~Thursday, June 28, 1928~

This is a two-person story between JopDance and Cheryl's characters. (No spoilers, though.) To skip it click here.

SquirtLaWort : EM: ::after looking all over coney island he gave up and went home hoping she might have gone to his apartment.::
JopDance : hm: ::is standing in the entranceway of Ethan's apartment building::
SquirtLaWort : EM: Helen! your here. ::runs up to her:: I'm so sorry.
JopDance : hm: Ethan! What happened? Everyone just disappeared!
SquirtLaWort : EM: I know it seems strange but that was just Libby's power, she can't control it and it just happens sometimes.
JopDance : hm: ::eyes grow wide and she turns pale:: Oh! And she can't control it!
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::nods thinking he shouldn't have told her that:: Yes but it's not dangous really, we've all gotten used to it by now.
JopDance : hm: ::shakes her head:: I don't understand how anyone could get used to that.
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::shurgs:: I don't know, you're okay though. Right?
JopDance : hm: ::sighs:: I think so.
SquirtLaWort : EM: Good. um... did you come here all by yourself?
JopDance : hm: ::frowns:: You don't think I can move an inch without getting lost do you?
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::laughs:: I didn't mean that, I ment did you come to New York all by yourself?
JopDance : hm: Oh...yes, it's just me.
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::shakes his head:: your so spontanious sometimes, you came all the way from Chicago alone and I bet you don't even have a place to stay.
JopDance : hm: ::smiles:: Of course I have a place to stay. I'm your wife aren't I?
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::frowns:: You can't just assume I'd let you stay with me, I mean I'm trying to get a devorce from you.
JopDance : hm: Well I can't help that now. I haven't any other place to stay.
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::sighs:: Fine you can stay here.. but this isn't some happy reunion. I'm only letting you stay till you agree to sign the devorce papers.
JopDance : hm: ::smiles:: Fine.
SquirtLaWort : EM: Where's all your stuff?

JopDance : hm: ::walks over to a suitcase that's sitting in a corner and picks it up:: This is it.
SquirtLaWort : EM: That's all you have? ::shrugs:: Well I guess you weren't expecting to stay very long.
JopDance : hm: ::looks him in the eye:: No, I'm not.
SquirtLaWort : EM: Good, ::walks to his door and unlocks it::
JopDance : hm: ::follows him and peers curiously inside::
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::the apartment is small and lightly furnished and a little messy:: This is it, don't get to comfertable.
JopDance : hm: ::sets her suitcase down and takes a few steps inside; she absently moves a book from a chair and places it on a shelf:: It's...nice.
SquirtLaWort : ::a cat suddenly jumps up on the chair next to her::
JopDance : hm: ::jumps, startled:: Oh! Who is this?
SquirtLaWort : EM: That's just Jewel, some guy had a bunch of kittens he was giving away. ::walks over and pets the cat:: She's real friendly.
JopDance : hm: ::smiles a little:: She's very pretty.
SquirtLaWort : EM: Yeah she's a good cat. ::looks over at the couch and sighs:: I guess I'll take the couch, you can sleep in the bedroom.
JopDance : hm: ::sighs:: If we have to do this...::stops:: This is your apartment, I'll take the couch. ::picks up her suitcase and sits on the couch before he can argue::
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::stops himself from agreeing with her.:: I just wouldn't feel right having you sleep on the couch. Please take the bed.
JopDance : hm: ::notices his lack of enthusiasm and shakes her head:: Don't be silly, Ethan. I've slept in worse places on the way here; compared to sleeping sitting up in a cramped train car this couch seems like a dream.
SquirtLaWort : EM: Fine have it your way. ::sits down on the couch next to her:: I'm sorry you've gone though so much just to get me to come back, but I just can't do you understand?
JopDance : hm: ::sighs and looks down at her hands folded in her lap; her voice sounds small:: No, I don't.
SquirtLaWort : EM: Well you used to understand me, you're so different now. that church made you think I'm some sort of demon, that's crazy, it's insulting. that's why I won't go back.
JopDance : hm: ::quietly:: I don't think you're a demon, Ethan. I think...I think you don't fully understand the powers that you have.
SquirtLaWort : EM: Really? ::smiles at her:: well I'm better than most people who have powers, you know. Some people are out of control
JopDance : hm: ::thinking of Libby:: I've noticed.
SquirtLaWort : EM: But the're not bad people, well most of them. You should meet everyone. Why don't you come to one of the shows next time?
JopDance : hm: ::quickly:: No, I don't think so.
SquirtLaWort : EM: You should go at least to see me, I have a pretty good act.
JopDance : hm: ::hesitates:: I'm sure it is, Ethan.
SquirtLaWort : EM: but..?
JopDance : hm: ::sighs, too tired for another argument:: Maybe I will come.
SquirtLaWort : EM: Good, maybe it will make you think differntly.
JopDance : hm: ::looks down; she suddenly looks very tired:: Maybe...
SquirtLaWort : EM: ::looks at her a little worried:: you look tired do you need to lay down?
JopDance : hm: ::looks up and smiles, though she still looks a little weak:: I'd like that; it's been a long trip.
SquirtLaWort : EM: alright. ::get up and gets her a blanket and a pillow:: Here, I hope this is okay.
JopDance : hm: ::smiles:: This is fine.

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