doing? ::looks over Aldez shoulder::
SquirtLaWort: EM: Don't say things like that, it's not like you.
YarnKittymon: LB: Everything I've tried to do has failed. Everything I've cared about has fallen apart...::inhales raggedly, and hugs Ethan, trembling::
Squidged: AL:: Good, VERY happy! you?
AX: Me, I'm being good today well kinda...this is my cousin!
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::Hugs her back:: That's the story of my life.. I know how you feel.
Aldez15: AZ: Notice how he's hesitant in admitting it...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::softly, not quite crying:: I might marry for money, Ethan...
Squidged: AL: Nice to meet you both, well properly.
AX: hey what is that suppose to mean?
Aldez15: AZ: I'm just saying that you don't sound so thrilled to have me as a cousin
SquirtLaWort: EM: If that's what makes you happy.. But it will break my heart.
Squidged: AL: I dont see why ... ;)
jm: ::groans:: Can you two not argue for five minutes?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::gasps in surprise:: Ethan...::closes her eyes, holding him tighter; tears are in her eyes::
Aldez15: AZ: We're not arguing
Squidged: Al; of cource ur not arguing .... just quarelling ^_^
AX: No, I love my cousin! ::hugs her::
Aldez15: AZ: ::smiling:: I was thinking more along the lines of discussing...
Aldez15: AZ: ::hugs him back:: We really do like each other...we're just making up for lost time
JopDance: jm: ::shakes her head:: It doesn't look like it.
Squidged: AL: Ok ok Good, happy, lil cousins
AZ: ::shrugs:: we're family, what do you expect?
Alexlndigo: AX: ::smiles:: happy lil cousins...
Squidged: AL: Wars and blood, of cource.
jm: I expect you not to try to kill each other every five minutes. You have to be careful with your powers.
Aldez15: AZ: good point...on the other hand...what's wrong with having a little fun every once in a while?
Squidged: AL: FUNS GOOD!
AZ: exactly
Squidged: AL: We al LOVE fun!
jm: ::sighs:: You're all hopeless.
Squidged: AL: FUN< FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!
Squidged: AL; YAY!!!!

YarnKittymon: LB: I did hate you...but I love you too...
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::looks back at her surprized:: really?
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::smiles:: I love you too.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::shudders:: Don't say that...we can't be together...
SquirtLaWort: EM: I had to say it, it's the truth.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks up at Ethan, a strange, half-fierce expression on her face, then walks quickly back towards the Freak Show::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::watches Libby walk back to the Freak Show, sighs: I should just leave her alone.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::hears; turns back:: It's a little late for that now!
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::frowns:: Excuse me! sorry I can't go back in time and change everything for you.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::still a fair distance away from Ethan, but shouting; several people do stop to watch:: You could have had the decency and common sense to not seduce a woman while you're married!
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::face turns red.:: You know I'm only here to help you and the Freak Show. I don't have to stick around anymore if your going to always hold this against me.
YarnKittymon: LB: You endangered my *soul,* and I'm just supposed to pretend it doesn't matter that I love you?
SquirtLaWort: EM: Endangered your soul? Give me a break, just want do you want me to do? Do I have to get down on my knees and beg!?
Alexlndigo: AX: ::sits down inside the freak show building:: Gee..whats taking her soooo long...
YarnKittymon: LB: I want you to at least divorce your wife! Even if that's still adultery, perhaps I'd be spared the hottest fires of hell!
Hgriffithk: AL:: Probably takin over the world or something...
Hgriffithk: AL: i dont think she'll b much longer
EM: I allready told you, I've been trying to do that! Besides nothing I do will make you go to hell, if you go to hell that your fault.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::exhales; more quietly:: You're right. It's my own fault. But you tempted me. You didn't tell me you were married.
Alexlndigo: AX: So Alisha, you wanna do somthing?
Hgriffithk: AL: like what? Murder some innocent lil children for fun?
Hgriffithk: AL: or not....................
EM: ::looks down:: I can't do anything to correct that.
Alexlndigo: AX: ::turns white:: gee your a mean lil girl arent you?
Hgriffithk: AL: no, of cource not ^_-
YarnKittymon: LB: ::looks down for a moment, trembling, then goes back to Ethan and kisses him::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::looks at her:: what was that for?
YarnKittymon: LB: I don't know! But if I'm going to hell anyway, I might as well go all out!
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::can't help but laugh::
Alexlndigo: AX: Okay, well lets play cards are somthing...::grabs a deck from one of his pockets::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::softly:: I wish your wife was dead.
Hgriffithk: AL: Lets play SNAP!!!!
EM: That's a horrible thing to say.
SquirtLaWort: EM: but I've thought that before too.
YarnKittymon: LB: Doesn't she miss you?
Alexlndigo: AX: Alright, slap it is::thours the cards down::
SquirtLaWort: EM: Yes. she wants me to come back.. but she's also angery with me.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::half-smirks:: So we have something in common, your wife and me.
Alexlndigo: AX: Okay, so you wanna start the snap game?
SquirtLaWort: EM: Yeah I suppose so.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::quietly:: Can't you get her to come out here?
Hgriffithk: AL: YAY, Snap, i rule at SNAP!!!
EM: why would I do that?
YarnKittymon: LB: So we can work things out. So--so you can be reconciled to her, if that's what you need.
SquirtLaWort: EM: It might just bring more problems to have her here, you don't know her.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::laughs:: You've seen the problems we've had so far. What could she do that would be worse?
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::laughs:: I guess your right..
YarnKittymon: LB: ::softly:: Do you wish you had done things differently?
Alexlndigo: AX: ::starts the game::
SquirtLaWort: EM: ::gives a nervous smile:: Maybe but if I had it to do over again I'll probably just do the same thing.
YarnKittymon: LB: You're hopeless. ::walks back to the Freak Show building::
Hgriffithk: AL: Puts down card::
AX: ::puts his down, then looks at the door:: I think somone is coming...
Hgriffithk: AL: SNAP!!!!!
AX: Huh?
Hgriffithk: AL: Hehehehehe
Hgriffithk: AL: now pay attention
Hgriffithk: AL:: Puts down an other card::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::enters the Freak Show building:: Come on, everyone; get ready for the next show.
Alexlndigo: AX: ::stands up taking half the cards with him, them flying everywhere:: oh yes ma'am!
SquirtLaWort: EM ::mumbles to himself:: I'm such an idiot. ::walks back to the Freak Show::
YarnKittymon: LB: Do a good job today; we're taking tomorrow off.
YarnKittymon: LB: But tomorrow's Saturday!
YarnKittymon: LB: I don't care; we'll lose business for a day.
YarnKittymon: LB: You're a fool!
YarnKittymon: LB: I didn't need *you* to tell me that!
SquirtLaWort: ((why is Libby talking to herself?))
YarnKittymon: ((Because no one else would))
SquirtLaWort: ((lol!))
YarnKittymon: LB: Hmph. We're going, and that's final. ::looks around at everyone else:: All right?
Alexlndigo: aX: ::misses half the stuff she said:: What are we doing?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::eyes narrowed:: Besides ignoring Libby? I don't know.
Alexlndigo: AX: sorry...so is the show bout to start?
YarnKittymon: LB: ::raises her eyebrows, figuring she'll just surprise them tomorrow:: Soon; once I've drawn the crowd. Clean up those cards and get ready.
Hgriffithk: AL: OK, i'll do the cards thing
AX: ::he gets ready for the show:: gee weez...
YarnKittymon: LB: ::sighs, unhappily, but puts on her best smile and goes out to bark at the crowd and draw people inside::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::strenchtes and pops some lightning around:: hee hee, me likes.
Hgriffithk: AL: Can i do that Alex?
AX: you wanna do lightning? how?
Hgriffithk: AL: Dunno, get a mad scientist
AX: ::pops a loud one behind her:: NO, its mine can't have.
Hgriffithk: AL: He could get me lightning, ok it might kill me but id get lightning
Hgriffithk: AL: BUT I WANT IT!!! ^_^
AX: No its mine!
Hgriffithk: AL: NEVER:: trys to grad alexes leg::
YarnKittymon: : ::there's people coming in for the show by now, looking rather startled to see the argument taking place::
Alexlndigo: AX: hey hey, off me, Libby!
Hgriffithk: AL: Heh heh heh
AX: ::starts popping lighting everywhere:: aahhh
Hgriffithk: AL; Trys to dodge
YarnKittymon: LB: ::is outside, but hears the commotion inside, and pokes her head in:: Stop it!
Alexlndigo: AX: Good now your off my legs...Libby!
Hgriffithk: AL: Fine, Fine
AX: thank you....sigh
YarnKittymon: LB: ::goes back outside::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::pops another bolt just to have an understanding::
Hgriffithk: AL: hmff, i'll just go and find something else to amuse me then.
AX: gee now I'm bored...::looks out and makes the audience hair raises:: hmmm
Hgriffithk: AL:: Hehehehehehehe, funny hair :P
YarnKittymon: : ::the audience seems mostly frightened, and a few women are appalled, but some of the young women who like Alex wave at him::
Alexlndigo: AX: ::he waves back:: hello ladies. ::smiles::


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