~Tuesday, April 17, 1928~

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SP00KY One : MV: ::runs screaming down the side walk, runs into alex:: hhhhaaaaaaa!!
CleoDominic : AX: ::Jumps backwards:: :Oh miss, are you okay?!:
SP00KY One : MV: :::looks at Alex strangely::: Do i look okay to you?
CleoDominic : AX: ::shakes his head:: :No! You look like your going down the street screaming your head off...how neat!?:
SP00KY One : MV: I thought I heard someone chasing me
CleoDominic : AX: ::Lifts an eyebrow:: :Well all I heard was you! Who would be chasing you anyways?:
SP00KY One : MV: ::looks behind her:: I dont know, I just thought someone was following me, thats all
CleoDominic : AX: ::Looks down at her:: :What kind of barbarian would be chasing you?:
SP00KY One : MV: :::looks up at him defiantly:: One who would like the twenty bucks i have stuck in my pocket perhaps. Are you trying to say that no one would be interested in the likes of me?
CleoDominic : AX: ::puts his hands on his hips:: :Listen ma'am, I wasn't saying that...I was...: ::stops and looks at her::
SP00KY One : MV: ::her irish temper flaring:: :You were what?:
CleoDominic : AX: ::crosses his arms:: :If you would like help, all you have to do is "ask".:
SP00KY One : MV: :::crosses her arms::: :I dont need help but thank you anyway. I can handle myself just fine thanks. In fact I think the wanna be pick pocket has become bbq for the rats:
CleoDominic : AX: ::has a look of confustion:: :Oh, okay....bbq?:
SP00KY One : MV: ::rolls her eyes:: :Yeah, you know, Barbecue? :
CleoDominic : AX: ::looks at her strange:: :Is something the matter with your eyes! Maybe you should see a doctor?:
SP00KY One : MV: :::takes a deep breath:: I guess a lady of my stature shouldn't be running down the street talking about rats either? eh? ::giggles::
SP00KY One : MV: :::sticks out her hand::: :The name is Maeve. Its a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Mr?:
CleoDominic : AX: ::shakes his head:: :OH,no its my pleasure miss. ::shakes her hand:: :Names Alex, Alex Inidigo:
SP00KY One : MV: ::smiles at him:: :Hello Mr. Inidigo:
CleoDominic : AX: ::smiles proudly:: :Wow, noone has ever called me "Mr. Indigo" before!:
SP00KY One : MV: :What do they usually call you then?:
CleoDominic : AX: Well depends...some is Alex, some is Gutter rat...and for you Mr.Indigo will work just fine...::smiles, nodding to himself::
SP00KY One : MV: ::smiles:: :Okay then...Mr. Indigo, what brings you out here on this lovely evening?:
CleoDominic : AX: I was picking up some items for supper, for my Aunt Leslie, she takes care of me.: ::Looks down.:: :And she won't let me move out now...:
SP00KY One : MV: ::looks confused:: She wont let you move out?
CleoDominic : AX: she would be lonely, she's not married, and has not kids, and well shes all my family, the rest are dead.::looks down:: shes really lonely.:
SP00KY One : MV: :::looks sympathetic:: :Do you want to move away from the last relative that you have?
CleoDominic : AX: Nah, shes good company, but if I ever got married I would hope to have my own place.:
SP00KY One : MV: ::a small smile forms on her face:: Is there a special someone I detect that may be fulfilling that position as your wife?
CleoDominic : AX: ::blushes:: Hopefully, but not too soon, shes only 13 right now...though..Her name is Michelle, shes so wounderful. ::Looks dazed::
SP00KY One : MV: ::frowns:: Oh. ::looks down:: :Must be nice to have someone in your life:
CleoDominic : AX: ::Looks at her:: Yeah, it sure is...don't you have someone?:
SP00KY One : MV: ::still looking at the ground:: No
CleoDominic : AX: ::smiles:: Cheer up miss, being single is fun too, you can flirt with whom you pleases too.
SP00KY One : MV: ::toes the ground with her boot::: I suppose so, but sometimes I wish my knight in shining armor wouldn't take so long to come and sweep me off my feet:
CleoDominic : AX: ::smiles:: Don't worry, you'll find your Godsent soon enough.:
CleoDominic : AX: You say your name is Maeve? I had a distance cousin named that...on my moms side, don't know them, they lived in Ireland..:
SP00KY One : MV: ::looks suprised:: :If she had a twin sister named Aldez then it could be me. My parents were from Ireland:
CleoDominic : AX: ::eyes widen:: :whoa! Your my cousin! ::hugs tightly::
SP00KY One : MV: ::is hugged:: Wow, who would have thought? meeting a long lost cousin on the streets! ::hugs back::
CleoDominic : AX: ::Looks at her cheerfuly:: I have to let you see Leslie, she will be thrilled!:
SP00KY One : MV: :::smiles:: :Who is Leslie?:
CleoDominic : AX: :My dear Aunt!
SP00KY One : MV: ::smacks head:: :I knew that, it came to me the second I asked:
CleoDominic : AX: One of you parents is her sister, or brother.:
SP00KY One : MV: ::smiles:: :Oh yes, dear aunt O' Malley! Mother spoke of her a lot before she died:

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