~Monday, June 23, 1931~

Maeve Owens: MV: ::She passes through the gates of the graveyard with some hesitation in her step. She can see a couple of men placing a headstone in front of a grave and she heads in that direction. They had waisted no time in getting his name carved into the stone and for that she was greatful. She stopped in front of it, smiling sadly as the men finished and moved away. For a few moments she stood there, silently looking at the stone and wondering how to piece together confusing thoughts swirling through her mind::
Maeve Owens: MV: :::It still hadn't sunk in yet she was staring at a headstone with his name clearly written across it. A part of her didn't want to believe he was actually gone. Yet another person ripped away from her because of one of her foolish decisions.:::
Maeve Owens: MV: :::a deep sigh escapes her lips and she glances around her, not wanting to appear to be a complete idiot who was about to talk to a headstone. A few seconds later she settled herself on the ground in front of it and took a deep breath to collect her thoughts:: You cheated. You promised me you wouldn't cop out on me earlier and you did just that. ::she frowns at the headstone, not sure how to go on::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she absenlty plays with the hem of her skirt, her eyes downcasted to the dirt covering the grave:: I guess I should say I'm sorry for stringing you along... but I had hoped that the future I thought was there would come true.
Maeve Owens: MV:A part of me even harbored thoughts of you returning and somehow we just clicked again like we had before and everything would go back to being perfect... ::she laughs a little at this:: Well, as perfect as things can get anyway.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she pulls the ring out of her pocket, staring at it.:: And just what am I suppose to do with this? huh? ::she twists the ring back and forth:: Darn it Donald! Why'd you have to leave me? You promised you wouldnt and a part me wants sooo badly to hate you for that!
Maeve Owens: MV: I'm proud of you though... for what you did. Yet I cant help but to think it was my fault. ::sighs:: Then again no one believes me about what *should* have happened in the future so I suppose I wont go there.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she toys with the ring some more, the early morning sun glinting off the stones set in it. She sighs, shaking her head she starts to tear up, her shoulders shaking slightly:: I really did love you... ::her voice catches and she stops, crying for once was and what could have been::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::had walked Maeve to the graveyard and is now waiting for her outside the gate, thinking it rude to watch her::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::is leaning against the gate with his arms folded, looking down at the ground::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::takes a picture out of his pocket; it's of Maeve and Donald in one of the rooms of the radio studio; Donald's laughing as Maeve looks about ready to light up the photographer::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she slowly rises from her sitting position, tucking the ring back inside her pocket, and she turns to face the gate. She catches site of the two people waiting for her, and she sighs. She glances down at the gravesite one last time; whispering:: Goodbye Donald. ::she picks her way back towards the gates::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she walks up to them, smiling slightly, and attempting to wipe away anymore evidence of her tears::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::looks down at the photograph, then up at Maeve; softly, and rather hesitantly, puts it in front of her:: Do you want this?
Quantum Catz: IS: ::moves away from the gate, smiling weakly at Maeve, though he doesn't say anything::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she takes the photo, glancing down at it. A small smile graces her features when the memory of the events in the picture play through her mind. The smile soon turns to tears and she attempts to turn away, shielding herself from their scrutiny:: I'm sorry... I... didn't mean.. didn't think...
YarnKittymon: JH: ::quietly:: We don't even have a picture of Dad, and just the one of Mom.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::and with that said, she starts crying harder:::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::moves toward Maeve, placing a tentative hand on her arm; softly:: It's never easy to lose someone...
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she nods at Isaac, her back still turned; brokenly:: I know...
YarnKittymon: JH: ::after a moment, fishes a slightly dirty handkerchief from his pocket and hands it to Maeve::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::she accepts it, smiling a little through her tears she finds a clean corner and dabs at her eyes. When she's finally settled down she turns back around; quietly:: Thanks for the picture. ::she hands him back the handkerchief::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::nods; quietly, not looking at Maeve:: I wanted to keep it, so I could remember him. And you, if you don't come back to visit again.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::smiles a little and hands the picture back:: Then go ahead and keep it. If I'm depserate I can probably find some on the bulletin board at work.
YarnKittymon: JH: ::grins, taking the picture back without asking again::
Maeve Owens: MV: ::quietly:: I guess now all I have to do is find a way back home.
Quantum Catz: IS: I can go with you, if you want - i can borrow Sandy again
Maeve Owens: MV: ::shakes her head:: No, you have things you need to take care of here. I'll be fine... ::laughs:: Better start walking now I guess.
Quantum Catz: IS: I can afford to take another couple of days off...
YarnKittymon: JH: ::nods:: We'll take care of the house.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::looks a little uncertain:: I don't know... I'd feel bad taking you away from your family again. ::glances down at the ground::
Quantum Catz: IS: ::smiles slightly:: Well i wouldn't feel right if i offered to walk you here and then didn't go with you back to Marquis
Maeve Owens: MV: ::shakes her head:: I dont know... we have to walk through that path again and if you come back that way...I think its better if I just go on alone.
YarnKittymon: JH: ::cheerfully:: Why don't you two take a boat around the forest?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::a horrified look crosses her face and she shakes her head:: I think I'll take my chances with the monsters thank you...
Quantum Catz: IS: You don't like boats?
Maeve Owens: MV: ::shakes her head again::
YarnKittymon: JH: The water's not deep though.
Maeve Owens: MV: I um... the waters not the problem. ::smiles uneasily::
Quantum Catz: IS: Then what?
Maeve Owens: MV: Lets just say there was a small mishap on a boat I took from Ireland over to the states... and I dont care to get *back* on one.
YarnKittymon: JH: This wouldn't be a long trip, though, and it's not even the same ocean!
Maeve Owens: MV: Yes! but fire and boats dont mix! Of course my sister isnt around either to... ::stops short;: nevermind... I just really dont want to get *back* on one...
Quantum Catz: IS: Then we'll take the path then, it's usually safe so long as you stay away from the trees
Maeve Owens: MV: ::nods, looking a little more relaxed::
YarnKittymon: JH: ::frowns:: Just stay away from the traps.
Maeve Owens: MV: ::smirks:: Believe me, I have no desire to get snagged in one again.
Quantum Catz: IS: ::sighs:: Me either

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