~Sunday, March 11, 1928~

CleoDominic: there we go...
CleoDominic: Alex will be setting on the poruch of the house...in a rocky chair...
Quantum Catz: BM: ::suddenly appears in front of Alex, grinning:: Hiya
CleoDominic: AX: :Ah! Oh Hi, your scared me!:
Quantum Catz: BM: Sorry, I got bored with Libby so i thought i'd come see how you were
CleoDominic: AX: :Oh that was thougtful of you! Thank you! Do you want something to eat, drink?: :STands slowly from a rocky chair.::
Quantum Catz: BM: You don't have to get me anything
CleoDominic: AX: :Are you sure? Okay...hey I'm about to got to town you wanna come, we can take the car!?
Quantum Catz: BM: I guess - why're you going to town? Shouldn't you be resting?
CleoDominic: AX: ::shurgs shoulders:: :Rest? hahaha, nah, I'm fine!: ::Stands straight up with hands on hips::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::frowns:: Are you sure?
CleoDominic: AX: :Yeah, I need to get out, and fresh air, and when was the last time you got to have fun are go shopping!:
Quantum Catz: BM: ::smiles:: Okay then, let's go
CleoDominic: AX: :Hop in, I'll drive, well I would let you, but I don't think you have your lincese, but I bet you do know how too: ::smiles, and climps into the car::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::climbs into the car:: Driving sounds boring anyway - i like looking out at the scenery.
CleoDominic: AX: :awww, the scenery...would you like to see something pretty?: ::Starts off down the road.::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::frowns:: What?
CleoDominic: AX: :Have you seen the statue of liberty?:
Quantum Catz: BM: ::shakes her head:: I haven't seen much of America
CleoDominic: AX: :Well let my show you, its so pretty from the top:
Quantum Catz: BM: Is it really high up?
CleoDominic: AX: :uh huh!: ::points forwards:: :Thats it, isnt she pretty, freedom..:
Quantum Catz: BM: Cool - i bet you can see for miles up there
CleoDominic: AX: ::Pulls up to the parking lot:: :Were here! Common, lets get climbing.:
Quantum Catz: BM: ::giggles:: I could just teleport up and leave you to climb
CleoDominic: AX: ::Looks down at her:: :Sure!:
Quantum Catz: BM: You don't mind? I'll do the whole climbing thing if u want
CleoDominic: AX: :No, its okay, I really don't think i could take climbing anyways: ::smiles looking up::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::uncertainly:: You mean you're not coming up?
CleoDominic: AX: :no, you can teleport us, thats okay.:
Quantum Catz: ((never said to julie that becky could teleport other people, not sure if she'd appreciate an addition to her powers...oh well))
CleoDominic: (( oh, ooppsss....))
Quantum Catz: BM: ::teleports them both to the top::
CleoDominic: AX: :Wow! that was awesome, when I ever learn to fly, you'll be the first I take with me!: ::Smiles, and hugs her::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::backs away slightly, her image flickering:: Don't like i could do it again anytime soon though ::closes her eyes wearily::
Quantum Catz: ((Don't think ))
CleoDominic: AX: :Ah, I'm sorry didnt think it would wear you out...:
CleoDominic: ((dont think?))
Quantum Catz: ((not 'don't like'))
CleoDominic: ((oh opss, I wasnt thinking.....ahahahah))
Quantum Catz: BM: ::sighs:: It's okay - i'm an awful lot weaker than i used to be when....
CleoDominic: AX: :It's okay, lets not think of that, lets see the birds, lets just be happy and free.: ::Looks out the window:: :Wish I could learn to fly with my wings, like them, just gotta pratice..:
Quantum Catz: ((hehe, alex isn't meant to know about the labs - becky only told libby ^_-))
CleoDominic: ((^_^;; well he knows something troubling her....dumb me...))
Quantum Catz signed off at 10:25:57 PM.
Quantum Catz signed on at 10:26:14 PM.
Quantum Catz: BM: I like being free - i wasn't always. It's good to be able to do whatever you want. Hey, maybe i could help you practice, don't know what i could do though
CleoDominic: AX: :I could just jump off, and see what happens, but if i can't then, I die, hahah, I don't think I would do that.: ::Looks down at the ocean:: :But then again, it gives me a good reason too do it, maybe I could fly...:
Quantum Catz: BM: Are you crazy? You just wanna jump off and see what happens?
CleoDominic: AX: :Huh? whats so crazy about it?:
Quantum Catz: BM: The whole bit about dying if you fail!
CleoDominic: AX: :Well that part would be awful huh?: ::Takes a step back:: :But I think I can do it this time, I always pracitce, here, and Ialways just hover and fall into the see, never died yet..::
Quantum Catz: BM: Yeah but you're already hurt, what if you fall and you can't swin cos of your injuries and you drown or something?
CleoDominic: AX: ::Shrugs:: :I'll be fine, I need you to cheer me on, I need that voice...:
Quantum Catz: BM: ::surprised:: My voice?
CleoDominic: AX: :Just call my name!: ::runs, and jumps out the window:: :JUST CALL MY NAME!: ::spreads his wings::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::staring in shock:: ALEX!!
CleoDominic: AX: ::Flaps a couple of times:: :Common Alex do this, do this for Becky, common, don't fall...I can do it!:
Quantum Catz: BM: Alex! Come back!
CleoDominic: AX: ::before hitting the water, he comes back up:: :I'm doing it, I'm flying! Oh Becky thank you, thank you, THANK YOU BECKY!:
CleoDominic: ((I gotta go real soon...))
Quantum Catz: BM: ::laughs in relief when she sees him come up::
Quantum Catz: ((ok))
CleoDominic: AX: ::goes to the window:: :when I get better, I'll carry you in my arms, so we can sore across the ocean, like birds!: ::comes in::
CleoDominic: ((I gotta go...lets end this...))
Quantum Catz: BM: I thought you were gonna die ::hugs him tightly::
CleoDominic: AX: :I would never die, infront of someone I love: ::Hugs her:: :Now lets go get some ice cream!:


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