Alex Story by Cleo

Walking back to his apartment building, he glazed at the sky.
His thoughts strayed on life struggles, and on other matters of feelings.
It was cold and wet, and his old black boots made a clicking sound to the sidewalk.
"Oh I wish I could go flying today, just fly and never come back, ever!"
Alex reaches the apartment, and went up the two flights of stairs. He reached his old room, 317, and out side the door was a box, with his only possestions in the box was an old Bible, toothbrush, and a thing of toothpaste.
"Hmmm guess I'll just take it out to the alley."
He picked up the box, and carried it down the stairs. Not looking back. He wasn't afraid, he been living on the streets before, nothing new to him, just another adventure.
He went outside to the streets with his box under his left arm.
To deep into thought, he did not realize the car.
Waking up, he found himself in pain, and in a bed that was unknown for him.
The walls were white and so were the sheets that he was laying in. The only sounds were that of dripping water, and the sound of the clock's tick.  He mind began to race, he didn't know where he was, and the sharp pain rose in his side.
He began to struggle to lean up in bed, but once he yelped once, the door opened, and a woman of about 40 years came in. She had her hair back in a white cap with a red cross, and a white dress. Her eyes were the same colour blue as his. She looked familiar to him, he just couldn't remember.
"Well Alex Indigo, nice of you to wake up!"
The woman smiled, and put her hand of Alex's forehead. "Your fever gown down, your getting your colour back." She smiled and wrote on a clipboard.
"Where am I? Who are you?" Alex let his head sit back once more. "Hey how'd you know my name?"
"Ah! I always told my sister you hadn't any sense are brains in that head of you, she just kept going oh no not my Alex darling, mommy's little angel" She poured a cup of water, and handed to Alex. "I'm you Aunt Leslie! Your mother's youngest sister."
Alex sat up, he remembered Leslie, which was his favorite aunt, and his moms closest sister! But how did she live though the fire?
"Aunt Leslie, how'd did you live thought the fire? And where am I?" He still looked as puzzled at before.
"See you haven't any sense boy! Your at the hospital!" She crossed her arms and laughed. "I was at the party, I don't care for showing off the dog, so I didn't come that night, though I wish I did, I could of said good bye to her." Her voice trailed.
Alex had heard of a hospital, but has never been to one. Maybe Aunt Leslie was right, no sense.
"Oh but honey, you got hit by a car! You okay, you only got a broken arm, and some rips." She sat on the bed by him. "I'm sorry about your hair."
Alex reached behind him. He felt no hair, only to his ears and up. His hand began so shake.
"No! I promised mother!"
"I know, after cutting your sisters hair that one night, your mother was sad to not have hair to brush, so you promised her you'll never cut your hair to make up for it" She hugged him. "I'm sorry, I had to you looked like a bum, and I couldn't let my sister only blood run around looking so savage!"
"I'm sorry, Aunt Leslie, I'm sorry." He hugged her, something so familiar, felt like he was hugging his own mom again. "I, I didn't mean too."
"I don't know what your talking about, but anyways, your mother told me that if anything had ever happen to her, to give her children this letter, since you're the only child left, here." She handed him a brown envelope that was marked, my beloved children. "I never opened it or looked inside, I never thought that you of all of them would be alive!"
Alex listens as his Aunt began to laugh. He held the envelope in his hand, the arm that wasn't broken. What could it be, what is in this envelope. He thought as his mind reach back to reality.
"I got to go, I can't stay in this hospital, Aunt Leslie." He looked at her.
"No, your not going to stay here, I'm going to take care of you, your going to live with my now, you're my sisters angel." She smiled. "And besides, you have nowhere else to go, and I need the company."
"Thank you, thank you very much." He looked at the envelope. "I guess I better open it."
"Yes go ahead." His Aunt sat there, like a child opening a present.
His tried to open with one hand, then handed it to Leslie to hold it while he opened it.
The paper inside was yellowish from age, and the cursive was of his mother handwriting, but there was two pieces of paper, he began to read.


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