~Tuesday, April 22, 1930~

YarnKittymon: : ::a guard unlocks the cell two cells down from Donald and Jack's, rattling the bars so the noise echoes through the hall:: C'mon, then.
Maeve Owens: SE: :::stands up and walks out of his cell, an evil grin plastered on his face. As he passes Donald's cell, he throws the picture in it, a big X marked across it::: I wont be needing this anymore. :::he winks at Donald::::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::shoots a cold look at Seth:: I'll be glad to see the back of you, mate
YarnKittymon: DL: ::tries to punch through the bars at Seth, though he can't reach:: I'll kill you!
Maeve Owens: SE: :::stands back a ways, laughing::: Jack, ya'd better get your buddy under control here. :::whispers:: I'll send you a post card.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::stands up to pull Donald from the bars:: Give it a rest, Don...he's all mouth
YarnKittymon: DL: ::looks desperately at the guard, letting Jack pull him back:: *Do* something!
Maeve Owens: SE: He'd like to believe that wouldn't he? but we'll see. :::laughs:::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::shakes his head:: Just go enjoy your freedom and stop messing with the poor fool's head...find yourself a real girl...if any of them'll let you near em
Maeve Owens: SE: Something tells me if he gets so worked up over that pretty little thing theres gotta be something about her. And I'm just so inclined to find out what it is. And mate, they dont have a choice. :::grins:::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::after a moment, weakly:: The cops can't find her; what makes you think you can?
Maeve Owens: SE: I have my ways. I'll find her. Call it a sixth sense.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::shakes his head again:: He's all mouth. Just shut up and let him go before i'm tempted to punch him
YarnKittymon: : ::the guard takes Seth roughly by the shoulder:: Come on, then. ::pulls him away::
Maeve Owens: SE: :::lets the guard push him away but looks back, grinning at Donald::::
YarnKittymon: DL: ::softly, to himself:: She's a firebrand...she wouldn't let him touch her...
Quantum Catz: JK: ::mutters:: He won't find her, he probably won't even look
YarnKittymon: DL: ::picks up Maeve's picture and gently sets it on his pillow; quietly:: But he's done it before. Why the devil are they letting him out?
Quantum Catz: JK: You can't keep a man locked up for saying stuff about some woman in an old mag
YarnKittymon: DL: ::sits down on the bed; puts his hand over the body in the picture; softly:: Maybe he won't know her with all her clothes on.
Quantum Catz: JK: Like i said, mate, he probably won't even look and if she's on the run from the cops like you said...he'll probably never find her even if he did
YarnKittymon: DL: ::bows his head, closing his eyes for a little while, then opens them, looking back at the picture, silently::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::lies back down on the bed, propping his head up with his arm:: She really must be some girl...although if you like her...i somehow doubt she's *Seth's* type
YarnKittymon: DL: No girl should have to be his type.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::shrugs:: Ain't nothin either of us could do about that...although if i ever happen to run into him again...i don't think he'll be wearin that smirk for long
YarnKittymon: DL: ::smiles a little; quietly:: I'm sorry you got caught, Jack.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::shrugs:: 'S what happens when you play with fire...sometimes you get burned - i knew what i was doing when i started it. Regrets aren't worth the hassle
YarnKittymon: DL: ::looks down at the picture again; after a moment, he folds it so that little more than Maeve's face and neck are showing; this obscures most of the X as well, though some of the pen crosses over a bit of Maeve's hair::
Quantum Catz: JK: ::shakes his head and turns away from Donald to stare at the ceiling:: Hell, if your girl knew how much you were pining over her now, maybe she would give you half a chance to make it up to her
YarnKittymon: DL: ::smiles slightly:: Would you write a letter to tell her what a great fella I am?
Quantum Catz: JK: ::smirks:: Hey, if it would take your head out of your dreams for half a second, what the hell...
YarnKittymon: DL: ::grins:: I'll help you find a girl when you get out, too, if you want. If I'm around that long.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::chuckles:: I think i can manage to find my own girl, i did alright before i was in here
YarnKittymon: DL: And you haven't been getting in the fistfights to ruin your good looks, so maybe you have a shot.
Quantum Catz: JK: ::shrugs:: Ah well, whatever happens, happens, eh? It's a while away yet, for me

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