CleoDominic :March 14, 1928, sunny bright day.
CleoDominic :::The door to the Freak Show is unlocked but Libby and Daniel are not there::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::walks into the freakshow building carring a big box of props::
CleoDominic :AX: ::Drives up in a car:: ::Walks up to the building:: :Hello? Hey guys!:
Quantum Catz :BM: Hiya, ethan, alex
Squidged ER: ::appears at the Freakshow door, slightly out of breath:: Hi everyone. Is Libby around?
CleoDominic :AX: :Hey Becky! Oh, hi Ethan...wheres Libby?: ((Becky saw them disapear so beckyknows what happen since she was there))
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::surprized to see Alex:: Hi Alex, are you all better now?
Quantum Catz :BM: She vanished with Daniel - i'm sure she'll turn up eventually
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::sets the box down on the stage:: Hello Erin.
Squidged ER: Oh good, I've got her posters finished for her. Hi Ethan.
CleoDominic :AX:: :Looks at Erin:: :Hi Ethan, yeah, still got my arm in a sling, and my ribs kinda hurt, but I'm fine.::
CleoDominic :AX: ::Walks up to see the posters::
SquirtLaWort :EM: I glad your okay I thought you would still be in the hospital after getting hit by a car.
Squidged ER: ::opens her folder and holds up the posters for Alex's approval::
CleoDominic :AX: :Oh whoa, is that me?: ::Turns to Ethan:: :Huh? was you worried about me?:
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::goes over by Alex to look at the posters:: Hm? No I wasn't really worried. More worried about Libby's show not having enough people.
Squidged ER: ::shows Ethan the poster of Alex:: Yeah, Libby didn't like the 'Angel of Lightening' poster, but I made it anyway ::smiles:: It's a good likeness I think.
CleoDominic :AX: :uh huh..yeah thought so..: ::Looks at Erin:: :those posters are great! I love them!:
Squidged ER: ::blushes slightly:: You do? Great!
CleoDominic :AX: :Angel of Lightning...angel of lightning, I like it.: ::smirks::
Squidged ER: ::grins::
SquirtLaWort :EM: This is really wonderful Erin, Your a great artist.
CleoDominic :AX: :you sure are! My, thats so awesome!:
Squidged ER: ::blshes even more:: Thank you, both of you.
CleoDominic :AX: :So hey what are you all going to do for your act? What do you think I should do?:
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::Looks at Alex's arm in a sling:: You could do that lighting show you did at the arcade, but Libby wouldn't like that.
CleoDominic :AX: :Well she isn't here now is she....hahahah: ::Looks back down::.
CleoDominic :AX: :So Erin, what are you going to do for you act?: ::Looks at her with his heas tilted::
Squidged ER: Take a volunteer from the audience, and be blindfolded. Then I'll prove that I can see throuh their eyes.
CleoDominic :AX: :Whoa! thats awesome, can you see though our eyes?:
Squidged ER: Well, no. There's something I gotta do first.
CleoDominic :AX: Oh... hey its the 14th of March, theres a sale at the bakery! cool huh, who wants a cupcake?:
Quantum Catz :BM: ::grins:: I do!
Squidged ER: ::smiles:: Let me buy, it's my birthday today. I'll take you all out for a drink to celebrate.
SquirtLaWort :EM: It's your birthday today? ::smiles at Erin:: well happy birthday!
CleoDominic :AX: :Oh, it is! Well Happy Birthday! Lets all sing, the birthday song!:
Quantum Catz :BM: The birthday song? What's a birthday song?
Squidged ER: ::cover her ears in mock alarm:: No! ::laughs:: Please don't sing!
CleoDominic :AX: :It goes like this...uh hum..::Starts to sing:: :happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Erin, Haaaapppy Birrthdaaaay toooo youuuu...and many more!:
Quantum Catz :BM: ::chuckles::
CleoDominic :AX: :Chicka chicka pow pow!: ::winks::
Squidged ER: ::laughs, clearing her ears:: Thanks, Alex ::grins::
CleoDominic :AX: :Okay Everyone, lets go! Cake and cupcakes for everyone, I'll pay!: ::smiles at Erin::
Squidged ER: ..well, if you insist ::smiles sweetly::
Quantum Catz :BM: Great!
CleoDominic :AX: :Hey Ethan, you wanna drive, its hard for me?:
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::smiles:: Sure.

YarnKittymon: : ::Ethan suddenly disappears, right in front of them::
Quantum Catz: BM: That's weird...Libby isn't even here
Griffchook: ER: ::looks around for Libby:: Well, she must be close...
AX: :oh great, whos going to drive now..:
YarnKittymon: LB: ::suddenly appears, almost exactly where Ethan had been standing::
CleoDominic: AX: :Shes driving..::hands her the keys::
YarnKittymon: LB: I am?
CleoDominic: AX: Yes, you just voulenteered! ::shakes her left hand::
YarnKittymon: LB: All right, then. ::smirks:: I hate to act like I just got here, but where am I driving to?
Quantum Catz: BM: ::grins:: We're going to celebrate Erin's birthday
YarnKittymon: LB: Oh! Happy birthday, Erin!
CleoDominic: AX: ::smiles::
Griffchook: ER: ::smiles:: Thanks
YarnKittymon: LB: All right, just one more question. Where am I taking you?
Griffchook: ER: Ermm, Alex suggested we go get some cupcakes.
YarnKittymon: LB: Well, then! Does anyone know any good bakeries around here?
CleoDominic: AX:: Well ummm....
YarnKittymon: LB: I know a very good one, but it's across town, so it'd be a long drive. What do you say?
Quantum Catz: BM: Alex said there was a sale on at one
CleoDominic: AX: ummm...yeah...:
YarnKittymon: LB: ::laughs slightly:: That usually means day-old.
YarnKittymon: LB: Anyway, if I'm buying, I'd rather not buy old baked goods....
CleoDominic: AX: But I like it cruchy! ::smirks::
Griffchook: ER: You're buying? Heh, and I said that this would be my treat ::smiles::
AX: No it's on me today, my treat. ::looks at Erin::
Griffchook: ER: ::smiles:: I wish you'd just let me take you all out, I feel guilty being paid for like this.
YarnKittymon: LB: Well, then, Alex, could you kindly direct me to this bakery? ::gets into the automobile::
CleoDominic: AX: Oh lets go to a good bakery, Libby what do you suggest?
YarnKittymon: LB: I suggested the one across town, but that'll keep us tied up much of the day.
CleoDominic: AX: does anyone have anything eles to do today?
Griffchook: ER: Nope, I didn't have any plans for my birthday.
AX: Well lets just go, and the first one we see will be the first one we go to!: ::points forward::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::starts the car:: Come on, everyone!
CleoDominic: AX: ::climbs in slowing.::
Quantum Catz: BM: ::jumps into the car::
Griffchook: ER: ::climbs into car::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::turns to Erin:: Keep your eyes open for a bakery, then; you'll have to play navigator. ::smiles, then starts driving::
Griffchook: ER: Sure ::looks at all the shops as they pass::
AX: @_@ car sick in the back seat::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::drives rather carefully, not too fast, even::
YarnKittymon: : ::there's a very small bakery on a street corner::
Griffchook: ER: ::points:: There, Libby, at the corner.
AX: :Looks down, I gotta get me a truck one day...:
YarnKittymon: LB: I see it. ::has to parallel park:: A truck?
CleoDominic: AX: Yeah they look so cool!
YarnKittymon: LB: ::is turned back towards Alex, anyway, looking back as she's parking:: But they're so uncomfortable...
CleoDominic: AX: Oh, well they look so neat...I can handle pain! ack! ::grabs his arm:: owy...
YarnKittymon: LB: Wait until your arm heals, anyway. Otherwise you'll regret every time the truck jostles you... ::finishes parking:: Well!
CleoDominic: AX: Ummm I think your a little off...::Smirks:: Nah its fine, lets eat!
Griffchook: ER: ::opens door and steps out onto the street::
AX: whipspers to becky:: So do you like choclate or vanilla?:
YarnKittymon: LB: ::smirks:: No one'll hit us; that's close enough. If someone scratches your car I'll have it fixed, of course.
Quantum Catz: BM: ::grins:: chocolate
CleoDominic: AX: Me too! ::smiles::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::heads into the bakery:: What shall we have?
CleoDominic: AX:: I dunno, it's Erin's choice. ::turns to Erin and smiles::
Griffchook: ER: Hmm... ::looks at all the delicious cakes :: They all look so good...
Griffchook: ER: ::points across all the cakes. Stops at the double-chocolate-fudge:: That one I think.
AX: Yes! she picked chocolate! Oh how I love you guys!
YarnKittymon: : ::the clerk picks up the cake:: Anything else?
Griffchook: ER: ::smiles:: Chocolate fudge is my favourite.
AX: ::Looks at the clerk:: How about a smile?:
YarnKittymon: : ::the clerk smiles:: Very well. But ask for another and I may have to charge you.
CleoDominic: AX: Oh, it is priceless.
YarnKittymon: LB: You wouldn't happen to have any candles would you?
YarnKittymon: : Oh? Is it someone's birthday?
Griffchook: ER: ::smiles:: Yup, mine.
AX: I could light the cake if you want?
Griffchook: ER: ::laughs:: Call me boring, but I think I'll just use the conventional method. Thanks though ::smiles::
YarnKittymon: : ::the clerk smirks:: Well, if one of you *wasn't* a smoker, I've some matches too. ::gets out candles and matches, then gives them a total::
YarnKittymon: LB: ::since no one else seems interested, pays for the cake::
CleoDominic: AX: No, I'll get it. Hands the lady a five.
YarnKittymon: LB: ::shrugs, and hands Alex's money to the clerk:: Here you go.
YarnKittymon: : ::the clerk gives Alex his change::
CleoDominic: AX: Thank you, very much. ::smiles::






(later that day)

Squidged ER: ::sitting on a park bench, sketching a cherry tree::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::taking a walk though the park and notices a girl that looks very fermilar::
Squidged ER: ::wearing a blue dress and a straw hat, concentrating hard on her drawing::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::realizes that it's Erin and walks up to her:: Hello Erin.
Squidged ER: ::looks up startled:: Oh, hi Ethan! What brings you to the park?
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::shrugs:: Just like to walk though here sometimes. Hey, That's a nice drawing..
Squidged ER: ::self-conciensly closes over her drawing pad:: Thanks, would you like to sit down? ::shuffles over on the bench::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::smiles:: Umm sure. Why not? ::sits down next to Erin::
Squidged :ER: ::tucks a stray hair under her hat:: It's a lovely day.
Quantum Catz :BM: ::suddenly appears by the pond, looking down at the ducks::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::sees Becky appear at the pond:: Am I imagining this or is that Becky over there?
Squidged :ER: ::looks around:: Where?
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::points to Becky at the pond::
Squidged :ER: Oh yeah, I think it is. ::calls out to Becky and waves::
Quantum Catz :BM: ::looks up:: Oh, hi
Quantum Catz :BM: ::glances around and then teleports over to stand by the bench::
Squidged :ER: ::gasps:: I wish you wouln't do that ::smiles::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::smiles at Becky:: Fancy meeting you here.
Quantum Catz :BM: ::shrugs:: Got nowhere else to be, just now
Squidged :ER: ::looks over her shoulder:: Don't you expect to see Alex and Libby any moment now? ::laughs::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::Laughs:: I was just thinking that.
Quantum Catz :BM: Nah, they were both busy with other stuff - that's why i came here
SquirtLaWort :EM: Oh.. Did you know that we were here?
Quantum Catz :BM: ::grins:: Well, i thought Erin might be - but i really just came to hang about - i like parks, i never got to see places like this when i was younger
Quantum Catz :BM: Libby said she met u here, Erin, so i figured you might turn up. What're u doing here, Ethan? Doesn't seem like ur kinda place
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::looks at Becky:: What do you mean by that?
Quantum Catz :BM: ::shrugs:: I dunno, just never really imagined you going for strolls in the park
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::laughs:: Yeah I suppose you wouldn't. I don't know what you think I spend my time doing, but I do like the park.
SquirtLaWort :((I just realized we didn't set a date))
Squidged :((Yeah, better make one up. Julies likes to have her dates ^_-))
SquirtLaWort :((uh it was the 14th so now it's what the 17th I guess))
Quantum Catz :BM: ::smiles:: Yeah, parks are nice
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::smiles back at Becky:: You should see what Erin was drawing. ::points too her sketch pad::
Griffchook :ER: ::protectively hugs her sketch pad:: It's not finished...
Quantum Catz :BM: Aww, come on! You let Ethan see!
Griffchook :ER: No I did not! He crept up on me!
Quantum Catz :BM: ::grins at Ethan:: What're you doing creeping up on her?
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::frowns at Erin:: I did not creep up on you.
SquirtLaWort :EM: I said "hello" and you let me sit next to you.
Griffchook :ER: Well, no you didn't... ::laughs:: But you saw my picture before I knew you were there.
Griffchook :ER: It doesn't matter, sorry if I offended you.
SquirtLaWort :EM: I don't know what your so worried about it's a beautiful picture if I could draw like that I would want everyone to see.
Griffchook :ER: Well, if you really want to see it... ::holds out the picture to Becky::
Quantum Catz :BM: ::grins:: Cool, i'd never be able to draw like that
Griffchook :ER: ::smiles:: Prehaps when your older.
Quantum Catz :BM: Nah, i've been around long enough to know if i can draw or not and i definitely can't
Griffchook : ER: ::laughs:: But you're only ten!
Quantum Catz :BM: ::shrugs:: Long enough.
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::stands up and streches:: You guys want to go get some Ice cream. My treat. I never got to treat you for your bithday Erin.
Quantum Catz :BM: Cool! I love ice-cream!
Griffchook :ER: Sure, why not, I'm melting out here. Thanks Ethan ::grins::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::walks over to an Icecream stand::
Quantum Catz :BM: ::skips over to Ethan:: Can i have a big one?
SquirtLaWort :EM: Sure, what flavor do you want?
Griffchook :ER: ::follows Ethan, laughs at Becky:: Just a small one for me, thanks.
Quantum Catz :BM: Chocolate!
Griffchook :ER: Mint-choc-chip?
SquirtLaWort :EM: Okay. ::truns to the icecream guy:: Can I have a big chocolate icecream and a small mint chocolate chip and a strawberry?
SquirtLaWort :::The icecream man hands out the icecreams to everyone::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::reaches in his pocket to pay the man a golden ring falls out::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::quickly hands the man his money and then frantically looks for the ring::
Quantum Catz :BM: ::picks up the ring:: Why'd u look so worried? it's just a ring
Quantum Catz :BM: ::turns away, holding the ring up to the light, curiously::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::looks nervous:: It's.. well it's just speacial to me that all.
Quantum Catz :BM: ::tilts her head:: Really? Why?
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::frowns:: I don't it reminds me of someone but I guess it's really not that speacial any more.
Griffchook :ER: ::stands beside Becky to get a better look at the ring:: It's beautiful!
Griffchook :ER: Is it a wedding ring?
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::blushes a bit:: Yes, but not anymore.
Quantum Catz : BM: ::tilts her head:: Why not?
Griffchook :ER: ::embarrased:: Oh, sorry...
Griffchook :ER: ::glares at Becky, then remembers she's just a kid ^_-::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::hold out his hand to Becky:: Can I have it back now?
Quantum Catz : BM: ::notices Erin's glare:: What?
Griffchook :ER: It's nothing, sorry.
Quantum Catz :BM: ::hands the ring to Ethan:: so how come you're not married anymore? Did you get divorced?
Griffchook :ER: ::cringes at Becky's bluntness::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::puts the ring back in his pocket, he dosen't want to answer Becky:: You really need to learn some tact.
Quantum Catz :BM: Tact? Why?
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::he tells himself to not get angry that she's only kid, it's his fault for telling them too much:: Your icecream is going to melt..
Quantum Catz :BM: ::notices that Ethan seems upset and looks down at her feet:: Sorry, I don't.....I mean..... whatever it is it can't be that bad
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::pats Becky on the head:: It's okay you didn't know.
Griffchook :ER: Well, you wanna sit back down? My ice-creams melting ::licks ice-cream from her fingers::
SquirtLaWort :EM: Alright ::licks icecream goes to sit back down on the bench::
Quantum Catz :BM: ::follows, licking her ice-cream silently::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::notices Becky looks upset, sighs 'might as well':: If you really want to know I'll tell you just don't go telling Alex or Libby, please.
Griffchook :ER: ::nods her head slowly::
Quantum Catz :BM: Okay
SquirtLaWort :EM: Umm first off I'm not divorced, she doesn't want to get divorced she thinks it's a sin.. But.. well I came here to get away from her because. ::try to think how to tell it right:: She.. She thinks I'm possessed by the devil.
Quantum Catz :BM: ::frowns:: The devil? You're kidding, right?
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::gives her a nervous smile:: I wish, she used to think my power was a gift from God but then.. Well she started going to this wierd church and she endded up telling the preacher all about me..
SquirtLaWort :EM: He kept telling her I was a demon and they need to exorsize the devil out of me. But I wouldn't let them..
Quantum Catz :BM: ::stares at him in disbelief:: Your power? She hates you cos you're a varient?
SquirtLaWort :EM: Yes, she dosen't understand it... and now she think I'm evil.
SquirtLaWort :EM: It's not her fault, she was brainwashed by that jerk. She's a very religious person and she would do anything to be on the right side of God.
Quantum Catz :BM: ::frowns:: I always said normal people were mean to people like us - how come you want to be in Libby's show after that?
Griffchook :ER: ::more to herself then Ethan:: Religion has always caused trouble...
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::sighs:: Because you are all going to be with me. And I want to help Libby out. I am worried about how people will react but it's just a show they might not even belive it..
SquirtLaWort :EM: .besides not all people are like that.
Quantum Catz :BM: ::sighs:: Maybe not... but the only people who've ever been nice to *me* were varients like you
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::licks his icecream:: Someday you'll meet someone who is normal and nice.
Quantum Catz :BM: ::smiles:: Who wants normal anyway?
Griffchook :ER: Yeah, normals boring ::winks::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::smiles::
Griffchook :ER: Unless your a talking cat. Then normal would definatly be better.
Quantum Catz :BM: Hey! Daniel's nice!
Griffchook :ER: We barely know him
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::laughs:: I don't what you don't like about him. He's very nice.
Griffchook :ER: I just don't see how you all could trust him so easily.
Quantum Catz :BM: ::scowls at Erin:: If i was him i'd've scratched you by now for being so mean
SquirtLaWort :EM: He's trusting us enough to be in the show..after being so mistreated at the circus.
Griffchook :ER: I know, and he seems alright so far...But what is with that dog?
Quantum Catz :BM: ::exasperated:: What's wrong with Rarif?
Griffchook :ER: Cats just don't have pet dogs.
Quantum Catz :BM: ::shrugs:: I don't care what he says - i think he did used to be human. I'm sure you can get varients who shapeshift
Griffchook :ER: ::forgets her anger and becomes thoughtful:: Really? You think that's what he is
SquirtLaWort :EM: Or maybe animals can be varients too.
Griffchook :ER: Then why hasn't he just told us?
Quantum Catz :BM: We shouldn't need to think he's human to trust him
Griffchook :ER: I suppose you're right... ::lost in thought for a few seconds:: I'll apologise to him as soon as I see him next, I suppose.
Quantum Catz :BM: ::grins:: Good
Griffchook :ER: Did he really give you his dog?
Quantum Catz :BM: I wouldn't let him - he looked too sad about giving Rarif up
SquirtLaWort :EM: I'm glad you didn't take his dog, poor Daniel he must of had it rough.
Griffchook :ER: It's a lovely dog, I suppose it was Daniels only friend for a while.
Quantum Catz :BM: Yeah, it's horrible being trapped like that
Griffchook :ER: How would you know?
Quantum Catz :BM: ::blinks and then blushes:: What? I...I was just...
Griffchook :ER: ..right ::turns away::
SquirtLaWort :EM: ::looks at Becky and wonders if she had been trapped in a cage before::
Quantum Catz :BM: ::frowns at her ice-cream:: This's all gonna melt before i finish it
Griffchook :ER: ::glances up at Becky suspiciously. There's definatly something she isn't telling us::
((To be continued))


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